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1369 - 1378 Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium Data of 2-Propanol + Sodium Sulfate/Nitrate/Acetate plus Water Systems
Souza PPA, Juliao IB, Mendes MF
1379 - 1395 Use of a New Size-Weighted Combining Rule to Predict Adsorption in Siliceous Zeolites
Romanielo LL, Pereira MGMV, Arvelos S, Maginn EJ
1396 - 1401 Solid-Liquid Phase Equilibrium for the Reciprocal Quaternary System (Na+, Cs+//Cl-, SO42--H2O) at T=298.15 K and 0.1 MPa
Shi MS, Chen SQ, Hu JY, Guo YF, Deng TL
1402 - 1410 Thermodynamic Behavior of the Phase Equilibrium of Ethyl Acetate plus Ethanol plus Water Systems at Atmospheric Pressure: Experiment and Modeling
Robles PA, Lourenco NI, Igarashi EMS, Sousa MN, Arce PF
1411 - 1424 Solubility of Dimethyl 2,2 '-Azobis(2-methylpropionate) in 15 Pure Solvents and in a Methanol plus Water Binary Solvent System
Li Y, Zhang Y, Wang XZ
1425 - 1434 Experimental Solubility Measurements of Fenoprofen in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
Zabihi S, Rahnama Y, Sharafi A, Borousan F, Hezave AZ, Shirazian S
1435 - 1446 Volumetric and Ultrasonic Studies on Interactions of Glycols in Aqueous Solutions of Xylitol at Different Temperatures
Chakraborty N, Kaur K, Juglan KC, Kumar H
1447 - 1459 Densities, Ultrasonic Speeds, Viscosities, Refractive Indices, and Excess Properties of 1-Butyl-3-methylimidazolium Tetrafluoroborate plus N-Methylacetamide Binary Mixtures at Different Temperatures
Chaudhary N, Nain AK
1460 - 1467 Solubility of Edaravone in Four Mixed Solvents at 273.15-313.15 K and Correlation of Jouyban-Acree and CNIBS/R-K Models
Wu XY, Yin XF, Tang T, Zheng HL, Xu WJ, Lin ZP, Chen XL, Li RR, Zhao J, Han DM
1468 - 1472 Solvent Extraction of Rhenium Using Lipophilic N235 in the Hydrophobic Room-Temperature Ionic Liquid
Zhou CB, Zhan DS
1473 - 1487 Temperature-Dependent Thermodynamic Properties of Amino Acids in Aqueous Imidazolium-Based Ionic Liquid
Kumar H, Katal A, Sharma PK
1488 - 1496 Investigation of Gramine Solubility and Mathematical Modeling in Various Pure Solvents and the Co-Solvent Mixture of (Ethanol plus Ethyl Acetate) at (273.15-313.15) K
Yang ZH, Shao DF, Zhou GQ
1497 - 1505 Natural Deep Eutectic Solvent-Mediated Extractive Distillation for Separation of Acetonitrile plus Water Azeotropic Mixture
Sharma B, Singh N, Kushwaha JP
1506 - 1513 Validity of the Simple Solution Concept for the Aqueous Quaternary System U(IV) Nitrate-U(VI) Nitrate-Nitric Acid-Water
Dru V, Bernier G, Michaud S, Marc P, Sorel C
1514 - 1522 Phase Equilibria of the Ternary Systems ((NH4)(2)SO4-MNSO4-H2O) and ((NH4)(2)SO4-MGSO(4)-H2O) at 303.15 K
Zhang YJ, Bai YX, Ren YS
1523 - 1530 Thermodynamic Study of Lithium Tungstate Single Crystals Doped by Molybdenum (Li2W1-xMoxO4, x=0.1 and 0.15)
Matskevich NI, Shlegel VN, Semerikova AN, Matskevich MY
1531 - 1537 Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium Study for the Ternary System of Water plus Acetic Acid+2-Octanol
Feng LB, Zhang W, Ge ML, Yi YF, Xiong JM
1538 - 1546 Synergistic Extraction of Hydroquinone from an Aqueous Solution with a Solvent Mixture of Diisopropyl Ether and n-Pentanol at T=298.15 K and P=101.3 kPa: Liquid-Liquid Equilibria and Data Correlation
