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Journal of Catalysis, Vol.365 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 9 Impact of heterogeneities in silica-supported copper catalysts on their stability for methanol synthesis
Pompe CE, Slagter M, de Jongh PE, de Jong KP
10 - 13 Palladium-catalyzed four-component carbonylative synthesis of 2,3-disubstituted quinazolin-4(3H)-ones: Convenient methaqualone preparation
Peng JB, Geng HQ, Wang W, Qi XX, Ying J, Wu XF
14 - 23 Enhanced performance of boron nitride catalysts with induction period for the oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane to ethylene
Zhou YL, Lin J, Li L, Pan XL, Sun XC, Wang XD
24 - 28 One-step palladium catalysed synthetic route to unsaturated pelargonic C-9-amides directly from 1,3-butadiene
Vogelsang D, Vondran J, Vorholt AJ
29 - 35 High-performance iron (III) oxide electrocatalyst for water oxidation in strongly acidic media
Kwong WL, Lee CC, Shchukarev A, Bjorn E, Messinger J
36 - 42 L-proline modulated zirconium metal organic frameworks: Simple chiral catalysts for the aldol addition reaction
Feng X, Jena HS, Leus K, Wang GB, Ouwehand J, Van der Voort P
43 - 54 Structural elucidation of supported Rh complexes derived from RhCl (PPh3)(3) immobilized on surface-functionalized SBA-15 and their catalytic performance for C-heteroatom (S, O) bond formation
Yang Y, Chang JW, Rioux RM
55 - 62 On the nature of spillover hydrogen species on platinum/nitrogen-doped mesoporous carbon composites: A temperature-programmed nitrobenzene desorption study
Yang FK, Hu B, Xia W, Peng BX, Shen JY, Muhler M
63 - 70 Polyethylene glycol induced reconstructing Bi nanoparticle size for stabilized CO2 electroreduction to formate
Zhang X, Hou XF, Zhang Q, Cai YX, Liu YY, Qiao JL
71 - 85 Promotional effects of multiwalled carbon nanotubes on iron catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch to olefins
Zhang ZP, Zhang J, Wang X, Si R, Xu J, Han YF
86 - 93 Anodic TiO2 nanotubes decorated by Pt nanoparticles using ALD: An efficient electrocatalyst for methanol oxidation
Anitha VC, Zazpe R, Krbal M, Yoo J, Sopha H, Prikryl J, Cha G, Slang S, Schmuki P, Macak JM
94 - 104 Conversion of ethylene into propylene with the siliceous SSZ-13 zeolite prepared without an organic structure-directing agent
Bhadra BN, Song JY, Khan NA, Jun JW, Kim TW, Kim CU, Jhung SH
105 - 114 Propylene oxide inhibits propylene epoxidation over Au/TS-1
Harris JW, Arvay J, Mitchell G, Delgass WN, Ribeiro FH
115 - 124 Understanding photocatalytic overall water splitting on CoO nanoparticles: Effects of facets, surface stoichiometry, and the CoO/water interface
Park KW, Kolpak AM
125 - 137 Direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide over Pd/C catalyst prepared by selective adsorption deposition method
Lee S, Jeong H, Chung YM
138 - 144 Facile and controllable surface-functionalization of TiO2 nanotubes array for highly-efficient photoelectrochemical water-oxidation
Kim JU, Han HS, Park J, Park W, Baek JH, Lee JM, Jung HS, Cho IS
145 - 152 Monitoring the methanol conversion process in H-ZSM-5 using synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction-mass spectrometry
Lo BTW, Ye L, Murray CA, Tang CC, Mei DH, Tsang SCE
153 - 162 Towards a greener approach for the preparation of highly active gold/carbon catalyst for the hydrochlorination of ethyne
Zhao J, Wang BL, Yue YX, Di SX, Zhai YY, He HH, Sheng GF, Lai HX, Zhu YH, Guo LL, Li XN
163 - 173 Tailoring Pt locations in KL zeolite by improved atomic layer deposition for excellent performance in n-heptane aromatization
Xu D, Wang SY, Wu BS, Huo CF, Qin Y, Zhang B, Yin JQ, Huang LH, Wen XD, Yang Y, Li YW
174 - 183 The mechanism and kinetics of methyl isobutyl ketone synthesis from acetone over ion-exchanged hydroxyapatite
Ho CR, Zheng S, Shylesh S, Bell AT
184 - 194 Structure-based synergistic mechanism for the degradation of typical antibiotics in electro-Fenton process using Pd-Fe3O4 model catalyst: Theoretical and experimental study
Zhou YY, Liu XC, Zhao YQ, Luo S, Wang LL, Yang Y, Oturan MA, Mu Y
195 - 203 Design and fabrication of PdO/CexOy composite catalysts with coaxial nanotuber and studies of their synergistic performance in Suzuki-Miyaura reactions
Yu DD, Jie B, Wang JZ, Li CP
204 - 212 In situ immobilized palladium nanoparticles on surface of poly-methyldopa coated-magnetic nanoparticles (Fe3O4@PMDA/Pd): A magnetically recyclable nanocatalyst for cyanation of aryl halides with K-4[Fe(CN)(6)]
Veisi H, Hemmati S, Safarimehr P
