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Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Vol.125, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-8995 (Print) 

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829 - 835 Preparation and characterization of alginate/Hydroxypropyl chitosan blend fibers
Fan LH, Li MJ, Gong YG, Peng K, Xie WG
836 - 843 EpoxyuPolyester IPNs modified with aromatic amines
Pandit JA, Athawale AA
844 - 851 Conductivity and atmospheric aging studies of polypyrrole-coated cotton fabrics
Patil AJ, Deogaonkar SC
852 - 863 Span-60-based organogels as probable matrices for transdermal/topical delivery systems
Behera B, Patil V, Sagiri SS, Pal K, Ray SS
864 - 869 Facile preparation of cationic P (St-BA-METAC) copolymer nanoparticles and the investigation of their interaction with bovine serum albumin
Li PH, Hu XX, Song GW, Chu PK, Xu ZS
870 - 875 Fast photo-switched wettability and color of surfaces coated with polymer brushes containing spiropyran
Wang D, Jiao PW, Wang JM, Zhang QL, Feng L, Yang ZZ
876 - 887 Novel poly(azomethine-urethane)s and their polyphenol derivatives derived from aliphatic diisocyanate compound: Synthesis and thermal characterization
Kaya I, Kamaci M
888 - 895 Study on the synthesis and characterization of surface activities of hydrophilic derivatives of beta-sitosterol
Lim JC, Chung DW
896 - 901 Propylene polymerization using supported Ziegler-Natta catalyst systems with mixed donors
Makwana UC, Singala KJ, Patankar RB, Singh SC, Gupta VK
902 - 914 Effect of external electric field on morphologies and properties of the cured epoxy and epoxy/acrylate systems
Duan JK, Zhang J, Jiang PK
915 - 921 Preparation of macro reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer copolymers and their application in pigment dispersion
Zhang LB, Fang KJ, Fu SH, Zhang X, Tian AL
922 - 934 Correlation of morphological, dynamic mechanical, and thermal properties in compatibilized polypropylene/ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer/organoclay nanocomposites
Goodarzi V, Jafari SH, Khonakdar HA, Hassler R, Reuter U
935 - 942 Dynamic mechanical analysis of recycled polystyrene composites reinforced with wood flour
Poletto M, Zeni M, Zattera AJ
943 - 951 Melt index prediction by adaptively aggregated RBF neural networks trained with novel ACO algorithm
Li JB, Liu XG, Jiang HQ, Xiao YD
952 - 958 Properties and structures of polylactide filled with poly(e-caprolactone)-coated calcium carbonate
Zhang Y, Meng B, Chen L, Tao J, Wu ZH
959 - 967 Compatibility study in natural rubber and maize starch blends
Khalaf AI, Sadek EM
968 - 974 Effects of magnesium hydroxide and its synergistic systems on the flame retardance of polyformaldehyde
Liu Y, Wang ZY, Wang Q
975 - 983 Preparation and characterization of aluminum oxide-poly(ethylene-co-butyl acrylate) nanocomposites
Nordell P, Nawaz S, Azhdar B, Hillborg H, Gedde UW
984 - 991 Mechanical and thermal properties of eucalyptus fiber composites bonding by blocked polyurethane adhesive
Shen TF, Lu MG, Liang LY, Zhou DW
992 - 999 A study about the structure of vulcanized natural rubber/styrene butadiene rubber blends and the glass transition behavior
Mansilla MA, Silva L, Salgueiro W, Marzocca AJ, Somoza A
1000 - 1011 Preparation and characterization of organic/inorganic hybrid epoxy networks from reactive inorganic precursors
Benes H, Galy J, Gerard JF, Plestil J, Valette L
1012 - 1019 Novel calix[4]arene-based polymeric catalysts as acyltransferase enzyme mimics
Tabakci B, Yilmaz M, Beduk AD
1020 - 1026 Formation of polypropylene/stearic acid fibers
Binias D, Binias W, Broda J
1027 - 1032 Gel polymer electrolyte with semi-IPN fabric for polymer lithium-ion battery
Li WL, Gao YM, Wang SM
1033 - 1040 Direct current electrical characterization of plasma polymerized pyrrole-N,N,3,5 tetramethylaniline bilayer thin films
Kamal MM, Bhuiyan AH
1041 - 1048 Synthesis of S-alkyl thiobenzoates from alkyl halides mediated by poly(4-vinylpyridine) supported sodium thiobenzoate at room temperature under heterogeneous conditions
