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Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Vol.119, No.5 Entire volume, number list
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2495 - 2501 Influence of Chitosan Posttreatment Parameters on the Fixation of Pigment-Based Inks on Ink-Jet-Printed Cotton Fabrics
Momin NH, Padhye R, Khatri A
2502 - 2510 Influence of Grafted Copolymer Structures (Polyacrylamide-g-polyoxide) on Drag-Reduction
Pires RV, Oliveira RS, Lucas EF, Martins AL
2511 - 2516 Morphology and Thermal Properties of Nylon Copolymers Containing Dimer Acid, Adipic Acid, and Hexamethylenediamine
Wang XH, Fang XL, Yao C, Wu FC
2517 - 2524 Burning-Rate Enhancement of a High-Energy Rocket Composite Solid Propellant Based on Ferrocene-Grafted Hydroxyl-Terminated Polybutadiene Binder
Saravanakumar D, Sengottuvelan N, Narayanan V, Kandaswamy M, Varghese TL
2525 - 2532 Sorptive Removal of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solutions by Polymer/Activated Charcoal Composites
Bajpai SK, Shrivastava S
2533 - 2538 Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization of Graft Chains onto Polyethylene Film Initiated at Tribromomethyl Unit Introduced by Electron Beam Irradiation
Komatsu M, Kawakami T, Kanno JI, Sasaki T
2539 - 2548 Preparation of High-Performance Polyethylene via a Novel Processing Method of Combining Dynamic Vulcanization with a Silane-Grafted Water-Crosslinking Technique
Gan QA, Qi RR, Zhang JL, Yu JA, Huang SW
2549 - 2553 Tensile Properties of Kenaf/Unsaturated Polyester Composites Filled with a Montmorillonite Filler
Rozman HD, Musa L, Azniwati AA, Rozyanty AR
2554 - 2559 Study on Soluble Polyaniline by Positron Annihilation Technique
Dan A, Sengupta PK, Ganguly BN
2560 - 2567 Coating of Cotton Yarn with Poly(vinyl alcohol) and Poly(N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone) Crosslinked via Ultraviolet Radiation
Immich APS, de Araujo PHH, Catalani LH, de Souza SMAGU, de Souza AAU
2568 - 2575 Synthesis and Characterization of Polymer-Filled Nonwoven Membranes
Jung KH, Pourdeyhimi B, Zhang XW
2576 - 2583 Synthesis of Copolyfluorenes with High Fluorenone Contents and Its Application in Electroluminescent Device by Simple Blending
Wu JR, Chen Y, Wu TY
2584 - 2594 Preparation and Membrane Separation Performances of Quarternized Ammonium Cationic Polyvinyl Alcohol
Liu XC, Chen JA, Zou JA, Duan HZ, Li JD, Chen CX, Meng PR
2595 - 2601 Acid Dyeable and Printable Acrylic Fabrics Treated with Cationic Aqueous Polyurethane
Kantouch FA, El-Sayed AA
2602 - 2610 Telechelic Poly(L-lactic acid) for Dilactide Production and Prepolymer Applications
Inkinen S, Nobes GA, Sodergard A
2611 - 2619 In Situ Synthesis of Inorganic Filler-Filled Polyethylene Using Polyethersulfone-Supported TiCl4 Catalyst System
Rajesh S, Parikh PA, Murthy ZVP
2620 - 2626 Effects of MgAlCe-CO3 Layered Double Hydroxides on the Thermal Stability of PVC Resin
Yi S, Yang ZH, Wang SW, Liu DR, Wang SQ, Liu QY, Chi WW
2627 - 2634 Wood-High-Density Polyethylene Composites: Water Absorption and Mechanical Properties
Jahadi M, Khorasani SN, Palhang M
2635 - 2643 Synthesis, Characterization, and Drug-Release Behavior of Novel PEGylated Bovine Serum Albumin as a Carrier for Anticancer Agents
Davaran S, Asgari D, Rashidi MR, Salehi R, Omidi Y
2644 - 2651 Modified Katira Gum for Colon Targeted Drug Delivery
Bharaniraja B, Kumar KJ, Prasad CM, Sen AK
2652 - 2660 Highly Transparent Films from Carboxymethylated Microfibrillated Cellulose: The Effect of Multiple Homogenization Steps on Key Properties
Siro I, Plackett D, Hedenqvist M, Ankerfors M, Lindstrom T
2661 - 2665 Pyrolysis Properties and Kinetic Model of an Asphalt Binder Containing a Flame Retardant
Xu T, Huang XM
2666 - 2673 Effect of Pressure on the Structure and Electrical Conductivity of Cardanol-Furfural-Polyaniline Blends
Souza FG, Orlando MTD, Michel RC, Pinto JC, Cosme T, Oliveira GE
2674 - 2682 Synthesis and Characterization of an Acrylate-Copolymer-Based Antistatic Agent Composed of a Single-Ion Conductive Polymer Electrolyte
Guo DY, Wang JL, Lei JX
