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1373 - 1377 Adhesion and corrosion resistance properties of modified polystyrenes
Ahmetli G, Kaya A, Ozkececi A
1378 - 1386 Some aspects of the mechanical response of BMI 5250-4 neat resin at 191 degrees C: Experiment and modeling
Ruggles-Wrenn MB, Balaconis JG
1387 - 1394 Dimethylsilylbis(1-indenyl) zirconium dichloride/methylaluminoxane catalyst supported on nanosized silica for propylene polymerization
Li KT, Ko FS
1395 - 1400 Thermal and mechanical properties of a poly(epsilon-caprolactone)/graphite oxide composite
Kai WH, Hirota Y, Hua L, Inoue Y
1401 - 1406 Hyperbranched polyesters with internal and exo-presented hydrogen-bond acidic sensor groups for surface acoustic wave sensors
Hartmann-Thompson C, Keeley DL, Voit B, Eichhorn KJ, Mikhaylova Y
1407 - 1413 Transitions and relaxations of copolypropylene molecules in copolypropylene-clay composites
Zhong WX, Qiao XY, Cao M, Sun K, Zhang GD
1414 - 1422 Macromolecular assemblies of segmented poly(ester urethane)s and poly(ether urethane)s
Ioan S, Lupu M, Epure V, Ioanid A, Macocinschi D
1423 - 1429 Influence of post-treatments of porous poly(vinyl alcohl) membranes
Wang YL, Yang H, Xu ZL
1430 - 1438 Styrene-assisted grafting of maleic anhydride onto polypropylene by reactive processing
Bettini SHP, Ruvolo AC
1439 - 1448 Mechanical properties of crosslinked polyurethane elastomers based on well-defined prepolymers
Krol P, Pilch-Pitera B
1449 - 1458 Influence of amino group pK(a) on the properties of stimuli-responsive piperazine-based polymers and hydrogels
Deen GR, Gan LH
1459 - 1465 Effect of olive residue benzylation on the thermal and mechanical properties of poly(vinyl chloride)/olive residue composites
Djidjelli H, Boukerrou A, Rabouhi A, Founas R, Kaci M, Zefouni O, Djillah N, Belrnouhoub L
1466 - 1470 Development of high-absorbent light-weight sanitary napkin
Das A, Kothari VK, Makhija S, Avyaya K
1471 - 1478 Laser scanning confocal microscope characterization of dye diffusion in nylon 6 fibers treated with atmospheric pressure plasmas
Wang CX, Zhu L, Qiu YP
1479 - 1486 Effect of the different rigidity of the chiral crosslinker on phase behaviors of side-chain chiral liquid crystalline elastomers
Zhang BY, He XZ, Liao QF, Zhou QH
1487 - 1492 Preparation of isotacticity-rich poly(tert-butyl vinyl ether) by the cationic polymerization of tert-butyl vinyl ether with dimethyl [rac-ethylenebis (indenyl)]zirconium and tri(pentafluorophenyl)borane
Kwon OW, Noh SK, Lyoo WS
1493 - 1499 Curing kinetics study of an epoxy resin system for T800 carbon fiber filament wound composites by dynamic and isothermal DSC
Chen WM, Li P, Yu YH, Yang XP
1500 - 1506 Superabsorbent hydrogel composed of covalently crosslinked gum arabic with fast swelling dynamics
Favaro SL, de Oliveira F, Reis AV, Guilherme MR, Muniz EC, Tambourgi EB
1507 - 1516 Effect of maleic anhydride grafted polypropylene on the mechanical and morphological properties of chemically modified short-pineapple-leaf-fiber-reinforced polypropylene composites
Hujuri U, Chattopadhay SK, Uppaluri R, Ghoshal AK
1517 - 1522 Properties of diallyl phthalate resin modified with phthalic allyl ester having a hydroxyl group
Ohtsuka K, Matsumoto A, Kimura H
1523 - 1529 Dynamic photorheological analysis of photopolymerizable urethane dimethacrylate resins with varying diluent content and light fluence
Piguet-Ruinet F, Love BJ
1530 - 1538 Fabrication of superhydrophobic silica-based surfaces with high transmittance by using polypropylene and tetraeyhoxysilane precursors
Chang KC, Chen YK, Chen H
