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Journal of Catalysis, Vol.381 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 13 In situ electrochemically synthesized Pt-MoO3-x nanostructure catalysts for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction
Lee D, Kim Y, Kim HW, Choi M, Park N, Chang H, Kwon Y, Park JH, Kim HJ
14 - 25 Metal oxide sub-nanoclusters decorated Ni catalyst for selective hydrogenation of adiponitrile to hexamethylenediamine
Zhang CX, Luo JJ, Zhou YA, Jiang Q, Liang CH
26 - 37 Precatalyst or dosing-device? The [Pd-2{mu-(C6H4) PPh2}(2){mu-O2C(C6H5)}(2)] complex anchored on a carboxypolystyrene polymer as an effective supplier of palladium catalytically active nanoparticles for the Suzuki-Miyaura reaction
Ubeda MA, Amoros P, Sanchez-Royo JFS, El Haskouri J, Marcos MD, Perez-Pla F
38 - 43 Nickel-catalyzed electrochemical Minisci acylation of aromatic N-heterocycles with alpha-keto acids via ligand-to-metal electron transfer pathway
Ding H, Xu K, Zeng CC
44 - 52 Oxygen vacancies engineered CoMoO4 nanosheet arrays as efficient bifunctional electrocatalysts for overall water splitting
Chi K, Tian X, Wang QJ, Zhang ZY, Zhang XY, Zhang Y, Jing F, Lv QY, Yao W, Xiao F, Wang S
53 - 62 The degree of rate control of catalyst-bound intermediates in catalytic reaction mechanisms: Relationship to site coverage
Mao ZT, Campbell CT
63 - 69 Crystal plane dependent electrocatalytic performance of NiS2 nanocrystals for hydrogen evolution reaction
Liang Y, Yang Y, Xu K, Yu T, Yao SM, Peng Q, Yuan CL
70 - 77 The roles of ZnFe2O4 and alpha-Fe2O3 in the biphasic catalyst for the oxidative dehydrogenation of n-butene
Yang BQ, Liu L, Zou GJ, Luo X, Zhu HL, Xu S
78 - 83 Self-supported NbSe2 nanosheet arrays for highly efficient ammonia electrosynthesis under ambient conditions
Wang Y, Chen AR, Lai SH, Peng XY, Zhao SZ, Hu GZ, Qiu Y, Ren JQ, Liu XJ, Luo J
84 - 95 Investigation of anion doping effect to boost overall water splitting
Zhou YP, Wang YW, Zhao HY, Su JF, Zhang HJ, Wang Y
96 - 107 Insights into the efficiency of hydrogen peroxide utilization over titanosilicate/H2O2 systems
Yu YK, Tang ZM, Wang J, Wang R, Chen Z, Liu HX, Shen KX, Huang X, Liu YM, He MY
108 - 120 Direct conversion of syngas to light olefins (C2-C3) over a tandem catalyst CrZn-SAPO-34: Tailoring activity and stability by varying the Cr/Zn ratio and calcination temperature
Santos VP, Pollefeyt G, Yancey DF, Sandikci AC, Vanchura B, Nieskens DLS, de Kok-Kleiberg M, Kirilin A, Chojecki A, Malek A
121 - 129 The effect of silanol groups on the metal-support interactions in silica-supported cobalt Fischer-Tropsch catalysts. A temperature programmed surface reaction
Okoye-Chine CG, Mbuya COL, Ntelane TS, Moyo M, Hildebrandt D
130 - 138 Optimizing the activity and selectivity of glycerol oxidation over core-shell electrocatalysts
Zhou YF, Shen Y, Luo XL
139 - 149 Kinetic analysis of the synergistic effect of NaBH4 treatment and Co-Pi coating on Fe2O3 photoanodes for photoelectrochemical water oxidation
Xiao JR, Fan LL, Zhao FG, Huang ZL, Zhou SF, Zhan GW
