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1 - 12 The new role of surface adsorbed CFIx(x=1-3) intermediates as a co-adsorbed promoter in self-promoting syngas conversion to form CHx intermediates and C-2 oxygenates on the Rh-doped Cu catalyst
Zhang RG, Wei C, Li DB, Jiang Z, Wang BJ, Ling LX, Fan MH
13 - 19 Elucidation of key factors in nickel-diphosphines catalyzed isomerization of 2-methyl-3-butenenitrile
Liu KK, Xin HL, Han MH
20 - 27 Highly active M2P2O7@NC (M = Co and Zn) for bifunctional electrocatalysts for ORR and HER
Xu LH, Zeng HB, Zhang XJ, Cosnier S, Marks RS, Shan D
28 - 40 Reaction paths for hydrodeoxygenation of furfuryl alcohol at TiO2/Pd interfaces
Deo S, Medlin W, Nikolla E, Janik MJ
41 - 50 Insights into the role of zirconium in proline functionalized metal-organic frameworks attaining high enantio- and diastereoselectivity
Nguyen KD, Kutzscher C, Ehrling S, Senkovska I, Bon V, de Oliveira M, Gutmann T, Buntkowsky G, Kaskel S
51 - 62 Cavity-controlled diffusion in 8-membered ring molecular sieve catalysts for shape selective strategy
Gao SS, Liu ZQ, Xu ST, Zheng AM, Wu PF, Li B, Yuan XS, Wei YX, Liu ZM
63 - 71 A binary nickel diimine-MCM-41 supported catalyst and its application in ethylene polymerization
Favero C, Closs MB, Galland GB, Stieler R, Rossetto E, Bernardo-Gusrmao K
72 - 80 Alkali-metal-oxides coated ultrasmall Pt sub-nanoparticles loading on intercalated carbon nitride: Enhanced charge interlayer transportation and suppressed backwark reaction for overall water splitting
Zeng ZX, Quan X, Yu HT, Chen S, Choi WY, Kim B, Zhang SS
81 - 97 Tuning the siting of aluminum in ZSM-11 zeolite and regulating its catalytic performance in the conversion of methanol to olefins
Wang S, Zhang L, Li SY, Qin ZF, Shi DZ, He SP, Yuan K, Wang PF, Zhao TS, Fan SB, Dong M, Li JF, Fan WB, Wang JG
98 - 109 Facile synthesis of ceria-zirconia solid solutions with cubic-tetragonal interfaces and their enhanced catalytic performance in diesel soot oxidation
Yang ZZ, Hu W, Zhang N, Li YX, Liao YW
110 - 121 Efficient imine synthesis from oxidative coupling of alcohols and amines under air atmosphere catalysed by Zn-doped Al2O3 supported Au nanoparticles
Wu SP, Sun WX, Chen JJ, Zhao JH, Cao Q, Fang WH, Zhao QH
122 - 132 Interfacial coupling promoting hydrogen sulfide splitting on the staggered type II g-C3N4/r-TiO2 heterojunction
Wei SQ, Wang F, Yan P, Dan M, Cen WL, Yu S, Zhou Y
133 - 144 Effect of metal modification of titania and hydrogen co-feeding on the reaction pathways and catalytic stability in the acetone aldol condensation
Quesada J, Faba L, Diaz E, Ordonez S
145 - 152 Crystal phase effect of iron oxides on the aerobic oxidative coupling of alcohols and amines under mild conditions: A combined experimental and theoretical study
Geng LL, Jian W, Jing P, Zhang WX, Yan WF, Bai FQ, Liu G
153 - 162 Presituated "coke"-determined mechanistic route for ethene formation in the methanol-to-olefins process on SAPO-34 catalyst
Zhou JB, Zhi YC, Zhang JL, Liu ZQ, Zhang T, He YL, Zheng AM, Ye M, Wei YX, Liu ZM
163 - 173 A new pathway to pyrrolo[1,2-a]quinoxalines via solvent-free one-pot strategy utilizing FeMoSe nanosheets as efficient recyclable synergistic catalyst
To TA, Nguyen CT, Tran MHP, Huynh TQ, Nguyen TT, Le NTH, Nguyen AD, Tran PD, Phan NTS