1539 - 1546 Synthesis and electrochemical properties of phloroglucin-based ferrocenyl compounds and their application in anion recognition
Deng LB, Wang L, Yu HJ, Wang JJ, Dong XC, Li JH, Tan QH, Huo J
1547 - 1554 Materials selection and residual solvent retention in biodegradable electrospun fibers
Nam J, Huang Y, Agarwal S, Lannuttil J
1555 - 1562 Curing characteristics of urea-formaldehyde resin in the presence of various amounts of wood extracts and catalysts
Gao ZH, Wang XM, Wan H, Liu Y
1563 - 1567 Yttria-polystyrene-polypropylene composite for fine dyeable fibers
Yu CB, Jiang C, Chen YM
1568 - 1572 Preparation and properties of physically crosslinked sodium carboxymethylcellulose/poly(vinyl alcohol) complex hydrogels
Xiao CM, Gao YK
1573 - 1577 Clear polyurethane dispersions of nanometer size derived from carboxylic polycaprolactonediols
Lee DK, Tsai HB, Tsai RS
1578 - 1583 Removal of phosphate ions with a chemically modified chitosan/metal-ion complex
Shimizu Y, Nakamura S, Saito Y, Nakamura T
1584 - 1589 Effects of laser irradiation on polyester textile properties
Kan CW
1590 - 1597 Studies on the steady and dynamic rheological properties of poly(dimethyl-siloxane) filled with calcium carbonate based on superposition of its relative functions
Xu XM, Tao XL, Gao CH, Zheng Q
1598 - 1603 Effect of nano-TiO(2)on MP-25 resin
Bin X, Zhang ST, Huang WZ, Hou BR
1604 - 1608 Synthesis of poly(epichlorohydrin-g-methyl methacrylate) and poly(epichlorohydrin-g-styrene) graft copolymers by a combination of cationic and photopolymerization methods
Cakmak I, Baykara H, Set B
1609 - 1615 Ionic conductivity and morphology of semi-interpenetrating-type polymer electrolyte entrapping poly(siloxane-g-allyl cyanide)
Min KH, Kim DB, Kang YK, Suh DH
1616 - 1620 Effect of deaeration processing on the behavior of an acrylonitrile-acrylamide copolymer and carbon fiber precursors
Wang YX, Wang CG, Jing M
1621 - 1627 Stereocomplexation and morphology of enantiomeric poly(lactic acid)s with moderate-molecular-weight
Wang Y, Mano JF
1628 - 1634 Synthesis, characterization, and thermal properties of tris (3-aminophenyl) phosphine oxide-based nadimide resins
Darshan, Sharma P, Malhotra P, Narula AK
1635 - 1641 Effects of cyclic compression and thermal aging on dynamic properties of neoprene rubber bearings
Chou HW, Huang JS
1642 - 1646 Lewis acid-base property of P(VDF-co-HFP) measured by inverse gas chromatography
Shi BL, He MJ
1647 - 1654 UV polymerization-based surface modification technique for the production of bioactive packaging
Kothapalli A, Morgan M, Sadler G
1655 - 1660 Chemical modification of multiwalled carbon nanotube with the liquid phase method
Chiu WM, Chang YA
1661 - 1669 Effect of microencapsulated curing agents on the curing behavior for diglycidyl ether of bisphenot a epoxy resin systems
Xu HX, Fang ZP, Tong LF
1670 - 1677 A new generation of fibers from alginic acid for dressing materials
Mikolajczyk T, Wolowska-Czapnik D, Bogun M
1678 - 1685 Effect of functional group of ferrocene redox substance on the transport properties of newly designed ion exchange membrane prepared from polymer gel
El Sayed AM, Yamasaki S, Yamauchi A
1686 - 1695 Surface functionalization by RF plasma deposition of ethylene diamine, acrylonitrile, and acetonitrile
Jampala SN, Sarmadi M, Manolache S, Denes FS
1696 - 1700 The influence of polystyrene and polyvinylpyrrolidone nanofiber on the intensity of photoluminescence of fluorescent whitenine aeents
Wang SG, Yang QB, Bai J, Du JS, Li YX
1701 - 1709 Preparation of monodisperse poly(vinyl alcohol) microspheres by heterogeneous surface saponification and iodine complex formation
