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Kofke DA, Siepmann JI, Kroon M, Mathias PM, Sadowski G, Wu JT, Brennecke JF
3 - 10 Equilibrium Study on the Extraction of Levulinic Acid from Aqueous Solution with Aliquat 336 Dissolved in Different Diluents: Solvent's Polarity Effect and Column Design
Datta D, Marti ME, Pal D, Kumar S
11 - 19 Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium for Binary Mixtures of Acetates in the Direct Esterification of Fusel Oil
Sanchez CA, Sanchez OA, Orjuela A, Gil ID, Rodriguez G
20 - 34 Volumetric, Viscometric and Spectroscopic Approach to Study the Solvation Behavior of Xanthine Drugs in Aqueous Solutions of NaCl at T=288.15-318.15 K and at p=101.325 kPa
Banipal TS, Beni A, Kaur N, Banipal PK
35 - 43 Solid-Liquid Equilibria in the Binary Systems of Saturated Fatty Acids or Triglycerides (C12 to C18) + Hexadecane
Yui K, Itsukaichi Y, Kobayashi T, Tsuji T, Fukui K, Maeda K, Kuramochi H
44 - 51 Refractive Indices and Molar Refractivities of Molten Rare-Earth Trichlorides and Their Mixtures with Alkali Chlorides
Kochedykov VA, Khokhlov VA
52 - 61 Influence of pH Value and Ionic Liquids on the Solubility of L-Alanine and L-Glutamic Acid in Aqueous Solutions at 30 degrees C
Voges M, Prikhodko IV, Prill S, Hubner M, Sadowski G, Held C
62 - 68 Experimental Study on the Solubility of Carbon Dioxide in Systems Containing Ethane-1,2-diol + Water plus Salt (Sodium Chloride or Calcium Carbonate)
Serpa FS, Vidal RS, Amaral JHB, Santos AF, do Nascimento JF, Figueiredo CMD, Salazar-Banda GR, Borges GR, Dariva C, Franceschi E
69 - 79 Measurement and Correlation of Solubility on Reactive Crystallization of Methyl D-(-)-4-Hydroxy-phenylglycinate
Hu WW, Wang S, Liang AZ, Wang JD
80 - 86 Densities, Viscosities, and Conductivities of Phosphonic Acid Solutions in N,N-Dimethylformamide and Water
Fadeeva YA, Shmukler LE, Safonova LP
87 - 95 Measurement and Modeling of Solid-Liquid Equilibrium of para-tert-Butylbenzoic Acid in Acetic Acid/Methanol plus Water and Acetic Acid plus para-tert-Butyltoluene Binary Systems at Various Temperatures
Kumari A, Kadakanchi S, Tangirala R, Thella PK, Satyavathi B
96 - 104 Measurement and Correlation Studies of the Saturated Vapor Pressure, Density, Refractive Indices, and Viscosity of Methyl 4-tert-Butyl benzoate
Aniya V, Tangirala R, Thella PK, Satyavathi B
105 - 110 Isobaric Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium for the Binary Systems of sec-Butyl Acetate plus n-Butyl Alcohol, Isobutyl Alcohol, or tert-Butyl Alcohol at 101.3 kPa
Jiang ZK, Liu XY, Qin SJ, Ma ST, Zou XY, Wang L
111 - 122 Computer-Free Group-Addition Method for pK(a) Prediction of 73 Amines for CO2 Capture
Qian J, Sun R, Sun SZ, Gao JH
123 - 128 Sulfasalazine: Dissolution and Distribution in Pharmaceutically Relevant Mediums
Ol'khovich MV, Sharapova AV, Blokhina SV, Perlovich GL
129 - 140 Density, Viscosity, and N2O Solubility of Aqueous 2-(Methylamino)ethanol Solution
Luo X, Su LS, Gao HX, Wu XT, Idem RO, Tontiwachwuthikul P, Liang ZW
