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3213 - 3223 Volumetric and FT-IR Studies of the Binary Liquid Mixtures of Tributylamine and Alkyl Ester (C-1-C-5)
Tyagi P, Kumar K, Rani M, Bhankar V
3224 - 3230 Effect of Ethanol and Temperature on Partition Coefficients of Ethyl Acetate, Isoamyl Acetate, and Isoamyl Alcohol: Instrumental and Predictive Investigation
Ammari A, Schroen K
3231 - 3243 Phase Equilibrium of Fats and Monoterpenes and How It Affects Chocolate Quality
Di Prinzio RC, Pontes PVD, da Costa MC, Meirelles AJD, Batista EAC, Maximo GJ
3244 - 3249 Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium Measurements and Correlation for Ternary Systems (Butyl Acetate+1-Butanol + Ethylene Glycol/1,3-Propanediol/Ethanolamine) at 298.15 K
Wang ZJ, Liu K, Wang P, Xu DM, Gao J, Zhang LZ, Li M, Wang YL
3250 - 3259 Solubility and Solution Thermodynamics of 3-Nitrophthalonitrile in 12 Neat Solvents at Temperatures from 278.15 to 323.15 K
Wang J, Du YQ, Xu RJ
3260 - 3269 Solubility Measurement, Correlation, and Molecular Interactions of 3-Methyl-6-nitroindazole in Different Neat Solvents and Mixed Solvents from T=278.15 to 328.15 K
Wang L, Yang WG, Song YY, Gu YY
3270 - 3279 Solubility of 4-Chloro-2,5-dimethoxynitrobenzene, 4-Chloro-2,5-dimethoxyaniline, and 2,5-Dimethoxyaniline in Binary and Pure Solvents: Determination and Modeling
Liu X, Liu B, Xu YS, Zhang GL, Xia Q, Zhang FB
3280 - 3289 Solubility Study of (2E)-1-(3-Pyridyl)-3-(dimethylarnino)-2-propen-1-one in Different Pure Solvents and Binary Solvent Mixtures from 278.15 to 328.15 K
Song YY, Xia YC, Wang L, Gu YY, Yang WG, Sheng HC, Hu YH
3290 - 3299 Solubility of Mixed Ternary Systems of Hexafluoridosilicate Salts (M = Na+, K+, or NH4(t)(+) in Hexafluoridosilicic Acid Aqueous Solutions at T=353.15 K
Skafi M, Elyamani Y, El Guendouzi M
3300 - 3306 Solubilities, Densities, Refractive Indices, and pH Values of the Aqueous Ternary Systems (LiCl + LiB5O8 + H2O) and (Li2SO4 + LiB5O8 + H2O) at 288.15 K and 101 kPa
Li Y, Chen SQ, Yuan F, Sun S, Guo YF, Deng TL
3307 - 3315 Thermophysical and Molar Volume Aberration of Amphiphilic Eutectic Mix of Bivalent Diols and Ammonium-Ionic Liquid
Balaraman HB, Rathnasamy SK
3316 - 3322 Liquid Densities and Speed of Sound for Ionic Liquid (2-HEAA and 2-HDEAA) + Alcohol (1-Propanol and 2-Propanol) Mixtures at T = (293.15-323.15 K) and Atmospheric Pressure
Mesquita FMR, Coelho LL, Pinheiro RS, Ribeiro CARC, Feitosa FX, de Sant'Ana HB, de Santiago-Aguiar RS
3323 - 3330 Highly Improved Water Resistance and Congo Red Uptake Capacity with a Zn/Cu-BTC@MC Composite Adsorbent
Liu Q, Gao Y, Zhou YT, Tian N, Lang GF, Ma N, Dai W
3331 - 3336 Parametric Analysis of Mandelic Acid Separation from Aqueous Solutions by Using Secondary Amine Mixture (Amberlite LA-2) in Various Diluents
Kiris B, Asci YS
3337 - 3345 Measuring Activity Coefficient at Infinite Dilution of Hydrocarbons in Ionic Liquids and Evaluation of Other Thermodynamic Properties using Gas Chromatography
Sudhir N, Yadav P, Sah R, Nautiyal B, Ghosh P, Nanoti SM, Singh R