Lee SG, Lyoo WS
1710 - 1717 Synthesis and characterization of air-stable magnetic Fe composites microspheres of narrow size distribution
Shpaisman N, Margel S
1718 - 1723 Effects of interfacial adhesion on properties of polypropylene/Wollastonite composites
Chen MJ, Wan CY, Shou WJ, Zhang YX, Zhang Y, Zhang JM
1724 - 1729 Synthesis of alkyd resin from Jatropha and Rapeseed oils and their applications in electrical insulation
Patel VC, Varughese J, Krishnamoorthy PA, Jain RC, Singh AK, Ramamoorty M
1730 - 1736 Effect of chain architecture on biaxial orientation and oxygen permeability of polypropylene film
Dias P, Lin YJ, Hiltner A, Baer E, Chen HY, Chum SP
1737 - 1743 The effect of carbon fiber wear properties of carbon composites content on the friction and fiber reinforced polyimide
Li J, Cheng XH
1744 - 1758 Influence of an hyperbranched aliphatic polyester on the cure kinetic of a trifunctional epoxy resin
Frigione M, Calo E
1759 - 1776 Radiation synthesis and characterization of 2-hydroxyethyl-methacrylate-based hydrogels containing Di- and Tri-protic acid and its application on wastewater treatment
Abdel-Aal SE, Hegazy ESA, Abou Taleb MF, Dessouki AM
1777 - 1782 Pervaporation separation of binary and ternary mixtures with polydimethylsiloxane membranes
Bakhshi A, Mohammadi T, Aroujalian A
1783 - 1792 Thermooxidative ageing of polyoxymethylene, Part 1: Chemical aspects
Fayolle B, Verdu J, Bastard M, Piccoz D
1793 - 1802 Effect of the chain-transfer-agent content on the emulsion polymerization process and adhesive properties of poly(n-butyl acrylate-co-acrylic acid) latexes
Shen HZ, Zhang JY, Liu SJ, Liu GD, Zhang LQ, Qu XW
1803 - 1808 Preparation and performances of ethylene-propylene-diene terpolymer/acrylic rubber reinforced with a dough-modeling compound
Wu WL, Chen DJ
1809 - 1816 Preparation and characterization of chloromethylated/quaternized poly(phthalazinone ether sulfone ketone) for positively charged nanofiltration membranes
Yan C, Zhang SH, Yang DL, Jian XG
1817 - 1821 Uniaxially aligned poly[(9,9-dioctylfluorenyl-2,7-diyl)-co-bithiophene] thin films characterized by the X-ray diffraction pole figure technique
Werzer O, Matoy K, Smilgies DM, Rothmann MM, Strohriegl P, Resel R
1822 - 1830 Experimental characterization of traditional composites manufactured by vacuum-assisted resin-transfer molding
Cecen V, Sarikanat M
1831 - 1841 Synthesis, characterization, and comparison of properties of novel fluorinated poly(imide siloxane) copolymers
Ghosh A, Banerjee S
1842 - 1849 Synthesis and crystallization behavior of acetal copolymer/silica nanocomposite by in situ cationic ring-opening copolymerization of trioxane and 1,3-dioxolane
Sun LH, Yang ZG, Li XH
1850 - 1856 A viscometric study for adsorption of bovine serum albumin onto the inner surface of glass capillary
Li Y, Cai ZC, Zhong WX, Cheng RS
1857 - 1864 Effect of core structure on the fluorescence properties of hyperbranched poly(phenylene sulfide)
Xu RL, Liu HW, Liu SY, Li YS, Shi WF
1865 - 1871 Novel anion-exchange organic-inorganic hybrid membranes prepared through sol-gel reaction and UV/thermal curing
Wu CM, Wu YH, Xu TW, Fu YX
1872 - 1878 Benzylated modification and dyeing of ramie fiber in supercritical carbon dioxide
Liu ZT, Sun ZF, Liu ZW, Lu J, Xiong HP
1879 - 1886 Synthesis, characterization, and bactericidal properties of composites based on crosslinked resins containing silver
de Santa Maria LC, Souza JDC, Aguiar MRMP, Wang SH, Mazzei JL, Felzenszwalb I, Amico SC
