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533 - 539 A Promising Ionic Liquid [BMIM][FeCl4] for the Extractive Separation of Aromatic and Aliphatic Hydrocarbons
Sakal SA, Lu YZ, Jiang XC, Shen C, Li CX
540 - 553 Excess Molar Properties for Binary Systems of CnMIM-BF4 Ionic Liquids with Alkylamines in the Temperature Range (298.15 to 318.15) K. Experimental Results and Theoretical Model Calculations
Malek NI, Ijardar SP, Oswal SB
554 - 559 Densities, Viscosities, and Conductivities of Aqueous Solutions of Tetrabutylphosphonium Bromide and Ethyltributylphosphonium Bromide at Different Temperatures
Yang ZY, Hu YF, Li ZY, Sun Y, Jiang CC, Li JG
560 - 570 Thermophysical Properties of the Binary Mixture of Water plus Diethylmethylammonium Trifluoromethanesulfonate and the Ternary Mixture of Water plus Diethylmethylammonium Trifluoromethanesulfonate plus Diethylmethylammonium Methanesulfonate
Merkel NC, Romich C, Bernewitz R, Kunemund H, Gleiss M, Sauer S, Schubert TJS, Guthausen G, Schaber K
571 - 578 Densities of Six Commercial Ionic Liquids: Experiments and Prediction Using a Cohesion Based Cubic Equation of State
Rabari D, Patel N, Joshipura M, Banerjee T
579 - 584 Synthesis and Thermophysical Properties of Imidazolium-Based Bronsted Acidic Ionic Liquids
Muhammad N, Man Z, Elsheikh YA, Bustam MA, Mutalib MIA
585 - 591 Physical and Thermophysical Properties of 1-Hexyl-1,4-diaza[2.2.2]bicyclooctanium Bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide Ionic Liquid
Marcinkowski L, Kloskowski A, Namiesnik J
592 - 602 Clathrate Hydrate Equilibrium Data for the Gas Mixture of Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen in the Presence of an Emulsion of Cyclopentane in Water
Galfre A, Kwaterski M, Brantuas P, Cameirao A, Herri JM
603 - 612 Experimental Measurement and Modeling of Phase Diagrams of Binary Systems Encountered in the Gasoline Desulfurization Process Using Ionic Liquids
Chen Y, Mutelet F, Jaubert JN
613 - 617 Measurement and Correlation for the Solid Solubility of Antioxidants D-Isoascorbic Acid and Calcium L-Ascorbate Dihydrate in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
Wang TC, Lee PY
618 - 625 Solubilities of CO2 in, and Densities and Viscosities of, the Piperazine+1-Ethyl-3-methyl-imidazolium Acetate + H2O System
Li Y, Zheng DX, Dong L, Nie N, Xiong B
626 - 639 Pure and Binary Adsorption Equilibria of Methane and Nitrogen on Zeolite 5A
Balchtyari A, Mofarahi M
640 - 648 Activity Coefficients of [C(n)mim]Br (n=3 to 8) Ionic Liquids in Aqueous Fructose Solution at T=298.15 K
Zhuo KL, Ren H, Wei YJ, Chen YJ, Ma JJ
649 - 652 Thermodynamics of Fluconazole Solubility in Various Solvents at Different Temperatures
Bhesaniya K, Nandha K, Baluja S
653 - 658 Solubility of beta-Carotene and Glyceryl Trioleate Mixture in Supercritical CO2
Cor D, Skerget M, Knez Z
659 - 665 Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium of Mixtures Containing the Following Higher Alcohols: 2-Propanol, 2-Methyl-1-propanol, and 3-Methyl-1-butanol
Dias TPVB, Fonseca LAAP, Ruiz MC, Batista FRM, Batista EAC, Meirelles AJA
