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Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Vol.122, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-8995 (Print) 

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729 - 737 Dual-Responsive Semi-Interpenetrating Network Beads Based on Calcium Alginate/Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)/Poly(sodium acrylate) for Sustained Drug Release
Sun XM, Shi J, Zhang ZZ, Cao SK
738 - 747 Synthesis and Properties of Novel Polyimide Optical Materials with Different Haloid Pendant
Xing Y, Wang D, Gao H, Jiang ZH
748 - 757 Synthesis and Characterization of Reactive Blocked-Isocyanate Coupling Agents from Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime, Ethyl Cellosolve/epsilon-Caprolactam Blocked Aromatic and Aliphatic Diisocyanates
Shen TF, Zhou DW, Liang LY, Zheng J, Lan YX, Lu MG
758 - 766 Synthesis and Characterization of a Well-Defined Amphiphilic Block Copolymer and Its Paclitaxel Prodrug from Methoxy Poly(ethylene glycol) and Oligomer of Glycolic Acid
Zhang L, Fu JY, Xia ZX, Wu P, Zhang XF
767 - 773 Microencapsulation of Sulfur in Poly(urea-formaldehyde)
Li J, Wang SJ, Liu HY, Wang SK, You L
774 - 781 Structure and Properties of Electrospun Poly(vinylidene fluoride)/Polycarbonate Membranes After Hot-Press
Na HN, Zhao YH, Liu XW, Zhao C, Yuan XY
782 - 788 Microencapsulation of Imidazole Curing Agents by Spray-Drying Method
Lee DH, Yang M, Kim SH, Shin MJ, Shin JS
789 - 797 Properties of Transglutaminase-Treated Red Bean Protein Films
Tang CH, Xiao ML, Chen Z, Yang XQ
798 - 803 Synthesis and Characterization of Bis-Triethoxysilane Endcapped Polyurethane/Urea
Gao F, Ku B, Huang SQ
804 - 812 Application of Polypyrrole Coated onto Wood Sawdust for the Removal of Carmoisine Dye from Aqueous Solutions
Ansari R, Keivani MB, Delavar AF
813 - 818 The Thermal-Electrical Properties of Polyvinyl Alcohol/AgNO3 Films
Liang S, Yang JF, Zhang X, Bai Y
819 - 826 BA-MMA-POMA Copolymer Latexes Prepared by Using HMPS Polymerizable Emulsifier
Chen LJ, Wu FQ
827 - 839 The Influence of Membrane Formation Parameters on Structural Morphology and Performance of PES/PDMS Composite Membrane for Gas Separation
Madaeni SS, Enayati E, Vatanpour V
840 - 848 Biodegradable Amphiphiles of Grafted Poly(lactide) onto 2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate-co-N-Vinylpyrrolidone Copolymers as Drug Carriers
Fares MM, Assaf SM, Jaber AA
849 - 855 Influence of Ammonium Polyphosphate Modified with 3-(Methylacryloxyl) Propyltrimethoxy Silane on Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Wood Flour-Polypropylene Composites
Zhou L, Guo CG, Li LP
856 - 866 Concept of Minimum Electrospinning Voltage in Electrospinning of Polyacrylonitrile N,N-Dimethylformamide System
Basu S, Agrawal AK, Jassal M
867 - 873 A Modified Quasi-Creep Model for Assessment of Deformation of Topas COC Substrates in the Thermal Bonding of Microfluidic Devices: Experiments and Modeling
Wang ZY, Yue CY, Lam YC, Roy S, Jena RK
874 - 884 Synthesis and Characterization of a Novel Graft Copolymer Containing Carboxyl Groups and Its Application to Extract Uranium(VI) from Aqueous Media
Anirudhan TS, Tharun AR, Rijith S, Suchithra PS
885 - 890 An Unexpected Plasticization Phenomenon and a Constant of the Change Rate of Viscoelastic Properties for Polymers During Nanoindentation Test
Tang XG, Hou M, Truss R, Zou J, Yang W, Dong ZG, Huang H
