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1421 - 1428 Epoxy resin composites with surface-modified silicon dioxide nanoparticles: A review
Sprenger S
1429 - 1441 Recent advances in flexible sensors for wearable and implantable devices
Pang C, Lee C, Suh KY
1442 - 1452 Mechanical and thermal properties of bio-based CaCO3/soybean-based hybrid unsaturated polyester nanocomposites
Hassan TA, Rangari VK, Jeelani S
1453 - 1465 Characterization of the draping behavior of jute woven fabrics for applications of natural-fiber/epoxy composites
El-Sabbagh A, Taha I
1466 - 1478 Electrochemical grafting of 4-phenoxybenzoic acid units onto oxidized carbon fibers as a first step for high temperature composites
Soulis S, Triantou D, Simitzis J
1479 - 1488 Improvement in mechanical and thermal properties of phenolic foam reinforced with multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Yang ZJ, Yuan LL, Gu YZ, Li M, Sun ZJ, Zhang ZG
1489 - 1497 Effect of ferrocene substituents and ferricinium additive on the properties of polyaniline derivatives and catalytic activities of palladium-doped poly(m-ferrocenylaniline)-catalyzed Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reactions
Chaicharoenwimolkul L, Chairam S, Namkajorn M, Khamthip A, Kamonsatikul C, Tewasekson U, Jindabot S, Pon-On W, Somsook E
1498 - 1502 Enhancing the stability of immobilized catalase on activated carbon with gelatin encapsulation
Wang YL, Guan YP, Yang Y, Yu P, Huang YQ
1503 - 1515 Castor oil and sorbitan monopalmitate based organogel as a probable matrix for controlled drug delivery
Singh VK, Pal K, Pradhan DK, Pramanik K
1516 - 1523 Synthesis and characterization of microencapsulated sodium phosphate dodecahydrate
Wang TY, Huang J
1524 - 1529 Functionalization of electrospun nanofibers of natural cotton cellulose by cerium dioxide nanoparticles for ultraviolet protection
Li CR, Shu SX, Chen R, Chen BY, Dong WJ
1530 - 1538 Vegetable oil based fatty amide as hydrophobes in associative thickener
Pramanik M, Mendon SK, Rawlins JW
1539 - 1547 Glutaraldehyde-crosslinked chitosan/hydroxyapatite bone repair scaffold and its application as drug carrier for icariin
Li Y, Liu TT, Zheng J, Xu XY
1548 - 1553 Bulk synthesis of homogeneous and transparent bulk core/multishell quantum dots/PMMA nanocomposites with bright luminescence
Ma YS, Zhang BB, Gu M, Huang SM, Liu XL, Liu B, Ni C
1554 - 1561 Alginate hydrogel sphere improves the alkali and heat resistances of isothiazolinones with long-term antibacterial activity
Ma D, Cai X, Lin QM, Zhang JL, Mai WJ, Tan SZ, Xue W, Wu T
1562 - 1569 Effect of bio-oil and epoxidized linseed oil on physical, mechanical, and biological properties of treated wood
Temiz A, Kose G, Panov D, Terziev N, Alma MH, Palanti S, Akbas S
1570 - 1577 Novel electrospun nanofibers incorporating polymeric prodrugs of ketoprofen: Preparation, characterization, and in vitro sustained release
Quan J, Wu CY, Williams GR, Branford-White CJ, Nie HL, Zhu LM
1578 - 1587 Development of cardanol-bonded cellulose thermoplastics: High productivity achieved by using isocyanate-modified cardanol
Tanaka S, Honzawa H, Iji M
1588 - 1594 Effect of ZnCl2- and SiCl4-doped TiCl4/MgCl2/THF catalysts for ethylene polymerization
Phiwkliang W, Jongsomjit B, Praserthdam P
1595 - 1601 Characterization of void formation in polyamide 6 under tensile creep in alcohols by using thermoporosimetry
Sakai E, Kawagoe M
1602 - 1610 Separation of lysozyme with magnetically stabilized spherical hydroxyapatite microcomposites in a continuous flow system
Akkaya B
1611 - 1620 Novel phenyl-POSS/polyurethane aqueous dispersions and their hybrid coatings
Hu JK, Li L, Zhang SW, Gong LB, Gong SL
1621 - 1631 Characterization of epoxies cured with bimodal blends of polyetheramines
McAninch IM, Palmese GR, Lenhart JL, La Scala JJ
