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1303 - 1309 Synthesis and properties of poly ether nitrile sulfone copolymers with pendant methyl groups
Saxena A, Sadhana R, Rao VL, Ravindran PV, Ninan KN
1310 - 1319 Controlled release of insecticide carbaryl from sodium alginate, sodium alginate/gelatin, and sodium alginate/sodium carboxymethyl cellulose blend beads crosslinked with glutaraldehyde
Isiklan N
1320 - 1327 Flammability and thermal properties of high density polyethylene/paraffin hybrid as a form-stable phase change material
Cai YB, Hu Y, Song L, Tang Y, Yang R, Zhang YP, Chen ZY, Fan WC
1328 - 1339 Water absorption mechanism and some anomalous effects on the mechanical and viscoelastic behavior of an epoxy system
Papanicolaou GC, Kosmidou TV, Vatalis AS, Delides CG
1340 - 1345 Immobilization of soluble eggshell membrane protein on polyethylene film surface: Effect on the culture of NIH3T3 in vitro
Yi F, Li Q, Guo ZX, Yu J
1346 - 1349 Characterization of lignocellulosic-poly(lactic acid) reinforced composites
Hou QX, Chai XS, Yang R, Elder T, Ragauskas AJ
1350 - 1358 Novel stabilization system for polypropylene via the Ziegler-Natta catalyzed polymerization in the presence of aluminum aryloxide
Kawamoto N, Horikoshi T, Nomura K, Yokota H, Negishi Y, Tobita E, Teran M
1359 - 1366 Curing behavior of 4,4'-diamonodiphenyl methane-based benzoxazine oligomers/bisoxazoline copolymers and the properties of their cured resins
Li SF, Wang LL
1367 - 1373 Flame retardant epoxy resins based on diglycidyl ether of isobutyl bis(hydroxypropyl)phosphine oxide
Ribera G, Mercado LA, Galia M, Cadiz V
1374 - 1379 Synthesis and thermal properties of randomly branched poly(butylene isophthalate) containing sodium sulfonate groups
Finelli L, Siracusa V, Lotti N, Gazzano M, Munari A
1380 - 1389 Modification of tetraethylorthosilicate crosslinked poly(vinyl alcohol) membrane using chitosan and its application to the pervaporation separation of water-isopropanol mixtures
Kulkarni SS, Tambe SM, Kittur AA, Kariduraganavar MY
1390 - 1398 Molecularly emprinted polymer microspheres prepared by precipitation polymerization using a sacrificial covalent bond
Boonpangrak S, Prachayasittikul V, Bulow L, Ye L
1399 - 1404 Effect of diether as internal donor on MgCl2-supported Ziegler-Natta catalyst for propylene polymerization
Cui NN, Ke YC, Li HY, Zhang ZC, Guo CY, Lv ZX, Hu YL
1405 - 1414 Comparative degradation of pultruded E-glass/vinylester in deionized water, alkaline solution, and concrete leachate solution
Chu W, Wu LX, Karbhari VM
1415 - 1428 Preparation and characterization of a proton-exchange membrane by the radiation grafting of styrene onto polytetrafluoroethylene films
Kang K, Kang PH, Nho YC
1429 - 1436 Kinetic investigations on the UV-induced photopolymerization of nanocomposites by FTIR spectroscopy
Li FS, Zhou SX, You B, Wu LM
1437 - 1445 Microstructure analysis of methyl acrylate/methyl methacrylate copolymers by two-dimensional NMR spectroscopy
Brar AS, Singh G, Shankar R
1446 - 1461 Surface modification of polypropylene sheets by UV-radiation grafting polymerization
Cho JD, Kim SG, Hong JW
1462 - 1470 Electrospun nanofibers of block copolymer of trimethylene carbonate and epsilon-caprolactone
Jia YT, Kim HY, Gong J, Lee DR
1471 - 1475 ATR-UV monitoring of methyl methacrylate miniemulsion polymerization for determination of monomer conversion