891 - 897 Ring-Opening Bulk Polymerization of Five- and Six-Membered Cyclic Phosphonates Using Maghnite, a Nontoxic Proton Exchanged Montmorillonite Clay
Oussadi K, Montembault V, Belbachir M, Fontaine L
898 - 907 Encapsulation of Curcumin by Methoxy Poly(ethylene glycol-b-aromatic anhydride) Micelles
Hong DW, Liu TH, Chu IM
908 - 913 Electro-Active Oligomers Containing Pendent Carbazolyl or Indolyl Groups as Host Materials for OLEDs
Zostautiene R, Mazetyte D, Grazulevicius JV, Lai YM, Wang WB, Jou JH, Grigalevicius S
914 - 925 Optimization of Electrospun Polylactide-Based Ultrathin Fibers for Osteoconductive Bone Scaffolds
Torres-Giner S, Gimeno-Alcaniz JV, Ocio MJ, Lagaron JM
926 - 931 Formation of Macroporous Organic-Inorganic Polymer Hybrids Using Tea Extract
Iwamura T, Sakaguchi M
932 - 941 Expandable Graphite-Methyl Methacrylate-Acrylic Acid Copolymer Composite Particles as a Flame Retardant of Rigid Polyurethane Foam
Zhang XG, Ge LL, Zhang WQ, Tang JH, Ye L, Li ZM
942 - 947 Influence of Stone Particles on the Rheological Behavior of a Novel Photopolymerizable Siloxane-Modified Acrylic Resin
Corcione CE, Frigione M
948 - 955 Use of EPDMSDD as Compatibilizer Agent for EPDM/EPDMR Blends: Rheologic, Mechanical, and Morphologic Properties
Santos GC, Carmo DM, Rezende CGF, Zattera AJ, Oliveira MG, Oliveira PJ
956 - 963 Spectroscopic Studies and Evaluation of Thermorheological Properties of Softwood and Hardwood Lignin
Awal A, Sain M
964 - 972 Recycling Engine Oil Containers to Prepare Wood-Plastic Composites
Lei Y, Wu QL
973 - 980 Improving Foam Ability of Polypropylene by Crosslinking
Liu H, Chuai CZ, Iqbal M, Wang HS, Kalsoom BB, Khattak M, Khattak MQ
981 - 986 Polymerization of Acrylamide in a Micellar Medium: Inhibition Effect of Surfactants
Niranjan PS, Tiwari AK, Upadhyay SK
987 - 992 Synthesis, Structural and Spectral Properties of an Ionic Polyacetylene: Poly[N-(5-nitro-2-furanmethylene)-2-ethynylpyridinium bromide]
Gal YS, Jin SH, Lim KT, Park JW
993 - 998 pH-Induced Morphological Changes of Carboxymethyl Chitosan Self Assembled Monolayer Films
Liu WT, Meng XH, Zhang SW, He SQ, Mao LY, Zhu CS
999 - 1011 Acrylonitrile/Acrylamidoxime/2-Acrylamido-2-Methylpropane Sulfonic Acid-Based Hydrogels: Synthesis, Characterization and Their Application in the Removal of Heavy Metals
Atta AM, Ismail HS, Mohamed HM, Mohamed ZM
1012 - 1018 In Situ FT-IR-ATR Studies on the Structure Development of Polyurethane-Urea Systems
Mahmood N, Khan AU, Khan MS, Ali Z, Haq AU, Wutzler A
1019 - 1029 Rheological Study of Self-Crosslinking and Co-Crosslinking of Ammonium Zirconium Carbonate and Starch in Aqueous Solutions
Song DL, Breedveld V, Deng YL
1030 - 1039 Bacterial Nanocellulose-Reinforced Arabinoxylan Films
Stevanic JS, Joly C, Mikkonen KS, Pirkkalainen K, Serimaa R, Remond C, Toriz G, Gatenholm P, Tenkanen M, Salmen L
1040 - 1046 Dielectric and Tensile Behavior of Nanoclay Reinforced Polyetherimide Nanocomposites
Dwivedi M, Dixit A, Alam S, Ghosh AK
1047 - 1052 Study on the Effect of Inorganic Salts on the Alignment of Electrospun Fiber
Song BT, Cui WG, Chang J
1053 - 1057 Degradation Kinetics of Vulcanized Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Terpolymer Residues
Pistor V, Fiorio R, Ornaghi FG, Ornaghi HL, Zattera AJ
1058 - 1065 Thermal Properties, Adhesive Strength, and Optical Transparency of Cyclolinear Poly(aryloxycyclotriphosphazenes)
Al-Shukri SM, Mahmood AT, Al-Hanbali OA
1066 - 1076 The Physical and Mechanical Properties of Beta-Nucleated Polypropylene/Montmorillonite Nanocomposites