1632 - 1638 A novel membrane diffusion process for the preparation of chitosan/hydroxyapatite composite
Tachaboonyakiat W, Sahawat D
1639 - 1644 Electrothermal lifetime prediction of polyimide wire insulation with application to aircraft
Hondred PR, Bowler N, Kessler MR
1645 - 1652 Microwave irradiated synthesis of grafted cationic starch: Synthesis, characterization, application, and biodegradation
Zhang H, Wang JK, Wang R, Dong YC
1653 - 1658 Rigidity enhancement of polyimides containing benzimidazole moieties
Song GL, Wang S, Wang DM, Zhou HW, Chen CH, Zhao XG, Dang GD
1659 - 1666 Effects of annealing on structure and deformation mechanism of isotactic polypropylene film with row-nucleated lamellar structure
Ding ZL, Bao RY, Zhao B, Yan J, Liu ZY, Yang MB
1667 - 1674 Effect of low-concentration alkali solution pretreatment on the properties of bamboo particles reinforced poly(lactic acid) composites
Qian SP, Mao HL, Sheng KC, Lu J, Luo YF, Hou CY
1675 - 1681 Investigation on multifunctional monomer modified polypropylene and its foamability
Zhang W, Yang LL, Zhang HJ, Lin W, Wang YX
1682 - 1690 Influence of processing on morphology in short aramid fiber reinforced elastomer compounds
Hintze C, Boldt R, Wiessner S, Heinrich G
1691 - 1699 Effect of solid-state stress induced reaction on morphology and structure of metallocene polyethylene
Zou HW, Chen Y, Liang M, Liu PB
1700 - 1706 Preparation and properties of glycerin ester of tung oil modified rosin
Ma GZ, Zhang T, Wu JB, Hou CY, Ling LX, Wang BJ
1707 - 1715 Water state in chemically and physically crosslinked chitosan membranes
Ostrowska-Czubenko J, Pierog M, Gierszewska-Druzynska M
1716 - 1725 Mechanical and fracture properties of halloysite nanotube reinforced vinyl-ester nanocomposites
Alhuthali A, Low IM
1726 - 1735 Effects of different compatibilizers on the rheological, thermomechanical, and morphological properties of HDPE/LLDPE blend-based nanocomposites
Passador FR, Ruvolo AC, Pessan LA
1736 - 1742 Improving aging resistance and mechanical properties of waterborne polyurethanes modified by lignin amines
Liu J, Liu HF, Deng L, Liao B, Guo QX
1743 - 1751 Siloxane-based segmented poly(urethane-urea) elastomer: Synthesis and characterization
Askari F, Barikani M, Barmar M
1752 - 1758 Influence of additive on structure of PVDF nanofibers electrospun via new spinneret design
Li Y, Kotaki M
1759 - 1771 Mechanism of action of different d-spacings clays on the intumescent fire retardance of polymers
Ribeiro SPD, Estevao LRD, Pereira CMC, Nascimento RSV
1772 - 1777 "One-pot" random terpolymerization of styrene, isoprene and butadiene with Nd-based catalyst
Li TT, Hu YM, Zhang HX, Shi ZH, He GQ, Wang YR, Shen KH, Li Y
1778 - 1786 Optical density as a probe of carbon nanotubes dispersion in polymers
Combessis A, Mazel C, Maugin M, Flandin L
1787 - 1793 Influence of absorbing materials on the functionalization of poly(tetrafluoroethylene) during -irradiation
Hoffmann T, Heller M, Jehnichen D, Engelhardt T, Lehmann D
1794 - 1804 Synthesis and solution behavior of hydrophobically associating polyacrylamide containing capsaicin-like moieties
Jia LN, Yu LM, Li R, Yan XF, Zhang ZM
1805 - 1811 Barrier and mechanical properties of biodegradable poly(epsilon-caprolactone)/cellophane multilayer film
Shi CC, Zhang SH, Li MT, Sun WX, Fan GS, Jin Y, Yang JJ, Dong TL
1812 - 1822 The role of crosslinking treatment on the pore structure and water transmission of biocollagenic materials
Gil RR, Ruiz B, Lozano MS, Fuente E
1823 - 1833 Pressure-crystallized piezoelectric structures in binary fullerene C70/poly(vinylidene fluoride) based composites
Zhang DP, Tian PF, Chen X, Lu J, Huang R
1834 - 1839 Preparation of highly dispersed expanded graphite/polypropylene nanocomposites via low temperature processing
Fasihi M, Garmabi H, Ghaffarian SR, Ohshima M
1840 - 1844 Butanol alcoholysis reaction of polyethylene terephthalate using acidic ionic liquid as catalyst