Suo MYZ, Chen BK, Qian Y, Yang SY
1547 - 1553 Volumetric Properties of a Binary Mixture Composed of N,N-Dimethylcyclohexylamine and Alcohols
Zhao D, Zhuang Y, Fan CS, Zhang XH, Yang F, Chen YH
1554 - 1564 Two-Phase and Vapor-Phase Thermophysical Property (pvTz) Measurements of the Difluoromethane plus trans-1,3,3,3-Tetrafluoroprop-1-ene Binary System
Tomassetti S, Perera UA, Di Nicola G, Pierantozzi M, Higashi Y, Thu K
1565 - 1570 Density, Speed of Sound, Viscosity, and Surface Tension of Tetramethylethylenediamine Aqueous Solutions from T=293.15 to 323.15 K
Gomez-Diaz D, Navaza JM
1571 - 1582 Determination and Analysis of Solubility of 3-Bromo-2-Methylbenzoic Acid in Different Solvent Systems at Different Temperatures (T=278.15-328.15 K)
Gu YY, Yang WG, Hao AM, Xu A, Hu YH
1583 - 1593 Force Fields with Fixed Bond Lengths and with Flexible Bond Lengths: Comparing Static and Dynamic Fluid Properties
Fischer M, Bauer G, Gross J
1594 - 1616 Thermochemistry of Fluorinated Dimethyl and Ethyl Methyl Ethers and Corresponding Radical Species
Hudzik J, Stoler LR, Bozzelli JW, Liebman JF
1617 - 1626 Determination of NaCl and Na2SO4 Equilibrium Solubility in Cyclohexanol and Cyclohexanone Aqueous Solutions at 323.15 K
Zhu L, Ma YL, Ge SY, Ren YS, Zhang SS, Zheng XX, Wu D, Che C
1627 - 1635 Solubility Determination, Model Correlation, and Solvent Effect Analysis of Nisoldipine in Different Solvent Systems at a Series of Temperature
Chen X, Xu LQ, Liu ZY, Zhu XL, Zheng HL, Zhao J, Li RR, Han DM
1636 - 1654 P-rho-T Data and Modeling for Butan-1-ol + n-Octane or n-Decane between 313.15-353.15 K and 0.1-20 MPa
Hussain M, Moodley K
1655 - 1662 Enhancement of a Double Cosolvent on Solubility of [Bmim][Ac] and [Bmim][NTf2] in Supercritical CO2
Xiang HM, Sun JF, Li G, Xu QQ, Li ZJ, Quo GY, Yin JZ
1663 - 1668 Solubility Measurement of the Solid Solution Containing the RbCl-CsCl-H2O System from T=298.15 to 348.15 K
Guo LJ, Li HX
1669 - 1678 Liquid-(Liquid)-Vapor Equilibrium of Solvents (P-Xylene, Methyl Hexadecanoate, and Methyl Oleate), Binary Systems (Water plus Solvents), and Ternary Systems (Water plus Methyl Hexadecanoate plus Model Molecule of Tar) Issued from the Biomass Gasification Process
Bassil G, Aoun M, Saab J, Goutaudier C, Jose J, Mokbel I
1679 - 1694 Some Physicochemical Properties of Binary Mixtures of Glycerol with Butanol Isomers in the Temperature Range 293.15-318.15 K and Ambient Pressure
Chabouni Y, Amireche F
1695 - 1704 Solubility of D-Histidine in Aqueous Cosolvent Mixtures of N,N-Dimethylformamide, Ethanol, Dimethyl Sulfoxide, and N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone: Determination, Preferential Solvation, and Solvent Effect
Li WX, Farajtabar A, Xing R, Zhu YT, Zhao HK
1705 - 1714 Separation of the Dimethyl Carbonate plus Ethanol Mixture Using Imidazolium-Based Ionic Liquids as Entrainers
Zhang ZG, Lu RZ, Wang CH, Zhang QQ, Chen JL, Li WX
1715 - 1720 Two-Stage Separation of the Tail Gases of Ammonia Synthesis to Recover H-2 and N-2 via Hydrate Formation
Abudu RT, Sun Q, Xu Z, Guo XQ, Yang LY
