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ISSN: 0021-8995 (Print) 

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4195 - 4202 Utilization of waste polystyrene and starch for superabsorbent composite preparation
Ismail H, Irani M, Ahmad Z
4203 - 4210 The use of poly(amidoamine) dendrimer in modification of jute for improving dyeing properties of reactive dyes
Zolriasatein AA, Yazdanshenas ME, Khajavi R, Rashidi A, Najafi F
4211 - 4224 Effect of processing techniques on the performance of Epoxy/MWCNT nanocomposites
Hosur M, Barua R, Zainuddin S, Kumar A, Trovillion J, Jeelani S
4225 - 4232 Effect of fiber structure on the properties of the electrospun hybrid membranes composed of poly(e-caprolactone) and gelatin
Chen ZJ, Cao LH, Wang LQ, Zhu HY, Jiang HL
4233 - 4240 Influence of nanoclays on electrical and morphological properties of thermoplastic polyurethane/multiwalled carbon nanotube/clay nanocomposites
Lee M, Kim W, Ku J, Kim YD, Min BH, Kim JH
4241 - 4250 A comparative study on curing characteristics and thermomechanical properties of elastomeric nanocomposites: The effects of eggshell and calcium carbonate nanofillers
Saeb MR, Ramezani-Dakhel H, Khonakdar HA, Heinrich G, Wagenknecht U
4251 - 4255 Immobilization of Candida lipolytica lipase on macroporous beaded terpolymers with epoxy groups
Liu WT, Duan HD, Meng X, Qin DW, Wang XJ, Zhang J
4256 - 4261 Self-assembly of bovine serum albumin and poly(acrylic acid) induced by noncovalent bonds
Du WP, Wang YS
4262 - 4272 Influence of laminate thickness reduction on the deformation mechanism of coextruded multilayered PC/PMMA films
Scholtyssek S, Seydewitz V, Adhikari R, Pfeifer F, Michler GH, Siesler HW
4273 - 4279 Electrical and microwave absorbing properties of polypyrrole synthesized by optimum strategy
Hao B, Li LC, Wang YP, Qian HS, Tong GX, Chen HF, Chen KY
4280 - 4287 Effect of intermolecular and intramolecular forces on hydrodynamic diameters of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) copolymers in aqueous solutions
Yang L, Liu TQ, Song KD, Wu S, Fan X
4288 - 4295 Electrospun magnetic carbon composite fibers: Synthesis and electromagnetic wave absorption characteristics
Yang Y, Guo Z, Zhang H, Huang DQ, Gu JL, Huang ZH, Kang FY, Hatton TA, Rutledge GC
4296 - 4304 Laser scanning confocal microscopy versus scanning electron microscopy for characterization of polymer morphology: Sample preparation drastically distorts morphologies of poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate)-based hydrogels
Paterson SM, Casadio YS, Brown DH, Shaw JA, Chirila TV, Baker MV
4305 - 4317 Synthesis of alkyne-terminated xanthate RAFT agents and their uses for the controlled radical polymerization of N-vinylpyrrolidone and the synthesis of its block copolymer using click chemistry
Patel VK, Vishwakarma NK, Mishra AK, Biswas CS, Maiti P, Ray B
4318 - 4327 Study of viscoelastic properties of nanocomposites of SiO2-acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene
Haghtalab A, Rahimi S
4328 - 4333 Development of high Tg epoxy resin and mechanical properties of its fiber-reinforced composites
Yi JW, Um MK, Byun JH, Lee SB, Lee SK
4334 - 4339 Optical characterization and differential scanning calorimetry studies of carboxymethyl cellulose-nickel chloride composite system
Abdel-Rahim FM, Mahmoud KH, Aly KA
4340 - 4351 Sorption of remazol brilliant blue R onto polyurethane-type foam prepared from peanut shell
Bilir MH, Sakalar N, Acemioglu B, Baran E, Alma MH
4352 - 4358 Development of a DOPO-containing melamine epoxy hardeners and its thermal and flame-retardant properties of cured products