150 - 162 Promotional effect of Mn-doping on the structure and performance of spinel ferrite microspheres for CO hydrogenation
Shi BF, Zhang ZP, Liu YT, Su JJ, Liu XL, Li XN, Wang JH, Zhu MH, Yang ZX, Xu J, Han YF
163 - 174 Construction of mesoporous Cu/ZrO2-Al2O3 as a ternary catalyst for efficient synthesis of gamma-valerolactone from levulinic acid at low temperature
Li JF, Li MJ, Zhang CX, Liu CL, Yang RZ, Dong WS
175 - 185 The synergistic effect of proton intercalation and electron transfer via electro-activated molybdenum disulfide/graphite felt toward hydrogen evolution reaction
Huang DL, Lei L, Deng R, Chen S, Li ZH, Zhang C, Wang WJ, Wang KK
186 - 192 Titanium dioxide catalytic activity contributes to the process of free radical scavenging
Canillas M, Chinarro E, Freitas M, Pego AP, Moreno B
193 - 203 The role of H-2 on the stability of the single-metal-site Ir-1/AC catalyst for heterogeneous methanol carbonylation
Feng SQ, Lin XS, Song XG, Liu Y, Jiang Z, Hemberger P, Bodi A, Ding YJ
204 - 214 Synergism between palladium and nickel on Pd-Ni/TiO2 for H-2-SCR: A transient DRIFTS study
Hu Z, Yong X, Li D, Yang RT
215 - 221 HMF and furfural: Promising platform molecules in rhodium-catalyzed carbonylation reactions for the synthesis of furfuryl esters and tertiary amides
Qi XX, Zhou R, Ai HJ, Wu XF
222 - 233 The effects of MoOx decoration on the selective hydrogenation of crotonaldehyde over MoOx-promoted Ir/TUD-1 catalysts
Xu YM, Zheng WB, Hu YM, Tang C, Jia AP, Lu JQ
234 - 247 Theoretical models for hydrogen evolution reaction at combined Mo2C and N - doped graphene
Tranca DC, Rodriguez-Hernandez F, Seifert G, Zhuang X
248 - 260 Ni-Co oxide catalysts with lattice distortions for enhanced oxidation of glycerol to glyceric acid
Yan H, Yao S, Liang W, Zhao SM, Jin X, Feng X, Liu YB, Chen XB, Yang CH
261 - 270 Influence of ethylene and acetylene on the rate and reversibility of methane dehydroaromatization on Mo/H-ZSM-5 catalysts
Razdan NK, Kumar A, Foley BL, Bhan A
271 - 274 Palladium-catalyzed four-component carbonylation of allenes, alcohols and nitroarenes
Geng HQ, Hou CY, Wang LC, Peng JB, Wu XF
275 - 284 A novel strategy for synthesizing Fe, N, and S tridoped graphene-supported Pt nanodendrites toward highly efficient methanol oxidation
Zhong JP, Hou C, Li L, Waqas M, Fan YJ, Shen XC, Chen W, Wan LY, Liao HG, Sun SG
285 - 294 Probing local diffusion and reaction in a porous catalyst pellet
Sosna B, Korup O, Horn R
295 - 307 Comparing the oxygen reduction reaction on selectively edge halogen doped graphene from quantum mechanics
Humphrey N, Rodriguez R, Arias G, Thai E, Muro E, Merinov BV, Goddard WA, Yu TH
308 - 315 Green and selective toluene oxidation-Knoevenagel-condensation domino reaction over Ce- and Bi-based CeBi mixed oxide mixtures
Varga G, Kukovecz A, Konya Z, Sipos P, Palinko I
316 - 328 Enhanced catalytic activity and stability of CoAuPd nanocatalysts by combining methods of heat treatment and dealloying
Luo LM, Zhan W, Zhang RH, Hu QY, Guo YF, Zhou XW
