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1283 - 1292 Investigation and Prediction on the Nonlinear Viscoelastic Behaviors of Nylon1212 Toughened with Elastomer
Wang WJ, Lu ZL, Cao YX, Chen JZ, Wang JW, Zheng Q
1293 - 1301 Effect of Intercalation Agent on the Structure and Properties of OMMT and RTV/OMMT Composites
Wang JC, Yang K, Xu N
1302 - 1309 The Functions of Crystallizable Ethylene-Propylene Copolymers in the Formation of Multiple Phase Morphology of High Impact Polypropylene
Tong CY, Lan Y, Chen Y, Chen Y, Yang DC, Yang XN
1310 - 1319 Effect of Surface Treatment on the Physicomechanical and Thermal Properties of High-Density Polyethylene/Olive Husk Flour Composites
Ihamouchen C, Djidjelli H, Boukerrou A, Krim S, Kaci M, Martinez JJ
1320 - 1328 Synthesis of Polystyrene Oligomers by Nitroxide-Mediated Radical Polymerization Using Diethylketone Triperoxide as a Multifunctional Radical Initiator
de Anda C, de los Santos G, Morales G
1329 - 1339 Novel Fully Conjugated 2H-and Metal-Phthalocyanine Network Polymers: Synthesis, Characterization, and Dielectric Spectra Analysis
Abdel-Razik HH, Mahmoud KH
1340 - 1347 Thermal Effect of Polymer Layers Deposition on Polypropylene Nonwoven Fabric
Stawski D, Polowinski S, Herczynska L, Sarna E, Rabiej S
1348 - 1358 A Comparative Study of the Stress-Relaxation Behavior of Untreated and Alkali-Treated Jute Fibers
Ray D, Das M, Mitra D
1359 - 1369 Synthesis of Liquid Crystalline Polymers from Polyethylene Terephthalate and 4-Acetoxybenzoic Acid: A Kinetic Study
Bishara A, Al-Mulla A, Al-Roomi Y, Shaban H
1370 - 1376 Synthesis and Characterization of Soybean-Oil-Based Polyurethane Composites Containing Industrial and Agricultural Residual Wastes as Fillers
Costa APO, Silva RB, Gerbase AE, Petzhold CL
1377 - 1383 Rheology of Poly(vinyl chloride) Plastisol for Super-High-Shear-Rate Processing. II
Nakajima N, Harrell ER
1384 - 1391 Preparation, Cure Kinetics, and Thermal Properties of Novel Acetylene Terminated Silazanes
Han WJ, Ye L, Hu JD, Zhao T
1392 - 1400 Cationically Cured Natural Oil-Based Green Composites: Effect of the Natural Oil and the Agricultural Fiber
Pfister DP, Larock RC
1401 - 1406 Synthesis and Characterization of Poly(methyl methacrylate-butyl acrylate-acrylic acid)/Polyaniline Core-Shell Nanoparticles in Miniemulsion Media
Xu XK, Shi YC, Sun LB
1407 - 1420 Studies of Particle Dispersion in Plasticized Poly(vinyl chloride)/Montmorillonite Nanocomposites
Saad ALG, Dimitry OIH
1421 - 1427 Analytical Applications of Newly Synthesized Copolymer Resin Derived from p-Aminophenol, Dithiooxamide, and Formaldehyde
Gurnule WB, Katkamwar SS
1428 - 1436 Surface Properties of Methyl Methacrylate Hardened Hybrid Poplar Wood
Koubaa A, Ding WD, Chaala A, Bouafif H
1437 - 1454 Evaluation of Injection-Molding Simulation Tools to Model the Cure Kinetics of Rubbers
Arrillaga A, Zaldua AM, Farid AS
1455 - 1467 Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Membranes for the Pervaporative Separation of Benzene/Cyclohexane Mixtures
Benguergoura H, Moulay S
1468 - 1478 Influence of Extrusion Temperature on Molecular Architecture and Crystallization Behavior of Peroxide-Induced Slightly Crosslinked Poly(L-lactide) by Reactive Extrusion
Takamura M, Sugimoto M, Kawaguchi S, Takahashi T, Koyama K
1479 - 1485 A Novel Electro-Organic Synthesis of Aniline-Based Copolymers at Platinum Electrodes
Saraswat A, Sharma LK, Srivastava MK, Siddiqui IR, Singh RKP
1486 - 1493 Novel One-Step Synthesis to Cross-Linked Polymeric Nanoparticles as Highly Active and Selective Catalysts for Cycloaddition of CO2 to Epoxides
Xiong YB, Wang YJ, Wang H, Wang RM, Cui ZP
1494 - 1501 Synthesis and Photoinitiating Activity Study of Polymeric Photoinitiators Bearing BP Moiety Based on Hyperbranched Poly(ester-amine) via Thiol-ene Click Reaction
Xie H, Hu LH, Shi WF
1502 - 1508 Recent Advance on Constitutive Models of Thermal-Sensitive Shape Memory Polymers