141 - 147 Phase Equilibrium Measurement and Thermodynamic Modeling of the 4-Methylpentan-2-one/3-Methylphenol, and 4-Methylphenol/Water Ternary Systems at 298.2, 313.2, and 323.2 K and 0.1 MPa
Chen Y, Wang HM, Lv R, Li LB
148 - 155 Isobaric Vapor Liquid Equilibrium for Two Binary Systems (Methanol plus Dibutyl Carbonate) and (n-Butanol plus Dibutyl Carbonate) at p=40.0, 70.0, and 100.0 kPa
Yang Q, Xu AJ, Yang CS
156 - 168 Densities, Viscosities, Refractive Indices, and Excess Properties of Aqueous 1,2-Etanediol, 1,3-Propanediol, 1,4-Butanediol, and 1,5-Pentanediol Binary Mixtures
Moosavi M, Rostami AA
169 - 187 Density, Viscosity, Speed of Sound, Bulk Modulus, Surface Tension, and Flash Point of Binary Mixtures of Butylbenzene plus Linear Alkanes (n-Decane, n-Dodecane, n-Tetradecane, n-Hexadecane, or n-Heptadecane) at 0.1 MPa
Prak DJL, Lee BG, Cowart JS, Trulove PC
188 - 193 Effects of Dimethyl Sulfoxide on Phase Equilibrium Conditions of CO2 and IGCC Fuel Gas Hydrate in the Presence and Absence of Tetra-n-butyl Ammonium Bromide
Luo Y, Yan ZY, Li J, Guo GJ, Guo XQ, Sun Q, Liu AX
194 - 203 Vapor Pressure and Its Temperature Dependence of 28 Organic Compounds: Cyclic Amines, Cyclic Ethers, and Cyclic and Open Chain Secondary Alcohols
Lepori L, Matteoli E, Gianni P
204 - 209 Vapor-Liquid Equilibria Measurements for Di-n-Propyl Ether and Butyl Ethyl Ether with n-Heptane
Cripwell JT, Schwarz CE, Burger AJ
210 - 213 Experimental Determination and Modeling of the Phase Behavior of the CO2 + Propionic Anhydride Binary System at High Pressure
Rebocho S, Nunes AVM, Najdanovic-Visak V, Barreiros S, Paiva A
214 - 225 Prediction of Binary Gas Adsorption of CO2/N-2 and Thermodynamic Studies on Nitrogen Enriched Nanostructured Carbon Adsorbents
Goel C, Bhunia H, Bajpai PK
226 - 235 Synthesis and Characterization of MgO Modified Diatomite for Phosphorus Recovery in Eutrophic Water
Xia P, Wang XJ, Wang X, Zhang J, Wang H, Song JK, Ma RR, Wang JY, Zhao JF
236 - 242 Solubility of 4-Methylsulfonylacetophenone in Nine Pure Solvents and (Ethyl Acetate plus n-Hexane) Binary Solvent Mixtures from 278.15 K to 328.15 K
Hao JF, Yang WG, Li HJ, Fan SM, Zhao WD, Hu YH
243 - 252 Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium Measurements for Model Systems Related to Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass
Jasperson LV, McDougal RJ, Diky V, Paulechka E, Chirico RD, Kroenlein K, Iisa K, Dutta A
253 - 258 Solid-Liquid Phase Equilibrium in the Ternary Systems (Li2B4O7 + MgB4O7 + H2O) and (Na2B4O7 + MgB4O7 + H2O) at 298.15 K
Wang SQ, Du XM, Jing Y, Guo YF, Deng TL
259 - 267 Solubility Correlation and Thermodynamic Analysis of Sorafenib Free Base and Sorafenib Tosylate in Monosolvents and Binary Solvent Mixtures
Jiang S, Qin YJ, Wu SG, Xu SJ, Li KL, Yang P, Zhao KF, Lin LL, Gong JB
268 - 274 Simple Perturbation Scheme to Consider Uncertainty in Equations of State for the Use in Process Simulation
Burger J, Asprion N, Blagov S, Bortz M
275 - 291 Density, Viscosity, and Refractive Index Data for a Ternary System of Wine Congeners (Ethyl Butyrate plus Diethyl Succinate plus Isobutanol) in the Temperature Range from 288.15 to 323.15 K and at Atmospheric Pressure