666 - 671 Phase Behavior of Vegetable Oil-Based Ionic Liquid Microemulsions
Wang AL, Chen L, Jiang DY, Yan ZC
672 - 677 Solubilities and Thermodynamic Study of Carbon Tetrachloride in Imidazolium Ionic Liquids at Different Temperatures
Zhang J, Yao HR, Li CX, Du XG, Bai XK, Li JJ, Liu JN
678 - 683 Excess Molar Enthalpies of Binary Mixtures Containing 1-Methyl-3-octyl-imidazolium Tetrafluoroborate and Alcohols at T=298.15 K
Fan DS, Yin HD, Cai DX, Cui ZC, Shen WG
684 - 695 Densities, Speeds of Sound, Excess Molar Enthalpies, and Heat Capacities of o-Chlorotoluene and Cyclic Ether Mixtures
Sharma VK, Dua R
696 - 701 Distribution of a Monovalent Anion in Various Ionic Liquid/Water Biphasic Systems: Relationship of the Distribution Ratio of Picrate Ions with the Aqueous Solubility of Ionic Liquids
Watanabe Y, Katsuta S
702 - 708 CO2 Solubility in Biodegradable Hydroxylammonium-Based Ionic Liquids
Bazhenoy S, Ramdin M, Volkoy A, Volkov V, Vlugt TJH, de Loos TW
709 - 717 Measurement of High-Pressure Densities and Atmospheric Viscosities of Ionic Liquids: 1-Hexyl-3-methylimidazolium Bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide and 1-Hexyl-3-methylimidazolium Chloride
Iguchi M, Hiraga Y, Sato Y, Aida TM, Watanabe M, Smith RL
718 - 725 Apparent Molar Volumes and Expansivities of Ionic Liquids Based on N-Alkyl-N-methylmorpholinium Cations in Acetonitrile
Marcinkowski L, Olszewska T, Kloskowski A, Warminska D
726 - 735 Measurements and Correlations of the Solid-Liquid Equilibrium of RbCl/CsCl + [C(n)mim]Cl (n=2, 4, 6, 8) + H2O Ternary Systems at T = (288.15, 298.15, and 308.15) K
Li JTSN, Zhai QG, Jiang YC, Hu MC
736 - 749 Volumetric Properties of Mixed Electrolyte Aqueous Solutions at Elevated Temperatures and Pressures. The System KCl NaCl H2O to 523.15 K, 40 MPa, and Ionic Strength from (0.1 to 5.8) mol.kg(-1)
Zezin D, Driesner T, Sanchez-Valle C
750 - 756 Isobaric Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium for the Binary Systems (Diethylamine plus Ethanol), (Ethanol plus N,N-Diethylethanolamine), and (Diethylamine plus N,N-Diethylethanolamine) at p = (80.0 and 40.0) kPa
Yang CS, Zhang P, Qin ZL, Feng Y, Zeng H, Sun FZ
757 - 763 Thermophysical Properties of the Liquid Ga-In-Sn Eutectic Alloy
Plevachuk Y, Sklyarchuk V, Eckert S, Gerbeth G, Novakovic R
764 - 774 Equilibrium Total Pressure and CO2 Solubility in Binary and Ternary Aqueous Solutions of 2-(Diethylamino)ethanol (DEEA) and 3-(Methylamino)propylamine (MAPA)
Arshad MW, Svendsen HF, Fosbol PL, von Solms N, Thomsen K
775 - 783 Density, Viscosity, Surface Tension, and Refractive Index for Binary Mixtures of 1,3-Dimethyladamantane with Four C-10 Alkanes
Qin XM, Cao XF, Guo YS, Xu L, Hu SL, Fang WJ
784 - 791 Measurement and Correlation of Solubility of Azithromycin Monohydrate in Five Pure Solvents
Wang XM, Qin YA, Zhang TW, Tang WW, Ma BA, Gong JB
792 - 801 Vapor-Liquid Equilibria for Water plus Propylene Glycols Binary Systems: Experimental Data and Regression
Fendu EM, Oprea F
802 - 806 Solid-Liquid Equilibria in the Ternary System KCl-KBr-H2O at 348 K
Hu YX, Sang SH, Cui RZ, Zhong SY
807 - 816 Solubility Measurement and Stability Study of Sodium Cefuroxime