Zhang Q, Yang QS
1509 - 1517 Polyethylene Glycol-Polyethylenimine-Tetrachloroplatinum (IV): A Novel Conjugate with Good Abilities of Antitumor and Gene Delivery
Zhao L, Xu FJ, Chen H, Tang GP, Hu XR
1518 - 1529 Two Advanced Styrene-Butadiene/Polybutadiene Rubber Blends Filled with a Silanized Silica Nanofiller for Potential Use in Passenger Car Tire Tread Compound
Saeed F, Ansarifar A, Ellis RJ, Haile-Meskel Y, Irfan MS
1530 - 1538 Wheat Gluten Fractions as Wood Adhesives-Glutenins Versus Gliadins
Nordqvist P, Thedjil D, Khosravi S, Lawther M, Malmstrom E, Khabbaz F
1539 - 1547 Redox Initiated Free Radical Polymerization of 4-Methylstyrene
Mortamet AC, Pethrick RA
1548 - 1556 Effect of Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes on Thermomechanical and Electrical Properties of Poly(trimethylene terephthalate)
Gupta A, Choudhary V
1557 - 1562 Inclusion Complex of Cantharidin with beta-Cyclodextrin: Preparation, Characterization, In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation
Dang YJ, An LN, Hu CH, Zhu CY
1563 - 1567 Effect of Extractives on the Performance Properties of Wood Flour-Polypropylene Composites
Sheshmani S, Ashori A, Farhani F
1568 - 1575 Zwitterionic Ring Opening Polymerization of Lactide by Metal Free Catalysts: Production of Cyclic Polymers
Prasad AV, Stubbs LP, Zhun M, Zhu YH
1576 - 1583 Novel High-Performance Wave-Transparent Aluminum Phosphate/Cyanate Ester Composites
Sun ZQ, Huang PZ, Gu AJ, Liang GZ, Yuan L, Dai SK
1584 - 1596 Simulation of Crystallization Kinetics and Morphology During Nonisothermal Crystallization in Short Fiber Reinforced Composites
Ruan CL, Ouyang J
1597 - 1603 Effect of NBR on Epoxy/Glass Prepregs Properties
Galledari NA, Beheshty MH, Barmar M
1604 - 1611 Quantitative Determination of Degree of Conversion in Photocured Poly(urethane-dimethacrylate)s by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
Barszczewska-Rybarek IM
1612 - 1620 Nanosilica Filled Poly(glycerol-sebacate-citrate) Elastomers with Improved Mechanical Properties, Adjustable Degradability, and Better Biocompatibility
Wu Y, Shi R, Chen DF, Zhang LQ, Tian W
1621 - 1629 Deformational Properties of Filled Rubber Under Quasistatic Loading
Aniskevich K, Starkova O, Aniskevich A
1630 - 1635 Synthesis of Dendritic Polyaniline Nanofibers by Using Soft Template of Sodium Alginate
Bhowmick B, Bain MK, Maity D, Bera NK, Mondal D, Mollick MMR, Maiti PK, Chattopadhyay D
1636 - 1644 Synthesis and Characterization of a Novel Charring Agent and Its Application in Intumescent Flame Retardant Polypropylene System
Huang JQ, Zhang YQ, Yang Q, Liao X, Li GX
1645 - 1649 Fabrication and Characterization of Silica/Polypyrrole Nanocomposites Using Silica Sulfuric Acid as Templates
Wang WQ, Li WL, Chai ZL, Zhang RF
1650 - 1657 Development and Assessment of the Advanced Graft Copolymers Obtained from Hibiscus sabdariffa Biomass
Chauhan A, Kaith B
1658 - 1666 Physicochemical and Structural Effects of Electrolyte-Induced Delamination on Polyethylene Teraphthalate-Coated Steel Plates
Zumelzu E, Ortega C, Rull F, Cabezas C
1667 - 1674 Melt Processability of Polytetrafluoroethylene: Effect of Melt Treatment on Tensile Deformation Mechanism
Li M, Zhang W, Wang CS, Wang HP
1675 - 1683 Synthesis, Characterization, and Degradation Investigation of Water-Soluble beta-Cyclodextrin-Based Epoxy Resins
Kang NJ, Du ZJ, Li HQ, Zhang C, Zhao ZH
1684 - 1689 Preparation, Evaluation, and In Vitro Release Study of O-Carboxymethyl Chitosan Nanoparticles Loaded with Gentamicin and Salicylic Acid
Ji JO, Hao SL, Dong J, Wu DJ, Yang B, Xu Y
1690 - 1697 Mechanical, Barrier, and Interfacial Properties of Biodegradable Composite Films Made of Methylcellulose and Poly(caprolactone)
Khan RA, Salmieri S, Dussault D, Sharmin N, Lacroix M
1698 - 1707 Structural and Mechanical Properties of Needle-Punched Nonwoven Reinforced Composites in Erosive Environment