Chai XS, Schork FJ, Oliver EM
1476 - 1484 Rheological characternization of PP/jute composite melts
Mohanty S, Verma SK, Nayak SK
1485 - 1495 Microwave assisted HMDSO/oxygen plasma coated polyethylene terephthalate films: Effects of process parameters and uniaxial strain on gas barrier properties, surface morphology, and chemical composition
Schmachtenberg E, Costa FR, Gobel S
1496 - 1503 Tensile and elastic behavior of tencel continuous filaments
Abdullah I, Blackburn RS, Russell SJ, Taylor J
1504 - 1515 Characterization of epoxidized natural rubber/ethylene vinyl acetate (ENR-50/EVA) blend: Effect of blend ratio
Mohamad Z, Ismail H, Thevy RC
1516 - 1522 Studies on poly(8-hydroxy-4-azoquinolinephenylmethacrylate) and its metal complexes
Vijayalakshmi S, Subramanian S, Rajagopan S, Kaliyappan T
1523 - 1529 The linear viscoelastic properties of copolypropylene-clay nanocomposites
Zhong WX, Qiao XY, Sun K, Zhang GD, Chen XD
1530 - 1540 New solid polymer electrolytes based on PEO/PAN hybrids
Wu CG, Wu CH, Lu MI, Chuang HJ
1541 - 1551 Study on the interfacial properties of two-dimensionally arranged glass fiber/epoxy resin model composites
Moon CK, Holmes GA, McDonough WG
1552 - 1558 Thermal and electrical conductivity of carbon-filled liquid crystal polymer composites
King JA, Miller MG, Barton RL, Keith JM, Hauser RA, Peterson KR, Sutter LL
1559 - 1567 Improvement of the homogeneity of SBR/NBR blends using polyglycidylmethacrylate-g-butadiene rubber
Botros SH, Moustafa AF, Ibrahim SA
1568 - 1575 Effects of rosin-type clarifying agent on the crystallization and compatibility of polypropylene and low density polyethylene
Wang H, Li CC, Ke YC, Zhang D, Li ZY
1576 - 1582 Effect of organoclay on the thermal stability, mechanical strength, and surface wettability of injection-molded ABS-clay nanocomposite materials prepared by melt intercalation
Yeh JM, Chen CL, Huang CC, Chang FC, Chen SC, Su PL, Kuo CC, Hsu JT, Chen BY, Yu YH
1583 - 1589 Fire-retardant plastic material from oyster-shell powder and recycled polyethylene
Chong MH, Chun BC, Chung YC, Cho BG
1590 - 1599 Gas transport and thermal characterization of mono- and di-polyethylene films used for food packaging
Mrkic S, Galic K, Ivankovic M, Hamin S, Cikovic N
1600 - 1614 Rheological, thermal, and curing properties of natural rubber-g-poly(methyl methacrylate)
Nakason C, Pechurai W, Sahakaro K, Kaesaman A
1615 - 1619 A convenient one-step preparation of chitosan-poly(sodium acrylate-co-acrylamide) hydrogel hybrids with super-swelling properties
Mahdavinia GR, Pourjavadi A, Zohuriaan-Mehr MJ
1620 - 1626 Synthesis of chelate resins derived from furfural and their adsorption properties for metal ions
Zhou LC, Li YF, Zhang SJ, Chang XJ, Hou YF, Yang HX
1627 - 1632 Metallization of UV-cured acrylate resins by reduction of polymer-incorporated cobalt ion
Kuribayashi M, Narita Y, Shibata M
1633 - 1644 Effect of ambient-temperature and high-temperature electron-beam radiation on the structural, thermal, mechanical, and dynamic mechanical properties of injection-molded polyamide-6,6
Sengupta R, Sabharwal S, Tikku VK, Somani AK, Chaki TK, Bhowmick AK
1645 - 1656 Preparation and characterization of nanocomposites based on thermoplastic elastomers from rubber-plastic blends
Maiti M, Bandyopadhyay A, Bhowmick AK
1657 - 1664 Characterization of poly(N(hydroxymethyl)methacrylamide-ATU) hydrogels synthesized by gamma radiation