Xiong YQ, Jiang ZJ, Xie YY, Zhang XY, Xu WJ
4359 - 4365 Fabrication and characterization of HCl-treated clinoptilolite filled ethylene vinyl acetate composite films
Mishra AK, Mishra SB, Mamba BB, Dlamini DS, Mthombo TS
4366 - 4373 High-contrast, high-sensitivity aqueous base-developable polynorbornene dielectric
Raeis-Zadeh M, Kohl PA
4374 - 4384 Investigation of temperature sensitivity behaviors of water soluble polyacrylamides
Uguzdogan E, Denkbas EB, Kabasakal OS
4385 - 4394 Synthesis and characterization of copolymeric aliphatic-aromatic esters derived from terephthalic acid, 1,4-butanediol, and e-caprolactone by physical, thermal, and mechanical properties and NMR measurements
Wang CH, Tsai PH, Kan LS, Chen CW
4395 - 4401 Thermally induced crystallization and enzymatic degradation studies of poly (L-lactic acid) films
Vasanthan N, Gezer H
4402 - 4408 The effect of freeze-drying parameters on the cure characteristics of freeze-dried BSA-loaded silicone elastomer
McConville C, Woolfson AD, Malcolm RK
4409 - 4421 Evaluation of a functionalized copolymer as adsorbent on direct dyes removal process: Kinetics and equilibrium studies
Muntean SG, Paska O, Coseri S, Simu GM, Grad ME, Ilia G
4422 - 4425 Kinetics of thermodegradation of palm kernel oil derived medium-chain-length polyhydroxyalkanoates
Sin MC, Tan IKP, Annuar MSM, Gan SN
4426 - 4432 Hybrid polyaniline/nanomagnetic particles composites: High performance materials for EMI shielding
El Kamchi N, Belaabed B, Wojkiewicz JL, Lamouri S, Lasri T
4433 - 4439 Optimization and characteristics of preparing chitosan microspheres using response surface methodology
Zhou X, Cheng XJ, Liu WF, Li J, Ren LH, Dang QF, Feng C, Chen XG
4440 - 4445 Composition dependence of dielectric properties, elastic modulus, and electroactivity in (carbon black-BaTiO3)/silicone rubber nanocomposites
Zhao H, Xia YJ, Dang ZM, Zha JW, Hu GH
4446 - 4455 Enhancing water resistance of paper by graft copolymerization reaction
Sayyah SM, Khaliel AB, Mohamed EH
4456 - 4462 The effect of soft bake on adhesion property between SU-8 photoresist and Ni substrate by molecular dynamics simulation
Zhang XL, Du LQ, Xu Z
4463 - 4469 Study of the effect of rutile/anatase TiO2 nanoparticles synthesized by hydrothermal route in electrospun PVA/TiO2 nanocomposites
Costa RGF, Ribeiro C, Mattoso LHC
4470 - 4482 Phase behaviors of diblock copolymer/nanorod composites under oscillatory shear flow
He LL, Li SB, Zhang LX
4483 - 4491 Generalizing solubility parameter theory to apply to one- and two-dimensional solutes and to incorporate dipolar interactions
Hughes JM, Aherne D, Coleman JN
4492 - 4504 Structure-property correlation of polyurethane nanocomposites: Influence of loading and nature of nanosilica and microstructure of hyperbranched polyol
Maji PK, Bhowmick AK
4505 - 4514 Upgrading the adhesion properties of a fast-curing epoxy using hydrophilic/hydrophobic hyperbranched poly(amidoamine)s
Essawy HA, Mohamed HA, Elsayed NH
4515 - 4523 Preparation of melting-free poly(lactic acid) by amorphous and crystal crosslinking under UV irradiation
Koo GH, Jang J
4524 - 4536 Synthesis of sulfonated polynaphthalene, polyanthracene, and polypyrene as strong solid acids via oxidative coupling polymerization
Tanemura K, Suzuki T, Horaguchi T
4537 - 4541 Determination of crosslinking density of hydrogels prepared from microcrystalline cellulose
Xia ZY, Patchan M, Maranchi J, Elisseeff J, Trexler M
4542 - 4548 Wet spinning of cellulose from ionic liquid solutions-viscometry and mechanical performance