Liu SW, Wang ZP, Li L, Yu ST, Xie CX, Liu FS
1845 - 1854 Effects of shear stress and subcritical water on devulcanization of styrene-butadiene rubber based ground tire rubber in a twin-screw extruder
Wang XJ, Shi CP, Zhang L, Zhang YC
1855 - 1862 Preparation and colloidal properties of an aqueous acetic acid lignin containing polyurethane surfactant
Wang HH, Zou J, Shen YD, Fei GQ, Mou J
1863 - 1872 Identification by GC-O and GC-MS of new odorous compounds in natural rubber
Juntarachat N, Bouvier N, Lepoutre JP, Roland A, Sainte-Beuve J, Granet F, Salmon JM, Rigou P, Chalier P
1873 - 1878 Highly selective extraction of baicalin in natural herbs and medicinal preparations by molecularly imprinted polymer
Mou XL, Zhang WP, Chen ZL
1879 - 1889 Preparation and characterization of phase-change material nanocapsules with amphiphilic polyurethane synthesized by 3-allyloxy-1,2-propanediol
Cheng FL, Wei YY, Zhang YY, Wang FF, Shen TL, Zong CZ
1890 - 1897 Properties of Bloodmeal/Linear Low-density Polyethylene Blends Compatibilized with Maleic Anhydride Grafted Polyethylene
Marsilla KIK, Verbeek CJR
1898 - 1908 Water, salt water, and alkaline solution uptake in epoxy thin films
Scott P, Lees JM
1909 - 1916 Microwave absorption enhancement of Fe3O4/polyaniline core/shell hybrid microspheres with controlled shell thickness
Zhang B, Du YC, Zhang P, Zhao HT, Kang LL, Han XJ, Xu P
1917 - 1922 Ceramic sheet hybrid kenaf reinforced polypropylene biocomposites
Sim IN, Han SO, Jang YH, Yoo YJ
1923 - 1930 Non-isothermal degradation kinetics of N,N'-bismaleimide-4,4'-diphenylmethane/barbituric acid based polymers in the presence of hydroquinone
Pham QT, Hsu JM, Pan JP, Wang TH, Chern CS
1931 - 1940 Poly(butylene succinate)/layered double hydroxide bionanocomposites: Relationships between chemical structure of LDH anion, delamination strategy, and final properties
Sisti L, Totaro G, Fiorini M, Celli A, Coelho C, Hennous M, Verney V, Leroux F
1941 - 1948 Enhancement in ammonia sensitivity with fast response by doping Al2O3 in polyaniline
Tripathi A, Misra KP, Shukla RK
1949 - 1958 Rate-dependent self-healing behavior of an ethylene-co-methacrylic acid ionomer under high-energy impact conditions
Grande AM, Castelnovo L, Di Landro L, Giacomuzzo C, Francesconi A, Rahman MA
1959 - 1974 Polyamide 12 (PA12)/clay nanocomposites fabricated by conventional extrusion and water-assisted extrusion processes
Stoeffler K, Utracki LA, Simard Y, Labonte S
1975 - 1980 Highly scalable nanoparticle-polymer composite fiber via wet spinning
Stone R, Hipp S, Barden J, Brown PJ, Mefford OT
1981 - 1989 Study on preparation and swelling kinetics of P(AA-co-C(8)PhEO(10)Mac) pH-sensitive hydrogel in vitro drug release study
Wang FP, Mu HP, Zhang JY, Li WX, Wang QZ, Du XZ
1990 - 1995 High dielectric constant polyaniline/sulfonated poly(aryl ether ketone) composite membranes with good thermal and mechanical properties
Zhang YH, Huo PF, Liu X, Rong CR, Wang GB
1996 - 2004 Stearic acid as coupling agent in fly ash reinforced recycled polypropylene matrix composites: Structural, mechanical, and thermal characterizations
Sengupta S, Maity P, Ray D, Mukhopadhyay A
2005 - 2014 The influence of solvent properties on the performance of polysulfone/beta-cyclodextrin polyurethane mixed-matrix membranes
Adams FV, Nxumalo EN, Krause RWM, Hoek EMV, Mamba BB
2015 - 2022 Study on the poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-4-hydroxybutyrate)-based nanocomposites reinforced by surface modified nanocrystalline cellulose
Zhang R, Zhu CJ, Shan XY, Xia J, Zhu Q, Hu Y
2023 - 2030 Synthesis and properties of hybrid urethane polymers containing polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane crosslinker
Przadka D, Jeczalik J, Andrzejewska E, Dutkiewicz M
2031 - 2041 Bio-based polymer nanocomposites based on layered silicates having a reactive and renewable intercalant