1721 - 1729 Phase-Equilibrium Measurements and Thermodynamic Modeling of CO2 + Geraniol, CO2 + Geraniol plus Acetic Acid, and CO2 + Geraniol plus Ethyl Acetate
Tavares MV, Giacomin WR, Vandenberghe LPD, Chapman WG, Corazza ML
1730 - 1735 Isothermal Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium of the Binary Mixture Difluoromethane (R32) + Octafluoropropane (R218) at Temperatures from 253.150 to 283.150 K
Wang L, Xu GZ, Song J, Wang X, Zhao YX, Dong XQ, Gong MQ
1736 - 1746 Determination and Analysis of Solubility of 2-Chloromethyl-4-methylquinazoline in Different Solvent Systems at Different Temperatures (T=281.15-331.15 K)
Gu YY, Yang WG, Hao AX, Xu Q, Hu YH
1747 - 1760 Prediction of Solubility of Sodium Valproate in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide: Experimental Study and Thermodynamic Modeling
Sodeifian G, Ardestani NS, Sajadian SA, Golmohammadi MR, Fazlali A
1761 - 1772 Density, Speed of Sound, and Refractive Index Measurements for Mixtures of n-Heptane with Pentan-2-one or 4-Methylpentan-2-one for T=298.15-338.15 K and 0.101 MPa
Moodley K
1773 - 1786 New Design of the Falling-Body Rheoviscometer for High and Extra-High Viscous Liquid Measurements. Viscosity of Vacuum Oils
Sagdeev DI, Gabitov IR, Khairutdinov VF, Fomina MG, Alyaev VA, Sal'manov RS, Minkin VS, Gumerov FM, Abdulagatov IM
1787 - 1794 Interfacial Tension of n-Pentane/Bitumen and n-Heptane/Bitumen Mixtures at T=298.15-413.15 K and P=3.45 MPa
Mohammadi M, Haddadnia A, Zirrahi M, Hassanzadeh H
1795 - 1801 Thermodynamic Characterization of Sodium Alginate by Inverse Gas Chromatography
Ugraskan V, Isik B, Yazici O, Cakar F
1802 - 1813 Vapor-Liquid Equilibria of the CH4 + CO2 + H2S Ternary System with Two Different Global Compositions: Experiments and Modeling
Theveneau P, Xu XC, Baudouin O, Jaubert JN, Ceragioli P, Coquelet C
1814 - 1823 Experimental Determination and Association Model for the Solubility of Laminarin in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
Zhan SP, Miao HY, Zhao Y, Wang JC, Li ZY
1824 - 1832 Humic Acid Derived Resin: An Efficient Adsorbent for Au(III) Uptake from Aqueous Acidic Solution
Chen XM, Yang XC, Xiang Y, Xu L, Liu GJ
1833 - 1849 Heat Capacities of L-Alanine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Leucine: Experimental and Computational Study
Pokorny V, Cervinka C, Stejfa V, Havlin J, Ruzicka K, Fulem M
1850 - 1856 Imidazolium Salt-Incorporated Postcross-Linked Porous Polymers for Efficient Adsorption of Rhodamine B and Cd2+ from Aqueous Solution
Wang XM, Liu Z, Zhou F, Huang JH
1857 - 1868 Solubilities of Carbon Dioxide in Ethyl Benzoate and Triethyl Citrate at High Temperatures and Pressures
Al-Azani KH, Abu-Khamsin SA, Sultan AS
1869 - 1874 Determination of the Surface Thermodynamic Characteristics of Phthalate Plasticizers by Inverse Gas Chromatography
Wang Q
1875 - 1885 Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium Measurement and Correlation for the Ternary Systems (Dimethyl Succinate+1,4-Butanediol)/(Dimethyl Glutarate+1,5-Pentanediol)/(Dimethyl Adipate+1,6-Hexanediol) plus Water at Different Temperatures
Yang XC, Wei GL, Chen XM, Xu L, Liu GJ
1886 - 1899 Systematic Study on Physicochemical and Related Excess Properties of Several Binary Systems of Cyclic Ketones and Alkanediols (C-2-C-5)