Sahiner N, Celikbicak O, Malci S, Kantoglu O, Salih B
1665 - 1673 Enhancement of electrical properties of anisotropically conductive adhesive joints via low temperature sintering
Li Y, Moon KS, Wong CP
1674 - 1683 Effect of impregnation and in-situ polymerization of methacrylates on hardness of sugar maple wood
Zhang YL, Zhang SY, Chui YH, Wan H
1684 - 1691 Chitosan/clay nanocomposite film preparation and characterization
Xu YX, Ren X, Hanna MA
1692 - 1697 Water sorption and diffusion behaviors in composite films of poly(ether amide) and bismaleimide
Seo J, Lee C, Jang WB, Sundar S, Han HS
1698 - 1704 Characterization of evaporated and sputtered thin Au layers on poly(ethylene terephtalate)
Svorcik V, Slepicka P, Svorcikova J, Spirkova M, Zehentner J, Hnatowicz V
1705 - 1719 The preparation, characterization, and cure reactions of new bisbenzocyclobutene-terminated aromatic imides
Zhang YQ, Gao JY, Shen XN, Huang FR
1720 - 1723 Effects of aroma chemical vapor pressure and fiber morphology on the retention of aroma chemicals on cotton and poly(ethylene terephthalate) fabrics
Obendorf SK, Liu HQ, Leonard MJ, Young TJ, Incorvia MJ
1724 - 1731 Effect of alkylammonium salt on the dispersion and properties of poly(p-phenylene sulfide)/clay nanocomposites via melt intercalation
Zou H, Xu W, Zhang Q, Fu Q
1732 - 1739 Effect of molecular structure on performance of electroactive ionic acrylic copolymer-platinum composites
Jeong HM, Woo SM, Lee S, Cha GC, Mun MS
1740 - 1751 Characterization and performance evaluations of sodium zeolite-Y filled chitosan polymeric membrane: Effect of sodium zeolite-Y concentration
Ahmad AL, Nawawi MGM, So LK
1752 - 1759 Effects of organoclay modification on microstructure and properties of polypropylene-organoclay nanocomposites
Lee JW, Kim MH, Choi WM, Park OO
1760 - 1766 Preparation and characterization of microcellular thin polycarbonate sheets
Xiang BL, Guan R, Fang Q, Xiao ZX, Jiang YJ
1767 - 1772 Application of time-temperature superposition principle to polymer transition kinetics
Cheng RS, Yang H
1773 - 1780 Thermal decomposition behavior of gamma-irradiated poly(vinyl acetate)/poly(methyl methacrylate) miscible blends
El-Din HMN, El-Naggar AWM, Ali FI
1781 - 1787 Essential work of fracture evaluation of fracture behavior of glass bead filled linear low-density polyethylene
Yang W, Xie BH, Shi W, Li ZM, Liu ZY, Chen J, Yang MB
1788 - 1794 Electrodialytic removal of nitrates and hardness from simulated mixtures using ion-exchange membranes
Nataraj SK, Hosamani KM, Aminabhavi TM
1795 - 1801 Thermal properties measurements of renatured gelatin using conventional and temperature modulated differential scanning calorimetry
Dai CA, Chen YF, Liu MW
1802 - 1807 Influence of apple flavor absorption on physical and mechanical properties of poly(ethylene terephthalate) films
Denktas C, Yildirim H, San N
1808 - 1816 Experimental study on carboxymethylation of cellulose extracted from Posidonia oceanica
Aguir C, M'Henni MF
1817 - 1822 Optimum temperature profile for noncatalytic reaction to produce polyamide hot melt adhesives
Heidarian J, Ghasem NM, Daud WMAW
1823 - 1831 Flour rice husk as filler in block copolymer polypropylene: Effect of different coupling agents
Marti-Ferrer F, Vilaplana F, Ribes-Greus A, Benedito-Borras A, Sanz-Box C
1832 - 1841 Preparation of collagen-polyurethane composite film and its subcutaneous implantation in rats: The improvement of tissue compatibility