3346 - 3355 Experimental Data and Modeling for Viscosity and Refractive Index of Aqueous Mixtures with 2-(Methylamino)ethanol (MAE) and Aminoethylethanolamine (AEEA)
Pandey D, Mondal MK
3356 - 3366 Thermodynamic Models for Determination of Solid-Liquid Equilibrium of the Buprofezin in Pure and Binary Organic Solvents
Xu Q, Heng B, Hu YH, Liu XX, Yang WG, Fan YW, Zhu WJ, Wu CQ, Gu YY
3367 - 3374 Solid Liquid Equilibrium Measurements for Posaconazole and Voriconazole in Several Solvents between T=278.2 and 323.2 K Using Differential Thermal Analysis/Thermal Gravimetric Analysis
Moodley K, Chetty T, Ramjugernath D
3375 - 3384 Phase Equilibrium and Liquid Viscosity of CO2 + n-Dodecane Mixtures between 283 and 353 K
Czubinski FF, Sanchez CJN, da Silva AK, Neto MAM, Barbosa JR
3385 - 3391 Solubility Determination and Thermodynamic Modeling of 2-Mercaptobenzimidazole in 12 Solvents from T=278.15 K to T=318.15 K
Xie Y, Li DM, Wang YY, Yang ZY, Zhang DJ, Wang HY
3392 - 3406 Heat of Absorption of CO2 and Heat Capacity Measurements in Aqueous Solutions of Benzylamine, N-(2-Aminoethyl)-ethanolamine, and Their Blends Using a Reaction Calorimeter
Mukherjee S, Samanta AN
3407 - 3415 Thermodynamic and Kinetic Studies for Adsorption of Reactive Blue (RB-19) Dye Using Calix[4]arene-Based Adsorbent
Junejo R, Memon S, Memon FN, Memon AA, Durmaz F, Bhatti AA, Bhatti AA
3416 - 3435 Influence of alpha-Olefin Concentration and Length on the High-Pressure Phase Behavior of (alpha-Olefin plus n-Hexane plus LLDPE) Systems
Swanepoel RM, Schwarz CE
3436 - 3443 Measurements of the Solid-Liquid Phase Equilibria in Quinary System NaBr-KBr-MgBr2-SrBr2-H2O at 323 K
Nie GL, Sang SH, Cui RZ
3444 - 3449 Solubility Measurement and Thermodynamic Model Correlation of 5-Nitrosalicylaldehyde in Different Solvents
Shao DF, Yang ZH, Zhou GQ
3450 - 3456 Activity Coefficient of Bromide Ions in the Glucoamylase Solution
Cheng CW, Chen JY, Zhen X, Yang CP, Li P, Zhang Y, Bai J, Chang C
3457 - 3464 Studies on Mutual Solubility of Salts in the NH4HCO3-(NH4)(2)SO4-H2O System
Druzynski S, Wrobel-Kaszanek A, Mazurek K, Kielkowska U
3465 - 3472 Flash Point of Fatty Acid Methyl Ester Binary Mixtures
Dias RM, Aquino RT, Krahenbuhl MA, Costa MC
3473 - 3482 Adsorption Properties of N2O on Zeolite 5A, 13X, Activated Carbon, ZSM-5, and Silica Gel
Wu TB, Shen YH, Feng L, Tang ZL, Zhang DH
3483 - 3492 Adsorption and Diffusion Properties of Toluene on Y Zeolites by Steam-Acid Treatment: Effects of Mesoporosity and Surface Acidity
Jiao JH, Qin B, Du YZ, Ma JH, Li WX, Li RF
3493 - 3504 Consistent Enthalpies of the Hydrate Formation and Dissociation Using Residual Thermodynamics
Kvamme B, Aromada SA, Gjerstad PB
3505 - 3513 Solubility and Solvent Effect of Acetamiprid in Thirteen Pure Solvents and Aqueous Solutions of Ethanol
Zhao X, Farajtabar A, Zhao HK, Han G
3514 - 3520 Measurement and Correlation of Phase Equilibria of Ammonium, Calcium, Aluminum, and Chloride in Aqueous Solution at 298.15 K
Yu XD, Liu M, Zheng QF, Chen S, Zou F, Zeng Y
3521 - 3534 Experiments and COSMO-SAC Modeling of Methyl Isobutyl Ketone plus Dimethylphenols plus Water Mixtures
