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1 - 8 Cercosporin-bioinspired photoreductive activation of aryl halides under mild conditions
Tang ZC, Li J, Lin FL, Bao WH, Zhang SW, Guo BD, Huang SP, Zhang Y, Rao YJ
9 - 20 Catalytic arene alkylation over H-Beta zeolite: Influence of zeolite shape selectivity and reactant nucleophilicity
Zeng X, Wang ZC, Ding J, Wang LZ, Jiang YJ, Stampfl C, Hunger M, Huang J
21 - 31 Evolution and enhancement of the oxygen cycle in the catalytic performance of total toluene oxidation over manganese-based catalysts
Qin Y, Wang H, Dong C, Qu ZP
32 - 42 A possible role of paramagnetic states of iron carbides in the fischer-tropsch synthesis selectivity of nanosized slurry catalysts
Kuz'min AE, Pichugina DA, Kulikova MV, Dement'eva OS, Nikitina NA, Maksimov AL
43 - 54 Influence of pretreatment on the catalytic performance of Ag/CeO2 for formaldehyde removal at low temperature
Ou CC, Chen CH, Chan TS, Chen CS, Cheng S
55 - 67 Comprehensive understanding the promoting effect of Dy-doping on MnFeOx nanowires for the low-temperature NH3-SCR of NOx: An experimental and theoretical study
Gao C, Xiao B, Shi JW, He C, Wang BR, Ma DD, Cheng YH, Niu CM
68 - 82 The active site of syngas conversion into ethanol over Cu/ZnO/Al2O3 ternary catalysts in slurry bed
Bai H, Ma MM, Bai B, Zuo JP, Cao HJ, Zhang L, Zhang QF, Vinokurov VA, Huang W
83 - 90 Rapid hydrolysis of nerve agent simulants by molecularly imprinted porous crosslinked polymer incorporating mononuclear zinc(II)-picolinamine-amidoxime module
Pan JP, Liu S, Jia HT, Yang JX, Qin M, Zhou TT, Chen ZM, Jia XX, Guo TY
91 - 107 DBU-functionalized MCM-41-coated nanosized hematite (DBU-F-MCM-41-CNSH): A new magnetically separable basic nanocatalyst for the synthesis of some nucleoside-containing heterocycles
Kordnezhadian R, Shekouhy M, Karimian S, Khalafi-Nezhad A
108 - 122 Characterization of deactivated and regenerated zeolite ZSM-5-based catalyst extrudates used in catalytic pyrolysis of biomass
Heracleous E, Pachatouridou E, Hernandez-Gimenez AM, Hernando H, Fakin T, Paioni AL, Baldus M, Serrano DP, Bruijnincx PCA, Weckhuysen BM, Lappas AA
123 - 131 Photocatalytic synthesis of N-benzyleneamine from benzylamine on ultrathin BiOCl nanosheets under visible light
Ren YH, Zou JH, Jing KQ, Liu YY, Guo BB, Song YJ, Yu Y, Wu L
132 - 144 AuCu/CeO2 bimetallic catalysts for the selective oxidation of fatty alcohol ethoxylates to alkyl ether carboxylic acids
Gu Q, Fang WH, Wischert R, Zhou WJ, Michel C, Pera-Titus M
145 - 152 Clay nanotubes catalyzed solvent-free synthesis of octahydro-2H-chromenols with pharmaceutical potential from (-)-isopulegol and ketones
Sidorenko AY, Kravtsova AV, Il'ina IV, Warna J, Korchagina DV, Gatilov YV, Volcho KP, Salakhutdinov NF, Murzin DY, Agabekov VE
153 - 160 Lewis acidic supports promote the selective hydrogenation of carbon dioxide to methyl formate in the presence of methanol over Ag catalysts
Corral-Perez JJ, Coperet C, Urakawa A
161 - 177 Mechanistic origins of the high-pressure inhibition of methanol dehydration rates in small-pore acidic zeolites
Di Iorio JR, Hoffman AJ, Nimlos CT, Nystrom S, Hibbitts D, Gounder R
178 - 185 Selective one-pot synthesis of asymmetric secondary amines via N-alkylation of nitriles with alcohols
Segobia DJ, Trasarti AF, Apesteguia CR
186 - 194 One-pot photocalalytic reductive formylation of nitroarenes via multielectron transfer by carbon nitride in functional eutectic medium
Markushyna Y, Volkel A, Savateev A, Antonietti M, Filonenko S
195 - 203 Understanding the active-site nature of vanadia-based catalysts for oxidative dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene with CO2 via atomic layer deposited VOx on gamma-Al2O3
Yang GQ, Wang H, Gong T, Song YH, Feng H, Ge HQ, Ge HB, Liu ZT, Liu ZW