Albayrak O, Sen S, Cayli G, Ortac B
2042 - 2048 Synergistic effect of aluminum hydroxide and nanoclay on flame retardancy and mechanical properties of EPDM composites
Yen YY, Wang HT, Guo WJ
2049 - 2055 Improved chemical resistance of ink-jet printed micropatterns on glass by using dual-functional compositions
Chang CJ, Tsai HY, Hsieh CC, Chiu WY
2056 - 2061 Polymeric humidity sensors with nonlinear response: Properties and mechanism investigation
Fei T, Zhao HR, Jiang K, Zhou X, Zhang T
2062 - 2067 Critical parameters to determine mean bubble size of generated foams from a foam generator
Kim JU, Park BH, Lee MH
2068 - 2075 Effect of DMDBS (3: 2, 4-bis(3,4-dimethyldibenzylidene) sorbitol) and NA11 (sodium 2,2-methylene-bis(4,6-di-tertbutylphenyl)-phosphate) on electret properties of polypropylene filaments
Kilic A, Shim E, Yeom BY, Pourdeyhimi B
2076 - 2086 Physical, mechanical, and transdermal diltiazem release analysis of nanosilica tailored various poly(vinyl alcohol) membranes
Bhunia T, Giri A, Nasim T, Chattopadhyay D, Bandyopadhyay A
2087 - 2099 Characterization, prediction, and optimization of flexural properties of vapor-grown carbon nanofiber/vinyl ester nanocomposites by response surface modeling
Lee J, Nouranian S, Torres GW, Lacy TE, Toghiani H, Pittman CU, DuBien JL
2100 - 2105 Influence of the dispersion of nano titanium dioxide on the tribological performance of fabric self-lubricating liner
Qi XW, Jia ZN, Yang YL
2106 - 2117 Phase-dependent binary interaction parameters in industrial low-density polyethylene separators
Costa GMN, Guerrieri Y, Kislansky S, Embirucu M
2118 - 2126 Chitosan-modified d-alpha-tocopheryl poly(ethylene glycol) 1000 succinate-b-poly(epsilon-caprolactone-ran-glycolide) nanoparticles for the oral chemotherapy of bladder cancer
Liu BC, Wang H, Fan LX, Qiu XF, Luo YH, Zhou SY, Yang GS
2127 - 2135 Synthesis and catalytic activity of polymer-anchored metal complex for oxidation of cyclohexane
Chand SS, Sinha S
2136 - 2142 Influence of composition and synthesis conditions on microstructure and properties of acrylonitrile-chlorinated polyethylene-styrene copolymer
Wang JS, Ding Y, Yu Y, Li GN, Sun F
2143 - 2151 Study of poly(vinyl chloride)/acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate blends for compatibility, toughness, thermal stability and UV irradiation resistance
Zhang YX, Xu YJ, Song YH, Zheng Q
2152 - 2158 The influence of injection molding parameters on electrical properties of PC/ABS-MWCNT nanocomposites
Wegrzyn M, Juan S, Benedito A, Gimenez E
2159 - 2164 Effects of pluronic F68 micellization on the viability of neuronal cells in culture
Samith VD, Mino G, Ramos-Moore E, Arancibia-Miranda N
2165 - 2175 Synthesis of azobenzene-containing side chain liquid crystalline diblock copolymers using RAFT polymerization and photo-responsive behavior
Sun WQ, He XH, Liao XJ, Lin SL, Huang W, Xie MR
2176 - 2183 Preparation of polypropylene single-polymer composites by injection molding
Wang J, Mao QC, Chen JN
2184 - 2187 Synthesis and properties of polyacrylamide/hollow coal gangue spheres superabsorbent composites
Li Y, Ren N, Wang YZ, Huang J, Liu W, Su ZG, Yang JL
2188 - 2197 Natural rubber protein as interfacial enhancement for bio-based nano-fillers
Jong L
2198 - 2204 Alkali treatment of viscose cellulosic fibers from eucalyptus wood: Structural, morphological, and thermal analysis
Rojo E, Alonso MV, Dominguez JC, Del Saz-Orozco B, Oliet M, Rodriguez F
2205 - 2216 Maleic anhydride-grafted-polybutadiene as a controlled defibrillating and dispersing agent for short aramid fiber reinforced thermoplastic polyurethane composite with improved mechanical properties
Shibulal GS, Naskar K
2217 - 2224 A liquid-like multiwalled carbon nanotube derivative and its epoxy nanocomposites
Wu F, Zheng YP, Qu P, Wang N, Chen LX