2683 - 2697 Effect of Vegetable-Based Polyols in Unimodal Glass-Transition Polyurethane Slabstock Viscoelastic Foams and Some Guidance for the Control of Their Structure-Property Behavior. I
Vaughan BR, Wilkes GL, Dounis DV, McLaughlin C
2698 - 2713 Effect of Vegetable-Based Polyols in Unimodal Glass-Transition Polyurethane Slabstock Viscoelastic Foams and Some Guidance for the Control of Their Structure-Property Behavior. II
Vaughan BR, Wilkes GL, Dounis DV, McLaughlin C
2714 - 2724 Crystallization, Morphology, and Electrical Properties of Bio-Based Poly(trimethylene terephthalate)/Poly(ether esteramide)/Ionomer Blends
Kobayashi T, Wood BA, Takemura A
2725 - 2729 Release Behavior from Hydrogen-Bonded Polymer Gels Prepared by Pressurization
Mutsuo S, Yamamoto K, Furuzono T, Kimura T, Ono T, Kishida A
2730 - 2736 Thermal Degradation Behavior of Low-Halogen Flame Retardant PC/PPFBS/PDMS
Dang XR, Bai X, Zhang Y
2737 - 2741 A Study on Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Silicone Rubber/EPDM Damping Materials
Zhang C, Pal K, Byeon JU, Han SM, Kim JK
2742 - 2749 Effect of Shear Rate on Structural, Mechanical, and Barrier Properties of Chitosan/Montmorillonite Nanocomposite Film
Hong SI, Lee JH, Bae HJ, Koo SY, Lee HS, Choi JH, Kim DH, Park SH, Park HJ
2750 - 2758 Grafting of iPP Powder with Methacrylate Monomers in Water Medium
Chmela S, Fiedlerova A, Janigova I, Novak I, Borsig E
2759 - 2769 Poly(acrylic acid-sodium styrene sulfonate) Organogels: Preparation, Characterization, and Alcohol Superabsorbency
Kabiri K, Azizi A, Zohuriaan-Mehr MJ, Marandi GB, Bouhendi H
2770 - 2777 Investigation of Poly(vinyl chloride)/Polystyrene Mixture Miscibility: Comparison of Viscometry Criteria with Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy and Refractive Index Measurements
Aquino KAD, da Silva FF, Araujo ES
2778 - 2783 Morphologies and Mechanical Properties of Polylactide/Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer Blends
Feng F, Ye L
2784 - 2792 Characterization and Modeling of Sintering of Polymer Particles
Asgarpour M, Bakir F, Khelladi S, Khavandi A, Tcharkhtchi A
2793 - 2799 Chitosan Nanocoating on Cotton Textile Substrate Using Layer-by-Layer Self-Assembly Technique
Joshi M, Khanna R, Shekhar R, Jha K
2800 - 2807 The Influence of Matrix Viscosity on Properties of Polypropylene/Polyaniline Composite Fibers-Rheological, Electrical, and Mechanical Characteristics
Soroudi A, Skrifvars M
2808 - 2814 Studies on Preparation and Properties of Vinyltriethoxysilane-Grafted Styrene-Butadiene Rubber
Yin CJ, Zhang QY, Yin DZ, Gu JW, Gong GB, Liang T
2815 - 2823 Effect of Different Types of Filler and Filler Loadings on the Properties of Carboxylated Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Rubber Latex Films
Ain ZN, Azura AR
2824 - 2833 Chemical Synthesis, Characterization, and Properties of Conducting Copolymers of Imidazole and Carbazole
Raj V, Madheswari D, Ali MM
2834 - 2846 Compression-Molded Biocomposite Boards from Red and White Wine Grape Pomaces
Jiang Y, Simonsen J, Zhao YY
2847 - 2856 Foaming of a Polymer-Nanoparticle System: Effect of the Particle Properties
Famili MHN, Janani H, Enayati MS
2857 - 2865 Effect of Particle Structure on the Peel Strength and Heat Resistance Properties of Vinyl Acetate/Acrylate Latexes Laminating Adhesives
Zhou CL, Che RS, Zhong L, Xu W, Guo DY, Lei JX
2866 - 2874 An Approach to Imprint Irganox 1076: Potential Application to the Specific Migration Test in Olive Oil
Dopico-Garcia MS, Cela-Perez C, Lopez-Vilarino JM, Gonzalez-Rodriguez MV, Barral-Losada LF
2875 - 2884 Objective Measurement of Fabric Properties of the Plasma-Treated Cotton Fabrics Subjected to Cocatalyzed Wrinkle-Resistant Finishing
Lam YL, Kan CW, Yuen CWM, Au CH
2885 - 2894 Preparation, Characterization, and Swelling and Drug Release Properties of a Crosslinked Chitosan-Polycaprolactone Gel
Aroguz AZ, Baysal K, Tasdelen B, Baysal BM
2895 - 2901 Compatibilization of Polyethylene/Polyaniline Blends with Polyethylene-graft-Maleic Anhydride
Del Castillo-Castro T, Castillo-Ortega MM, Herrera-Franco PJ, Rodriguez-Felix DE
2902 - 2910 Bioadhesive Hydrophobic Chitosan Microparticles for Oral Delivery of Insulin: In Vitro Characterization and In Vivo Uptake Studies
