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Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Vol.104, No.6 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-8995 (Print) 

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3497 - 3504 Synthesis and characterization of azo-based methacrylate polymers with methoxy and nitro end groups for nonlinear optical applications
Sadagopan K, Rekha AS, Ratna D, Samui AB
3505 - 3516 Effect of ATH content on electrical and aging properties of EVA and silicone rubber blends for high voltage insulator compound
Pradeep MA, Vasudev N, Reddy PV, Khastgir D
3517 - 3522 Atom transfer radical polymerization of butadiene using MoO2Cl2/PPh3 as the catalyst
Hua J, Li X, Li YS, Xu L, Li YX
3523 - 3529 Preparation and characterization of polyaniline-polypyrrole composite from polyanifine dispersions
Xing SX, Zhao C, Zhou TL, Jing SY, Wang ZC
3530 - 3538 Effect of chemical interaction on morphology and mechanical properties of CPI-OH/SiO2 hybrid films with coupling agent
Qin JQ, Zhao H, Zhu RQ, Zhang XY, Gu Y
3539 - 3553 Comparative thermal degradation studies on glycolide/trimethylene carbonate and lactide/trimethylene carbonate copolymers
Franco L, Bedorin S, Puiggali J
3554 - 3561 Preparation, morphology, and properties of polyurethane-urea elastomers derived from sulphone-containing aromatic diamine
Qin XM, Xiong JW, Yang XH, Wang XL, Zheng Z
3562 - 3580 Effect of diphenyldisulfides with different substituents on the reclamation of NR based latex products
Rajan VV, Dierkes WK, Joseph R, Noordermeer JWM
3581 - 3587 Combined use of chitosan and alginate in the treatment of wastewater
Qin YM, Cai LL, Feng DM, Shi BB, Liu JJ, Zhang WT, Shen YC
3588 - 3591 New approach to fabricate densificated continuous fiber reinforced polytetrafluoroethylene composites with significantly improved interfacial bonding and mechanical properties
Gu AJ, Liang GZ
3592 - 3600 Crystallization behaviors of linear and long chain branched polypropylene
Tian JH, Yu W, Zhou CX
3601 - 3606 Synthesis and properties of poly(aryl ether ketone ketone)/poly(aryl ether ether ketone ketone) copolymers with pendant cyano groups
Yu YK, Mao F, Cai MZ
3607 - 3613 Cominosite polymer electrolvtes based on the low crosslinked copolymer of linear and hyperbranched polyurethanes
Hong L, Shi LY
3614 - 3621 Grafting of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) onto nylon and polystyrene surfaces by atmospheric plasma treatment followed with free radical graft copolymerization
Wang XL, McCord MG
3622 - 3627 Preparation and characterization of silver containing chitosan fibers
Qin YM, Zhu CJ, Chen J, Zhong JH
3628 - 3636 Compositions based on aromatic polycarbonate and metallic phosphinic acids
Ozden S, Shaov AH, Charayev A
3637 - 3641 Subsequent melting behavior of poly(butylene succinate) in its miscible blend with poly(vinyl phenol) crystallized nonisothermally from the melt
Qiu ZB
3642 - 3648 Effect of UV irradiation on the physicochemical properties of collagen stabilized using aldehydes
Fathima NN, Suresh R, Rao JR, Nair BU
3649 - 3653 Mechanism of the particle formation during the oxidative polymerization of 2,6-dimethylphenol in an aqueous medium
Liu Q, Shentu BQ, Zhu JH, Weng ZX
3654 - 3662 Modeling the solubility of ternary mixtures of ethylene, iso-pentane, n-hexane in semicrystalline polyethylene
Yao WJ, Hu XP, Yang YR
3663 - 3669 Effect of polyisocyanate hardener on adhesive force of waterborne polyurethane adhesives
Rahman MM, Kim HD
3670 - 3681 Synthesis and characterization of polyacrylamide-grafted coconut coir pith having carboxylate functional group and adsorption ability for heavy metal ions
Anirudhan TS, Unnithan MR, Divya L, Senan P
3682 - 3687 Gel formed during the solid-state graft copolymerization of styrene and spherical polypropylene granules. I. Influence of reaction conditions on the gelation and its mechanism
Zhang LT, Fan ZQ, Deng QT, Fu ZS
3688 - 3694 Effect of both uncoated and coated calcium carbonate on fracture toughness of HDPE/CaCO3 nanocomposites
Sahebian S, Zebarjad SM, Sajjadi SA, Sherafat Z, Lazzeri A
3695 - 3701 Morphology, crystallization, and mechanical properties of poly(ethylene terephthalate)/multiwall carbon nanotube nanocomposites via in situ polymerization with very low content of multiwall carbon nanotubes
Wang Y, Deng J, Wang K, Zhang Q, Fu Q
3702 - 3707 Microwave accelerated synthesis and characterization of poly(acrylamide)
