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1 - 7 Reactive and inhibiting species in the electrocatalytic oxidation of glycerol on gold. A study combining in-situ visible reflectance and ATR-SEIRAS
Perez-Martinez L, Balke L, Cuesta A
8 - 17 Role of the pore-opening structure and hydrophobicity of stannosilicate zeolites in Baeyer-Villiger oxidation
Zhang Y, Huo YL, Tang K, Xu W, Lu XQ, Ma R, Fu YH, Zhu WD
18 - 29 Zeolite catalyzed hydroarylation of alkenes with aromatic amines under organic ligand-free conditions
Wang XZ, Wang HL, Zhao K, Li T, Liu SJ, Yuan HK, Shi F
30 - 39 Contributions of Boudouard reaction to NO electrocatalytic reduction by Fe-loaded carbon materials in the presence of O-2
Tan WY, Shi HG, Qu JF, Yu Y, Li H, Tao Z, Tao Z
40 - 49 Dual-catalyst engineered porous organic framework for visible-light triggered, metal-free and aerobic sp(3) C-H activation in highly synergistic and recyclable fashion
Kumar G, Dash SR, Neogi S
50 - 57 Effects of zinc ions at tetrahedral sites in spinel oxides on catalytic activity for oxygen evolution reaction
Liu W, Han J, Yamada I, Yagi S
58 - 66 Limitations of identical location SEM as a method of degradation studies on surfactant capped nanoparticle electrocatalysts
Hou YH, Kovacs N, Xu H, Sun CZ, Erni R, Galvez-Vazquez MD, Rieder A, Hu HF, Kong Y, Liu ML, Wiley BJ, Vesztergom S, Broekmann P
67 - 82 Catalytic methane activation over La1-xSrxScO3-alpha proton-conducting oxide surface: A comprehensive study
Zakharov DM, Zhuravlev NA, Denisova TA, Belozerov AS, Stroeva AY, Vovkotrub EG, Farlenkov AS, Ananyev MV
83 - 93 Oxidative detoxification of nerve agent VX simulant by polyoxoniobate: Experimental and theoretical insights
Dong J, Sun XR, Zhen N, Li Z, Liu D, Zou B, Dai QP, Chi YN, Chen SL, Poblet JM, Hu CW
94 - 103 Mechanisms of C-aromatic-C bonds cleavage in lignin over NbOx-supported Ru catalyst
Dong L, Xia J, Guo Y, Liu XH, Wang HF, Wang YQ
104 - 112 Electrochemically active surface area controls HER activity for FexNi100-x films in alkaline electrolyte
Bakovic SIP, Acharya P, Watkins M, Thornton H, Hou SX, Greenlee LF
113 - 120 Ligand effects in the stabilization of gold nanoparticles anchored on the surface of graphene: Implications in catalysis
Ventura-Espinosa D, Martin S, Garcia H, Mata JA
121 - 130 Size effect-tuned water gas shift reaction activity and pathway on ceria supported platinum catalysts
Yuan K, Guo Y, Lin QL, Huang L, Ren JT, Liu HC, Yan CH, Zhang YW
131 - 141 Cr[CH(SiMe3)(2)](3)/SiO2 catalysts for ethene polymerization: The correlation at a molecular level between the chromium loading and the microstructure of the produced polymer
Martino GA, Piovano A, Barzan C, Liao YK, Morra E, Hirokane K, Chiesa M, Monoi T, Groppo E
142 - 156 Elucidating the origin of selective dehydrogenation of propane on gamma-alumina under H2S treatment and co-feed
Sharma L, Jiang X, Wu ZL, Baltrus J, Rangarajan S, Baltrusaitis J
157 - 166 Surface orientation dependent interaction of cobalt (II) precursors with alpha-alumina
Chizallet C, Schlaup C, Fonda E, Carrier X
167 - 180 Hydrodesulfurization of dibenzothiophene and its hydrogenated intermediates over bulk CoP and Co2P catalysts with stoichiometric P/Co ratios
Zhou XR, Li X, Prins R, Lv JY, Wang AJ, Sheng Q
181 - 192 Synthesis of hierarchical SAPO-34 to improve the catalytic performance of bifunctional catalysts for syngas-to-olefins reactions
Wang MH, Wang ZW, Liu SH, Gao RT, Cheng K, Zhang L, Zhang GQ, Min XJ, Kang JC, Zhang QH, Wang Y
193 - 205 Oxidative dehydrogenation of ethanol on gold: Combination of kinetic experiments and computation approach to unravel the reaction mechanism
Behravesh E, Melander MM, Warna J, Salmi T, Honkala K, Murzin DY
206 - 219 Structure and mechanistic relevance of Ni2+-NO adduct in model HC SCR reaction over NiZSM-5 catalyst - Insights from standard and correlation EPR and IR spectroscopic studies corroborated by molecular modeling
Pietrzyk P, Gora-Marek K, Mazur T, Mozgawa B, Radon M, Chiesa M, Zhao Z, Sojka Z
220 - 227 Probing the structure of Copper(II)-Casiopeina type coordination complexes [Cu(O-O)(N-N)](+) by EPR and ENDOR spectroscopy
Folli A, Ritterskamp N, Richards E, Platts JA, Murphy DM
228 - 235 Promotion of the performance of Cu-SSZ-13 for selective catalytic reduction of NOx by ammonia in the presence of SO2 during high temperature hydrothermal aging
Yong X, Zhang CJ, Wei M, Xie PP, Li YD
