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4175 - 4175 Preface to Alternative Refrigerants Special Issue
Liovell F
4176 - 4193 (R)Evolution of Refrigerants
McLinden MO, Huber ML
4194 - 4200 Experimental Study on the PVTx Properties of the R1234ze(E)/R152a System by the Burnett Method
Qi YX, Zhang F, Nie YC, Yang HF, Zhang H, Wu WD
4201 - 4214 Thermodynamic Properties of cis-1,1,1,4,4,4-Hexafluorobutene [R-1336mzz(Z)]: Vapor Pressure, (p, rho, T) Behavior, and Speed of Sound Measurements and Equation of State
McLinden MO, Akasaka R
4215 - 4222 VaporLiquid Equilibrium for the Binary Systems 1,1,2,3,3,3-Hexafluoro-1-propene (R1216)+2,3,3,3-Tetrafluoroprop-1-ene (R1234yf) and 1,1,2,3,3,3-Hexafluoro-1-propene (R1216) + trans-1,3,3,3-Tetrafluoropropene (R1234ze(E))
Fang YB, Ye GR, Ni H, Jiang Q, Bao KL, Han XH, Chen GM
4223 - 4229 Vapor Pressure Measurements and Correlation for cis-1,1,1,4,4,4-Hexafluoro-2-butene (HFO-1336mzz(Z))
Li SH, Xu L, Liu HT, Yang Z, Duan YY
4230 - 4235 Measurement and Correlation of Gaseous pvT Property for 1,1,1,3,3,3-Hexafluoro-2-methoxypropane (HFE-356 mmz)
Chen Q, Gao RQ, Guan XT, Du L, Chen GM, Tang LM
4236 - 4241 Thermal Diffusivity Measurement of Trans-1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene (R1233zd(E)) and Dodecafluoro-2-methylpentan-3-one (Novec1230) by the Dynamic Light Scattering Method
Tang XY, Wang Y, Cui JW, Hu XZ, Bi SS, Wu JT
4242 - 4251 Vapor-Liquid Equilibria and Diffusion Coefficients of Difluoromethane, 1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane, and 2,3,3,3-Tetrafluoropropene in Low-Viscosity Ionic Liquids
Asensio-Delgado S, Pardo F, Zarca G, Urtiaga A
4252 - 4262 Viscosity Measurements of Binary and Multicomponent Refrigerant Mixtures Containing HFC-32, HFC-125, HFC-134a, HFO-1234yf, and CO2
Yang XX, Arami-Niya A, Xiao X, Kim DC, Al Ghafri SZS, Tsuji T, Tanaka Y, Seiki Y, May EF
4263 - 4267 !Saturated Pressure Measurements of cis-1-Chloro-2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene (R1224yd (Z)) Saturation Pressure
Bobbo S, Bet A, Scattolini M, Fedele L
4268 - 4284 A Comprehensive Study on Thermophysical Properties of Carbon Dioxide through the Cubic-Plus-Association and Crossover Cubic Plus-Association Equations of State
Zhu CY, Liu XY, Xue S, He MG
4285 - 4289 Measurements of Vapor Pressures for trans-1-Chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene (R1233zd(E)) and cis-1,1,1,4,4,4-Hexafluoro-2-butene (R1336mzz(Z))
Sakoda N, Higashi Y, Akasaka R
4290 - 4298 Isobaric Vapor-Liquid Equilibria at 50.0, 101.3, and 200.0 kPa. Density and Speed of Sound at 101.3 kPa and 298.15 K of Binary Mixtures HFE-7100+2-Propanol
Munoz-Rujas N, Rubio-Perez G, Montero EA, Aguilar F
4299 - 4305 Behavior of Isobaric Heat Capacity of 2,3,3,3-Tetrafluoroprop-1-ene in the Gas Phase
Kagawa N, Matsuguchi A
4306 - 4317 Solubilities of R32 in Polyol Ester and Polyvineyl Ether from 278.15 to 348.15 K
Jia XC, Wang J, Hu YS, Sun YJ, Wang XP
4318 - 4325 Purely Predictive Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Properties of 3,3,4,4,4-Pentafluoro-1-butene (HFO-1345fz), 2,3,3,4,4,4-Hexafluoro-1-butene (HFO-1336y0, and trans-1-Chloro-2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene (HCFO-1224yd(E)) from Molecular Simulation
Raabe G
4326 - 4334 Two-Phase and Vapor Phase PvTx Properties of the Difluoromethane plus cis-1,3,3,3-Tetrafluoroprop-1-ene Binary System
Tomassetti S, Di Nicola G, Pierantozzi M, Brown JS
4335 - 4346 Viscosity and Density of a Polyol Ester Lubricating Oil Saturated with Compressed Hydrofluoroolefin Refrigerants
Morais ARC, Simoni LD, Shiflett MB, Scurto AM