Olsson C, Westman G
4549 - 4556 Synthesis and characterization of poly(HPMA)-APMA-DTPA-99mTc for imaging-guided drug delivery in hepatocellular carcinoma
Yuan JC, Miao CP, Peng FY, Zeng XW, Guo HY, Wang XQ, Liao SQ, Xie XL
4557 - 4563 Effect of noncovalent chemical modification on the electrical conductivity and tensile properties of poly(methyl methacrylate)/carbon nanotube composites
Koysuren O, Karaman M, Ozyurt D
4564 - 4572 Modified poly(vinylidene fluoride) hollow fiber composite membranes reinforced by hydroxyapatite nanocrystal whiskers
Lang WZ, Ji Q, Shen JP, Guo YJ, Chu LF
4573 - 4580 Preparation and characterization of porous chitosan-tripolyphosphate beads for copper(II) ion adsorption
Wu SJ, Liou TH, Yeh CH, Mi FL, Lin TK
4581 - 4587 Effect of chemical structure and preparation process on the aggregation structure and properties of polyimide film
Wang Y, Yang Y, Jia ZX, Qin JQ, Gu Y
4588 - 4593 Preparation and characterization of novel polyamide paraffin MEPCM by interfacial polymerization technique
Wei J, Li ZZ, Liu L, Liu X
4594 - 4600 Polymerization of 1,3-butadiene with VO(P204)2 activated by methylaluminoxane, purified methylaluminoxane, and trimethylaluminum
Wang HY, Cao LH, Zhang XQ
4601 - 4609 Effect of copolymerization on crystallization kinetics of semicrystalline polyimides
Wang W, Wang DM, Jia H, Liu CW, Zhao XG, Chen CH
4610 - 4616 Studies on the preparation of Parinari polyandra benth seed oil alkyd resins
Odetoye TE, Ogunniyi DS, Olatunji GA
4617 - 4623 Cold-crystallization behavior of poly(L-lactide)/ACR blend films investigated by in situ FTIR spectroscopy
Wu NJ, Wang HH, Ding MC, Man L, Zhang JM
4624 - 4633 Elastomeric skin selection for a fluid-filled artificial fingertip
Roy D, Wettels N, Loeb GE
4634 - 4643 Differential microemulsion polymerization as a new root for entrapment of drugs
Moustafa AB, Sobh RA, Rabie AM, Nasr HE, Ayoub MMH
4644 - 4652 Mechanical modeling of a three-phase nanocomposite polymeric material
Meng QK, De Kee D
4653 - 4661 Positive-tone, aqueous-developable, polynorbornene dielectric: Lithographic, and dissolution properties
Mueller BK, Elce E, Grillo AM, Kohl PA
4662 - 4671 Modified MCM-41 silica spheres filled polydimethylsiloxane membrane for dimethylcarbonate/methanol separation via pervaporation
Wang L, Han XL, Li JD, Zheng DJ, Qin L
4672 - 4680 Preparation and electrochemical properties of poly-2,5-dihydroxyaniline/activated carbon composite electrode in organic electrolyte
Sun M, Wang W, He BL, Sun ML, Liu W, Ge HL, Zhang QJ, Sun F
4681 - 4687 Development and characterization of plasticized starch-based biocomposites with soy pulp as reinforcement filler
Behera AK, Avancha S, Sen R, Adhikari B
4688 - 4696 Synergistic effect of plasma-modified halloysite nanotubes and carbon black in natural rubberbutadiene rubber blend
Poikelispaa M, Das A, Dierkes W, Vuorinen J
4697 - 4707 Preparation and characterization of melt-blended graphene nanosheets-poly(vinylidene fluoride) nanocomposites with enhanced properties
El Achaby M, Arrakhiz FZ, Vaudreuil S, Essassi EM, Qaiss A, Bousmina M
4708 - 4718 Mechanical and UV-shielding properties of in situ synthesized poly(acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene)/zinc oxide nanocomposites
Rodriguez-Tobias H, Morales G, Rodriguez-Fernandez O, Acuna P
4719 - 4725 Catalytic oxidation of thioanisole using oxovanadium(IV)-functionalized electrospun polybenzimidazole nanofibers
Walmsley RS, Hlangothi P, Litwinski C, Nyokong T, Torto N, Tshentu ZR
