Journal of Applied Polymer Science

Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Vol.129, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-8995 (Print) 

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1 - 14 Flexible ITO-Free Polymer Solar Cells
Angmo D, Krebs FC
15 - 27 Lignocellulosic jute fiber as a bioadsorbent for the removal of azo dye from its aqueous solution: Batch and column studies
Roy A, Chakraborty S, Kundu SP, Adhikari B, Majumder SB
28 - 35 Homogeneous acetylation of chitosan in ionic liquids
Liu L, Zhou S, Wang B, Xu F, Sun RC
36 - 46 Microencapsulation of APP-I and influence of microencapsulated APP-I on microstructure and flame retardancy of PP/APP-I/PER composites
Zhou J, Yang L, Wang XL, Fu QJ, Sun QL, Zhang ZY
47 - 56 Optimization of mechanical performance of compatibilized polypropylene/poly(ethylene terephthalate) blends via selective dispersion of halloysite nanotubes in the blend
Lin TF, Zhu LX, Chen T, Guo BC
57 - 64 Modification of MWCNT and its effect on ABS/LCP blend system
Hatui G, Nayak GC, Das CK, Yadaw SB
65 - 72 Synergistic mechanical response of Nylon 6/Trogamid (R) T blends
Ridhore A, Jog J
73 - 85 Supercritical fluid CO2 processing and counter ion substitution of nafion (R) membranes
Guerrero-Gutierrez EMA, Suleiman D
86 - 93 Microwave preparation and copper ions adsorption properties of crosslinked chitosan/ZSM molecular sieve composites
Li HM, Huang DH
94 - 104 ABS modified with hydrogenated polystyrene-grafted-natural rubber
Pisuttisap A, Hinchiranan N, Rempel GL, Prasassarakich P
105 - 112 Pervaporation of n-butanol aqueous solution through ZSM-5-PEBA composite membranes
Tan HF, Wu YH, Li TM
113 - 120 Preparation of poly(styrene-co-isobornyl methacrylate) beads having controlled glass transition temperature by suspension polymerization
Zhang B, Ma YH, Chen D, Xu JN, Yang WT
121 - 129 Synthesis of hybrid ZnO/CNTs nanoparticles and their reinforcement in nylon-6 polymer fibers
Rangari VK, Mohammad GM, Seyhan B, Jeelani S
130 - 137 Morphology, thermal and mechanical properties of glass fiber-reinforced crosslinkable poly(arylene ether nitrile)
Zou YK, Liu XB
138 - 144 Transferring noncharring polyolefins to charring polymers with the presence of Mo/Mg/Ni/O catalysts and the application in flame retardancy
Song RJ, Fu Y, Li B
145 - 151 Synthesis and characterization of high-performance polyimides based on 6,4'-diamino-2-phenylbenzimidazole
Xia QM, Liu JP, Dong J, Yin CQ, Du YX, Xu Q, Zhang QH
152 - 160 Copper hexacyanoferrate-polymer composite beads for cesium ion removal: Synthesis, characterization, sorption, and kinetic studies
Dwivedi C, Kumar A, Singh KK, Juby AK, Kumar M, Wattal PK, Bajaj PN
161 - 173 Synthesis and characterization of poly(silyl urethane)s derived from glycol-modified silanes
Coneski PN, Weise NK, Wynne JH
174 - 180 Dynamic rheological behavior and mechanical properties of PVC/CPE/MAP-POSS nanocomposites
Du YG, Gao JG, Yang JB, Liu XQ
181 - 186 Synthesis and characterization of flavonoid laurate esters by transesterification
Bridson JH, Grigsby WJ, Main L
187 - 192 Synthesis of low viscosity, fast UV curing solder resist based on epoxy resin for ink-jet printing
Yang C, Yang ZG
193 - 201 Potassium methyl siliconate-treated pulp fibers and their effects on wood plastic composites: Water sorption and dimensional stability
Piao C, Cai ZY, Stark NM, Monlezun CJ
202 - 214 Biocomposites based on lignin and plasticized poly(L-lactic acid)
Rahman MA, De Santis D, Spagnoli G, Ramorino G, Penco M, Phuong VT, Lazzeri A
215 - 223 Crystallization and thermomechanical properties of PLA composites: Effects of additive types and heat treatment
Wootthikanokkhan J, Cheachun T, Sombatsompop N, Thumsorn S, Kaabbuathong N, Wongta N, Wong-On J, Ayutthaya SIN, Kositchaiyong A
224 - 229 Submicrometer-sized rubber particles as "craze-bridge" for toughening polystyrene/high-impact polystyrene
Zhu LD, Yang HY, Di Cai G, Zhou C, Wu GF, Zhang MY, Gao GH, Zhang HX
230 - 237 Temperature sensitivities of doped polyaniline nanoscale films on flexible substrates
Ahmad HA, Nayak D, Panda S
238 - 246 Enhanced fire behavior of rigid polyurethane foam by intumescent flame retardants
Hu XM, Wang DM
247 - 252 Synthesis and characterization of PS-b-PDMS-b-PS triblock copolymer
Jiang Y, Shi HY, Cai M, Liang Y, Li B, Zhang HW, Song RG
253 - 262 Effect of core-shell morphology evolution on the rheology, crystallization, and mechanical properties of PA6/EPDM-g-MA/HDPE ternary blend
Dou R, Wang W, Zhou Y, Li LP, Gong L, Yin B, Yang MB
263 - 275 Online ultrasonic film casting of LLDPE and LLDPE/clay nanocomposites
