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1481 - 1490 Group contribution values for the thermodynamic functions of hydration at 298.15 K, 0.1 MPa. 4. Aliphatic nitriles and dinitriles
Plyasunov AV, Plyasunova NV, Shock EL
1491 - 1497 Physicochemical properties of ZnSO(4)-H(2)SO(4)-H(2)O electrolytes of relevance to zinc electrowinning
Guerra E, Bestetti M
1498 - 1501 Study of interaction between sodium dodecyl sulfate and polyacrylamide by rheological and conductivity measurements
Hai MT, Han BX
1502 - 1508 Shear viscosities of methycyclohexane, perfluoromethylcyclohexane, and their mixtures in the vicinity of the upper critical mixing temperature. 1. Critical isopleth and coexistence curve
Davies MK, Archer AL, Maczek AOS, Manzanares-Papayanopoulos E, McLure IA
1509 - 1515 Vapor pressure of palladium from 1473 K to 1973 K
Ferguson FT, Gardner KG, Nuth JA
1516 - 1525 Liquid-liquid equilibrium in mixtures of the ionic liquid 1-n-butyl-3-methylimidazolium hexafluorophosphate and an alkanol
Sahandzhieva K, Tuma D, Breyer S, Kamps APS, Maurer G
1526 - 1529 Molar heat capacities, thermodynamic properties, and thermal stability of the synthetic complex [Er(Pro)(2)(H2O)(5)]Cl-3
Lv XC, Liu BP, Tan ZC, Li YS, Zhang ZH, Shi Q, Sun LX, Tao-Zhang
1530 - 1535 Spectrophotometric determination of acidity constants of alizarine red S in mixed aqueous-organic solvents
Ghasemi J, Lotfi S, Safaeian M, Niazi A, Mazloum-Ardakani M, Noroozi M
1536 - 1540 Vapor-liquid equilibrium data for the binary methyl esters (butyrate, pentanoate, and hexanoate) (1) plus acetonitrile (2) systems at 93.32 kPa
Camacho AG, Mariano A, Mussari L, Postigo MA
1541 - 1545 Studies on phase equilibria in the systems CdCl2-PrCl3-HCl (8.3%)-H2O and CdCl2-PrCl3-H2O at 298 +/- 1 K
Wang H, Li L, Ran XQ, Wang XF, Gao SY
1546 - 1550 Distribution of butyric acid between water and several solvents
Bilgin M, Kirbaslar SI, Ozcan O, Dramur U
1551 - 1555 Low-temperature heat capacities and standard molar enthalpy of formation of the solid-state coordination compound trans-Cu(Gly)(2)center dot H2O(S)(Gly) = L-alpha-glycine)
Di YY, Cui YC, Tan ZC
1556 - 1561 Thermochemistry of some derivatives of 2-and 4-piperidone
da Silva MAVR, Cabral JITA
1562 - 1566 Solubility of chiral threonine species in water/ethanol mixtures
Sapoundjiev D, Lorenz H, Seidel-Morgenstern A
1567 - 1570 Solubility and phase diagram for the quaternary system Na2CO3+Na2SO4+H2O2+H(2)Oat293 K
Zhao HK, Tang C, Zhang DS, Xu WL, Wang YQ, Jian PM
1571 - 1575 High-pressure phase behavior of carbon dioxide plus heptadecafluorodecyl acrylate plus poly( heptadecafluorodecyl acrylate) system
Shin J, Lee YW, Kim H, Bae W
1576 - 1581 Investigation on the interaction between sodium dodecyl sulfate and polyethylene glycol by electron spin resonance, ultraviolet spectrum, and viscosity
Cao M, Hai MT
1582 - 1586 Ammonium dinitramide-water: Interaction and properties
Wingborg N
1587 - 1592 Adsorption rate of ethanol on activated carbon fiber
Saha BB, El-Sharkawy II, Chakraborty A, Koyama S, Yoon SH, Ng KC
1593 - 1596 Solubilities of glycine and its oligopeptides in aqueous solutions
Lu J, Wang XJ, Yang X, Ching CB
1597 - 1601 Excess molar enthalpies of 1,2-propanediol plus alkan-1-ols (C-1-C-6) and their correlations at 298.15 K and ambient pressure (81.5 kPa)
Zarei HA
1602 - 1608 Thermodynamic properties of aqueous mixtures NaCl-KCl-NH4Cl-H2O: Water activity and osmotic and activity coefficients at 298.15 K
Dinane A
1609 - 1616 Densities, ultrasonic velocities, viscosities, and electrical conductivities of aqueous solutions of Mg(OAc)(2) and Mg(NO3)