4726 - 4735 Biodegradation study on poly(epsilon-caprolactone) with bimodal molecular weight distribution
Hermanova S, Balkova R, Voberkova S, Chamradova I, Omelkova J, Richtera L, Mravcova L, Jancar J
4736 - 4743 Synthesis, characterization, and antifungal activity of nystatingum arabic conjugates
Stefanovic J, Jakovljevic D, Gojgic-Cvijovic G, Lazic M, Vrvic M
4744 - 4749 Presentation of a novel sensor based on acoustic emission in injection molding
Muller F, Rath G, Lucyshyn T, Kukla C, Burgsteiner M, Holzer C
4750 - 4755 Preparation and characterization of dual sensitive carboxylated methyl cellulose/poly(vinyl alcohol) physical composite hydrogel
Xiao CM, Xia CP, Ma Y, He XL
4756 - 4763 Surface modification of multiwalled carbon nanotubes via gliding arc plasma for the reinforcement of polypropylene
Luo Z, Cai X, Hong RY, Li JH, Wei DG, Luo GH, Li HZ
4764 - 4768 New method for hydrogenating NBR latex
Wang XZ, Zhang LQ, Han Y, Shi XK, Wang WM, Yue DM
4769 - 4776 The effects of gas counter pressure and mold temperature variation on the surface quality and morphology of the microcellular polystyrene foams
Chen SC, Hsu PS, Hwang SS
4777 - 4784 Evaluation of cure state of vinylester resins
Acha BA, Carlsson LA
4785 - 4794 alpha-cyclodextrin assisted self-assembly of poly(ethylene glycol)-block-poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) in aqueous media
Yuen F, Tam KC
4795 - 4801 Deinked and acetylated fiber of newspapers
Nedjma S, Djidjelli H, Boukerrou A, Benachour D, Chibani N
4802 - 4808 All-wood biocomposites by partial dissolution of wood flour in 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride
Shibata M, Yamazoe K, Kuribayashi M, Okuyama Y
4809 - 4824 Relations between structure and property of polyamide 11 nanocomposites based on raw clays elaborated by water-assisted extrusion
Stoclet G, Sclavons M, Devaux J
4825 - 4832 Hemocompatibility of electrospun halloysite nanotube- and carbon nanotube-doped composite poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) nanofibers
Zhao YL, Wang SG, Guo QS, Shen MW, Shi XY
4833 - 4839 Rheology and polymer flooding characteristics of partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide for enhanced heavy oil recovery
Jung JC, Zhang K, Chon BH, Choi HJ
4840 - 4849 RAFT synthesis of cellulose-g-polymethylmethacrylate copolymer in an ionic liquid
Lin CX, Zhan HY, Liu MH, Habibi Y, Fu SY, Lucia LA
4850 - 4857 Synthesis and characterization of N-methyl-2,6-dinitrodiphenylamine-4-diazonium salt and its diazoresin
Wang JG, Zou YQ
4858 - 4864 Application of a new unimolecular initiator in the synthesis of (alpha,omega) ketone functionalized polystyrene in nitroxide mediated polymerization
Megiel E
4865 - 4872 Synthesis, characterization, and anticoagulant activity of carboxymethyl starch sulfates
Fan LH, Gong YG, Cao M, Gao S, Sun Y, Chen LY, Zheng H, Xie WG
4873 - 4878 Effect of polyarylene ether nitriles on processing and mechanical behaviors of phthalonitrile-epoxy copolymers and glass fiber laminated composites
Zhao X, Guo H, Lei YJ, Zhao R, Zhong JC, Liu XB
4879 - 4888 Reactive blend of epoxy-novolac resin and epoxide-terminated low-molecular-weight poly(phenylene oxide)
Mo JZ, Xia L, Pan PJ, Shentu BQ, Weng ZX
4889 - 4898 Preparation and sorption properties of tunable polyester copolymers containing beta-cyclodextrin
Poon L, Wilson LD, Headley JV
4899 - 4909 In-line near-infrared spectroscopy: A tool to monitor the preparation of polymer-clay nanocomposites in extruders
Barbas JM, Machado AV, Covas JA
4910 - 4917 Modulating the physical properties of sunflower oil and sorbitan monopalmitate-based organogels