Majstorovic DM, Zivkovic EM, Kijevcanin ML
292 - 302 Solubility and Thermodynamic Behavior of Veramoss in Different Pure Solvents and {Ethanol plus Water} Mixtures from T=283.15 to 333.15 K
Chen JX, Ge YY, Pu YP, He NF, Xi Y
303 - 309 Investigation of Phase Behavior and Thermodynamic Stability in Kolliphor HS 15/Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides (GTCC)/Water Microemulsions System
Wang WT, Wu JJ, Li D, Liu H, Pan HC
310 - 327 An Investigation of Harned's Rule for Predicting the Activity Coefficients of Strong Aqueous Electrolyte Solution Mixtures at 25 degrees C
Rowland D, May PM
328 - 332 Measurements and New Vapor Pressure Correlation for HFO-1234ze(E)
An BL, Yang FF, Duan YY, Yang Z
333 - 340 Efficient Removal of Pb(II) from Aqueous Solution by Modified Montmorillonite/Carbon Composite: Equilibrium, Kinetics, and Thermodynamics
Zhu KC, Jia HZ, Wang F, Zhu YQ, Wang CY, Ma CY
341 - 347 Solubility of Polyacrylamide in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
Wang HL, Sang JR, Guo LT, Zhu J, Jin JS
348 - 354 Viscosities and Carbon Dioxide Solubilities of Guanidine Carbonate and Malic Acid-Based Eutectic Solvents
Mirza NR, Nicholas NJ, Wu Y, Smith KH, Kentish SE, Stevens GW
355 - 361 Isobaric Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium for Binary Systems of Thioglycolic Acid with Water, Butyl Acetate, Butyl Formate, and Isobutyl Acetate at 101.3 kPa
Gao J, Li H, Xu DM, Zhang LZ, Zhao LW, Li CL
362 - 369 Vapor-Phase (p, rho, T, x) Behavior and Virial Coefficients for the (Argon plus Carbon Dioxide) System
Ben Souissi MA, Richter M, Yang XX, Kleinrahm R, Span R
370 - 375 Adsorptive Separation of Lead (Pb2+) from Aqueous Solution Using Tri-n-octylamine Supported Montmorillonite
Datta D, Uslu H
376 - 390 Physical-Chemical Characterization of Binary Mixtures of 1-Butyl-1-methylpyrrolidinium Bis{(trifluoromethyl)sulfonyl}imide and Aliphatic Nitrile Solvents as Potential Electrolytes for Electrochemical Energy Storage Applications
Neale AR, Schutter C, Wilde P, Goodrich P, Hardacre C, Passerini S, Balducci A, Jacquemin J
391 - 397 Measurement and Correlation of Solubility of Loratadine in Different Pure Solvents and Binary Mixtures
Yang XJ, Wang S, Wang JD
398 - 406 Measurement and Correlation of Solubility of Amorphous Cefmetazole Sodium in Pure Solvents and Binary Solvent Mixtures
Tao XL, Hou BH, Hu XX, Zhou FL, Lu HJ, Wang T, Zhao JF, Hao HX
407 - 416 Adsorption of Cu(II), Pb(II), and Cd(II) Ions from Acidic Aqueous Solutions by Diethylenetriaminepentaacetic Acid-Modified Magnetic Graphene Oxide
Li X, Wang SF, Liu YG, Jiang LH, Song BA, Li MF, Zeng GM, Tan XF, Cai XX, Ding Y
417 - 421 Adsorption Properties of C2H4 and C3H6 on 11 Adsorbents
Su W, Zhang A, Sun Y, Ran M, Wang XJ
422 - 439 Viscosities and Densities of Binary Mixtures of Hexadecane with Dissolved Methane or Carbon Dioxide at Temperatures from (298 to 473) K and at Pressures up to 120 MPa
Mohammed M, Ciotta F, Trusler JPM
