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Journal of Catalysis, Vol.374 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9517 (Print) 

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1 - 11 First-principles kinetic study on benzene alkylation with ethanol vs. ethylene in H-ZSM-5
Wang D, Wang CM, Yang G, Du YJ, Yang WM
12 - 23 Tuning butene selectivities by Cu modification on Pd-based catalyst for the selective hydrogenation of 1,3-butadiene
Yang QC, Hou RJ, Sun KN
24 - 35 Potassium-promoted magnesium ferrite on 3D porous graphene as highly efficient catalyst for CO hydrogenation to lower olefins
Cheng Y, Tian J, Lin J, Wang SW, Xie SH, Pei Y, Yan SR, Qiao MH, Xu HL, Zong BN
36 - 42 Visible light-induced diastereoselective semihydrogenation of alkynes to cis-alkenes over an organically modified titanium(IV) oxide photocatalyst having a metal co-catalyst
Fukui M, Omori Y, Kitagawa SY, Tanaka A, Hashimoto K, Kominami H
43 - 50 Incorporation of CeF3 on single-atom dispersed Fe/N/C with oxophilic interface as highly durable electrocatalyst for proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Yin X, Utetiwabo W, Sun SH, Lian YM, Chen RJ, Yang W
51 - 59 Surface and morphology structure evolution of metal phosphide for designing overall water splitting electrocatalyst
Wang ZH, Heng NN, Wang XB, He JL, Zhao Y
60 - 71 Tuning CO2 hydrogenation selectivity via metal-oxide interfacial sites
Yan BH, Zhao BH, Kattel S, Wu QY, Yao SY, Su D, Chen JGG
72 - 81 Competitive adsorption on PtCo/CoBOx catalysts enables the selective hydrogen-reductive-imination of nitroarenes with aldehydes into imines
Zhang S, Xia ZM, Ma YY, Li J, Qu YQ
82 - 92 Kinetic analysis of the asymmetric hydrogenation of beta-keto esters over alpha-amino acid-functionalized Pt nanoparticles
Sulce A, Flaherty DW, Kunz S
93 - 100 Germanium as key dopant to boost the catalytic performance of small platinum clusters for alkane dehydrogenation
Jimenez-Izal E, Liu JY, Alexandrova AN
101 - 109 PdCu alloy nanoparticles supported on CeO2 nanorods: Enhanced electrocatalytic activity by synergy of compressive strain, PdO and oxygen vacancy
Guo ZW, Kang XW, Zheng XS, Huang J, Chen SW
110 - 117 Zr and Hf-metal-organic frameworks: Efficient and recyclable heterogeneous catalysts for the synthesis of 2-arylbenzoxazole via ring open pathway acylation reaction
Nguyen LHT, Nguyen TTT, Tran PH, Kawazoe Y, Le HM, Doan TLH
118 - 126 Superior anodic oxidation in tailored Sb-doped SnO2/Ru-2 composite nanofibers for electrochemical water treatment
Kim JC, Oh SI, Kang W, Yoo HY, Lee J, Kim DW
127 - 135 Electrochemical promotion of Bi-metallic Ni9Pd core double-shell nanoparticles for complete methane oxidation
Hajar YM, Venkatesh B, Houache MSE, Liu HS, Safari R, Prabhudev S, Botton GA, Baranova EA
136 - 142 Catalytic properties of intermetallic platinum-tin nanoparticles with non-stoichiometric compositions
Pei YC, Zhang BY, Maligal-Ganesh RV, Naik PJ, Goh TW, MacMurdo HL, Qi ZY, Chen MD, Behera RK, Slowing II, Huang WY
143 - 149 Tunable catalytic activity of cobalt-intercalated layered MnO2 for water oxidation through confinement and local ordering
Ning JL, Furness JW, Zhang YB, Thenuwara AC, Remsing RC, Klein ML, Strongin DR, Sun JW
150 - 160 The structure-activity relationship of Fe nanoparticles in CO adsorption and dissociation by reactive molecular dynamics simulations
Lu K, Huo CF, He YR, Guo WP, Peng Q, Yang Y, Li YW, Wen XD
161 - 170 First principles micro-kinetic model of catalytic non-oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane over close-packed metallic facets
Hansen MH, Norskov JK, Bligaard T
171 - 182 Precisely phase-modulated VPO catalysts with enhanced inter-phase conjunction for acrylic acid production through the condensation of acetic acid and formaldehyde
Liu J, Wang PC, Feng YN, Xu ZJ, Feng XZ, Ji WJ, Au CT
183 - 198 Microkinetic analysis of acetone hydrogenation over Pt/SiO2
Gao X, Heyden A, Abdelrahman OA, Bond JQ