Behera B, Sagiri SS, Pal K, Srivastava A
4918 - 4926 Synthesis of amino acid-based polymers having metronidazole moiety and study of their controlled release in vitro
El-Newehy MH, Elsherbiny AS, Mori H
4927 - 4938 Syntheses, characterization, and antibacterial activity of chitosan grafted hydrogels and associated mica-containing nanocomposite hydrogels
Noppakundilograt S, Sonjaipanich K, Thongchul N, Kiatkamjornwong S
4939 - 4946 Polymer nanocomposite-based shielding against diagnostic X-rays
Nambiar S, Osei EK, Yeow JTW
4947 - 4956 Plasticized and nanofilled poly(lactic acid)-based cast films: Effect of plasticizer and organoclay on processability and final properties
Scatto M, Salmini E, Castiello S, Coltelli MB, Conzatti L, Stagnaro P, Andreotti L, Bronco S
4957 - 4966 Synthesis of urethane acrylate based electromagnetic interference shielding materials
Yanilmaz M, Erbay BT, Serhatli E, Sarac AS
4967 - 4973 The effect of different organic modified montmorillonites (OMMTs) on the thermal properties and flammability of PLA/MCAPP/lignin systems
Zhang R, Xiao XF, Tai QL, Huang H, Yang J, Hu Y
4974 - 4982 A polyurethane-based nanocomposite biocompatible bone adhesive
Schreader KJ, Bayer IS, Milner DJ, Loth E, Jasiuk I
4983 - 4990 Fundamental studies on a new series of SPSEBS-PVA-QPSEBS bipolar membrane: Membrane preparation and characterization
Venugopal K, Dharmalingam S
4991 - 4999 A novel approach to prepare etoposide-loaded poly(N-vinyl caprolactam-co-methylmethacrylate) copolymeric nanoparticles and their controlled release studies
Shah S, Pal A, Gude R, Devi S
5000 - 5006 Probe dependency of flory-huggins interaction parameters between solvents: Cases of hydrocarbons and isosteric derivatives
Huang JC
5007 - 5013 Compatible blends of polypropylene with an amorphous polyamide
Aranburu N, Eguiazabal JI
5014 - 5021 Development of a chitosan-based adhesive. Application to wood bonding
Patel AK, Michaud P, Petit E, de Baynast H, Grediac M, Mathias JD
5022 - 5027 Effect of anionic/siloxy groups on the release of ofloxacin from soft contact lenses
Yamazaki Y, Matsunaga T, Syohji K, Arakawa T, Sato T
5028 - 5036 Poly(ethylene oxide)-multiwall carbon nanotube composites: Effect of dicarboxylic acid salt-based modifiers
Jagtap SB, Kushwaha RK, Ratna D
5037 - 5044 Ketimine substituted polyphenol: Synthesis, characterization and investigation of its thermal and electrochemical properties
Demir HO
5045 - 5050 Simultaneous polymerization and quaternization of 4-vinyl pyridine
Mondal P, Saha SK, Chowdhury P
5051 - 5058 Preparation and characterization of a bioadhesive with poly (vinyl alcohol) crosslinking agent
Xue J, Wang T, Nie J, Yang DZ
5059 - 5064 Thermal storage nanocapsules by miniemulsion polymerization
de Cortazar MG, Rodriguez R
5065 - 5074 Sulfur-containing copolyimides for the membrane-based separation of aromatic/aliphatic mixtures
Suding MTH, Staudt C
5075 - 5081 Preparation and properties of rigid polyimide foams derived from dianhydride and isocyanate
Yu F, Wang K, Liu XY, Zhan MS
5082 - 5093 Structure, thermal, and mechanical properties of DDM-hardened epoxy/benzoxazine hybrids: Effects of epoxy resin functionality and ETBN toughening
Grishchuk S, Sorochynska L, Vorster OC, Karger-Kocsis J
5094 - 5099 Reinforcement of biodegradable poly(butylene succinate) with low loadings of graphene oxide
Wan CY, Chen BQ
5100 - 5110 Effect of PES on the morphology and properties of proton conducting blends with sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone)
Arigonda M, Deshpande AP, Varughese S