Journal of Applied Polymer Science

Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Vol.98, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-8995 (Print) 

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945 - 949 Effect of temperature and pH values on aggregation behavior of polymeric surfactants in aqueous solution
Cao Y, Li HL
950 - 956 Characterization of optical properties of acrylate based adhesives exposed to different temperature conditions
Priyadarshi A, Shimin L, Mhaisalkar SG, Rajoo R, Wong EH, Kripesh V, Namdas EB
957 - 967 Fracture behavior and deformation mechanism of polypropylene/ethylene-octene copolymer/magnesium hydroxide ternary phase composites
Yin J, Zhang Y, Zhang YX
968 - 973 Short-term thermal endurance evaluation of thermoplastic polyesters by isothermal and nonisothermal thermogravimetric analysis
Saccani A, Motori A, Montanari GC
974 - 984 Modification of cellulose fibers with functionalized silanes: Effect of the fiber treatment on the mechanical performances of cellulose-thermoset composites
Abdelmouleh M, Boufi S, Belgacem MN, Dufresne A, Gandini A
985 - 989 Single wall carbon nanotube dispersion and exfoliation in polymers
Uchida T, Kumar S
990 - 996 Non-linear electrical conductivity of urea-formaldehyde-cellulose loaded with powders of different carbon fillers
Maaroufi AK, Pinto G, Paz I
997 - 1000 Antibacterial activity of modified polyamide fibers
Saihi D, El-Achari A, Vroman I, Perichaud A
1001 - 1009 Transient effects in dynamic modulus measurement of silicone elastomers 1. Zero mean strain measurements
Warley RL, Feke DL, Manas-Zloczower I
1010 - 1015 Synthesize and characterization of styrene-N-phenyl maleimide/montmorillonite nanocomposites prepared through emulsion polymerization
Liu GD, Zhang LC, Li ZJ, Qu XW
1016 - 1024 Preparation of N-butyl chitosan and study of its physical and biological properties
Li J, Gong YD, Zhao NM, Zhang XF
1025 - 1031 Polymerization in a magnetic field. XV Some azoinitiators behavior in a high magnetic field
Chiriac AP
1032 - 1035 The usage of linseed oil-based polyurethanes as a rheological modifier
Yilmaz O, Baranak M, Guner FS, Erciyes AT
1036 - 1049 Silane functionalization of perfluoroether oligomers for reaction management and morphology control of two-phase epoxy networks
Mascia L, Ng VSY, Heath RH, Messori M
1050 - 1054 Swelling behaviors of a three-component copolymer (Starch graft sodium acrylate and 2-acrylamido-2-methyl-propanosulfortic acid) synthesized by microwave polymerization
Xu K, Zhang WD, Yue YM, Wang PX
1055 - 1061 Development of a fast drying hybrid lacquer in a low-relative-humidity environment based on kurome lacquer sap
Lu R, Ishimura T, Tsutida K, Honda T, Miyakoshi T
1062 - 1071 Rheological properties of styrene-co-2-furfuryl methacrylate copolymers
Rego JM, Berglund C, Welsh G, White M
1072 - 1080 Effects of molding conditions on the electromagnetic interference performance of conductive ABS parts
Chen SC, Chien RD, Lee PH, Huang JS
1081 - 1086 Synthesis and characterization of epoxy based nanocomposites
Basara G, Yilmazer U, Bayram G
1087 - 1091 Morphology, thermal stability, and dynamic mechanical properties of atactic polypropylene/carbon nanotube composites
Yang J, Lin YH, Wang JF, Lai MF, Li J, Liu JJ, Tong X, Cheng HM
1092 - 1099 Effect of gelatin on the swelling behavior of organic hybrid gels based on N-isopropylacrylamide and gelatin
Lee WF, Lee SC
1100 - 1105 Synthesis and characterization of quaternary ammonium ionomers
Pazhanisamy P, Ariff M, Anwaruddin Q
1106 - 1112 Synthesis, properties, and self-assembly of poly(benzyl ether)-b-polystyrene dendritic-linear polymers
Jiang GH, Wang L, Chen T, Wang JF, Chen C, Yu HJ
1113 - 1118 Orientated crystallization in discontinuous aramid fiber/isotactic polypropylene composites under shear flow conditions
