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6367 - 6384 Antioxidant Properties of the Edible Basidiomycete Armillaria mellea in Submerged Cultures
Lung MY, Chang YC
6385 - 6396 Assessment of Tamarindus indica Extracts for Antibacterial Activity
Nwodo UU, Obiiyeke GE, Chigor VN, Okoh AI
6397 - 6406 Mossbauer Spectroscopy and X-ray Diffraction Study of Fe-57-Labeled Tetrachloroferrate(III)-Based Magnetic Ionic Liquids
Herber RH, Nowik I, Kostner ME, Kahlenberg V, Kreutz C, Laus G, Schottenberger H
6407 - 6417 Effect of Celluclast 1.5L on the Physicochemical Characterization of Gold Kiwifruit Pectin
Yuliarti O, Matia-Merino L, Goh KKT, Mawson JA, Brennan CS
6418 - 6431 Genetic Variation of the Nile Soft-Shelled Turtle (Trionyx triunguis)
Guclu O, Ulger C, Turkozan O
6432 - 6444 Antibacterial Activity of New Dibenzoxepinone Oximes with Fluorine and Trifluoromethyl Group Substituents
Limban C, Chifiriuc MC
6445 - 6451 A Determination of Potential alpha-Glucosidase Inhibitors from Azuki Beans (Vigna angularis)
Yao Y, Cheng XZ, Wang LX, Wang SH, Ren GX
6452 - 6468 Betalain, Acid Ascorbic, Phenolic Contents and Antioxidant Properties of Purple, Red, Yellow and White Cactus Pears
Sumaya-Martinez MT, Cruz-Jaime S, Madrigal-Santillan E, Garcia-Paredes JD, Carino-Cortes R, Cruz-Cansino N, Valadez-Vega C, Martinez-Cardenas L, Alanis-Garcia E
6469 - 6501 Metabolomics of Oxidative Stress in Recent Studies of Endogenous and Exogenously Administered Intermediate Metabolites
Liu J, Litt L, Segal MR, Kelly MJS, Pelton JG, Kim M
6502 - 6516 3D-QSAR Studies on Thiazolidin-4-one S1P(1) Receptor Agonists by CoMFA and CoMSIA
Qian CW, Zheng JX, Xiao GK, Guo JL, Yang ZQ, Huang L, Chao W, Rao LY, Sun PH
6517 - 6528 Characterization of Terpenoids from the Root of Ceriops tagal with Antifouling Activity
Chen JD, Yi RZ, Lin YM, Feng DQ, Zhou HC, Wang ZC
6529 - 6543 Hepatoprotective and Antioxidant Effects of Licorice Extract against CCl4-Induced Oxidative Damage in Rats
Huo HZ, Wang B, Liang YK, Bao YY, Gu Y
6544 - 6565 ATP-Dependent Chromatin Remodeling Factors and Their Roles in Affecting Nucleosome Fiber Composition
Piatti P, Zeilner A, Lusser A
6566 - 6596 The Potential of Antimicrobial Peptides as Biocides
Laverty G, Gorman SP, Gilmore BF
6597 - 6618 Crystallization Study and Comparative in Vitro-in Vivo Hydrolysis of PLA Reinforcement Ligament
Beslikas T, Gigis I, Goulios V, Christoforides J, Papageorgiou GZ, Bikiaris DN
6619 - 6634 Modulation of Human Serotonin Transporter Expression by 5-HTTLPR in Colon Cells
Prasansuklab A, Poovorawan Y, Tencomnao T
6635 - 6644 Quantitative Comparative Analysis of the Bio-Active and Toxic Constituents of Leaves and Spikes of Schizonepeta tenuifolia at Different Harvesting Times
Yu S, Chen YW, Zhang L, Shan MQ, Tang YP, Ding AW
6645 - 6655 Expression of Elongation Factor (EF)-Tu Is Correlated with Prognosis of Gastric Adenocarcinomas
Xu CY, Wang JJ, Li JJ, Fang RG
6656 - 6667 Molecular Quantum Spintronics: Supramolecular Spin Valves Based on Single-Molecule Magnets and Carbon Nanotubes
Urdampilleta M, Nguyen NV, Cleuziou JP, Klyatskaya S, Ruben M, Wernsdorfer W