Zarchi MAK, Nejabat M
1049 - 1058 Synthesis and characterization of nonlinear optical side-chain polyimides containing the thiadiazole chromophores
Tambe SM, Tasaganva RG, Inamdar SR, Kariduraganavar MY
1059 - 1067 Optical expandometry: A technique to analyze the expansion kinetics of chemically blown thermoplastic foams
Solorzano E, Antunes M, Saiz-Arroyo C, Rodriguez-Perez MA, Velasco JI, de Saja JA
1068 - 1076 Cure kinetics studies of cyanate ester and bisphenol-F epoxy blend
Brahmbhatt P, Unnikrishnan J, Sudha JD, Pradhan S
1077 - 1083 Synergetic effect of polyamide 1212 and diisocyanate on performance improving of thermoplastic polyurethane via melt compounding
Li WL, Liu JL, Zhang XQ, Zhao Y, Wang DJ
1084 - 1090 Study on the self-crosslinking behavior based on polychloroprene rubber and epoxidized natural rubber
Zhang P, Huang GS, Qu LL, Nie YJ, Weng GS
1091 - 1102 On the statistical physics modeling of dye adsorption onto anionized nylon: Consequent new interpretations
Khalfaoui M, Nakhli A, Knani S, Baouab HV, Ben Lamine A
1103 - 1107 Aminolytic depolymerization of poly (ethylene terephthalate) bottle waste by conventional and microwave irradiation heating
Parab YS, Pingale ND, Shukla SR
1108 - 1115 The crystallization behavior and mechanical properties of polylactic acid in the presence of a crystal nucleating agent
Tang ZB, Zhang CZ, Liu XQ, Zhu J
1116 - 1126 A novel injectable and in situ crosslinked hydrogel based on hyaluronic acid and alpha,beta-polyaspartylhydrazide
Zhang R, Xue MY, Yang J, Tan TW
1127 - 1135 Properties of the crosslinked plasticized biodegradable poly(vinyl alcohol)/rambutan skin waste flour blends
Ooi ZX, Ismail H, Abu Bakar A, Aziz NAA
1136 - 1145 Synthesis, characterization, and amidoximation of diaminomaleodinitrile-functionalized polyethylene terephthalate grafts for collecting heavy metals from wastewater
Abdel-Razik HH, Kenawy ER
1146 - 1151 Preparation, characterization, and antibacterial activities of para-biguanidinyl benzoyl chitosan hydrochloride
Zhao-Sheng C, Yue-Ming S, Chun-Sheng Y, Xue-Mei Z
1152 - 1160 In situ solvothermal synthesis and characterization of transparent epoxy/TiO2 nanocomposites
Zhang HY, Qi RR, Tong MK, Su YZ, Huang M
1161 - 1165 Effect of polymerization and preheating processes on poly(ethylene terephthalate) depolymerization
Asakuma Y, Koga D, Nakagawa K, Maeda K, Fukui K
1166 - 1175 Mechanical, flammability, and crystallization behavior of polypropylene composites reinforced by aramid fibers
Chen XS, Zhang S, Xu GZ, Zhu XJ, Liu W
1176 - 1184 Influence of the surface hydrolysis on the functionality of poly(ethylene terephthalate) fabric treated with nanotitanium dioxide
Hashemizad S, Montazer M, Rashidi A
1185 - 1192 The effects of temperature, radiation, and illumination on current-voltage characteristics of Au/PVA(Co, Zn-doped)/n-Si Schottky diodes
Dokme I, Altindal S, Uslu I
1193 - 1200 Bleaching of modal/AN-g-casein fiber blend with H2O2/TAED activating system
Li Q, Tang H, Tang RC
1201 - 1206 Sol-gel synthesis and characterization of polyimides based on the reaction of butane-1,2,3,4-tetracarboxylic acid with 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane
Schramm C, Rinderer B, Tessadri R
1207 - 1218 TiCl4 immobilized on a composite support SiO2/MgCl2 center dot x(1,4-butanediol)/poly[styrene-co-(acrylic acid)] for ethylene polymerization: The barrier effect of poly[styrene-co-(acrylic acid)]
Jiang BB, Du LJ, Wang F, Ye J, Wang JD, Yang YR
1219 - 1225 Synthesis of novel phosphorus-containing epoxy hardeners and thermal stability and flame-retardant properties of cured products
Xiong YQ, Zhang XY, Liu J, Li MM, Guo F, Xia XN, Xu WJ
1226 - 1237 Ultrasonic properties of polystyrene-based composites
Oral I, Guzel H, Ahmetli G
1238 - 1243 Effect of concentration of DYE on the storage life of plane wave gratings on photopolymer film
Nimmi KP, Pramitha V, Sreekumar K, Kartha CS, Joseph R
1244 - 1251 Characterization of poly(vinyl alcohol)/gold nanocomposites obtained by in situ gamma-irradiation method