Prachum Y, Strauss RHA, Kiatkamjornwong S
1077 - 1083 Facile Preparation of CdS Quantum Dots Using Hyperbranched Poly(amidoamine)s with Hydrophobic End-Groups as Nanoreactors
Shi YF, Liu LB, Tu CL, Zhu LJ, Yan DY, Li GL, Guo FL, Zhu XY
1084 - 1091 Construction of Hemocompatible Polycarbonate Urethane with Sulfoammonium Zwitterionic Polyethylene Glycol
Guo JT, Feng YK, Ye YQ, Zhao HY
1092 - 1100 Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Induced Surface Modification of Polyester/Cotton Blended Fabrics to Impart Water Repellency Using HMDSO
Palaskar S, Kale KH, Nadiger GS, Desai AN
1101 - 1108 Preparation and Properties of Poly(propylene carbonate) and Nanosized ZnO Composite Films for Packaging Applications
Seo J, Jeon G, Jang ES, Khan SB, Han H
1109 - 1120 Poly(vinyl alcohol)-g-Lactic Acid Copolymers and Films with Silver Nanoparticles
Tudorachi N, Lipsa R
1121 - 1133 Stability of Two-Phase Polymerization of Acrylamide in Aqueous Poly(ethylene glycol) Solution
Lu T, Shan GR, Shang SM
1134 - 1141 Adsorption of Selenite and Selenate Ions onto Thiourea-Formaldehyde Resin
Gezer N, Gulfen M, Aydin AO
1142 - 1151 Electrochemical Immobilization of Ascorbate Oxidase in Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)/Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Composite Films
Liu M, Wen YP, Li D, He HH, Xu JK, Liu CC, Yue RR, Lu BY, Liu GD
1152 - 1161 New Polyamides and Polyesteramides Incorporated with Bis(carboxy-substituted) Hydrazines: Synthesis and Characterization
Kandile NG, Nasr AS
1162 - 1167 Hydrogels for Water Filters: Preparation and Antibacterial Evaluation
Ahmed AI
1168 - 1175 Processing-Improved Properties and Morphology of PP/COC Blends
Vackova T, Slouf M, Nevoralova M, Kapralkova L
1176 - 1181 Structure of PAN Precursor in Thermal-Induced Gel Spinning
Chen HF, Du WP, Ye W, Pan D
1182 - 1189 Synthesis and Swelling Properties of Crosslinked Poly(orthosilicate)s from Cyclohexanedimethanols
Sonmez HB, Karadag K, Onaran G
1190 - 1197 Microporous Carbon Membranes from Sulfonated Poly(phthalazinone ether sulfone ketone): Preparation, Characterization, and Gas Permeation
Zhang B, Wu YH, Wang TH, Qiu JS, Zhang SH
1198 - 1205 Trace Bensulfuron-Methyl Analysis in Tap Water, Soil, and Soybean Samples by a Combination of Molecularly Imprinted Stir Bar Sorption Extraction and HPLC-UV
Chen CB, Yang LQ, Zhou J
1206 - 1218 Hybrid Polymer Networks of Unsaturated Polyester-Urethane as Composite Matrices for Jute Reinforcement
Singh B, Gupta M, Randhawa A, Tyagi S, Sharma S
1219 - 1225 Electrospun Poly(D,L)-Lactide Nonwoven Mats for Biomedical Application: Surface Area Shrinkage and Surface Entrapment
Xie ZW, Buschle-Diller G, DeInnocentes P, Bird RC
1226 - 1235 Dielectric Dispersion and AC Conductivity of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber-Poly(vinyl chloride)/Graphite Composite
Mansour SA, Al-Ghoury ME, Shalaan E, El Eraki MHI, Abdel-Bary EM
1236 - 1244 Isothermal Crystallization of Polyethylene Oxide/Silver Nanoplate Composites
Rahmansyah N, Lo CT, Syu CM, Lee CL
1245 - 1250 Preparation and Characterization of Bipolar Membranes Modified Using Photocatalyst Nano-TiO2 and Nano-ZnO
Chen RY, Hu YY, Chen Z, Chen X, Zheng X
1251 - 1257 Efficient Synthesis of Zwitterionic Sulfobetaine Group Functional Polyurethanes via "Click" Reaction
Huang JJ, Xu WL
1258 - 1267 Effects of Reprocessing on the Hygroscopic Behavior of Natural Fiber High-Density Polyethylene Composites
