Journal of Catalysis

Journal of Catalysis, Vol.383 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9517 (Print) 

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1 - 12 Ti3C2/TiO2 nanowires with excellent photocatalytic performance for selective oxidation of aromatic alcohols to aldehydes
Xu C, Yang F, Deng BJ, Zhuang Y, Li DY, Liu BC, Yang W, Li YF
13 - 23 Identification of the dehydration active sites in glycerol hydrogenolysis to 1,2-propanediol over Cu/SiO2 catalysts
Shan JF, Liu H, Lu K, Zhu SH, Li JF, Wang JG, Fan WB
24 - 32 Kinetics of aromatics hydrogenation on HBEA
Arora SS, Bhan A
33 - 41 Structural evolution of bimetallic Co-Cu catalysts in CO hydrogenation to higher alcohols at high pressure
Gobel C, Schmidt S, Froese C, Fu Q, Chen YT, Pan QS, Muhler M
42 - 50 Dynamic restructuring induced Cu nanoparticles with ideal nanostructure for selective multi-carbon compounds production via carbon dioxide electroreduction
Xu Z, Wu TC, Cao Y, Zeng XR, Lin P, Zhao WW
51 - 59 Comparison of Pd and Pd4S based catalysts for partial hydrogenation of external and internal butynes
Liu YA, Li YW, Anderson JA, Feng JT, Guerrero-Ruiz A, Rodriguez-Ramos I, McCue AJ, Li DQ
60 - 76 Elementary steps and site requirements in formic acid dehydration reactions on anatase and rutile TiO2 surfaces
Kwon S, Lin TC, Iglesia E
77 - 87 Ultrasmall Co confined in the silanols of dealuminated beta zeolite: A highly active and selective catalyst for direct dehydrogenation of propane to propylene
Chen C, Zhang SM, Wang Z, Yuan ZY
88 - 96 In situ generation of perovskite oxides and carbon composites: A facile, effective and generalized route to prepare catalysts with improved performance
Xiao P, Xu XL, Zhu JJ, Zhu YJ
97 - 102 Enhancing syngas-to-aromatics performance of ZnO&H-ZSM-5 composite catalyst via Mn modulation
Fu Y, Ni YM, Zhu WL, Liu ZM
103 - 116 Metal-organic framework-derived M (M = Fe, Ni, Zn and Mo) doped Co9S8 nanoarrays as efficient electrocatalyst for water splitting: The combination of theoretical calculation and experiment
Du XQ, Su H, Zhang XS
117 - 123 Rational design of nickel catalysts containing N-acylated imidazolin-2-imine ligand for ethylene copolymerization with polar monomer
Li YQ, Cheng HL, Xiao R, Cai ZG
124 - 134 Mechanism of nitrite hydrogenation over Pd/gamma-Al2O3 according a rigorous kinetic study
Xu PY, Agarwal S, Lefferts L
135 - 143 Mg modified BaTaO2N as an efficient visible-light-active photocatalyst for water oxidation
Zhang H, Wei SH, Xu XX
144 - 152 Mixed tetradentate NHC/1,2,3-triazole iron complexes bearing cis labile coordination sites as highly active catalysts in Lewis and Bronsted acid mediated olefin epoxidation
Schlagintweit JF, Dyckhoff F, Nguyen L, Jakob CHG, Reich RM, Kuhn FE
153 - 159 In situ surface-enhanced Raman scattering shows ligand-enhanced hot electron harvesting on silver, gold, and copper nanoparticles
Zhang ZY, Li YW, Frisch J, Bar M, Rappich J, Kneipp J
160 - 163 Palladium-catalyzed carbonylative synthesis of alpha,beta-unsaturated amides from aryl azides and alkenylaluminum reagent
Chen B, Wu XF
164 - 171 Nanoporous high-entropy alloys with low Pt loadings for high-performance electrochemical oxygen reduction
Li SY, Tang XW, Jia HL, Li HL, Xie GQ, Liu XJ, Lin X, Qiu HJ
172 - 180 An alloy chemistry strategy to tailoring the d-band center of Ni by Cu for efficient and selective catalytic hydrogenation of furfural
Tang FY, Wang LQ, Walle MD, Mustapha A, Liu YN
181 - 192 Kinetics of low-temperature methane activation on IrO2(110): Role of local surface hydroxide species