Radosavljevic A, Bozanic D, Bibic N, Mitric M, Kacarevic-Popovic Z, Nedeljkovic J
1252 - 1260 Synthesis and evaluation of a water-soluble acrylamide binary sulfonates copolymer on MMT crystalline interspace and EOR
Liu XJ, Jiang WC, Gou SH, Ye ZB, Xie XD
1261 - 1266 Optimization of zirconium acetate on the flame retardant properties of wool
Forouharshad M, Montazer M, Moghaddam MB, Saligheh O, Roudbari BY
1267 - 1283 Poly(acrylic acid/acrylamide/sodium humate) superabsorbent hydrogels for metal ion/dye adsorption: Effect of sodium humate concentration
Singh T, Singhal R
1284 - 1291 Amphiphilic polysilane with poly(ethylene oxide) side chains
Sacarescu L, Simionescu M, Sacarescu G, Hamciuc V
1292 - 1301 Basalt fiber reinforced and elastomer toughened polylactide composites: Mechanical properties, rheology, crystallization, and morphology
Liu T, Yu FM, Yu XJ, Zhao XL, Lu A, Wang JH
1302 - 1309 Synthesis and characterization of PEG-graft-quaternized chitosan and cationic polymeric liposomes for drug delivery
Liang XF, Sun YM, Duan YR, Cheng YS
1310 - 1317 Effect of compatibilizing agents on the mechanical property of rice husk flour as nano-potential filler in polypropylene biocomposite
El Sayed AM, Shehata AB, Darwish NA, Abd El Megeed AA, Badawy NA, El-Bayaa AA, El-Mogy SA
1318 - 1329 Encapsulation of nano Disperse Red 60 via modified miniemulsion polymerization. I. Preparation and characterization
El-sayed GM, Kamel MM, Morsy NS, Taher FA
1330 - 1338 Synthesis and characterization of diethanolamine-containing glass ionomer cement
Yang X, Ma GP, Nie J
1339 - 1345 A green, chemoselective, and efficient protocol for Paal-Knorr pyrrole and bispyrrole synthesis using biodegradable polymeric catalyst PEG-SO3H in water
Jafari AA, Amini S, Tamaddon F
1346 - 1351 Side-chain type benzoxazine-functional cellulose via click chemistry
Agag T, Vietmeier K, Chernykh A, Ishida H
1352 - 1356 Low temperature plasma-initiated precipitation copolymerization of styrene and maleic anhydride
Yan D, Xu XH, Ma GQ, Sheng J
1357 - 1362 Fabrication of Au and Ag Bi-metallic nanocomposite for antimicrobial applications
Reddy PR, Varaprasad K, Reddy NN, Raju KM, Reddy NS
1363 - 1370 Synergistic interaction of konjac glucomannan and gellan gum investigated by rheology and texture analysis
Mei T, Xu X, Li B, Li J, Cui B, Zhou B, Ablaye W
1371 - 1376 Organosoluble and light-colored fluorinated semialicyclic polyimide derived from 1,2,3,4-cyclobutanetetracarboxylic dianhydride
Lu YH, Hu ZZ, Wang YF, Fang QX
1377 - 1381 Poly(polyethylene glycol methyl ether methacrylate) as novel solid-solid phase change material for thermal energy storage
Tang BT, Yang ZY, Zhang SF
1382 - 1390 Equilibrium adsorption studies on removal of diclofenac sodium from aqueous solution using sawdust-polyaniline (SD-PAn) composites
Bajpai M, Rai N, Bajpai SK
1391 - 1399 Improving wheat gluten materials properties by Kraft lignin addition
Kunanopparat T, Menut P, Morel MH, Guilbert S
1400 - 1408 Viscosity modeling of a medium reactive unsaturated polyester resin used for liquid composite molding process
Pandiyan KRR, Neogi S
1409 - 1417 Synthesis and characterization of alternating copolymers derived from indeno[1,2-b]fluorene for blue light-emitting diodes
Xia YJ, Zhong CM, Li B, Wu HB, Cao Y, Fan DW
1418 - 1424 Development of nanostructured polyaniline-titanium dioxide gas sensors for ammonia recognition
Pawar SG, Chougule MA, Sen S, Patil VB
1425 - 1429 One-step fabrication of branched poly(vinyl alcohol) nanofibers by magnetic coaxial electrospinning
Wu HJ, Fan JT, Wan XF, Du N
1430 - 1438 Coating of macroemulsion and microemulsion silicones on poly(ethylene terephthalate) fibers: Evaluation of the thermal properties and flammability
Gashti MP, Navid MY, Rahimi MH
1439 - 1447 Evaluation of the dielectric properties of grease containing copolymers and ester
Hassan AM, Youssif MA, Mazrouaa AM, Abou Shahba RM, Youssif MAE
1448 - 1455 Preparation and characterization of flexible poly(vinyl chloride) foam films
