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Journal of Catalysis, Vol.385 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9517 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Catalyst design for highly efficient carbon dioxide hydrogenation to formic acid under buffering conditions
Weilhard A, Salzmann K, Navarro M, Dupont J, Albrecht M, Sans V
10 - 20 Unprecedented activity and stability on zirconium phosphates grafted mesoporous silicas for renewable aromatics production from furans
Kasipandi S, Cho JM, Park KS, Shin CH, Bae JW
21 - 29 Revealing the role of tellurium in palladium-tellurium catalysts for the direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide
Tian PF, Xuan FZ, Ding DD, Sun Y, Xu XY, Li W, Si R, Xu J, Han YF
30 - 43 Zirconocene immobilization into organic-inorganic dual-shell silicas prepared by the nonhydrolytic sol-gel method for polyethylene production
Ullmann MA, dos Santos JHZ
44 - 51 Tetramethylammonium neodecanoate as a recyclable catalyst for acidolysis reaction of epichlorohydrin with neodecanoic acid
Yan ZF, Hu YP, Du CC, Deng J, Wang K, Luo GS
52 - 60 Probing the acid sites of zeolites with pyridine: Quantitative AGIR measurements of the molar absorption coefficients
Zholobenko V, Freitas C, Jendrlin M, Bazin P, Travert A, Thibault-Starzyk F
61 - 69 Ultrasmall PtZn bimetallic nanoclusters encapsulated in silicalite-1 zeolite with superior performance for propane dehydrogenation
Wang YS, Hu ZP, Lv XW, Chen L, Yuan ZY
70 - 75 Ultra stable multinuclear metal complexes as homogeneous catalysts for visible-light driven syngas production from pure and diluted CO2
Sun M, Wang C, Sun CY, Zhang M, Wang XL, Su ZM
76 - 86 Revisiting the identity of delta-MgCl2: Part I. Structural disorder studied by synchrotron X-ray total scattering
Wada T, Takasao G, Piovano A, D'Amore M, Thaku A, Chammingkwan P, Bruzzese PC, Terano M, Civalleri B, Bordiga S, Groppo E, Taniike T
87 - 102 Selective catalytic reduction of NO by methane over Co,H-SSZ-13 catalysts: Types and catalytic functions of active Co sites
Charrad R, Solt HE, Domjan A, Ayari F, Mhamdi M, Valyon J, Lonyi F
103 - 106 One-step synthesis of hollow spherical polyethylene by dispersion polymerization
Gao R, Guo ZF, Zhou JL, Li Y, Liu DB, Zhang XF
107 - 119 Facile synthesis of few-layer and ordered K-promoted MoS2 nanosheets supported on SBA-15 and their potential application for heterogeneous catalysis
Lu JC, Fang J, Xu ZZ, He DD, Feng SY, Li YB, Wan GP, He SF, Wu H, Luo YM
120 - 128 Understanding the roles of variable Pd(II)/Pd(0) ratio supported on conjugated poly-azobenzene network: From characteristic alteration in properties to their cooperation towards visible-light-induced selective hydrogenation
Nath I, Chakraborty J, Zhang GK, Chen C, Chaemchuen S, Park J, Zhuiykov S, Han T, Verpoort F
129 - 139 F dopants triggered active sites in bifunctional cobalt sulfide@nickel foam toward electrocatalytic overall water splitting in neutral and alkaline media: Experiments and theoretical calculations
Lei L, Huang DL, Zhang C, Deng R, Chen S, Li ZH
140 - 145 Crossover of liquid products from electrochemical CO2 reduction through gas diffusion electrode and anion exchange membrane
Zhang J, Luo W, Zuttel A
146 - 159 Support morphology effect on the selective oxidation of glycerol over AuPt/CeO2 catalysts
Zhang XY, Yang PF, Liu YN, Pan JH, Li DQ, Wang B, Feng JT
160 - 175 Continuous catalytic process for the selective dehydration of glycerol over Cu-based mixed oxide