Larin B, Marom G, Avila-Orta CA, Somani RH, Hsiao BS
1119 - 1124 Effects of preparation method on microstructure and properties of UV-curable nanocomposite coatings containing silica
Li FS, Zhou SX, Wu LM
1125 - 1134 Gas permeation studies of natural rubber and carboxylated styrene-butadiene rubber latex membranes
Stephen R, Thomas S, Joseph K
1135 - 1141 Effect of temperature on the dispersion properties of polypropylene fibers
Belal AE, Hamza AA, Sokkar TZN, El-Bakary MA, Yassien KM
1142 - 1149 Electrical properties and morphology of polypropylene/epoxy/glass fiber composites filled with carbon black
Li Y, Wang SF, Zhang Y, Zhang YX
1150 - 1156 Synthesis and characterization of sulfonated poly(ethylene terephthalate)/montmorillonite nanocomposites
Li Y, Ma JH, Wang YM, Liang BR
1157 - 1164 New polymeric materials for paper and textile conservation. I. Synthesis and characterization of acrylic copolymers
Princi E, Vicini S, Pedemonte E, Arrighi V, McEwen L
1165 - 1171 Effects of the aluminum filler content on moisture diffusion into epoxy adhesives in distilled water and sea water
Kahraman R
1172 - 1179 Thermal degradation kinetics of polyethylene and silane-crosslinked polyethylene
Zong RW, Wang ZZ, Liu NA, Hu Y, Liao GX
1180 - 1185 Ultraviolet-curing behavior of an epoxy acrylate resin system
Hong BT, Shin KS, Kim DS
1186 - 1191 Synthesis and characterization of polyacrylamide grafted copolymers of Kundoor mucilage
Mishra A, Bajpai M
1192 - 1197 Synthesis and properties of polymer film modified electrodes to detect metal ions
Rivas BL, Pooley SA, Brovelli F, Pereira E, Basaez L, Osorio F, Moutet JC, Saint-Aman E
1198 - 1205 Synthesis and characterization of poly(2-ethylaniline)-poly(styrenesulfonic acid) and poly(o-phenetidine)-poly(styrenesulfonic acid) complexes
Lin DS, Yang SM
1206 - 1214 The effect of swelling agents and characterization of polyurethane/polymer electrolytes/clay composites
Chiu HT, Wu JH
1215 - 1218 Synthesisof C-60-bonded polystyrene initiated with C60Cln/Ni(naph)(2)/P(Ph)(3)
Hua J, Yang HQ, Guo ZX, Xu L, Chen DB
1219 - 1223 Effect of the network topology on the tensile strength of natural rubber vulcanizate at elevated temperature
Gonzalez L, Valentin JL, Fernandez-Torres A, Rodriguez A, Marcos-Fernandez A
1224 - 1228 Tunable near-infrared optical properties based on poly(methyl methacrylate)-oxide waveguide materials
Wei MH, Lee CH, Chang CC, Chen WC
1229 - 1234 Preparation and characterization of polypropylene/clay nanocomposites with polypropylene-graft-maleic anhydride
Jang LW, Kim ES, Kim HS, Yoon JS
1235 - 1243 Terpolymer films having semipolar structure: Preparation, wettability, and mechanical properties
Hiwatashi T, Hayama K, Sawada Y, Itoh T
1244 - 1250 Development and characterization of homogeneous membranes prepared from sulfonated poly(phenylene oxide)
Guan R, Gong CL, Lu DP, Zou H, Lu W
1251 - 1261 Thermoplastic vulcanizates based on poly(methyl methacrylate)/epoxidized natural rubber blends: Mechanical, thermal, and morphological properties
Nakason C, Tobprakhon A, Kaesarnan A
1262 - 1270 Properties of polyacrylamide-based hydrogels prepared by electron beam irradiation for possible use as bioactive controlled delivery matrices
El-Rehim HAA, Hegazy EA, El-Mohdy HLA
1271 - 1279 Deformation and fracture behavior of polypropylene-ethylene vinyl alcohol blends compatibilized with ionomer Zn2+
Montoya M, Abad MJ, Losada LB, Bernal C
1280 - 1289 Structure analysis in polyurethane foams at interfaces
Mahmood N, Kressler J, Busse K
1290 - 1295 Micro-void toughening of thermosets and its mechanism
Kim NH, Kim HS
1296 - 1299 Preparation of porous spherical MgCl2/SiO2 complex support as precursor for catalytic propylene polymerization