Gilani AG, Dafrazi AA
1900 - 1910 Variation of Density, Viscosity, and Electrical Conductivity of the Deep Eutectic Solvent Reline, Composed of Choline Chloride and Urea at a Molar Ratio of 1:2, Mixed with Dimethylsulfoxide as a Cosolvent
Agieienko V, Buchner R
1911 - 1918 Influences of Organic Solvents on the Properties of 1-Butyl-3-methylimidazolium Acetate
Yang FX, Feng P, Chen L, Wang XP, Tan HZ
1919 - 1926 Selective Recovery of Ag(I) Using a Cellulose-Based Adsorbent in High Saline Solution
Yang X, Dong Z, Zhang MM, Du JF, Zhao L
1927 - 1935 Hydrate Dissociation Conditions of CH4 in the Presence of TBANO(3) and Cyclopentane Promoter Mixture: Thermodynamic Modeling and Experimental Measurement
Pahlavanzadeh H, Hassan H, Pourranjbar M
1936 - 1945 Mechanochemically Activated Microsized Zero-Valent Iron/Pyrite Composite for Effective Hexavalent Chromium Sequestration in Aqueous Solution
He XY, Min XB, Peng TY, Zhao FP, Ke Y, Wang YY, Jiang GH, Xu QJ, Wang JW
1946 - 1953 Experimental Determination of Octanol-Water Partition Coefficients of Selected Natural Toxins
Schonsee CD, Bucheli TD
1954 - 1967 Methylene Blue and Lead(II) Removal via Degradable Interpenetrating Network Hydrogels
Niu YH, Han XX, Huang LX, Song J
1968 - 1975 Assessment of Thermochemical Data of gamma-Butyrolactone from Experimental and Computational Studies Arturo
Ximello-Hernandez A, Freitas VLS, da Silva MDMCR
1976 - 1985 Solubility, Preferential Solvation, and Solvent Effect of Micoflavin in Aqueous Mixtures of Dimethylsulfoxide, Isopropanol, Propylene Glycol, and Ethanol
Li XB, Zhu YQ, Zhang XT, Farajtabar A, Hongkun Z
1986 - 1992 AgNPs-Containing Metal-Organic Frameworks for the Effective Adsorption and Immobilization of Radioactive Iodine
Feng Y, Yang PF, Li YS, Gu JL
1993 - 2001 Measurements of the Thermal Conductivity of n-Pentane, Isopentane, 1-Pentene, and 1-Pentanol in the Temperature Range from 253 to 373 K at Pressures up to 30 MPa
Wang XQ, Qiu S, Wu JT, Abdulagatov IM
2002 - 2007 Double Ternary Azeotrope in the Benzene plus Perfluorobenzene plus Water System at 101 kPa
Zhuchkov V, Malyugin A, Frolkova A, Alla F
2008 - 2016 Solubility Measurement, Correlation, and Thermodynamic Analysis of N-Acetyl-L-leucine in 12 Pure Organic Solvents from 283.15 to 323.15 K
Guo SZ, He Y, Wang G, Dong WB, Wan XX, Zhao YX, Du SC
2017 - 2031 Thermodynamic Modeling of in Situ Leaching of Sandstone-Type Uranium Minerals
Shen N, Li J, Guo YF, Li XC
2032 - 2043 Density and Viscosity of Binary Mixtures Composed of Anisole with Dodecane, Hexadecane, Decalin, or 1,4-Dioxane: Experiments and Modeling
Gajardo-Parra NF, Campos-Franzani MI, Hernandez A, Escalona N, Canales RI
2044 - 2052 Solubility Measurement and Data Correlation of Isatoic Anhydride in 12 Pure Solvents at Temperatures from 288.15 to 328.15 K
Tian NN, Yu CY, Du SC, Lin B, Gao Y, Gao ZG
2053 - 2067 Solubility of Zaltoprofen in Five Binary Solvents at Various Temperatures: Data Determination and Thermodynamic Modeling
Sun RR, Wan YM, He HX, Sha J, Li T, Ren BZ
2068 - 2079 Highly Selective Deep Desulfurization of a Model Gasoline on Amine-Modified SiO2 Hybrid Aerogel