199 - 207 Capturing the interconnectivity of water-induced oxidation and sintering of cobalt nanoparticles during the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis in situ
Wolf M, Fischer N, Claeys M
208 - 216 Metal and acid sites instantaneously prepared over Ni/SAPO-11 bifunctional catalyst
Lyu YC, Yu ZM, Yang Y, Liu YX, Zhao XX, Liu XM, Mintova S, Yan ZF, Zhao GF
217 - 229 Prolinamide functionalized polyacrylonitrile fiber with tunable linker length and surface microenvironment as efficient catalyst for Knoevenagel condensation and related multicomponent tandem reactions
Zhu H, Xu G, Du HM, Zhang CL, Ma N, Zhang WQ
230 - 236 Pt black catalyzed methane oxidation to methyl bisulfate in H2SO4 -SO3
Lee HW, Dang HT, Kim H, Lee U, Ha JM, Jae J, Cheong M, Lee H
237 - 245 Metallic molybdenum sulfide nanodots as platinum-alternative co-catalysts for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Xu XY, Pan L, Han QT, Wang CZ, Ding P, Pan J, Hu JG, Zeng HB, Zhou Y
246 - 256 Evolution of cobalt species in glow discharge plasma prepared CoRu/SiO2 catalysts with enhanced Fischer-Tropsch synthesis performance
Gao S, Hong JP, Xiao GQ, Chen SF, Zhang YH, Li JL
257 - 265 Flower-like Bi2O2CO3-mediated selective oxidative coupling processes of amines under visible light irradiation
Bai P, Tong XL, Wan J, Gao YQ, Xue S
266 - 275 Highly efficient hydrosilylation catalysts based on chloroplatinate "ionic liquids"
Jankowska-Wajda M, Bartlewicz O, Walczak A, Stefankiewicz AR, Maciejewski H
276 - 283 Highly conversion efficiency of solar water splitting over p-Cu2O/ZnO photocatalyst grown on a metallic substrate
Tawfik WZ, Hassan MA, Johar MA, Ryu SW, Lee JK
284 - 296 ZnO supported on Cu2O{100} enhances charge transfer in dimethyldichlorosilane synthesis
Li J, Ni ZB, Ji YJ, Zhu YX, Liu HZ, Zhang Y, Gong XQ, Zhong ZY, Su FB
297 - 305 Visible-light-driven selective oxidation of glucose in water with H-ZSM-5 zeolite supported biomimetic photocatalyst
Chen R, Yang CJ, Zhang QQ, Zhang BG, Deng KJ
306 - 319 Deep eutectic solvents functionalized polymers for easily and efficiently promoting biocatalysis
Li LT, Liu KJ, Xing HL, Li XF, Zhang QG, Han DD, He HY, Yan HY, Tang BK
320 - 327 Pd-catalyzed decarbonylation of furfural: Elucidation of support effect on Pd size and catalytic activity using in-situ XAFS
Ishida T, Honma T, Nakada K, Murayama H, Mamba T, Kume K, Izawa Y, Utsunomiya M, Tokunaga M
328 - 334 Major non-volatile intermediate products of photo-catalytic decomposition of ethylene
Tieng ST, Jia ZX, Labidi S, Trevino APDG, Eloy P, Gaigneaux EM, Chhor K, Kanaev A
335 - 344 Enhancing the water splitting performance of cryptomelane-type alpha-(K) MnO2
Antoni H, Morales DM, Bitzer J, Fu Q, Chen YT, Masa J, Kleist W, Schuhrnann W, Muhler M
345 - 359 Hydrodesulfurization of 4,6-dimethyldibenzothiophene over NiMo supported on Ga-modified Y zeolites catalysts
Zhou WW, Zhou AN, Zhang YT, Zhang CC, Chen ZP, Liu L, Zhou YS, Wei Q, Tao XJ
360 - 377 Highly selective Prins reaction over acid-modified halloysite nanotubes for synthesis of isopulegol-derived 2H-chromene compounds
Sidorenko AY, Kravtsova AV, Aho A, Heinmaa I, Warna J, Pazniak H, Volcho KP, Salakhutdinov NF, Murzin DY, Agabekov VE
378 - 390 Optimal construction of WO3 center dot H2O/Pd/CdS ternary Z-scheme photocatalyst with remarkably enhanced performance for oxidative coupling benzylamines
Wang RS, Qiu GH, Xiao Y, Tao XQ, Peng W, Li BX
391 - 400 Bimetallic Pt-Sn nanocluster from the hydrogenolysis of a well-defined surface compound consisting of [( AlO-)Pt(COD)Me] and [( AlO-)SnPh3] fragments for propane dehydrogenation
Xu ZK, Xu R, Yue YY, Yuan P, Bao XJ, Abou-Hamad E, Basset JM, Zhu HB
401 - 408 Highly efficient electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution over edge-modified phosphorene quantum dot/prussian blue skeleton structure
Xia XH, Liu L, Li XH, Gao SS, Yang TY
409 - 421 Mordenite etching in pyridine: Textural and chemical properties rationalized by toluene disproportionation and n-hexane cracking
Issa H, Toufaily J, Hamieh T, Comparot JD, Sachse A, Pinard L