Mazario J, Concepcion P, Ventura M, Domine ME
176 - 182 Oxidative dehydrogenation of propane using layered borosilicate zeolite as the active and selective catalyst
Qiu B, Jiang F, Lu WD, Yan B, Li WC, Zhao ZC, Lu AH
183 - 193 Ir-catalyzed tandem hydroformylation-transfer hydrogenation of olefins with (trans-/cis-)formic acid as hydrogen source in presence of 1,10-phenanthroline
Liu L, Gao H, Yang SQ, Chen XC, Lu Y, Liu Y, Xia F
194 - 203 Enhancement of the catalytic activity of Pd nanoparticles in Suzuki coupling by partial functionalization of the reduced graphene oxide support with p-phenylenediamine and benzidine
Ibrahim AA, Lin A, Adly MS, El-Shall MS
204 - 212 Morphology and size of Pt on Al2O3: The role of specific metal-support interactions between Pt and Al2O3
Lee J, Jang EJ, Oh DG, Szanyi J, Kwak JH
213 - 223 Sodium tungstate-promoted CaMnO3 as an effective, phase-transition redox catalyst for redox oxidative cracking of cyclohexane
Hao F, Gao YF, Neal L, Dudek RB, Li WY, Chung CC, Guan B, Liu PL, Liu XB, Li FX
224 - 237 Promotional effect of palladium in Co-SiO2 core@shell nanocatalysts for selective liquid phase hydrogenation of chloronitroarenes
Bustamante TM, Campos CH, Fraga MA, Fierro JLG, Pecchi G
238 - 245 Oxidation of methane to methanol over Cu-exchanged zeolites: Scientia gratia scientiae or paradigm shift in natural gas valorization?
Jovanovic ZR, Lange JP, Ravi M, Knorpp AJ, Sushkevich VL, Newton MA, Palagin D, van Bokhoven JA
246 - 254 Boosting carbon dioxide electroreduction to C-1 feedstocks via theory-guided tailoring oxygen defects in porous tin-oxide nanocubes
He HC, Liu K, Liang KX, Mustapha A, Wang Z, Wu LL, Yang CC, Deng L, Guo SJ, Liu YN
255 - 264 Reaction dynamics of metal/oxide catalysts: Methanol oxidation at vanadium oxide films on Rh(111) from UHV to 10(-2) mbar
von Boehn B, Penschke C, Li XK, Paier J, Sauer J, Krisponeit JO, Flege JI, Falta J, Marchetto H, Franz T, Lilienkamp G, Imbihl R
265 - 273 In situ spectroscopic and theoretical investigation of methane activation on IrO2 nanoparticles: Role of Ir oxidation state on C-H activation
Liu YC, Yeh CH, Lo YF, Nachimuthu S, Lin SD, Jiang JC
274 - 288 PtRu nanoparticles partially embedded in the 3DOM Ce0.7Zr0.3O2 skeleton: Active and stable catalysts for toluene combustion
Pei WB, Dai LY, Liu YX, Deng JG, Jing L, Zhang KF, Hou ZQ, Han Z, Rastegarpanah A, Dai HX
289 - 299 Polymer decoration of carbon support to boost Pt-catalyzed hydrogen generation activity and durability
Chen WY, Fu WZ, Chen BX, Peng C, Qian G, Chen D, Duan XZ, Zhou XG
300 - 312 A temporal analysis of products (TAP) study of C-2-C-4 alkene reactions with a well-defined pool of methylating species on ZSM-22 zeolite
Redekop EA, Lazzarini A, Bordiga S, Olsbye U
313 - 323 Synthesis of supported Pd nanocluster catalyst by spontaneous reduction on layered double hydroxide
Li HP, Yang TX, Jiang YW, Chen S, He YF, Feng JT, Li DQ
324 - 337 Environmentally benign benzyl alcohol oxidation and C-C coupling catalysed by amide functionalized 3D Co(II) and Zn(II) metal organic frameworks
Paul A, Martins LMDRS, Karmakar A, Kuznetsov ML, Novikov AS, da Silva MFCG, Pombeiro AJL
338 - 344 A robust phenazine-containing organic polymer as catalyst for amine oxidative coupling reactions
Lin JY, Guo ZY, Zhan HB
345 - 346 Origin of weak Lewis acids on silanol nests in dealuminated zeolite Beta (vol 380, pg 204, 2019)
Yi FJ, Chen YL, Tao ZC, Hu CX, Yi XF, Zheng AM, Wen XD, Yun YF, Yang Y, Li YW