1887 - 1892 Novel chemically synthesized polyaniline electrodes containing a fluoroboric acid dopant for supercapacitors
Palaniappan S, Devi SL
1893 - 1899 Surface modification of CNFs via plasma polymerization of styrene monomer and its effect on the properties of PS/CNF nanocomposites
Ramos-deValle LF, Neira-Velazquez MG, Hernandez-Hernandez E
1900 - 1910 Utilization of emulsion polymer for preparing bagasse fibers polymer-cement composites
Ismail MR, Youssef HA, Ali MAM, Zahran AH, Afifi MS
1911 - 1916 Effects of hot-air aging and dynamic fatigue on the structure and dynamic viscoelastic properties of unfilled natural rubber vulcanizates
Zhang P, Shi XY, Li J, Yu GS, Zhao SG
1917 - 1923 Synthesis and characterization of poly(ether-block-amide) membranes for the pervaporation of organic/aqueous mixtures
Mohammadi T, Kikhavandi T, Moghbeli M
1924 - 1931 Stability of poly(N-propargylamide)s under ultraviolet irradiation
Deng JP, Li L, Wang JM, Feng G, Yang WT
1932 - 1938 Thermal degradation kinetics of epoxy/organically modified montmorillonite nanocomposites
Brnardic I, Macan J, Ivankovic H, Ivankovic M
1939 - 1945 Effect of oxygen uptake and aromatization on the skin-core morphology during the oxidative stabilization of polyacrylonitrile fibers
Yu MJ, Wang CG, Bai YJ, Xu Y, Zhu B
1946 - 1953 Effect of structure of aromatic imide-amines on curing behavior and thermal stability of diglycidyl ether of bisphenol-A
Sharma P, Choudhary V, Narula AK
1954 - 1959 Electrospinning of ultrafine cellulose fibers and fabrication of poly(butylene succinate) biocomposites reinforced by them
Han SO, Son WK, Youk JH, Park WH
1960 - 1966 Synthesis and electrorheological properties of polyaniline-coated barium titanate composite particles
Yan H, Liao ZJ, Zhu X, Wang XM, Chen Y, Zhang B, Chen SL, Za ZY
1967 - 1972 Microwave hall mobility studies on polymer-metal oxide nanocomposites
Murthy DVB, Subramanian V, Kumar VSP, Natarajan TS, Raghuraman GK, Dhamodharan R, Murthy VRK
1973 - 1980 In vitro release study of diltiazem hydrochloride from poly(vinyl pyrrolidone)/sodium alginate blend microspheres
Sanli O, Bicer E, Isiklan N
1981 - 1989 Synthesis and characterization of polyaniline-organoclay nanocomposites
Salahuddin N, Ayad MM, Ali M
1990 - 1999 Modeling the solids conveying zone of a novel extruder
Jia M, Wang K, Xue P, Zhu F
2000 - 2006 Preparation of polyurea microcapsules containing pyrethroid insecticide with hexamethylene diisocyanate isocyanurate
Takahashi T, Taguchi Y, Tanaka M
2007 - 2014 The effect of the interface structure of different surface-modified nano-SiO2 on the mechanical properties of nylon 66 composites
Xu XM, Li BJ, Lu HM, Zhang ZJ, Wang HG
2015 - 2021 Recycled carbon fiber filled polyethylene composites
McNally T, Boyd P, McClory C, Bien D, Moore I, Millar B
2022 - 2027 Using anionic polymerizable surfactants in ultrasonically irradiated emulsion polymerization to prepare polymer nanoparticles
He YH, Cao Y, Fan Y
2028 - 2037 Study of the formulations and process conditions in the crosslinking of polyethylene foams at atmospheric pressure
Marcilla A, Garcia-Quesada JC, Beltran MI, Ruiz-Femenia R
2038 - 2044 Tensile behavior of PVC-coated woven membrane materials under uni- and bi-axial loads
Chen SH, Ding X, Fangueiro R, Yi HL, Ni J
2045 - 2052 Characterization of oxidized cellulose with ultraviolet-visible Spectroscopy
Milichovsky M, Milichovska S
2053 - 2057 Correlation between current-voltage (I-V) characteristic in the electric-thermal equilibrium state and resistivity-temperature behavior of electro-conductive silicone rubber
Zhang J, Feng DC, Feng SY, Han JJ, Diao GZ, Liu D