Niknezhad S, Isayev AI
276 - 281 Improvement in wettability of pressure-sensitive adhesive on silicon wafer using crosslinking agent with siloxane groups
Pang B, Ryu CM, Kim HI
282 - 288 Preparation and properties of biocomposites composed of sorbitol-based epoxy resin, tung oil-pyrogallol resin, and wood flour
Shibata M, Teramoto N, Yoshihara S, Itakura Y
289 - 295 Fluorescencing behavior of thin solid films based on polyelectrolyte-surfactant complex and dye molecules
Seliverstova E, Ibrayev N, Kudaibergenov S
296 - 300 Effect of calcination temperature of TiO2 on the crystallinity and the permittivity of PVDF-TrFE/TiO2 composites
Kuang XW, Gao Q, Zhu H
301 - 309 Biobased thermosetting resins composed of terpene and bismaleimide
Shibata M, Asano M
310 - 315 Application of lignin-modified phenolic resins to brake friction material
Kuroe M, Tsunoda T, Kawano Y, Takahashi A
316 - 323 Synthesis of a phosphorus/silicon hybrid and its synergistic effect with melamine polyphosphates on flame retardant polypropylene system
Huang YW, Song ML, Ma JJ, Lu ZY, Yang JX, Cao K
324 - 333 Polymer/clay nanocomposite plasticization: Elucidating the influence of quaternary alkylammonium organic modifiers
Pavlacky E, Webster DC
334 - 345 Temperature and pH effects on the stability and rheological behavior of the aqueous suspensions of smart polymers based on N-isopropylacrylamide, chitosan, and acrylic acid
Marques ND, Curti PS, Maia AMD, Balaban RD
346 - 353 Synthesis and performance of a modified polycarboxylate dispersant for concrete possessing enhanced cement compatibility
Habbaba A, Lange A, Plank J
354 - 361 Structure memory effects and rheological behaviors of polyethylenes in processing temperature window
Gai JG, Cao Y
362 - 370 Morphological and thermal properties of photodegradable biocomposite films
Pillai SK, Ray SS, Scriba M, Ojijo V, Hato MJ
371 - 382 A comparative study of polyethylene and polyethylene/C60 nanocomposites modified with organic peroxide
Wan D, Xing HP, Liu F, Wang L, Wang YJ, Tan HY, Jiang ZW, Tang T
383 - 390 Preparation of oligo-N-isopropylacrylamide brushes with -OH and -COOH end-groups via surface-initiated NMP
Cimen D, Caykara T
391 - 396 Nanocomposite piezoelectric films of P(VDF-TrFE)/LiNbO3
Nguyen VS, Badie L, Lamouroux E, Vincent B, Dos Santos FD, Aufray M, Fort Y, Rouxel D
397 - 403 Synthesis and chemical properties of electrochromic -conjugated polyphenylenes with pendant viologen-TCNQ salts
Yamaguchi I, Makishi S
404 - 414 Ionic nanocomposite networks in poly(styrene-co-methacrylic acid) copolymers with calcium carbonate
Chevallier C, Ni YP, Vera R, Becquart F, Taha M
415 - 421 Effect of oleic acid content and chemical crosslinking on the properties of palm oil-based polyurethane coatings
Velayutham TS, Majid WHA, Ng BK, Gan SN
422 - 433 Enhanced adhesion of polypyrrole/PW12O403- hybrid coatings on polyester fabrics
Molina J, Oliveira FR, Souto AP, Esteves MF, Bonastre J, Cases F
434 - 442 Polyols production by chemical modification of autocatalyzed ethanol-water lignin from Betula alnoides
Xue BL, Wen JL, Xu F, Sun RC
443 - 448 Design of a super-ductile polypropylene/polycarbonate blend with high heat resistance by using reactive plasticizer
Matsumoto K, Nagai M, Hamakawa K, Nishitsuji S, Inoue T
449 - 457 Natural weather, soil burial and sea water ageing of low-density polyethylene: Effect of starch/linear low-density polyethylene masterbatch
Elanmugilan M, Sreekumar PA, Singha NK, Al-Harthi MA, De SK
458 - 463 Thermorheological behavior analysis of mLLDPE and mVLDPE: Correlation with branching structure
Dordinejad AK, Jafari SH, Khonakdar HA, Wagenknecht U, Heinrich G
464 - 471 Determination of dispersion efficiency of cement suspensions by method of centrifugation
Paravanova G, Hausnerova B, Beltran-Prieto JC
472 - 479 Selective hydrolysis of lignocelluloses from corn stalk in an ionic liquid
Yin WP, Li X, Ren YL, Zhao S, Wang JJ
480 - 486 Simulation study of the morphologies of energetic block copolymers based on glycidyl azide polymer
Zhou Y, Long XP, Zeng QX
487 - 498 Comparative study of the dielectric properties of natural-fibermatrix composites and E-glassmatrix composites
Triki A, Guicha M, Ben Hassen M, Arous M
499 - 506 Pervaporative dehydration of diethylene glycol through a hollow fiber membrane
Yim DW, Kong SH
507 - 516 Operating window of solution casting, part I: Newtonian fluids
Huang YC, Wang TZ, Tsai CP, Liu TJ
517 - 526 Electric field-induced stretch of pyrene-labeled diblock weak polyelectrolyte in dilute solution monitored by steady-state fluorescence
Tan Q, Shu X, Yi J, Zhang HL