213 - 226 Influence of confining environment polarity on ethanol dehydration catalysis by Lewis acid zeolites
Bates JS, Gounder R
227 - 237 Cobalt-iron (oxides) water oxidation catalysts: Tracking catalyst redox states and reaction dynamic mechanism
Meng JF, Cui ZD, Yang XJ, Zhu SL, Li ZY, Qi KZ, Zheng LR, Liang YQ
238 - 248 Catalytic performance of phase-pure M1 MoVNbTeOx/CeO2 composite for oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane
Dang D, Chen X, Yan BH, Li YK, Cheng Y
249 - 260 Exploring the impact of zeolite porous voids in liquid phase reactions: The case of glycerol etherification by tert-butyl alcohol
Miranda C, Urresta J, Cruchade H, Tran A, Benghalem M, Astafan A, Gaudin P, Daou TJ, Ramirez A, Pouilloux Y, Sachse A, Pinard L
261 - 276 First principles, microkinetic, and experimental analysis of Lewis acid site speciation during ethanol dehydration on Sn-Beta zeolites
Bukowski BC, Bates JS, Gounder R, Greeley J
277 - 291 Elucidating strong metal-support interactions in Pt-Sn/SiO2 catalyst and its consequences for dehydrogenation of lower alkanes
Deng LD, Miura H, Shishido T, Wang Z, Hosokawa S, Teramura K, Tanaka T
292 - 302 The role of Bi-doping in promoting electron transfer and catalytic performance of Pt/3DOM-Ce1-xBixO2-delta
Yu K, Lei D, Feng YJ, Yu HC, Chang Y, Wang YB, Liu YQ, Wang GC, Lou LL, Liu SX, Zhou WZ
303 - 312 Synthesis of platinum single-site centers through metal-ligand self-assembly on powdered metal oxide supports
Chen LX, Sterbinsky GE, Tait SL
313 - 319 In-situ probing photocatalytic C-C bond cleavage in ethylene glycol under ambient conditions and the effect of metal cocatalyst
Li C, Wang XP, Cheruvathur A, Shen YB, Xiang HW, Li YW, Niemantsverdriet JW, Su R
320 - 333 Metal oxide-confined interweaved titania nanotubes M/TNT (M = Mn, Cu, Ce, Fe, V, Cr, and Co) for the selective catalytic reduction of NOx in the presence of excess oxygen
Boningari T, Pappas DK, Smirniotis PG
334 - 343 Water as key to activity and selectivity in Co Fischer-Tropsch synthesis: gamma-alumina based structure-performance relationships
Rytter E, Borg O, Tsakoumis NE, Holmen A
344 - 350 Investigation of active sites for C-H functionalization on carbon-based catalyst: Effect of nitrogen-containing functional groups and radicals
Ahmad MS, Suzuki H, Wang C, Zhao M, Nishina Y
351 - 358 Hierarchical urchin-like peapoded core-shell-structured NiCo2@Ni1/3Co2/3S2@C catalyst with synergistically high-efficiency electrocatalytic properties toward hydrogen evolution reaction
Yin C, Deng J, Fang L, Wang YW, Yang XH, Gu X, Wang Y
359 - 366 Hydrolysis of zeolite framework aluminum and its impact on acid catalyzed alkane reactions
Xue NH, Vjunov A, Schallmoser S, Fulton JL, Sanchez-Sanchez M, Hu JZ, Mei DH, Lercher JA
367 - 375 Influence of preparation method and doping of zirconium oxide onto the material characteristics and catalytic activity for the HDO reaction in nickel on zirconium oxide catalysts
Pichler CM, Gu D, Joshi H, Schuth F
376 - 390 Catalytic properties of Ga-containing MFI-type zeolite in cyclohexane dehydrogenation and propane aromatization
Raad M, Astafan A, Hamieh S, Toufaily J, Hamieh T, Comparot JD, Canaff C, Daou TJ, Patarin J, Pinard L
391 - 404 The mechanism of ethanol steam reforming on the Co-0 and Co2+ sites: A DFT study
Li MR, Wang GC
405 - 410 Counting surface redox sites in carbon-supported electrocatalysts by cathodic stripping of O deposited from N2O
Egbert JD, Lopez-Ruiz JA, Prodinger S, Holladay JD, Mans DM, Wade CE, Weber RS
411 - 419 Efficient selective oxidation of propylene by dioxygen on mesoporous-silica-nanoparticle-supported nanosized copper
Lai NC, Tsai MC, Liu CH, Chen CS, Yang CM
420 - 428 The critical role of CeO2 crystal-plane in controlling Pt chemical states on the hydrogenolysis of furfuryl alcohol to 1,2-pentanediol
Tong T, Liu XH, Guo Y, Banis MN, Hu YF, Wang YQ
429 - 439 Ruthenium silica nanoreactors with varied metal-wall distance for efficient control of hydrocarbon distribution in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
Chen YP, Batalha N, Marinova M, Imperor-Clerc M, Ma CR, Ersen O, Baaziz W, Stewart JA, Curulla-Ferre D, Khodakov AY, Ordomsky VV
440 - 449 Synergy between Cu and Bronsted acid sites in carbonylation of dimethyl ether over CuiFI-MOR
Li Y, Huang SY, Cheng ZZ, Wang SP, Ge QF, Ma XB
450 - 463 Generating and optimizing the catalytic activity in UiO-66 for aerobic oxidation of alkenes by post-synthetic exchange Ti atoms combined with ligand substitution
Santiago-Portillo A, Navalon S, Alvaro M, Garcia H