329 - 346 Enhanced catalytic performance of Cu/Cu2O nanoparticles via introduction of graphene as support for reduction of nitrophenols and ring opening of epoxides with amines established by experimental and theoretical investigations
Kapoor S, Sheoran A, Riyaz M, Agarwal J, Goel N, Singhal S
347 - 354 Acidity modification of ZSM-5 for enhanced production of light olefins from CO2
Dokania A, Chowdhury AD, Ramirez A, Telalovic S, Abou-Hamad E, Gevers L, Ruiz-Martinez J, Gascon J
355 - 362 Identifying properties of low-loaded CoOX/CeO2 via X-ray absorption spectroscopy for NO reduction by CO
Savereide L, Gosavi A, Hicks KE, Notestein JM
363 - 373 Tailoring the thickness of MoSe2 layer of the hierarchical double-shelled N-doped carbon@MoSe2 hollow nanoboxes for efficient and stable hydrogen evolution reaction
Chen WH, Qiao R, Song CS, Zhao LH, Jiang ZJ, Maiyalagan T, Jiang ZQ
374 - 384 An analysis of electroless deposition derived Ni-Pt catalysts for the dry reforming of methane
Egelske BT, Keels JM, Monnier JR, Regalbuto JR
385 - 394 Highly efficient Pt-Co alloy hollow spheres with ultra-thin shells synthesized via Co-B-O complex as intermediates for hydrogen evolution reaction
Wei M, Huang L, Huang SL, Chen ZY, Lyu DD, Zhang XR, Wang SB, Tian ZQ, Shen PK
395 - 401 Atomic layer Co3O4-x nanosheets as efficient and stable electrocatalyst for rechargeable zinc-air batteries
Li M, Luo F, Zhang Q, Yang ZH, Xu ZK
402 - 407 Tricopper-polyoxometalate catalysts for water oxidation: Redox-inertness of copper center
Su XF, Guan W, Yan LK, Su ZM
408 - 414 Insight into tuning the surface and bulk microstructure of perovskite catalyst through control of cation non-stoichiometry
Pang SL, Yang GM, Jiang XN, Shen XQ, Rao DW, Chen CL
415 - 426 Investigating the dynamic structural changes on Cu/CeO2 catalysts observed during CO2 hydrogenation
Sripada P, Kimpton J, Barlow A, Williams T, Kandasamy S, Bhattacharya S
427 - 433 Atomic-level insights into strain effect on p-nitrophenol reduction via Au@Pd core-shell nanocubes as an ideal platform
Cui Y, Ma KB, Chen Z, Yang JL, Geng ZG, Zeng J
434 - 442 Facet effect of Pt nanocrystals on catalytical properties toward glycerol oxidation reaction
Zhou J, Hu JH, Zhang XQ, Li JF, Jiang KH, Liu YJ, Zhao GH, Wang XJ, Chu HB
443 - 453 Host-guest chemistry immobilized nickel nanoparticles on zeolites as efficient catalysts for amination of 1-octanol
Wang B, Ding Y, Lu K, Guan YJ, Li XH, Xu H, Wu P
454 - 461 Efficient hydrogen production via urea electrolysis with cobalt doped nickel hydroxide-riched hybrid films: Cobalt doping effect and mechanism aspect
Sun CB, Guo MW, Siwal SS, Zhang QB
462 - 467 Anomalous potential dependence of conducting property in black titania nanotube arrays for electrocatalytic chlorine evolution
Heo SE, Lim HW, Cho DK, Park IJ, Kim H, Lee CW, Ahn SH, Kim JY
468 - 481 Transfer hydrogenation of cinnamaldehyde to cinnamyl alcohol in hydrophobically modified core-shell MOFs nanoreactor: Identification of the formed metal-N as the structure of an active site
Cui HS, Liu SH, Lv Y, Wu ST, Wang LP, Hao F, Liu PL, Xiong W, Luo HA