174 - 182 A switchable-selectivity multiple-interface Ni-WC hybrid catalyst for efficient nitroarene reduction
Ma YY, Lang ZL, Du J, Yan LK, Wang YH, Tan HQ, Khan SU, Liu Y, Kang ZH, Li YG
183 - 189 Conjugated mesoporous polyazobenzene-Pd(II) composite: A potential catalyst for visible-light-induced Sonogashira coupling
Nath I, Chakraborty J, Khan A, Arshad MN, Azum N, Rab MA, Asiri AM, Alamry KA, Verpoort F
190 - 198 ONO pincer type ligand complexes of Al(III) as efficient catalyst for chemical fixation of CO2 to epoxides at atmospheric pressure
Ullah H, Mousavi B, Younus HA, Khattak ZAK, Suleman S, Jan MT, Yu BY, Chaemchuen S, Verpoort F
199 - 208 Metal-free carbocatalyst for catalytic hydrogenation of N-containing unsaturated compounds
He ZL, Liu J, Wang QJ, Zhao W, Wen ZP, Chen J, Manoj D, Xie CY, Xi JB, Yu JX, Tang CY, Bai ZW, Wang S
209 - 217 In situ grown heterojunction of Bi2WO6/BiOCl for efficient photoelectrocatalytic CO2 reduction
Wang JX, Wei Y, Yang BJ, Wang B, Chen JZ, Jing HW
218 - 223 Enhanced hydrothermal stability of a Cu-SSZ-13 catalyst for the selective reduction of NOx by NH3 synthesized with SAPO-34 micro-crystallite as seed
Zhao HW, Zhao YN, Ma YH, Yong X, Wei M, Chen H, Zhang CJ, Li YD
224 - 232 CO2 hydrogenation to light olefins with high-performance Fe0.30Co0.15Zr0.45K0.10O1.63
Ding J, Huang L, Gong WB, Fan MH, Zhong Q, Russell AG, Gu H, Zhang HJ, Zhang YL, Ye RP
233 - 244 Mechanistic origin of the diverging selectivity patterns in catalyzed ethane and ethene oxychlorination
Scharfe M, Zichittella G, Kondratenko VA, Kondratenko EV, Lopez N, Perez-Ramirez J
245 - 254 Role of water in cyclopentanone self-condensation reaction catalyzed by MCM-41 functionalized with sulfonic acid groups
Li GN, Wang B, Chen BH, Resasco DE
255 - 270 Isomer sieving and the selective formation of terminal methyl isomers in reactions of linear alkanes on one-dimensional zeolites
Noh G, Zones SI, Iglesia E
271 - 282 The effect of oxygen vacancies in ZnO at an Au/ZnO interface on its catalytic selective oxidation of glycerol
Wu GD, Zhao GQ, Sun JH, Cao XZ, He YF, Feng JT, Li DQ
283 - 292 Competitive adsorption on single-atom catalysts: Mechanistic insights into the aerobic oxidation of alcohols over Co-N-C
Huang KT, Fu HQ, Shi W, Wang HJ, Cao YH, Yang GX, Peng F, Wang Q, Liu ZG, Zhang BS, Yu H
293 - 298 Nickel-catalyzed cross-coupling reaction of carbamates with silylmagnesium reagents
Murugesan V, Balakrishnan V, Rasappan R
299 - 308 Tuning the interfaces in the ruthenium-nickel/carbon nanocatalysts for enhancing catalytic hydrogenation performance
Zhu LH, Zhang H, Ma N, Yu CL, Ding NW, Chen JL, Pao CW, Lee JF, Xiao Q, Chen BH
309 - 321 Multifunctional photocatalysts of Pt-decorated 3DOM perovskite-type SrTiO3 with enhanced CO2 adsorption and photoelectron enrichment for selective CO2 reduction with H2O to CH4
Wu XX, Wang CJ, Wei YC, Xiong J, Zhao YL, Zhao Z, Liu J, Li JM
322 - 331 Understanding structure-function relationships in HZSM-5 zeolite catalysts for photocatalytic oxidation of isopropyl alcohol
Wang LL, Wang W, Liu M, Ge HQ, Zha WY, Wei YC, Fei EH, Zhang ZZ, Long JL, Sa RJ, Wang YJ, Fu XZ, Yuan RS
332 - 342 Rapid screening of ternary rare-earth - Transition metal catalysts for dry reforming of methane and characterization of final structures