440 - 444 Clathrate Hydrate Equilibrium in Methane-Water Systems with the Addition of Monosaccharide and Sugar Alcohol
Jin Y, Kida M, Konno Y, Nagao J
445 - 455 Analysis of Uncertainty in the Calculation of Ideal-Gas Thermodynamic Properties Using the One-Dimensional Hindered Rotor (1-DHR) Model
Cervinka C, Fulem M, Stejfa V, Ruzicka K
456 - 462 CO2 Sorption on Mesoporous Solids: Effect of Temperature and Water Content
Azmi N, Yusup S, Sabil KM
463 - 468 Determination of Ternary Liquid-Liquid Equilibria for Dimethyl Carbonate+2-Methyl-1-propanol or 2-Methyl-2-propanol + Water Systems at T=303.15 and 313.15 K
Ginting RR, Mustain A, Wibawa G
469 - 476 Development of Magnetic Silica Hybrid Material with P507 for Rare Earth Adsorption
Qiu S, Zhao ZY, Sun XQ
477 - 490 Densities and Viscosities of Amino Acid plus Xylitol plus Water Solutions at 293.15 <= T/K <= 323.15
Zhu CY, Ren XF, Ma YG
491 - 507 New Measurements of the Apparent Thermal Conductivity of Nanofluids and Investigation of Their Heat Transfer Capabilities
Tertsinidou GJ, Tsolakidou CM, Pantzali M, Assael MJ, Colla L, Fedele L, Bobbo S, Wakeham WA
508 - 515 Solubilities, Densities and Refractive Indices in the Aqueous Quaternary System of Lithium Sulfate, Lithium Metaborate, and Lithium Carbonate at 288.15, 298.15, 308.15 K and 0.1 MPa
Guo YF, Li L, Cao LN, Yu XP, Wang SQ, Deng TL
516 - 524 Solubility Measurement and Correlation of Two Erlotinib Hydrochloride Polymorphs in Alcohols and Ketones from 273.15 to 323.15 K
Zhai JH, Zhao JR, Chen ZZ, Xiao CW, Liu XJ, Zhang LJ, Lee J
525 - 531 Theoretical Calculation of Boron Isotopic Separation Factors in Ion-Exchange Chromatography
Zhou F, Zhang JS, Bai P, Guo XH
532 - 538 Ternary Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium of Azeotropes (Ester plus Alcohol) with Different Ionic Liquids at T=298.15 K
Xu XC, Liu W, Li M, Ri Y, Wang YL
539 - 546 The Use of Antioxidants to Improve Vapor Pressure Measurements on Compounds with Oxidative Instability: Methyl Oleate with tert-Butylhydroquinone
Widegren JA, Beall CE, Tolbert AE, Lovestead TM, Bruno TJ
547 - 557 Effect of Asphaltene on Phase Behavior and Thermophysical Properties of Solvent/Bitumen Systems
Azinfar B, Haddadnia A, Zirrahi M, Hassanzadeh H, Abedi J
558 - 567 Adsorption Characteristics of Activated Carbon for the Reclamation of Colored Effluents Containing Orange G and New Solid-Liquid Phase Equilibrium Model
Gopinathan R, Bhowal A, Garlapati C
568 - 574 Solubilities of 4',5,7-Triacetoxyflavanone in Fourteen Organic Solvents at Different Temperatures
Shan YY, Fu MF, Yan WD
575 - 576 Comment on "Studies on Thermodynamic Properties of FOX-7 and Its Five Closed-Loop Derivatives"
Muravyev NV, Pivkina AN, Kiselev VG
577 - 577 Reply to "Comment on'Studies on Thermodynamic Properties of FOX-7 and Its Five Closed-Loop Derivatives'"
Sun Q, Zhang Y, Xu KZ, Ren ZY, Song JR, Zhao FQ
578 - 583 Comment on "Measurement and Correlation of the Solubility of p-Coumaric Acid in Nine Pure and Water plus Ethanol Mixed Solvents at Temperatures from 293.15 to 333.15 K"
Acree WE, Barrera M, Abraham MH