Chen FF, Zhang B, Yin LX, Lu YK, Gong WH, Gao JG, Zhang ZK, Ning WS
2080 - 2087 Oiling out and Solubility of Trehalose Dihydrate in Water plus Isopropanol/1-Propanol/tert-Butanol Solvents from 283.15 to 328.15 K
Yu QS, Jia WY, Guo XL
2088 - 2097 Solubility and Thermodynamic Aspects of 5,7-Dibromo-8-hydroxyquinoline in Thirteen Neat Solvents at Temperatures from 288.15 to 328.15 (333.15) K
Wu ZL, Shen CX, Li W, Wu JX, Zhao HK
2098 - 2108 Solubility of Octahydro-1,3,5,7-tetranitro-1,3,5,7-tetrazocine in 12 Pure Organic Solvents from 298.15 to 358.15 K
Wang L, Chen D, Yu YW, Li HZ
2109 - 2119 Determination and Correlation of the Solubility of Monosodium Fumarate in Different Neat and Binary Solvent Systems
Liu HY, Hu S, Han JM, Qiu JX, Yi DJ, An MY, Guo Y, Huang HS, He H, Wang P
2120 - 2132 Batch and Continuous Adsorptive Desulfurization of Model Diesel Fuels Using Graphene Nanoplatelets
Jha D, Haider MB, Kumar R, Shim WG, Sivagnanam BM
2133 - 2143 Determination, Construction, and Evaluation of Ternary and Quaternary Solid-Liquid Phase Equilibrium of Uric Acid, Adenine, and Guanine in Water
Cong Y, Du CB, Wang M, Jiang ZY, Ye TT, Zhang Y, Qiao B, Wang ML
2144 - 2155 Determination and Correlation of D-Ribose Solubility in Twelve Pure and Four Binary Solvent Systems
Hu S, Han JM, Liu HY, Qiu JX, Yi DJ, An MY, Guo Y, Huang HS, He H, Wang P
2156 - 2169 Solubility Determination and Thermodynamic Properties of Bezafibrate in Pure and Binary Mixed Solvents
Liu MM, Wang S, Qu C, Zhang ZC, Qu YX
2170 - 2177 Solubility Behavior and Thermodynamic Modeling of Inosine (Form beta) in Four Cosolvency Systems at T=278.15 to 323.15 K
Shi YL, Zhang HJ, Wang XD
2178 - 2185 The Adsorption of Europium and Uranium on the Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Modified Molybdenum Disulfide Composites
Wang J, Yang SY, Cheng G, Gu PC
2186 - 2193 Viscosity and Density of 1,3-Dimethylbenzene plus Carbon Dioxide at Temperatures from 298 to 423 K and at Pressures up to 100 MPa
Taib MBM, Trusler JPM
2194 - 2205 Preparation of a Fe-ZSM-5 Adsorbent and Its Selective Adsorption of p-Xylene Performance Exploration
Ye CS, Wu CF, Qi ZY, Huang ZX, Qiu T
2206 - 2211 A Multiscale Procedure for Predicting the Hydration Free Energies of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Li JP, Wang JQ, Wang YJ, Lu DN, Wu JZ
2212 - 2219 Separation Process of Nisin Using Aqueous Two-Phase Systems: A New Approach Featuring Nanoparticles
Rahbari N, Shahriari S, Pazuki G
2220 - 2229 Adsorption of Reactive Blue-13, an Acidic Dye, from Aqueous Solution Using Magnetized Activated Carbon
Awasthi A, Arya A, Gupta P, Kumar R, Singh J, Datta D
2230 - 2237 Solubility of 3,5-Dinitrosalicylic Acid in Fourteen Pure Solvents over Temperatures from 278.15 to 323.15 K
Zhao X, Han G, Zhao HK
2238 - 2250 Nitrogen-Doped Ultrahigh Microporous Carbons Derived from Two Nitrogen-Containing Post-Cross-Linked Polymers for Efficient CO2 Capture
Shao LS, Liu MQ, Sang YF, Zhan P, Chen JN, Huang JH
2251 - 2252 First-Principles Calculation of the Cross Second Virial Coefficient and the Dilute Gas Shear Viscosity, Thermal Conductivity, and Binary Diffusion Coefficient of the (H2O + N-2) System (vol 64, pg 5959, 2019)
Hellmann R