Tejyan S, Patnaik A, Rawal A, Satapathy BK
1708 - 1717 New Experimental Device to Test the Dynamic Behavior of Fiber Assemblies and Fibrous Composite Structures with a Focus on Larger Industrial-Scale-Like Samples
Rebouillat S, Liksonov D, Courgey A
1718 - 1723 Synthesis and Characterization of Linear Low-Density Polyethylene/Sepiolite Nanocomposites
Shafiq M, Yasin T, Saeed S
1724 - 1731 Synthesis of Cationic UV-Curable Methacrylate Copolymers and Properties of the Cured Films of Their Composites with Alicyclic Epoxy Resin
Tang CY, Liu WQ
1732 - 1739 Electrospun Magnetic Fibrillar Polyarylene Ether Nitriles Nanocomposites Reinforced with Fe-phthalocyanine/Fe3O4 Hybrid Microspheres
Meng FB, Zhan YQ, Lei YJ, Zhao R, Zhong JC, Liu XB
1740 - 1745 Compression Wood as a Source of Reinforcing Filler for Thermoplastic Composites
Buyuksari U, Ayrilmis N, Akbulut T
1746 - 1754 Temperature Effect on the Swelling of PAAm-kappa-carrageenan Composites
Evingur GA, Pekcan O
1755 - 1763 Thermoreversible Supramolecular Polyurethanes with Self-Complementary Quadruple Hydrogen-Bonded End Groups
Zhu B, Feng ZC, Zheng Z, Wang XL
1764 - 1772 Comparison of UF Synthesis by Alkaline-Acid and Strongly Acid Processes
Ferra JMM, Henriques A, Mendes AM, Costa MRN, Carvalho LH, Magalhaes FD
1773 - 1783 Crystallization, Dispersion Behavior and the Induced Properties Through Forming a Controllable Network in the Crosslinked Polyester-SiO2 Nanocomposites
Guo WY, Chuan KY
1784 - 1792 Influence of Nucleation on the Brittle-Ductile Transition Temperature of Impact-Resistant Polypropylene Copolymer: From the Sight of Phase Morphology
Cheng D, Feng JC, Yi JJ
1793 - 1800 Cone Calorimeter Study of Inorganic Salts as Flame Retardants in Polyurethane Adhesive with Limestone Filler
Lindholm J, Brink A, Wilen CE, Hupa M
1801 - 1811 Morphology and Properties of Nylon 6 and High Density Polyethylene Blends in Presence of Nanoclay and PE-g-MA
Mallick S, Kar P, Khatua BB
1812 - 1821 Properties of Poly(vinyl alcohol)-Bentonite Clay Nanocomposite Films in Relation to Polymer-Clay Interactions
Sapalidis AA, Katsaros FK, Steriotis TA, Kanellopoulos NK
1822 - 1832 The Diacetone Acrylamide Crosslinking Reaction and Its Control of Core-Shell Polyacrylate Latices at Ambient Temperature
Zhang XY, Liu YH, Huang H, Li YJ, Chen HQ
1833 - 1842 The Experimental Results and Simulation of Temperature Dependence of Brittle-Ductile Transition in PVC/CPE Blends and PVC/CPE/Nano-CaCO3 Composites
You F, Chen GS, Zou JJ, Yang Z, Guo SY
1843 - 1847 The Plasticizer-Assisted Formation of a Percolating Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Network in Biodegradable Poly(L-lactide)
Zou SF, Na B, Lv RH, Pan HY
1848 - 1852 A Supported Titanium Postmetallocene Catalyst: Effect of Selected Conditions on Ethylene Polymerization
Pietruszka A, Bialek M, Czaja K
1853 - 1864 NR/SBR/Organoclay Nanocomposites: Effects of Molecular Interactions Upon the Clay Microstructure and Mechano-Dynamic Properties
Tavakoli M, Katbab AA, Nazockdast H
1865 - 1873 Solid State NMR Analysis of Poly(L-lactide) Random Copolymer with Poly(epsilon-caprolactone) and Its Reactive Extrusion Process
Nishida M, Nishimura Y, Tanaka T, Oonishi M, Kanematsu W
1874 - 1883 A Study on Effect of Different Reaction Conditions on Grafting of Psyllium and Acrylic Acid-Based Hydrogels
Kumar K, Kaith BS, Mittal H
1884 - 1888 A New Way to Construct Luminescent Functionalized Polysiloxane Based on Ternary Lanthanide Complexes of 1, 10-Phenanthroline
Lu HF, Liu L, Feng SY
1889 - 1895 Hydrogels for Water Filters: Characterization and Regeneration
Ahmed AI
1896 - 1904 A Kinetic Study of Ultrasonic Degradation of Carboxymethyl Cellulose
Taghizadeh MT, Rad H, Abdollahi R
1905 - 1912 Effect of Flexibility of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and Crystallization of Polypropylene on the Mechanical Properties of i-PP/EVA Blends
Kakkar D, Maiti SN