482 - 492 gamma-Al2O3 sheet-stabilized isolate Co2+ for catalytic propane dehydrogenation
Dai YH, Gu JJ, Tian SY, Wu Y, Chen JC, Li FX, Du YH, Peng LM, Ding WP, Yang YH
493 - 500 Accelerating water dissociation kinetics on Ni3S2 nanosheets by P-induced electronic modulation
Qin HY, Zhang BA, Pan YP, Wang XX, Diao LC, Chen J, Wu JL, Liu EZ, Sha JW, Ma LY, Zhao NQ
501 - 507 ITO regulated high-performance n-Si/ITO/alpha-(FeO3)-O-2 Z-scheme heterostructure towards photoelectrochemical water splitting
Feng DQ, Qu JT, Zhang R, Sun XJ, Zheng LC, Liu H, Zhang XH, Lu ZM, Lu F, Wang WH, Dong H, Cheng YH, Liu H, Zheng RK
508 - 519 Oxidation state of Mo affects dissolution and visible-light photocatalytic activity of MoO3 nanostructures
Pena-Bahamonde J, Wu CZ, Fanourakis SK, Louie SM, Bao JM, Rodrigues DF
520 - 529 Revising the role of chromium on the surface of perovskite electrodes: Poison or promoter for the solid oxide electrolysis cell performance?
Chen DK, Mewafy B, Paloukis F, Zhong LP, Papaefthimiou V, Dintzer T, Papazisi KM, Balomenou SP, Tsiplakides D, Teschner D, Perez-Dieste V, Escudero C, Zafeiratos S
530 - 539 Coupling effect of piezomaterial and DSA catalyst for degradation of metronidazole: Finding of induction electrocatalysis from remnant piezoelectric filed
Feng JX, Sun JX, Liu XS, Zhu JZ, Tian SH, Wu R, Xiong Y
540 - 546 Aminated poly(ethylene glycol) methacrylate resins as stable heterogeneous catalysts for the aldol reaction in water
De Vylder A, Lauwaert J, De Clercq J, Van der Voort P, Jones CW, Thybaut JW
547 - 560 Unraveling the mechanism of the hydrodeoxygenation of propionic acid over a Pt (111) surface in vapor and liquid phases
Yang WQ, Solomon RV, Lu JM, Mamun O, Bond JQ, Heyden A
561 - 569 Changes in Ni-NiO equilibrium due to LaFeO3 and the effect on dry reforming of CH4
Mao XY, Foucher AC, Stach EA, Gorte RJ
570 - 578 Insights into the active sites and catalytic mechanism of oxidative esterification of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural by metal-organic frameworks-derived N-doped carbon
Feng YC, Jia WL, Yan GH, Zeng XH, Sperry J, Xu BB, Sun Y, Tang X, Lei TZ, Lin L
579 - 589 Visible-light-mediated high-efficiency catalytic oxidation of sulfides using wrinkled C3N4 nanosheets
Li JJ, Chen YN, Yang X, Gao SY, Cao R
590 - 598 Heterostructured MoS2@Bi2Se3 nanoflowers: A highly efficient electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution
Li D, Lao J, Jiang CL, Shen Y, Luo CH, Qi RJ, Lin HC, Huang R, Waterhouse GIN, Peng H
599 - 607 B2O3@BPO4 sandwich-like hollow spheres as metal-free supported liquid-phase catalysts
Liu QW, Wu YW, Xing FS, Liu Q, Guo XS, Huang CJ
608 - 614 Grain refinement of self-supported copper electrode by multiple-redox treatment for enhanced carbon dioxide electroreduction towards carbon monoxide generation
Huang P, Chen JX, Deng PL, Yang F, Pan J, Qi K, Liu HF, Xia BY
615 - 625 Utilization of hydrophobic ligands for water-insoluble Fe(II) water oxidation catalysts - Immobilization and characterization
Al-Zuraiji SM, Benko T, Illes L, Nemeth M, Frey K, Sulyok A, Pap JS