Tajvidi M, Takemura A
1268 - 1274 Fabrication of Self-Cleaning Poly(vinylidene fluoride) Membrane with Micro/Nanoscaled Two-Tier Roughness
Zheng ZR, Gu ZY, Huo RT, Luo ZS
1275 - 1285 Functionalization of Polylactic Acid Through Direct Melt Polycondensation in the Presence of Tricarboxylic Acid
Kucharczyk P, Poljansek I, Sedlarik V, Kasparkova V, Salakova A, Drbohlav J, Cvelbar U, Saha P
1286 - 1292 Synthesis and Polymer-to-Ceramic Conversion of Tailorable Copolysilazanes
Li R, Zhou C, Yang L, Li SW, Zhan JY, Yu ZJ, Xia HP
1293 - 1299 Electropolymerization of a New 4-(2,5-Di-2-thiophen-2-yl-pyrrol-1-yl)-Tetra Substituted Nickel Phthalocyanine Derivative
Yavuz A, Carbas BB, Aras L, Onal AM
1300 - 1315 Thermal Destruction of Carbon Black Network Structure in Natural Rubber Vulcanizate
Kato A, Suda T, Ikeda Y, Kohjiya S
1316 - 1324 Preparation and Properties of Nylon 6/Carboxylic Silica Nanocomposites via In Situ Polymerization
Zhang LL, Xiong YZ, Ou EC, Chen ZM, Xiong YQ, Xu WJ
1325 - 1332 Use of Sodium and Potassium Butyl Xanthate as Accelerator for Room Temperature Prevulcanization of Natural Rubber Latex
Palaty S, Devi PV, Joseph R
1333 - 1340 Timolol-Imprinted Soft Contact Lenses: Influence of the Template: Functional Monomer Ratio and the Hydrogel Thickness
Yanez F, Chauhan A, Concheiro A, Alvarez-Lorenzo C
1341 - 1349 A New General Approach to Determine More Accurate Comonomer Reactivity Ratios in Controlled/Living Radical Copolymerization Systems
Abdollahi M
1350 - 1357 Poly(vinyl alcohol)-Based Polymeric Membrane: Preparation and Tensile Properties
Dong Q, Liu JS, Yao C, Shao GQ
1358 - 1363 Controlled Aggregation of Colloidal Particles for Toner Applications
Turner AJ, Nair S, Lai Z, Cheng CM, Bhatia SR
1364 - 1375 Magnetic and Electric Responsive Hydrogel-Magnetic Nanocomposites for Drug-Delivery Application
Reddy NN, Mohan YM, Varaprasad K, Ravindra S, Joy PA, Raju KM
1376 - 1381 Phonons and Heat Capacity of Polyoxymethylene
Srivastava S, Srivastava S, Srivastava S, La'Verne SJ, Khan IA, Ali P, Gupta VD
1382 - 1394 Study and Characterization of Composites Materials Based on Polypropylene Loaded with Olive Husk Flour
Amar B, Salem K, Hocine D, Chadia I, Juan MJ
1395 - 1404 Amphiphilic Diblock Copolymers Containing Poly(N-hexylisocyanate): Monolayer Behavior at the Air-Water Interface
Gargallo L, Becerra N, Sandoval C, Pitsikalis M, Hadjichristidis N, Leiva A, Radic D
1405 - 1411 Simultaneous Antimicrobial and Dyeing of Wool: A Facial Method
Rad PS, Montazer M, Rahimi MK
1412 - 1419 Investigation of Nonisothermal Crystallization of Hydroxyapatite/Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (HA/EVA) Composite
Wang YY, Zhang L, Zhou S, Huang D, Morsi Y, Gao SB, Gong M, Li YB
1420 - 1426 Effect of Macromer Synthesis Time on the Properties of the Resulting Poly(beta-amino ester) Degradable Hydrogel
Hawkins AM, Puleo DA, Hilt JZ
1427 - 1433 Experimental and Theoretic Studies on Sound Transmission Loss of Laminated Mica-Filled Poly(vinyl chloride) Composites
Wang X, You F, Zhang FS, Li J, Guo SY
1434 - 1449 Factorial Optimization of the Effects of Melt-Spinning Conditions on Biodegradable As-Spun Aliphatic-Aromatic Copolyester Fibers. III. Diameter, Tensile Properties, and Thermal Shrinkage
Younes B, Fotheringham A
1450 - 1456 Storage Stability and Solubility of Poly(urea-formaldehyde) Microcapsules Containing A-Olefin Drag Reducing Polymer
Li B, Dong GL, Zhang CQ