Jiang T, Chen W, Zhao F, Liu YX, Wang R, Du HB, Zhang TY
1300 - 1307 Thermal analysis of novel underfill materials with optimum processing characteristics
Liu Y, Wang YF, Gerasimov TG, Heffner KH, Harmon JP
1308 - 1316 Reactive polytetrafluoroethylene/polyamide compounds. I. Characterization of the compound morphology with respect to the functionality of the polytetrafluoroethylene component by microscopic and differential scanning calorimetry studies
Pompe G, Haussler L, Potschke P, Voigt D, Janke A, Geissler U, Hupfer B, Reinhardt G, Lehmann D
1317 - 1324 Reactive polytetrafluoroethylene/polyamide 6 compounds. II. Study of the reactivity with respect to the functionality of the polytetrafluoroethylene component and analysis of the notched impact strength of the polytetrafluoroethylene/polyamide 6 compounds
Pompe G, Haussler L, Adam G, Eichhorn KJ, Janke A, Hupfer B, Lehmann D
1325 - 1338 Impure carbon nanotubes as reinforcements for acrylated epoxidized soy oil composites
Thielemans W, McAninch IM, Barron V, Blau WJ, Wool RP
1339 - 1343 Improvement in alkoxide anionic initiation technique by using a colorimetric titration
Compos D, Delaite C, Hurtrez G, Dumas P
1344 - 1350 Impedance spectra of carbon black filled high-density polyethylene composites
Wang YJ, Pan Y, Zhang XW, Tan K
1351 - 1357 Preparation of starch-graft-poly(acrylamide)/attapulgite superabsorbent composite
Li A, Liu RF, Wang AQ
1358 - 1363 Porous poly(vinylidene fluoride) membrane with highly hydrophobic surface
Peng M, Li HB, Wu LJ, Zheng Q, Chen Y, Gu WF
1364 - 1372 Fluorinated segmented polyurethane anionomers for water-oil repellent surface treatments of cellulosic substrates
Trombetta T, Iengo P, Turri S
1373 - 1379 Microstructure and mechanical properties of poly(L-lactide) scaffolds fabricated by gelatin particle leaching method
Zhou QL, Gong YH, Gao CY
1380 - 1384 Emulsion copolymerization of vinyl acetate and 2-ethyl hexyl acrylate using nonionic emulsifiers in loop reactor
Sarac A, Keklik M, Yidiz O, Yidirim H
1385 - 1392 Acoustic analysis of composite soft materials III: Compressibility of boundary layers around particles of mica and calcium carbonate
Maebayashi M, Otsuka S, Matsuoka T, Koda S
1393 - 1403 Dynamically vulcanized PP/EPDM blends by multifunctional peroxides: Characterization with various analytical techniques
Datta S, Naskar K, Jelenic J, Noordermeer JWM
1404 - 1411 The effects of zwitterionic and anionic charge densities in polymer chains on the viscosity behavior of a pH-responsive hydrophobically modified ionic polymer
Umar Y, Abu-Sharkh BF, Ali SA
1412 - 1417 Spinodal dewetting - A simple method to prepare conjugated polymer array
Yan LF
1418 - 1426 Atom transfer radical polymerization of styrene using a copper catalyst with a pseudohalogen anion
Singha NK, German AL
1427 - 1436 Control and development of crystallinity and morphology in poly(beta-hydroxybutyrate-co-beta-hydroxyvalerate)/poly(propylene carbonate) blends
Li J, Lai MF, Liu JJ
1437 - 1444 Kraft lignin/poly(ethylene oxide) blends: Effect of lignin structure on miscibility and hydrogen bonding
Kubo S, Kadla JF
1445 - 1450 Effect of the elastomer type on the microstructure and mechanical properties of polypropylene
Oksuz M, Eroglu M
1451 - 1456 Polyurethanes and polyesters from lignin
Bonini C, D'Auria M, Ernanuele L, Ferri R, Pucciariello R, Sabia AR
1457 - 1461 Graft polymerization of styrene on soy protein isolate
Xi DL, Yang C, Liu XY, Chen MQ, Sun C, Xu YL
1462 - 1468 Polymerization-induced phase separations in branched poly(methyl methacrylate) synthesis
Kwok AY, Neo SA, Qiao GG, Solomon DH
1469 - 1475 Zinc hydroxystannate and zinc stannate as flame-retardant agents for flexible poly(vinyl chloride)
Xu JZ, Zhang CY, Qu HQ, Tian CM