6668 - 6684 Principal Component Analysis Coupled with Artificial Neural Networks-A Combined Technique Classifying Small Molecular Structures Using a Concatenated Spectral Database
Gosav S, Praisler M, Birsa ML
6685 - 6702 Effect of Peptide Size on Antioxidant Properties of African Yam Bean Seed (Sphenostylis stenocarpa) Protein Hydrolysate Fractions
Ajibola CF, Fashakin JB, Fagbemi TN, Aluko RE
6703 - 6721 Comparative Kinetic Study and Microwaves Non-Thermal Effects on the Formation of Poly(amic acid) 4,4'-(Hexafluoroisopropylidene)diphthalic Anhydride (6FDA) and 4,4'-(Hexafluoroisopropylidene)bis(p-phenyleneoxy)dianiline (BAPHF). Reaction Activated by Microwave, Ultrasound and Conventional Heating
Tellez HM, Alquisira JP, Alonso CR, Cortes JGL, Toledano CA
6722 - 6732 Molecular Identification of Fusarium Species in Gibberella fujikuroi Species Complex from Rice, Sugarcane and Maize from Peninsular Malaysia
Hsuan HM, Salleh B, Zakaria L
6733 - 6733 The Role of microRNAs in the Biology of Rare Diseases
Salvatore M, Magrelli A, Taruscio D
6743 - 6748 A Set of Novel Microsatellite Markers Developed for a Distylous Species Luculia gratissima (Rubiaceae)
Zhou W, Li DZ, Wang H
6749 - 6764 Hyaluronan and Fibrin Biomaterial as Scaffolds for Neuronal Differentiation of Adult Stem Cells Derived from Adipose Tissue and Skin
Gardin C, Vindigni V, Bressan E, Ferroni L, Nalesso E, Della Puppa A, D'Avella D, Lops D, Pinton P, Zavan B
6765 - 6780 A Novel Cold-Adapted Lipase from Sorangium cellulosum Strain So0157-2: Gene Cloning, Expression, and Enzymatic Characterization
Cheng YY, Qian YK, Li ZF, Wu ZH, Liu H, Li YZ
6781 - 6795 The Stimulation of IGF-1R Expression by Lewis(y) Antigen Provides a Powerful Development Mechanism of Epithelial Ovarian Carcinoma
Liu DW, Liu JJ, Wang CZ, Lin B, Liu Q, Hao YY, Zhang SL, Iwamori M
6796 - 6809 Nuclear Markers of Danube Sturgeons Hybridization
Dudu A, Suciu R, Paraschiv M, Georgescu SE, Costache M, Berrebi P
6810 - 6833 Far from Equilibrium Percolation, Stochastic and Shape Resonances in the Physics of Life
Poccia N, Ansuini A, Bianconi A
6834 - 6855 Nuclei of Tsuga canadensis: Role of Flavanols in Chromatin Organization
Feucht W, Schmid M, Treutter D
6856 - 6870 Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction of Bioactive Compounds from Ampelopsis grossedentata Stems: Process Optimization and Antioxidant Activity
Wang YF, Ying L, Sun D, Zhang SK, Zhu YJ, Xu P
6871 - 6880 Assessing Molecular Signature for Some Potential Date (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Cultivars from Saudi Arabia, Based on Chloroplast DNA Sequences rpoB and psbA-trnH
Al-Qurainy F, Khan S, Al-Hemaid FM, Ali MA, Tarroum M, Ashraf M
6881 - 6893 Malignant Catarrhal Fever: Understanding Molecular Diagnostics in Context of Epidemiology
Li H, Cunha CW, Taus NS
6894 - 6918 Metal-Induced Oxidative Stress and Plant Mitochondria
Keunen E, Remans T, Bohler S, Vangronsveld J, Cuypers A
6919 - 6935 Evaluation of Antioxidant Compounds and Total Sugar Content in a Nectarine [Prunus persica (L.) Batsch] Progeny
Abidi W, Jimenez S, Moreno MA, Gogorcena Y
6936 - 6951 N-Acetylcysteine Reduces Markers of Differentiation in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes
Calzadilla P, Sapochnik D, Cosentino S, Diz V, Dicelio L, Calvo JC, Guerra LN
6952 - 6965 In Vitro Anti-Listerial Activities of Crude n-Hexane and Aqueous Extracts of Garcinia kola (heckel) Seeds
Penduka D, Okoh AI
6966 - 6979 Environmental Dependence of Artifact CD Peaks of Chiral Schiff Base 3d-4f Complexes in Soft Mater PMMA Matrix
Okamoto Y, Nidaira K, Akitsu T
6980 - 7003 Protein Misdirection Inside and Outside Motor Neurons in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS): A Possible Clue for Therapeutic Strategies
Ido A, Fukuyama H, Urushitani M
7004 - 7021 Structural Determinants of CX-4945 Derivatives as Protein Kinase CK2 Inhibitors: A Computational Study
Liu HB, Wang X, Wang J, Wang JH, Li Y, Yang L, Li GH
7022 - 7037 Comparative Molecular Field Analysis (CoMFA) and Comparative Molecular Similarity Indices Analysis (CoMSIA) Studies on alpha(1A)-Adrenergic Receptor Antagonists Based on Pharmacophore Molecular Alignment
Zhao X, Chen MS, Huang BY, Ji H, Yuan M
7038 - 7047 Candida Colonization Index in Patients Admitted to an ICU
Caggiano G, Puntillo F, Coretti C, Giglio M, Alicino I, Manca F, Bruno F, Montagna MT
7048 - 7058 Biological Potential of Sixteen Legumes in China
Yao Y, Cheng XZ, Wang LX, Wang SH, Ren GX
7059 - 7076 Anti-UVC Irradiation and Metal Chelation Properties of 6-Benzoyl-5,7-dihydroxy-4-phenyl-chromen-2-one: An Implications for Anti-Cataract Agent
Liao JH, Wu TH, Hsu FL, Huang YS, Chiang PH, Huang ZY, Huang CH, Wu SH, Lin MH
7077 - 7099 Biomarkers in Tumor Angiogenesis and Anti-Angiogenic Therapy
Pircher A, Hilbe W, Heidegger I, Drevs J, Tichelli A, Medinger M
7100 - 7113 Cardioprotective Effects of Glycyrrhizic Acid Against Isoproterenol-Induced Myocardial Ischemia in Rats
Haleagrahara N, Varkkey J, Chakravarthi S
7114 - 7162 Manganese Superoxide Dismutase: Guardian of the Powerhouse
Holley AK, Bakthavatchalu V, Velez-Roman JM, St Clair DK
7163 - 7185 Mitochondrial Peroxiredoxin III is a Potential Target for Cancer Therapy
Song IS, Kim HK, Jeong SH, Lee SR, Kim N, Rhee BD, Ko KS, Han J
7186 - 7198 Metal Complexes of Diisopropylthiourea: Synthesis, Characterization and Antibacterial Studies
Ajibade PA, Zulu NH
7199 - 7215 Roles of Oxidative Stress, Apoptosis, PGC-1 alpha and Mitochondrial Biogenesis in Cerebral Ischemia
Chen SD, Yang DI, Lin TK, Shaw FZ, Liou CW, Chuang YC
7216 - 7237 Optimal Production and Biochemical Properties of a Lipase from Candida albicans
Lan DM, Hou SL, Yang N, Whiteley C, Yang B, Wang YH
7238 - 7249 Use of Oligonucleotides Carrying Photolabile Groups for the Control of the Deposition of Nanoparticles in Surfaces and Nanoparticle Association
Manning B, Eritja R
7250 - 7264 Estimating the Octanol/Water Partition Coefficient for Aliphatic Organic Compounds Using Semi-Empirical Electrotopological Index
Souza ES, Zaramello L, Kuhnen CA, Junkes BD, Yunes RA, Heinzen VEF
7265 - 7270 Isolation and Characterization of 11 New Microsatellite Loci in Erigeron breviscapus (Asteraceae), an Important Chinese Traditional Herb
Li X, Song KX, Yang JB, Yi TS
7271 - 7285 Eighteen Years of Molecular Genotyping the Hemophilia Inversion Hotspot: From Southern Blot to Inverse Shifting-PCR
Rossetti LC, Radic CP, Abelleyro MM, Larripa IB, De Brasi CD