Jiang CY, Akkullu MR, Li B, Davila JC, Janik MJ, Dooley KM
343 - 357 Revealing the factors determining the selectivity of guaiacol HDO reaction pathways using ZrP-supported Co and Ni catalysts
Han GH, Lee MW, Park S, Kim HJ, Ahn JP, Seo MG, Lee KY
358 - 366 Two-step synthesis of Ir-decorated Pd nanocubes and their impact on the glycerol electrooxidation
Zanata CR, Martins CA, Teixeira-Neto E, Giz MJ, Camara GA
367 - 377 Controlling external diphenylcyclohexylphosphine feeding to achieve cis-1,4-syn-1,2 sequence controlled polybutadienes via cobalt catalyzed 1,3-butadiene polymerization
Gong DR, Ying WL, Zhao JY, Li WX, Xu YC, Luo YJ, Zhang XQ, Capacchione C, Grassi A
378 - 388 Molecular characteristics governing chlorine deposition and removal on promoted Ag catalysts during ethylene epoxidation
Harris JW, Herron JA, DeWilde JF, Bhan A
389 - 399 Catalysis of Au nano-pyramids formed across the surfaces of ordered Au nano-ring arrays
Cao X, Li CJ, Lu Y, Zhang BW, Wu Y, Liu Q, Wu JS, Teng J, Yan WG, Huang YZ
400 - 408 Insight into the stability of binuclear Ir-La catalysts for efficient heterogeneous methanol carbonylation
Feng SQ, Lin XS, Song XG, Liu Y, Jiang Z, Ding YJ
409 - 418 Visible light active titanoniobate nanosheets for efficient photocatalytic H-2 production from water
Yu JX, Wang YW, Shen C, Xu XX
419 - 428 Structure and reactivity of single site Ti catalysts for propylene epoxidation
Lu Z, Liu XY, Zhang B, Gan ZR, Tang SW, Ma L, Wu TP, Nelson GJ, Qin Y, Turner CH, Lei Y
429 - 437 Uniform Ru nanoparticles on N-doped graphene for selective hydrogenation of fatty acids to alcohols
Martinez-Prieto LM, Puche M, Cerezo-Navarrete C, Chaudret B
438 - 448 Improving the selectivity of Ni-Al mixed oxides with isolated oxygen species for oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane with nitrous oxide
Zhou YL, Lin J, Li L, Tian M, Li XY, Pan XL, Chen Y, Wang XD
449 - 454 Hydrogen transfer-mediated selective dual C-H alkylations of 2-alkylquinolines by doped TiO2-supported nanocobalt oxides
Xie R, Xie F, Zhou CJ, Jiang HF, Zhang M
455 - 464 Switching on wide visible light photocatalytic activity over Mg4Ta2O9 by nitrogen doping for water oxidation and reduction
Zhang H, Sun XQ, Wang YW, Xu XX
465 - 479 Nanoscale transport characteristics and catalyst utilization of vertically aligned carbon nanotube catalyst layers for fuel cell applications: Comprehensive stochastic modeling of composite morphological structures
Shin S, Liu J, Akbar A, Um S
480 - 493 Mechanistic insight into the methanol selective catalytic reduction of NO reaction over Cu-containing perovskites
Wang H, Zhang RD, Li PX, Royer S, Dacquin JP
494 - 506 Catalytic consequences of the identity of surface reactive intermediates during direct hydrogen peroxide formation on Pd particles
Tu WF, Li XL, Wang RQ, Malhi HS, Ran JY, Shi YL, Han YF
507 - 510 Copper-catalyzed intra- and intermolecular carbonylative transformation of remote C(sp(3))-H bonds in N-fluoro-sulfonamides
Yin ZP, Zhang YC, Zhang S, Wu XF
511 - 523 Direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide from hydrogen and oxygen over yolk-shell nanocatalyst Pd@HCS with controlled Pd nanoparticle size
Liu P, Lin Q, Pan HY, Zhao JY, Zhao CC, Wang YD