Wahab A, Mahiuddin S, Hefter G, Kunz W
1617 - 1623 Compressibility studies of binary solutions involving water as a solute in nonaqueous solvents at T = 298.15 K
Kushare SK, Kolhapurkar RR, Dagade DH, Patil KJ
1624 - 1628 Experimental vapor-liquid equilibria for the carbon dioxide plus octane and carbon dioxide plus decane systems
Jimenez-Gallegos R, Galicia-Luna LA, Elizalde-Solis O
1629 - 1633 Experimental determination and correlation of phase equilibria for the ethane+1-propanol and propane+1-propanol systems
Jimenez-Gallegos R, Galicia-Luna LA, Bouchot C, Camacho-Camacho LE, Elizalde-Solis O
1634 - 1641 Refractive indices and surface tensions of binary mixtures of isoamyl acetate, ethyl caproate, ethyl benzoate, isoamyl butyrate, ethyl phenylacetate, and ethyl caprylate with ethanol at (288.15, 298.15, 308.15, and 318.15) K
Sheu YW, Tu CH
1642 - 1644 Pressure-volume-temperature properties of methyl chloride at high pressures and temperatures
Bozdag O
1645 - 1659 Viscosity of aqueous electrolyte solutions at high temperatures and high pressures. Viscosity B-coefficient. Sodium iodide
Abdulagatov IM, Zeinalova AB, Azizov ND
1660 - 1667 Solubility and activity coefficients of acidic and basic nonelectrolytes in aqueous salt solutions. 2. Solubility and activity coefficients of suberic, azelaic, and sebacic acids in NaCl(aq), (CH(3))(4)NCl(aq), and (C(2)H(5))(4)NI(aq) at different ionic strengths and at t=25 degrees C
Bretti C, Crea F, Foti C, Sammartano S
1668 - 1671 Solubility and melting properties of salicylic acid
Nordstrom FL, Rasmuson AC
1672 - 1677 Viscosity of compressed liquid 1,1,1-trifluoroethane (HFC-143a) and pentafluoroethane (HFC-125)
Avelino HMNT, Fareleira JMNA, Oliveira CMBP
1678 - 1685 Temperature dependences of limiting activity coefficients and Henry's law constants for nitrobenzene, aniline, and cyclohexylamine in water
Bernauer M, Dohnal V, Roux AH, Roux-Desgranges G, Majer V
1686 - 1689 Solubilities of some phosphaspirocyclic compounds in selected solvents
Wang LS, Liu Y, Wang R
1690 - 1697 Refractive indices and surface tensions of binary mixtures of ethyl acetoacetate, ethyl isovalerate, methyl benzoate, benzyl acetate, ethyl salicylate, and benzyl propionate with ethanol at (288.15, 298.15, 308.15, and 318.15) K
Sheu YW, Tu CH
1698 - 1701 Activity coefficients at infinite dilution of alkanes, alkenes, and alkyl benzenes in 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate using gas-liquid chromatography
Zhou Q, Wang LS
1702 - 1704 Density, speed of sound, surface tension, and refractive index of AOT+2,2,4-trimethylpentane plus water mixtures from (5 to 60) degrees C
Gomez-Diaz D, Navaza JM
1705 - 1710 Infinite dilution binary diffusion coefficients of several alpha-amino acids in water over a temperature range from (293.2 to 333.2) K with the Taylor dispersion technique
Umecky T, Kuga T, Funazukuri T
1711 - 1716 Excess molar enthalpies, molar heat capacities, densities, viscosities, and refractive indices of dimethyl sulfoxide+1-propanol at (288.15, 298.15, and 308.15) K and at normal pressure
Comelli F, Francesconi R, Bigi A, Rubini K
1717 - 1722 Liquid-liquid equilibria of ternary and six-component systems including cyclohexane, benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, cumene, and sulfolane at 303.15 K
Ashour I, Abu-Eishah SI
1723 - 1730 Compressed liquid densities and excess molar volumes of CO2 plus hexan-1-ol mixtures from (313 to 363) K and pressures up to 25 MPa