204 - 214 Origin of weak Lewis acids on silanol nests in dealuminated zeolite Beta
Yi FJ, Chen YL, Tao ZC, Hu CX, Yi XF, Zheng AM, Wen XD, Yun YF, Yang Y, Li YW
215 - 223 Fullerene-like WS2 supported Pd catalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Xiao P, Buijnsters JG, Zhao YX, Yu H, Xu XL, Zhu YJ, Tang DH, Zhu JJ, Zhao Z
224 - 235 Steam reforming of ethylene over manganese-chromium spinel oxides
Yang L, Bukhovko MP, Brezicki G, Malek A, Li LW, Jones CW, Agrawal PK, Davis RJ
236 - 246 Effects of beta-bromine substitution and core protonation on photosensitizing properties of porphyrins: Long wavelength photosensitizers
Zakavi S, Naderloo M, Heydari-Turkmani A, Alghooneh L, Eskandari M
247 - 253 Investigation of selective chemisorption of fcc and hcp Ru nanoparticles using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy analysis
Gueye I, Kim J, Kumara LSR, Yang AL, Seo O, Chen YN, Song CH, Hiroi S, Kusada K, Kobayashi H, Kitagawa H, Sakata O
254 - 266 CoxFe1-xAl2O4+delta composite oxides supported Pt nanoparticles as efficient and recyclable catalysts for the liquid-phase selective hydrogenation of cinnamaldehyde
Xin HY, Xue YJ, Zhang WB, Wu P, Li XH
267 - 277 Boosting levulinic acid hydrogenation to value-added 1,4-pentanediol using microwave-assisted gold catalysis
Bucciol F, Tabasso S, Grillo G, Menegazzo F, Signoretto M, Manzoli M, Cravotto G
278 - 288 Promotional effect of Co on unsupported MoS2 catalysts for slurry phase hydrocracking of vacuum residue: X-ray absorption fine structure studies
Kim KD, Lee YK
289 - 296 Enhanced hydrogenation of dimethyl oxalate to ethylene glycol over indium promoted Cu/SiO2
Yu XB, Vest TA, Gleason-Boure N, Karakalos SG, Tate GL, Burkholder M, Monnier JR, Williams CT
297 - 306 Formation of defect site on ZIF-7 and its effect on the methoxycarbonylation of aniline with dimethyl carbonate
Dahnum D, Seo B, Cheong SH, Lee U, Ha JM, Lee H
307 - 317 Pt (111) quantum dot engineered Fe-MOF nanosheet arrays with porous core-shell as an electrocatalyst for efficient overall water splitting
Ye B, Jiang RH, Yu ZB, Hou YP, Huang J, Zhang BG, Huang YY, Zhang YL, Zhang RZ
318 - 331 Kinetics of chlorine deposition and removal over promoted silver catalysts during ethylene epoxidation
Harris JW, Bhan A
332 - 342 On the enhanced catalytic activity of acid-treated, trimetallic Ni-Mo-W sulfides for quinoline hydrodenitrogenation
Albersberger S, Shi H, Wagenhofer M, Han JY, Gutierrez OY, Lercher JA
343 - 351 Two mechanisms for acetic acid synthesis from ethanol and water
Gonzalez GG, Zonetti PC, Silveira EB, Mendes FMT, de Avillez RR, Rabello CRK, Zotin FMZ, Appel LG
352 - 365 Silicon nitride as a new support for copper catalyst to produce acrolein via selective oxidation of propene with very low CO2 release
Guo LL, Yu J, Shu M, Shen L, Si R
366 - 374 Evolution of steady-state material properties during catalysis: Oxidative coupling of methanol over nanoporous Ag0.03Au0.97
Zugic B, van Spronsen MA, Heine C, Montemore MM, Li YY, Zakharov DN, Karakalos S, Lechner BAJ, Crumlin E, Biener MM, Frenkel AI, Biener J, Stach EA, Salmeron MB, Kaxiras E, Madix RJ, Friend CM
375 - 386 The oxidation of chlorinated organic compounds over W-modified Pt/CeO2 catalysts
Gu YF, Shao SJ, Sun W, Xia HQ, Gao XH, Dai QG, Zhan WC, Wang XY
387 - 390 Polemic against conclusions drawn in "Palladium/iodide catalyzed oxidative carbonylation of aniline to diphenylurea: Effect of ppm amounts of iron salts" (J. Catal. 369 (2019) 257-266)
Gabriele B, Mancuso R, Veltri L, Della Ca N
391 - 395 Rebuttal to: Polemic against conclusions drawn in "Palladium/iodide catalyzed oxidative carbonylation of aniline to diphenylurea: Effect of ppm amounts of iron salts" (J. Catal. 369 (2019) 257-266)
Ragaini F, Ferretti F, Gatti C, Ramadan DR