4347 - 4353 Study on Oxalic Acid Extraction by Tripropylamine: Equilibrium and Computational COSMO-SAC Analysis
Uslu H, Baykal E, Gok A, Kirbaslar SI, Santos D
4354 - 4368 Efficient Removal of Hexavalent Chromium and Congo Red by Graphene Oxide/Silica Nanosheets with Multistage Pores
Zhang L, Song FX, Wang S, Wang HX, Yang W, Li Y
4369 - 4377 Experimental and Predictive Equilibrium Thermodynamics of the Aqueous Ternary System (LiCl + CaCl2 + H2O) at T=288.15 K
Li L, Yuan F, Guo YF, Zhang SS, Deng TL
4378 - 4386 Solubility Measurement and Correlation of CO2 in bis(pentafluoroethylsulfonyl)imide ([BETI]) Anion-Based Ionic Liquids: [EMIM][BETI], [BMIM][BETI], [HMIM][BETI]
Yim JH, Oh BK, Lim JS
4387 - 4394 Isobaric-Vapor Liquid Equilibrium of Binary Systems (Isopropyl Acetate/Isopropyl Alcohol plus Dibutyl Ether/Anisole) at 101.3 kPa
Wang WJ, Zhang Y, Zhang T, Gao J, Xu DM, Zhang LZ, Wang YL
4395 - 4405 Determination and Analysis of the Solubility of CaSO4 center dot 2H(2)O and alpha-CaSO4 center dot 0.5H(2)O in Formamide Aqueous Solutions at T=303.15-363.15 K
Yu BJ, Miao SS, Zhang YJ, Ren YS
4406 - 4416 Solubility of 2,4,7-Triamino-6-phenylpteridine (Triamterene, Diuretic Drug) in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide: Experimental Data and Modeling
Sodeifian G, Garlapati C, Hazaveie SM, Sodeifian F
4417 - 4434 Density, Viscosity, and Refractive Index of N-Methyldiethanolamine in Blends of Methanol plus Water as Solvent and Their Binary Systems from T = (293.15 to 323.15) K
Tamajon FJ, Cerdeira F, Alvarez E
4435 - 4442 Soluting Effect in Ternary Aqueous Solutions of Ionic Liquids by Isopiestic Equilibrium Studies and Applying the Linear Isopiestic Relations for Estimating Their Speed of Sound, Density, and Surface Tension Data
Shokri S, Sadeghi R
4443 - 4451 Simultaneous Removal of Organic Dyes from Aqueous Solutions by Renewable Alginate Hybridized with Graphene Oxide
Bai HJ, Chen JH, Wang ZT, Wang LJ, Lamy E
4452 - 4461 Thermophysical, Cohesive Energy Density and Molar Heat Capacity of Surfactant-Based Low-Transition-Temperature Mixtures
Balaraman HB, Rathnasamy SK
4462 - 4467 A Simple Correlation to Fit Type I Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium Data
Jackson S, Bezem M
4468 - 4474 Solubility Determination and Correlation of 4-(Bromomethyl)-2(1H)-quinolinone in Different Pure Solvents Over the Temperature Range from 273.15 to 313.15 K
Zhang LH, Liu JT
4475 - 4484 Solid Liquid Phase Equilibria in the Ternary Systems NaCl-ZnCl2-H2O and MgCl2-ZnCl2-H2O at 298 K
Zhang XP, Zhao LR, Wang W, Sang SH
4485 - 4497 Determination and Correlation of the Solubility of D(-)-Salicin in Pure and Binary Solvent Systems
Huang HS, Qiu JX, He H, Yi DJ, An MY, Liu HY, Hu S, Han JM, Guo Y, Wei N, Wang P
4498 - 4502 Densities and Viscosities of Binary Mixtures Containing Methyl Isobutyl Ketone and (C-6-C-10) 1-Alkanol
Almasi M
4503 - 4511 New Proposal in a Biorefinery Context: Recovery of Acetic and Formic Acids by Adsorption on Hydrotalcites
Travalia BM, Forte MBS
4512 - 4522 Nanoscale Lanthanum Carbonate Hybridized with Polyacrylic Resin for Enhanced Phosphate Removal from Secondary Effluent
Sun Y, Feng XL, Zheng WS
4523 - 4535 Solubility Behavior and Polymorphism of beta-Arbutin in Pure and Binary Solvent Systems
He H, Qiu JX, Huang HS, Liu HY, Hu S, Han JM, Yi DJ, An MY, Guo Y, Sun JX, Wang P
4536 - 4546 Interactional Behavior of Sodium Cholate and Sodium Deoxycholate in the Presence of Ceftriaxone Sodium: Volumetric, Compressibility, Viscometric, and Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies
Singh K, Chauhan S