Kim M, Franklin AD, Martin R, Bian YX, Weaver JF, Asthagiri A
193 - 198 C-S cross-coupling catalyzed by a series of easily accessible, well defined Ni(II) complexes of the type [(NHC)Ni(Cp)(Br)]
Rodriguez-Cruz MA, Hernandez-Ortega S, Valdes H, Rufino-Felipe E, Morales-Morales D
199 - 205 Balance between favored activity and side reactions of nitrogen doped carbon as cathode material in Lithium-oxygen battery
Lin ZP, Liang GF, Wu YL, Huang GJ, Li JW, Zhang H, Chen J, Xie FY, Jin YS, Meng H
206 - 214 Reductive amination of levulinic acid to N-substituted pyrrolidones over RuCl3 metal ion anchored in ionic liquid immobilized on graphene oxide
Raut AB, Shende VS, Sasaki T, Bhanage BM
215 - 220 A comprehensive picture on catalyst structure construction in palladium catalyzed ethylene (co)polymerizations
Zhou GL, Mu HL, Jian ZB
221 - 229 Tuning cobalt e(g) occupation of Co-NCNT by manipulation of crystallinity facilitates more efficient oxygen evolution and reduction
Yuan WJ, Wang YQ, Chernev P, Klingan K, Mohammadi MR, Loos S, Pasquini C, Kubella P, Jiang S, Cui ZD, Zhu SL, Li ZY, Wu SL, Dau H, Zhang JT, Liang YQ
230 - 238 The effect of CF(3 )functional group substituent on bifunctional activation model and enantioselectivity for BINOL N-triflylphosphoramides catalyzed rearrangement reaction
Zhu LH, Yuan HY, Zhang JP
239 - 243 Selective reductive annulation reaction for direct synthesis of functionalized quinolines by a cobalt nanocatalyst
Xie R, Lu GP, Jiang HF, Zhang M
244 - 253 Phosphorous-doped carbon coordinated iridium diphosphide bifunctional catalyst with ultralow iridium amount for efficient all-pH-value hydrogen evolution and oxygen reduction reactions
Zhao JH, Pu ZH, Jin HH, Zhang ZW, Liu J, Mu SC
254 - 263 Constructing copper-zinc interface for selective hydrogenation of dimethyl oxalate
Wang XP, Chen M, Chen XK, Lin RH, Zhu HJ, Huang CQ, Yang WS, Tan Y, Wang SS, Du ZN, Ding YJ
264 - 272 Identification of single-atom active sites in CO oxidation over oxide-supported Au catalysts
Schilling C, Ziemba M, Hess C, Ganduglia-Pirovano MV
273 - 282 A theoretical study on CO2 electrolysis through synergistic manipulation of Ni/Mn doping and oxygen vacancies in La(Sr)FeO3
Ren BH, Croiset E, Ricardez-Sandoval L
283 - 296 A combined experimental and DFT study of H2O effect on In2O3/ZrO2 catalyst for CO2 hydrogenation to methanol
Jiang X, Nie XW, Gong YT, Moran CM, Wang JY, Zhu J, Chang HB, Guo XW, Walton KS, Song CS
297 - 303 Superior Fischer-Tropsch performance of uniform cobalt nanoparticles deposited into mesoporous SiC
Iablokov V, Alekseev SA, Gryn S, Bezverkhyy I, Zaitsev V, Kovarik L, de Bocarme TV, Kruse N
304 - 310 Replacement of Pd nanoparticles: Hydrogenation promoted by frustrated Lewis acid-base pairs in carbon quantum dots
Wang BQ, Liu GS, Deng XY, Deng ZR, Lin W, Li ZH
311 - 321 Promotional effect of Co and Ni on MoO3 catalysts for hydrogenolysis of dibenzofuran to biphenyl under atmospheric hydrogen pressure
Zhang J, Li C, Guan WX, Chen XZ, Chen X, Tsang CW, Liang CH
322 - 330 DFT and microkinetic comparison of Pt, Pd and Rh-catalyzed ammonia oxidation
Ma HY, Schneider WF
331 - 342 Desulfurization of 2-phenylcyclohexanethiol over transition-metal phosphides
Zhou XR, Li X, Prins R, Wang AJ, Wang L, Liu SN, Sheng Q
343 - 356 Supported ruthenium nanoparticles on ordered mesoporous carbons using a cyclodextrin-assisted hard-template approach and their applications as hydrogenation catalysts
Rio S, Peru G, Leger B, Kerdi F, Besson M, Pinel C, Monflier E, Ponchel A