236 - 244 Atomically dispersed Pt(n+)species as highly active sites in Pt/In2O3 catalysts for methanol synthesis from CO2 hydrogenation
Han Z, Tang CZ, Wang JJ, Li LD, Li C
245 - 258 Infrared spectra of surface nitrates: Revision of the current opinions based on the case study of ceria
Mihaylov MY, Zdravkova VR, Ivanova EZ, Aleksandrov HA, St Petkov P, Vayssilov GN, Hadjiivanov KI
259 - 265 Promotional effect of surface plasmon resonance on direct formation of hydrogen peroxide from H-2 and O-2 over Pd/Graphene-Au nanorod catalytic system
Yoshii T, Kuwahara Y, Mori K, Yamashita H
266 - 272 CO2 hydrogenation on Cu-catalysts generated from ZnII single-sites: Enhanced CH3OH selectivity compared to Cu/ZnO/Al2O3
Lam E, Noh G, Larmier K, Safonova OV, Coperet C
273 - 283 How to scrutinize adsorbed intermediates observed by in situ spectroscopy: Analysis of Coverage Transients (ACT)
Oyama ST, Yun GN, Ahn SJ, Bando KK, Takagaki A, Kikuchi R
284 - 298 Shape selectivity in linear paraffins hydroconversion in 10-membered-ring pore zeolites
Romero D, Rohling R, Meng LQ, Rigutto M, Hensen EJM
299 - 306 Insight into structural distribution of heterogeneous Ziegler-Natta catalyst from non-empirical structure determination
Takasao G, Wada T, Thakur A, Chammingkwan P, Terano M, Taniike T
307 - 315 Manganese oxide promoter effects in the copper-catalyzed hydrogenation of ethyl acetate
Beerthuis R, Visser NL, van der Hoeven JES, Ngene P, Deeley JMS, Sunley GJ, de Jong KP, de Jongh PE
316 - 331 Phenylacetylene hydrogenation coupled with benzyl alcohol dehydrogenation over Cu/CeO2: A consideration of Cu oxidation state
Pischetola C, Francis SM, Grillo F, Baddeley CJ, Cardenas-Lizana F
332 - 341 Phosphorization-derived MoP@MoO3-x nanowires for selective photocatalytic oxidation of benzyl alcohol to benzaldehyde
Zhang YF, Park SJ
342 - 352 Effect of oxygen on formic acid decomposition over Pd catalyst
Xu PY, Bernal-Juan FD, Lefferts L
353 - 365 Active and stable Fe-based catalyst, mechanism, and key role of alkali promoters in ammonia synthesis
Al Maksoud W, Rai RK, Morlanes N, Harb M, Ahmad R, Ould-Chikh S, Anjum D, Hedhili MN, Al-Sabban BE, Albahily K, Cavallo L, Basset JM
366 - 375 One-dimensional metal-organic nanowires-derived catalyst of carbon nanobamboos with encapsulated cobalt nanoparticles for oxygen reduction
Hong W, Guo CX, Koh SW, Ge JY, Liu Q, Tu WG, Yao MQ, Sun ZX, Xiao JP, Li H
376 - 386 Structure sensitivity of n-butane hydrogenolysis on supported Ir catalysts
Zhang XW, Lu YB, Kovarik L, Dasari P, Nagaki D, Karim AM
387 - 396 Creating Bronsted acidity at the SiO2-Nb2O5 interface
Wolek ATY, Ardagh MA, Pham HN, Alayoglu S, Datye AK, Notestein JM
397 - 405 Mechanochemical in-situ incorporation of Ni on MgO/MgH2 surface for the selective O-/C-terminal catalytic hydrogenation of CO2 to CH4
Chen HP, Liu P, Liu JQ, Feng X, Zhou SX
406 - 415 Insight into decomposition of formic acid to syngas required for Rh-catalyzed hydroformylation of olefins
Liu L, Chen XC, Yang SQ, Yao YQ, Lu Y, Liu Y
416 - 428 Finding the active species: The conversion of methanol to aromatics over Zn-ZSM-5/alumina shaped catalysts
Pinilla-Herrero I, Borfecchia E, Cordero-Lanzac T, Mentzel UV, Joensen F, Lomachenko KA, Bordiga S, Olsbye U, Beato P, Svelle S
429 - 443 Catalytic pathways and mechanistic consequences of water during vapor phase hydrogenation of butanal on Ru/SiO2
Wu ZW, Chin YHC
444 - 450 Chromium N-phosphinoamidine ethylene tri-/tetramerization catalysts: Designing a step change in 1-octene selectivity
Ogawa T, Lindeperg F, Stradiotto M, Turculet L, Sydora OL
451 - 464 Ethylene polymerization by hydrocarbon-reduced Cr/silica catalyst
Monwar M, Cruz C, Barr J, McDaniel M
465 - 475 The steady-state kinetics of CO hydrogenation to higher alcohols over a bulk Co-Cu catalyst
Gobel C, Schmidt S, Froese C, Bujara T, Scherer V, Muhler M
476 - 485 Identification of highly active surface iron sites on Ni(OOH) for the oxygen evolution reaction by atomic layer deposition
Baker JG, Schneider JR, de Paula C, Mackus AJM, Bent SF
486 - 494 Surface effect of nano-sized cerium-zirconium oxides for the catalytic conversion of methanol and CO2 into dimethyl carbonate
Daniel C, Schuurman Y, Farrusseng D
495 - 495 RETRACTION: Novel photocatalytic activity of vanadium-doped tantalum nitride sensitized/protected by polyaniline for efficient visible light water splitting (Retraction of Vol 352, Pg 13, 2017)
Pham TD, Lee BK, Nguyen VN, Dao VD