Liu WJ, Ma CY, Feng SX, Wang XZ
817 - 820 Phase Diagram for the NaOH-Al(OH)(3)-Na2CO3-H2O System at 393 K
Guo T, Zhang YF, Zhang Y
821 - 824 Equilibria in the Quaternary System Na+,K+//Cl-,B4O72--H2O at 323 K
Zhang X, Sang SH, Zhong SY, Zhao XP
825 - 831 Isobaric Vapor Liquid Equilibrium for the Binary System (Ethane-1,2-diol + Butan-1,2-diol) at (20, 30, and 40) kPa
Yang Z, Xia SQ, Shang QY, Yan FY, Ma PS
832 - 838 Effect of Nitrate Salts on Solubility Behavior of Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate (Gypsum) in the Aqueous Sodium Chloride System and Physicochemical Solution Properties at 308.15 K
Trivedi TJ, Shukla J, Kumar A
839 - 843 Measurement and Correlation of Tadalafil Solubility in Five Pure Solvents at (298.15 to 333.15) K
El-Badry M, Haq N, Fetih G, Shakeel F
844 - 849 Vapor-Liquid Phase Equilibrium Data of CO2 in Some Physical Solvents from 285.19 K to 313.26 K
Gui X, Wang W, Wang CW, Zhang L, Yun Z, Tang Z
850 - 859 Influence of Different Phase-Forming Parameters on the Phase Diagram of Several PEG-Salt Aqueous Two-Phase Systems
Glyk A, Scheper T, Beutel S
860 - 868 Interfacial Tensions for System of n-Heptane plus Water with Quaternary Ammonium Surfactants and Additives of NaCl or C-2-C-4 Alcohols
Zhang SS, Lu XX, Wu JZ, Tong W, Lei QF, Fang WJ
869 - 879 Effect of Salt on the Micellization of Partially Fluorinated Octylesters and Hydrogenated Dodecylesters in Water
Olutas EB, Acimis M
880 - 889 Densities and Viscosities of Diaminotoluene with Water, Ethanol, Propan-1-ol, and Butan-1-ol from (293.15 to 333.15) K
Zhu CY, Han S, Liu JR, Ma YG
890 - 895 Liquid-Liquid Equilibria for the Ternary Systems of 4-Methyl-1,3-dioxolan-2-one+1,4-Dimethylbenzene plus Octane, Decane, or Dodecane and the Ternary Systems of Acetonitrile plus Morpholine plus Octane, Decane, or Dodecane at 313.15 K or 298.15 K
Lee TG, Lim SY, Song KH, Choe J
896 - 902 CO2 Adsorption on Polyethylenimine-Functionalized SBA-15 Mesoporous Silica: Isotherms and Modeling
Gargiulo N, Peluso A, Aprea P, Pepe F, Caputo D
903 - 911 Metastable Phase Equilibrium of the Quinary Aqueous System Li+ + K+ + Cl- + CO32- + B4O72- + H2O at 273.15 K
Wang RL, Zeng Y
912 - 916 Solubility of Parabens in Subcritical Water
Kapalavavi B, Ankney J, Baucom M, Yang Y
917 - 925 Experimental and Correlational Study of Phase Equilibria in Aqueous Solutions of Formic and Butyric Acids with Isoamyl Acetate and Methyl Isoamyl Ketone at T=298.15 K
Gilani HG, Gilani AG, Saadat SLS
926 - 935 Physicochemical Characterization of Aqueous Two-Phase Systems Containing Tween20 and Sodium Salts from T = (288.15 to 318.15) K
Alvarez E, Blanco A, Gayol A, Gomez-Diaz D, Navaza JM
936 - 941 Separation of Oxoethanoic Acid from Aqueous Solution by N-Methyl-N,N-dioctyloctan-1-ammonium Chloride
Pehlivanoglu N, Uslu H, Kirbaslar SI
942 - 942 Comments on'Experimental Measurements of Vapor Liquid Equilibrium Data for the Binary Systems of Methanol + 2-Butyl Acetate, 2-Butyl Alcohol + 2-Butyl Acetate, and Methyl Acetate + 2-Butyl Acetate at 101.33 kPa' (vol 58, pg 3563, 2013)
Wisniak J, Perez-Correa JR, Mejia A, Segura H