Li YH, Huang YD
1842 - 1847 Analysis by mass spectrometry of the hydrolysis/condensation reaction of a trialkoxysilane in various dental monomer solutions
Farahani M, Wallace WE, Antonucci JM, Guttman CM
1848 - 1853 Effect of ethanol on chemically synthesized polyaniline nanothread
Kan JQ, Zhang SL, Jing GL
1854 - 1858 Effects of zinc oxide nanoparticles an the physical properties of polyacrylonitrile
Chae DW, Kim BC
1859 - 1864 Comparative effects of pyrolyzed oil shale and pyrolyzed burned oil shale used as fillers in poly(ethylene-co-vinyl alcohol)
Barbosa RV, Baumhardt-Neto R, Mauler RS, Lima EC, Schneider CG
1865 - 1871 A rheological study on kinetics of poly(butylene terephthalate) melt intercalation
Wu DF, Zhou CX, Zheng H
1872 - 1879 Structure and properties of polyamides-epoxidized elastomers blends
Steller R, Micewicz E, Meissner W, Piglowski J, Haponiuk J
1880 - 1886 Structure development in amorphous starch as revealed by X-ray scattering: Influence of the network structure and water content
Bayer RK, Cagiao ME, Calleja FJB
1887 - 1894 Behavior of ionomers of sulfonated styrene-butadiene-styrene triblock copolymer in polymer blends with crystalline polyolefins and as compatibilizer
Xie HQ, Liu DG, Xie D, Guan JG
1895 - 1902 Adsorption and desorption properties of the chelating membranes prepared from the PE films
Yamada K, Nagano R, Hirata M
1903 - 1909 Effect of nonsolvent coagulant on the morphology and radionuclide detection efficiency of CAYS-impregnated polysulfone films
Lee KW, Seo BK, Lim NJ, Nam ST, Han MJ
1910 - 1918 Comparative measurement of interfacial tension by transient dynamic methods
Son Y
1919 - 1927 4-Acetamidophenyl acrylate copolymers with acrylonitrile and N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone: Synthesis, characterization, and reactivity ratios
Reddy BSR, Balasubramaniam S, Suriyan MR
1928 - 1933 Modification of polyethylene and incorporation of fillers for effective reinforcement of mechanical and better flame retardant properties
Shah GB, Fuzail M
1934 - 1939 Influences of the polymerization ingredients on the porous morphology of soap-free poly(methyl methacrylate/ethyl acrylate/methacrylic adid) seeded latex particles
Kang K, Kan CY, Du Y, Liu DS
1940 - 1944 Copolymerization of acrylonitrile with methyl vinyl ketone
Hou C, Liu JS, Ying L, Wang CG
1945 - 1952 Synthesis and characterization of high molecular weight metaloquinolate-containing polymers
Mei QB, Du NY, Lu MG
1953 - 1959 A convenient method to determine the Rayleigh ratio with uniform polystyrene oligomers
Itakura M, Shimada K, Matsuyama S, Saito T, Kinugasa S
1960 - 1974 Adhesion measurement of interfaces between gelatin and poly(ethylene terephthalate) using microscratch technique
Dai CA, Liao CC, Tsui TA, Chien HC, Liu MW
1975 - 1980 Novel method for preparation of quaternary ammonium ionomer from epoxidized styrene-butadiene-styrene triblock copolymer and its use as compatibilizer for blending of styrene-butadiene-styrene and chlorosulfonated polyethylene
Xie HQ, Chen Y, Guan JG, Xie D
1981 - 1985 Effects of stearates on the thermal stability of chlorinated natural rubber from latex
Yu HP, Li SD, Zhong JP, Xu K
1986 - 1991 Effects of dibutyltin dilaurate and epoxidized soya bean oil on the thermal stability of chlorinated natural rubber from latex
Yu HP, Li SD, Zhong JP, Xu K