Sonia TA, Rekha MR, Sharma CP
2911 - 2916 Synthesis and Characterization of Phenol-Formaldehyde Microcapsules Containing Linseed Oil and Its Use in Epoxy for Self-Healing and Anticorrosive Coating
Jadhav RS, Hundiwale DG, Mahulikar PP
2917 - 2924 Isopropyl Myristate Modified Silicone as a Potential New Encapsulating Material for Implantable Devices
Wasikiewicz JM, Paul D, Roohpour N, Vaghela J, Grahn MF, Vadgama P
2925 - 2932 Effects of Various Polyurethanes on the Mechanical and Structural Properties of an Epoxy Resin
Kostrzewa M, Hausnerova B, Bakar M, Siwek E
2933 - 2944 Morphology and Thermomechanical Properties of Epoxy Thermosets Modified with Polysulfone-Block-Polydimethylsiloxane Multiblock Copolymer
Hu D, Zheng SX
2945 - 2952 Relationship Between Electrical and Mechanical Loss Tangents of Hollow Glass Powder Reinforced Epoxy Composites: A Pilot Study
Ku H, Maxwell A, Wong P, Huang J, Fung H
2953 - 2960 Triblock Copolymers of Methyl Methacrylate/N-Vinyl Pyrrolidone and Their Hydrophilication Effects on Poly(vinylidene fluoride) Porous Membranes
Pang DX, Liu WD, Li T, Fang LF, Zhu BK
2961 - 2967 Cross-Linking and Grafting with PS of EPDM in the Presence of Lewis Acids
Xu JP, Chen JD, Cheng ML
2968 - 2973 Investigation of Temperature-Swing Adsorption of Aromatic Compounds in Water Using Polyampholyte Gels with Hydrophilic Nonionic Groups
Morisada S, Suzuki H, Hirokawa Y, Nakano Y
2974 - 2983 Thermal and Flame Retardant Properties of Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Copolymer/Modified Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Composites
Wang LC, Jiang PK
2984 - 2990 Morphologic Study of Steady State Electrospun Polyamide 6 Nanofibres
De Vrieze S, De Schoenmaker B, Ceylan O, Depuydt J, Van Landuyt L, Rahier H, Van Assche G, De Clerck K
2991 - 2995 A Novel Electric Elastomer Based on Starch/Transformer Oil Drop/Silicone Rubber Hybrid
Hao LM, Ding CL, Zhao XP
2996 - 3003 Process-Induced Monomer on a Medical-Grade Polymer and Its Effect on Short-Term Hydrolytic Degradation
Ella V, Nikkola L, Kellomaki M
3004 - 3009 Thermoset Lactic Acid-Based Resin as a Matrix for Flax Fibers
Akesson D, Skrifvars M, Seppala J, Turunen M
3010 - 3018 Effects of Dispersion and Arrangement of Clay on Thermal Diffusivity of Polyimide-Clay Nanocomposite Film
Kakiage M, Ando S
3019 - 3025 Cure Characteristics and Mechanical Properties of Rubber Ferrite Composites Based on Nano-Nickel Ferrites
George M, Kurian P, Anantharaman MR
3026 - 3033 Preparation and Characterization of Mono- and Di-d-alpha-Tocopheryl Polyethylene Glycol 1000 Succinate
Wang JY, Su BG, Xing HB, Yang YW, Ren QL
3034 - 3042 Preparation and Application of Glycidyl Methacrylate and Methacrylic Acid Monomer Mixture-Grafted Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Fibers for Removal of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solution
Arslan M
3043 - 3050 Preparation and Properties of Unsaturated Polyester Nanocomposites Based on Silylated Sepiolite Nanofibers
Lu PF, Xu J, Liu KP
3051 - 3057 Polymerization of Ethylene: Some Aspects of Metallocene Catalyst Stabilization Under Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Reaction Conditions
de Freitas AJD, dos Santos JHZ, Meneghetti SMP, Meneghetti MR
3058 - 3071 Characterizing Gum Natural Rubber Samples Through Advanced Techniques
Leblanc JL, Pilard JF, Pianhanuruk E, Campistron I, Buzare JY
3072 - 3079 Polyvinylphosphonic Acid Copolymer Hydrogels Prepared with Amide and Ester Type Crosslinkers
Kusunoki T, Oshiro M, Hamasaki F, Kobayashi T
3080 - 3092 Cocontinuous Phase Morphology of Asymmetric Compositions of Polypropylene/High-density Polyethylene Blend by the Addition of Clay
Dhibar AK, Kim JK, Khatua BB
3093 - 3100 Melt Index Prediction by RBF Neural Network Optimized with an Adaptive New Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm
Li JB, Liu XG
3101 - 3112 Fusion Bonding of Supercooled Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Between T-g and T-m
Li RH, Yao DG, Sun QH, Deng YL
3113 - 3116 Intermolecular Crosslinking of Poly(acrylic acid) in Aqueous Solution by Electron Beam Irradiation
Lappan U, Uhlmann S