Sahin E, Mahlicli FY, Yetgin S, Balkose D
1456 - 1459 Synthesis and characterization of polylimonene: Polymer of an optically active terpene
Singh A, Kamal M
1460 - 1466 Crosslinked microparticle preparation in supercritical carbon dioxide with photopolymerization
Meng Z, He Y, Liang PZ, Nie J
1467 - 1475 Microwave-assisted preparation of poly(2-EHA-co-ST) copolymer and poly(2-EHA-co-ST)/MMT nanocomposite
Biswal T, Samal R, Sahoo PK
1476 - 1485 EMI shielding effectiveness and dielectrical properties of SBS/PAni.DBSA blends: Effect of blend preparation
Magioli M, Soares BG, Sirqueira AS, Rahaman M, Khastgir D
1486 - 1492 Synthesis and characterization of novel organosilicon-modified polyurethane
Zhang YH, Shang JW, Lv FZ, Chu PK
1493 - 1505 Evaluation of chitosan tripolyphosphate gel beads as bioadsorbents for iron in aqueous solution and in human blood in vitro
Yalinca Z, Yilmaz E, Bullici FT
1506 - 1512 Gamma-induced polymerization and grafting of a novel phosphorous-, nitrogen-, and sulfur-containing monomer on cotton fabric to impart flame retardancy
Verma SK, Kaur I
1513 - 1520 Effect of silicone dioxide and poly(ethylene glycol) on the conductivity and relaxation dynamics of poly(ethylene oxide)-silver triflate solid polymer electrolyte
Gondaliya N, Kanchan DK, Sharma P, Joge P
1521 - 1529 Highly refractive and organo-soluble poly(amide imide)s based on 5,5'-thiobis(2-amino-4-methyl-thiazole): Synthesis and characterization
Shockravi A, Javadi A, Kamali M, Hajavi S
1530 - 1537 Simulation studies of the interfaces of incompatible glycidyl azide polymer/hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene blends by dissipative particle dynamics. I. The effect of block copolymers and plasticizers
Zhou Y, Long XP, Zeng QX
1538 - 1543 Poly[N-(2-hydroxypropyl)methacrylamide] prodrug for metaxalone via a chloroacetyl chloride linker: Synthesis and controlled release evaluation
Zhang J, Liu YF, Liu LX, Zhang YZ, Qiao CA, Zhou YZ
1544 - 1551 Synthesis of a novel intumescent flame retardant and its application in EVM
Liu H, Xiong YQ, Xu WJ, Zhang YJ, Pan SJ
1552 - 1558 Silicon and carbon substrates induced arrangement changes in poly(styrene-b-isoprene-b-styrene) block copolymer thin films
Zalakain I, Ramos JA, Fernandez R, Etxeberria H, Mondragon I
1559 - 1566 Rheokinetic of polyurethane crosslinking time-temperature-transformation diagram for rotational molding
Farzaneh S, Riviere S, Tcharkhtchi A
1567 - 1575 Preparation and characterization of magnetic nanofibers with iron oxide nanoparticles and poly(ethylene terephthalate)
Ahn BW, Kang TJ
1576 - 1585 Modified poly(ether-imide-amide)s with pendent benzazole structures: Synthesis and characterization
Toiserkani H
1586 - 1591 Molecular simulations of the conformational properties of atactic poly(2-ethylbutyl methacrylate)
Karyappa RB, Natarajan U
1592 - 1600 Oligomers of poly(anhydride): Study of interaction in coating binder
Lasne-Deschamps AC, Fay F, Sire O, Linossier I, Vallee-Rehel K
1601 - 1605 Corrosion protection of mild steel with nanofibrous polyaniline-based coatings
Ma SD, Song GL, Feng NB, Zhao P
1606 - 1615 Commercial, high-impact polypropylenes: Composition and chain structure as revealed by temperature-gradient extraction fractionation
Mahdavi H, Nook ME
1616 - 1624 Compatibility, morphology, and crystallization behavior of compatibilized ss-nucleated polypropylene/poly(trimethylene terephthalate) blends
Lin ZD, Chen C, Li BC, Guan ZX, Huang ZY, Zhang M, Li X, Zhang XJ
1625 - 1635 The effects of technological compatibility for silicone rubber/fluororubber blends
Kim DH, Hwang SH, Kim BS
1636 - 1641 Kinetic study of the polymerization of dimethyldiallylammonium chloride and acrylamide
Bi KZ, Zhang YJ
1642 - 1651 Isolation of cellulose nanofibers from para rubberwood and their reinforcing effect in poly(vinyl alcohol) composites
Kamphunthong W, Hornsby P, Sirisinha K
1652 - 1656 Synthesis, characterization, and electrochemical properties of poly(ethylene oxide)-based polyaniline electrolyte complex
Kunteppa H, Roy AS, Devendrappa H, Prasad MVNA