Shen S, Chen Y, Jiang ML
3535 - 3546 Tyrosine-Immobilized Montmorillonite: An Efficient Adsorbent for Removal of Pb2+ and Cu2+ from Aqueous Solution
Chu YT, Zhu SD, Wang FY, Lei W, Xia MZ, Liao C
3547 - 3555 Design of a Salt-Free Aqueous Two-Phase System Containing Butanol, n-Butylpyridine Dicyanamide, and Water: Equilibrium Data and Correlation
Xu S, Zhu Q, Nie TT, He C, Li YL, Lin XL
3556 - 3568 Determination and Correlation of the Solubility of Musk Ketone in Pure and Binary Solvents at 273.15-313.15 K
Fang X, Li HX, Zou ZP, Xu L
3569 - 3575 Stable Solid Liquid Equilibrium of the Quaternary System Na+//Cl-, NO3-, and SO42--H2O at 333.15 K
Chen H, Bian C, Bian JW, Song XF, Yu JG
3576 - 3584 Novel Isopropoxy Group-Functionalized UiO-66 with a High Hydrogen Chloride Adsorption Capacity
Liu HX, Yu C, Bai P, Guo XH
3585 - 3591 Measurement of the Solubility of Diclazuril and Discussion of the Effect of the Cosolvent
Li SS, Yin F, Rui DC
3592 - 3597 Solubility and Liquid Density of Ammonia/Athabasca Bitumen Mixtures at Temperatures up to 463 K: Measurements and
Bin Dahbag M, Zirrahi M, Hassanzadeh H
3598 - 3605 Ternary Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium of Toluene plus Dimethyl Carbonate + ILs at 298.15 K and Atmospheric Pressure
Zhu ZY, Li X, Geng XL, Cui PZ, Yang JW, Wang YL, Ma YX, Xu DM
3606 - 3616 Solubility Determination, Modeling, and Thermodynamic Dissolution Properties of Benzenesulfonamide in 16 Neat Solvents from 273.15 to 324.45 K
Li YJ, Wu K, Liang L
3617 - 3623 Measurement of the Speed of Sound in Methyl Caprylate from 298.22 to 608.38 K and up to 10 Mpa
Chen JS, Zhang Y, Zhan TT, Zhou Q, Lan T, He MG
3624 - 3631 Effective Removal of Humic Acid from Aqueous Solution in an Al-Based Metal-Organic Framework
Zhao XD, Wang T, Du GH, Zheng MQ, Liu SX, Zhang ZY, Zhang YZ, Gao XL, Gao ZQ
3632 - 3640 Speed of Sound and Derived Properties of Ethyl Nonanoate
Zhan TT, Zhang Y, Zhou Q, Chen JS, Wang XP, Liu XY, He MG
3641 - 3651 Preparation of Novel Magnetic Microspheres with the La and Ce-Bimetal Oxide Shell for Excellent Adsorption of Fluoride and Phosphate from Solution
Han MY, Zhang JH, Hu YY, Han RP
3652 - 3660 Solubility Study and Mixing Property of 3,5-Dinitro-2-methylbenzoic Acid in 13 Pure Solvents from 288.15 to 333.15 K
Wu JX, Wang J, Farajtabar A, Zhao HK
3661 - 3667 Analysis of Surface Thermodynamics for Amino Acid Ionic Liquid-1-Dimethylannino-2-propanol Aqueous Blends
Wang LM, Tian XF, Fang C, Huang H, Fu D, Quan YH
3668 - 3668 Al-Mg-Ca-Layered Double Oxides for Efficient Removal of As(V) from Water: The Role of Amides (vol 64, pg 1594, 2019)
Kundu S, Naskar MK
3669 - 3669 Investigation of Binary Mixtures Containing 1-Ethyl-3-methylimidazolium Bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)azanide and Ethylene Carbonate (vol 61, pg 114, 2016)
Hofmann A, Migeot M, Hanemann T
3670 - 3670 New Series of Green Cyclic Ammonium-Based Room Temperature Ionic Liquids with Alkylphosphite-Containing Anion: Synthesis and Physicochemical Characterization (vol 59, pg 1193, 2014)
Zarrougui R, Raouafi N, Lemordant D