Zuniga-Moreno A, Galicia-Luna LA, Betancourt-Cardenas FF, Bernal-Garcia JM
1731 - 1734 Solubility of racemic paroxetine intermediate in supercritical carbon dioxide
Bao ZB, Wei ZJ, Su BG, Ren QL
1735 - 1739 Vapor-liquid equilibrium in alpha-methylbenzenemethanol plus water
Luszczyk M, Malanowski SK
1740 - 1742 Kinematic viscosity of 1-iodohexane, 1-iodoheptane, and 1-chlorononane at temperatures from (293.15 to 423.15) K
Bolotnikov MF, Bolotnikova SS
1743 - 1748 Thermal conductivity of liquid dimethoxymethane and dimethoxymethane plus diesel fuel at pressures to 30 MPa
Zhang K, Wu JT, Liu ZG
1749 - 1754 Effect of temperature upon electrical conductivity of sodium bis(2-ethylhexyl) sulfosuccinate+2,2,4-trimethylpentane plus water plus phase transfer catalyst
Dasilva-Carvalhal J, Garcia-Rio L, Gomez-Diaz D, Mejuto JC, Navaza JM
1755 - 1760 Vapor pressure measurement and prediction for ethanol plus methanol and ethanol plus water systems containing ionic liquids
Zhao J, Li CX, Wang ZH
1761 - 1768 Solubilities of AOT analogues surfactants in supercritical CO2 and HFC-134a fluids
Liu ZT, Wu J, Liu L, Sun CA, Song LP, Gao ZW, Dong WS, Lu J
1769 - 1774 Vapor-liquid equilibria, density, and speed of sound for the system poly(ethylene glycol) 400+methanol at different temperatures
Zafarani-Moattar MT, Tohidifar N
1775 - 1777 Solubility and melting properties of salicylamide
Nordstrom FL, Rasmuson AC
1778 - 1782 Density and surface tension variation with temperature for heptane+1-alkanol
Vijande J, Pineiro MM, Garcia J, Valencia JL, Legido JL
1783 - 1787 Determining the sublimation pressure of capsaicin using high-pressure solubility data of capsaicin plus CO2 mixtures
Valderrama JO, Robles PA, de la Fuente JC
1788 - 1796 Solubility of carbon dioxide in aqueous solutions of piperazine in the low gas loading region
Ermatchkov V, Kamps APS, Speyer D, Maurer G
1797 - 1801 Densities, viscosities, and ultrasonic velocity studies of binary mixtures of chloroform with octan-1-ol and decan-1-ol at (303.15 and 313.15) K
Hasan M, Kadam UB, Hiray AP, Sawant AB
1802 - 1807 Solubility of CO2 in the ionic liquids [bmim][CH3SO4] and [bmim][PF6]
Kumelan J, Kamps APS, Tuma D, Maurer G
1808 - 1810 Density and viscosity of aqueous solutions of (N-methyldiethanolamine plus piperazine) and (2-amino-2-methyl-1-propanol plus piperazine) from (288 to 333) K
Paul S, Mandal B
1811 - 1813 Inhibiting effect of triethylene glycol and glycerol on gas hydrate formation conditions
Wu HJ, Englezos P
1814 - 1819 Ternary liquid-liquid equilibria for mixtures of an aromatic plus an aliphatic hydrocarbon+4-methyl-N-butylpyridinium tetrafluoroborate
Meindersma GW, Podt A, de Haan AB
1820 - 1824 Surface tension of liquid fluorocompounds
Freire MG, Carvalho PJ, Queimada AJ, Marucho IM, Coutinho JAP
1825 - 1831 Heat capacity, speed of ultrasound, and density for 1,5-dibromopentane plus heptane within the temperature range from 293.15 K to 313.15 K
Chorazewski M, Tkaczyk M
1832 - 1835 Interfacial tension of toluene plus water plus sodium dodecyl sulfate from (20 to 50) degrees C and pH between 4 and 9
Saien J, Akbari S
1836 - 1840 Binary mutual diffusion coefficients of aqueous solutions of sucrose, lactose, glucose, and fructose in the temperature range from (298.15 to 328.15) K
Ribeiro ACF, Ortona O, Simoes SMN, Santos CIAV, Prazeres PMRA, Valente AJM, Lobo VMM, Burrows HD
1841 - 1845 Pervaporation properties of polyimide membranes for separation of ethanol plus water mixtures
Xu YX, Chen CX, Zhang PX, Sun BH, Li JD