4547 - 4555 Surface Tension and Density of Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether-Water Mixtures from 277.15 to 308.15 K
Velasco-Medina AA, Gracia-Fadrique J
4556 - 4566 Molecular Dynamics Simulations, Solvatochromic Parameters, and Preferential Solvation in Aqueous Solutions of Ethaline, Ethylene Glycol, and Choline Chloride
Aryafard M, Karimi A, Harifi-Mood AR, Minofar B
4567 - 4574 Liquid Liquid Equilibrium and Data Correlation for Quaternary (Methyl Isobutyl Ketone plus n-Pentanol plus Phenol plus Water) System at 101 kPa and 298.2 K: Phenol Coextraction with Synergistic Solvents
Chen BK, Wu YY, Suo MYZ, Yang SY
4575 - 4581 Volumes and Heat Capacities of Cobalt(II), Nickel(II), and Copper(II) Sulfates in Aqueous Solution
Akilan C, Chen T, Vielma T, May PM, Senanayake G, Hefter G
4582 - 4595 Influence of Unsaturation on the High-Pressure Phase Behavior of C-18 Fatty Acid Methyl Esters + CO2
Moorcroft JJ, Schwarz CE
4596 - 4604 Experimental and Numerical Analyses of n-Pentane Solubility and Diffusivity in Polystyrene/Poly(methyl methacrylate) Blends
Azimi H, Jahani D, Nofar M
4605 - 4612 Equilibrium Solubility Determination and Correlation of Isobutoxyphenylboronic Acids in Organic Solvents
Leszczynski P, Lewandowska A, Hofman T, Adamczyk-Wozniak A, Sporzynski A
4613 - 4620 Loxoprofen Solubility in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide: Experimental and Modeling Approaches
Zabihi S, Esmaeili-Faraj SH, Borousan F, Hezave AZ, Shirazian S
4621 - 4631 High-Pressure Volumetric Properties of Carbon Disulfide, Carbonyl Sulfide, and Hydrogen Sulfide in Propane
Commodore JA, Deering CE, Marriott RA
4632 - 4641 Solubility Determination and Preferential Solvation of 4-Nitrophthalimide in Binary Aqueous Solutions of Acetone, Ethanol, Isopropanol, and N,N-Dimethylformamide
Zhou YY, Xu RJ, Zhu CF, Zhao HK
4642 - 4648 Solubility of Methane in Alkylpyridinium-Based Ionic Liquids at Temperatures between 298.15 and 343.15 K and Pressures up to 4 MPa
Kurnia KA, Matheswaran P, How CJ, Noh MH, Kusumawati Y
4649 - 4655 Experimental Research on the Thermal Conductivity of Binary Mixtures with a Biodiesel Compound Ethyl Laurate plus Three Alcohols (1-Propanol, 1-Butanol, and 1-Pentanol)
Fan J, Meng QL, Song FH
4656 - 4668 Measurement and Correlation of Solubility and Thermodynamic Properties of Fluoxetine Hydrochloride in 15 Pure Solvents and a Methanol plus Water Binary Solvent System
Yu S, Xing WG, Xue FM, Cheng Y, Liu YZ, Chen H, Hao C, Sun YY
4669 - 4683 Behavior of Antibiotics in Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents
Gutierrez A, Atilhan M, Aparicio S
4684 - 4691 Hydrate Phase Equilibria of Methane plus TBAC plus Water System in the Presence and Absence of NaCl and/or MgCl2
Pourranjbar M, Pahlavanzadeh H, Mahani AAZ, Mohammadi AH
4692 - 4698 Saturated Solubility of 2-Acrylamide-2-methylpropanesulfonic Acid in 14 Neat Organic Solvents from 283.15 to 328.15 K
Zhou YY, Wang ZS, Wu JX, Wang J, Zhao HK
4699 - 4711 Properties of Binary Mixtures of 2,2,4,6,6-Pentamethylheptane (iso-Dodecane) with iso-Butylbenzene, sec-Butylbenzene, tert-Butylbenzene, or 1,3-Diethylbenzene: Densities, Viscosities, Speeds of Sound, and Isentropic Bulk Moduli in the Temperature Range of 288.15-333.15 K, Surface Tensions at 295 K, and Flash Points at 0.1 MPa
Prak DL, Cowart JS
4712 - 4724 Cross Second Virial Coefficients and Dilute Gas Transport Properties of the Systems (N-2 + C3H8), (C2H6 + C3H8), and (H2S + C3H8) from Ab Initio-Based Intermolecular Potentials
Hellmann R
4725 - 4734 Solubility Measurement, Modeling, and Dissolution Thermodynamics of Propylparaben in 12 Pure Solvents
Ouyang JB, Chen J, Zhou LM, Liu ZR, Zhang CT