524 - 533 Influence of graphene surface chemistry on Ir-catalyzed hydrogenation of p-chloronitrobenzene and cinnamaldehyde: Weak molecule-support interactions
Wang Y, Rong XM, Wang T, Wu SW, Rong ZM, Wang Y, Qu JP
534 - 542 Highly efficient cobalt nanoparticles anchored porous N-doped carbon nanosheets electrocatalysts for Li-O-2 batteries
Zhai YJ, Wang J, Gao Q, Fan YQ, Hou CX, Hou Y, Liu H, Shao Q, Wu SD, Zhao LL, Ding T, Dang F, Guo ZH
543 - 549 Design and synthesis of chiral hyperbranched polymers containing cinchona squaramide moieties and their catalytic activity in the asymmetric Michael addition reaction
Chhanda SA, Itsuno S
550 - 564 Products of the initial reduction of the Phillips catalyst by olefins
Joseph J, Potter KC, Wulfers MJ, Schwerdtfeger E, McDaniel MP, Jentoft FC
565 - 576 Phase transformation and oxygen vacancies in Pd/ZrO2 for complete methane oxidation under lean conditions
Wu Y, Chen JJ, Hu W, Zhao K, Qu PF, Shen PQ, Zhao M, Zhong L, Chen YQ
577 - 581 Bronsted-Evans-Polanyi relation for CO oxidation on metal oxides following the Mars-van Krevelen mechanism
Kropp T, Mavrikakis M
582 - 588 Strongly coupled hollow-oxide/phosphide hybrid coated with nitrogen-doped carbon as highly efficient electrocatalysts in alkaline for hydrogen evolution reaction
Zhang BA, Qin HY, Diao LC, Zhao NQ, Shi CS, Liu EZ, He CN
589 - 599 Au@CeO2 nanoparticles supported Pt/C electrocatalyst to improve the removal of CO in methanol oxidation reaction
van Dao D, Adilbish G, Le TD, Nguyen TTD, Lee IH, Yu YT
600 - 608 Coupling NiSe2-Ni2P heterostructure nanowrinkles for highly efficient overall water splitting
Wang PY, Pu ZH, Li WQ, Zhu JW, Zhang CT, Zhao YF, Mu SC
609 - 618 Adamantyl-BINOL as platform for chiral porous polymer aromatic frameworks. Multiple applications as recyclable catalysts
Monterde C, Navarro R, Iglesias M, Sanchez F
619 - 628 Structure-property relationship of graphene coupled metal (Ni, Co, Fe)(oxy)hydroxides for efficient electrochemical evolution of oxygen
He JK, Wu TL, Chen SY, Miao R, Dang YL, Zhong W, Wang MC, Jiang T, Suib SL
629 - 637 Lanthanum manganite-based perovskite as a catalyst for co-production of ethylene and hydrogen by ethane dehydrogenation
Yang XF, Wei T, Chi B, Pu J, Li J
638 - 651 Control of the crystal morphology of VOHPO4 center dot 0.5H(2)O precursors prepared via light alcohols-assisted solvothermal synthesis and influence on the selective oxidation of n-butane
Dinh MTN, Nguyen TL, Phan MD, Dinh LN, Truong QD, Bordes-Richard E
652 - 661 Photothermal effect promoting CO2 conversion over composite photocatalyst with high graphene content
Xu M, Hu XT, Wang SL, Yu JC, Zhu DJ, Wang JY
662 - 672 Insights into the reaction mechanism and particle size effects of CO oxidation over supported Pt nanoparticle catalysts
Neumann S, Gutmann T, Buntkowsky G, Paul S, Thiele G, Sievers H, Balmer M, Kunz S
673 - 683 Surface enriched palladium on palladium-copper bimetallic nanoparticles as catalyst for polycyclic triazoles synthesis
Saha R, Arunprasath D, Sekar G
684 - 691 Enhanced photoelectrochemical water oxidation activity of BiVO4 by coating of Co-phenolic networks as hole-transfer and co-catalyst
Tian T, Dong CZ, Liang XM, Yue M, Ding Y
692 - 710 Reactivity and selectivity descriptors of dioxygen activation routes on metal oxides
Kwon S, Deshlahra P, Iglesia E