1846 - 1851 Excess molar enthalpy, density, and speed of sound for the mixtures beta-pinene plus 1- or 2-pentanol at (283.15, 298.15, and 313.15) K
Ribeiro AF, Langa E, Mainar AM, Pardo JI, Urieta JS
1852 - 1855 Measurement and correlation of vapor-liquid equilibria at T=333.15 K and excess molar volumes at T=298.15 K for ethanol plus dimethyl carbonate (DMC), DMC+1-propanol, and DMC+1-butanol
Oh JH, Han KJ, Park SJ
1856 - 1859 Thermodynamic properties of imidazolium-based ionic liquids: Densities, heat capacities, and enthalpies of fusion of [bmim][PF6] and [bmim][NTf2]
Troncoso J, Cerdeirina CA, Sanmamed YA, Romani L, Rebelo LPN
1860 - 1861 Experimental vapor pressure data and a vapor pressure equation for N,N-dimethylformamide
Cui XL, Chen GM, Han XH
1862 - 1867 Experimental gas hydrate dissociation pressures for pure methane in aqueous solutions of MgCl2 and CaCl2 and for a (methane plus ethane) gas mixture in an aqueous solution of (NaCl+MgCl2)
Atik Z, Windmeier C, Oellrich LR
1868 - 1872 Excess molar volumes at 298.15 K and isothermal vapor-liquid equilibria at 333.15 K for the binary mixtures of dimethyl carbonate with benzene, toluene, n-heptane, and isooctane
Oh JH, Han KJ, Park SJ
1873 - 1876 Solid-liquid equilibria for binary organic systems containing 1-methoxy-2-propanol and 2-butoxy ethanol
Negadi L, Wilken M, Gmehling J
1877 - 1879 Solubility of supercritical carbon dioxide in polycaprolactone (CAPA 6800) at 313 and 333 K
Leeke GA, Cai JG, Jenkins M
1880 - 1883 Phase equilibrium for structure II hydrates formed with krypton co-existing with cyclopentane, cyclopentene, or tetrahydropyran
Takeya S, Ohmura R
1884 - 1886 Phase equilibria for H-2 plus CO2 plus tetrahydrofuran plus water mixtures containing gas hydrates
Hashimoto S, Murayama S, Sugahara T, Ohgaki K
1887 - 1891 Isobaric vapor-liquid equilibria of the ternary system dibutyl ether+1-pentanol plus nonane
Kirss H, Kuus M, Siimer E
1892 - 1895 Vapor-liquid equilibria at 101.3 kPa for binary mixtures containing 2-methyl-1-propanol+2-methyl-1-butanol, 2-methyl-1-propanol+3-methyl-1-butanol, and 2-methyl-1-propanol+1-pentanol
Resa JM, Goenaga JM, Iglesias M
1896 - 1905 Vapor pressures, enthalpies of vaporization, and critical parameters of a series of linear aliphatic dimethyl esters of dicarboxylic acids
Verevkin SP, Kozlova SA, Emel'yanenko VN, Nikitin ED, Popov AP, Krasnykh EL
1906 - 1914 Acoustic determination of thermophysical properties and critical parameters for R410A and critical line of xCO(2)+(1-x)R410A
Ribeiro N, Costa T, Aguiar-Ricardo A, Esperanca JMSS, Pires PF, Guedes HJR
1915 - 1921 Effect of pressure on the static relative permittivities of alkan-1-ols at 298.15 K
Uosaki Y, Ito K, Kondo M, Kitaura S, Moriyoshi T
1922 - 1926 Densities, viscosities, and speed of sound studies of binary mixtures of methylbenzene with heptan-1-ol, octan-1-ol, and decan-1-ol at (303.15 and 313.15) K
Hasan M, Shirude DF, Hiray AP, Kadam UB, Sawant AB
1927 - 1930 Vapor-liquid equilibria for the trifluoromethane+1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane system
Cui XL, Chen GM, Han XH, Li CS
1931 - 1939 Vapor-liquid-liquid equilibria of hydrofluorocarbons+1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium hexafluorophosphate
Shiflett MB, Yokozeki A
1940 - 1945 Henry's constants of 1-alkanols and 2-ketones in salt solutions
Falabella JB, Nair A, Teja AS
1946 - 1952 Thermodynamics of 2-(1'-hydroxycyclohexyl)cyclohexanone: Vaporization, sublimation, and the ideal gas state thermodynamic properties
Shevelyova MP, Zaitsau DH, Paulechka YU, Kabo GJ, Verevkin SP