Singh V, Tiwari A, Kumari P, Sharma AK
3708 - 3714 Mechanochemical modification of silica with poly(1-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone) by grinding in a stirred media mill
Voronov A, Kohut A, Synytska A, Peukert W
3715 - 3722 Ceric ion-induced graft copolymerization of acrylamide on cationic guar gum at low temperature
Wan XF, Li YM, Wang XJ, Wang YX, Song LL
3723 - 3729 Effects of different coagulation conditions on polyacrylonitrile fibers wet spun in a system of dimethylsulphoxide and water
Wang YX, Wang CG, Yu MJ
3730 - 3735 Hydraulic permeability of a hydrogel-based contact lens membrane for low flow rates
Pishko GL, Lee SJ, Wanakule P, Sarntinoranont M
3736 - 3745 Heat sealability of laminated films with LLDPE and LDPE as the sealant materials in bar sealing application
Yuan CS, Hassan A, Ghazali MIH, Ismail AF
3746 - 3750 Investigation of short range ordering in PES/PEES alternative copolymer by means of radial distribution functions derived from X-ray diffraction
Zhou XM, Jiang ZH
3751 - 3757 New bleeding model of additives in a polypropylene film under atmospheric pressure
Wakabayashi M, Kohno T, Kimura T, Tamura S, Endoh M, Ohnishi S, Nishioka T, Tanaka Y, Kanai T
3758 - 3765 Flexible composite of PEEK and liquid crystalline polymer in presence of polyphosphazene
Rath T, Kumar S, Mahaling RN, Mukherjee M, Das CK, Pandey KN, Saxena AK
3766 - 3773 Interfacial adhesion enchancement of polyethylene-polypropylene mixturese by adding synthesized diisocyanate compatibilizers
Ubonnut L, Thongyai S, Praserthdam P
3774 - 3779 The influence of latex blend composition on crosslinking and mechanical properties
Boyars B, Daniels ES, Storer R, Klein A
3780 - 3787 Rheology and relaxation processes in a melting thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymer
Yu RB, Yu W, Zhou CX, Feng JJ
3788 - 3796 Surface modification of nylon-6 fibers for medical applications
Shalaby SE, AI-Balakocy NG, El-Ola SMA
3797 - 3803 Electrical properties of modified-grafted polypropylene
El-Sawy NM, Khalil MMI, El-Shobaky GA
3804 - 3812 Evaluation of new conducting polymeric membrane based on sulfonation of compatibilized NR/EPDM blend
El Sayed AM
3813 - 3817 Synthesis and characterization of epoxy film cured with phosphorous-containing phenolic resin
Xia XN, Xiong YQ, Zhang XH, Xu WJ, Yu JH
3818 - 3826 Synthesis and characterization of a novel polyurethane elastomer based on CO2 copolymer
Xu SP, Zhang M
3827 - 3836 Ethylene-propylene-alpha-olefin terpolymers thermal and mechanical properties
Galland GB, Escher FFN, da Silva LF, Forte MMD, Quijada R
3837 - 3843 A conducting composite based on poly(N-vinylcarbazole)-formalin resin and acetylene black
Maity A, Sardar PS, Ghosh S, Biswas M
3844 - 3848 Unique aerodynamically driven methodology for forming droplets, threads to scaffolds
Arumuganathar S, Jayasinghe SN, Suter N
3849 - 3854 Uptake of aromatic solvents by polyethylene films
Igwe IO
3855 - 3863 Nonisothermal cure kinetics of diglycidylether of bisphenol-A/amine system reinforced with nanosilica particles
Ghaemy M, Nasab SMA, Barghamadi M
3864 - 3870 Preparation of poly(9-aminoacridine)-modified electrode and its application in the determination of dopamine and ascorbic acid simultaneously
Fang B, Liu HY, Wang GF, Zhou YY, Jiao SF, Gao XG
3871 - 3878 Diffusivity of ethylene and propylene in atactic and isotactic polypropylene: Morphology effects and free-volume simulations
Gonzalez A, Eceolaza S, Etxeberria A, Iruin JJ
3879 - 3885 Effect of dispersion state of organoclay on cellular foam structure and mechanical properties of ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer/ethylene-1-buteneCopolymer/organoclay nanocomposite foams
Park KW, Chowdhury SR, Park CC, Kim GH
3886 - 3894 Rheological and electrical properties of bentonite in anionic polystyrene sulfonate and nortionic poly(vinyl alcohol)
Mostafa BA, Assaad FF
3895 - 3902 Properties of dynamically vulcanized ethylene-propylene-diene copolymer/polypropylene blends
Tasdemir M, Topsakaloglu M
3903 - 3908 Allylated novolac/4,4'-bismaleimidodiphenylmethane resin containing polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane: Preparation, morphology and thermal stability
Li WW, Liu F, Wei LH, Zhao T
3909 - 3916 Chitin sponge, extraction procedure from shrimp wastes using green chemistry
Flores R, Barrera-Rodriguez S, Shirai K, Duran-De-Bazua C
3917 - 3923 Novel tin-coupled star-shaped medium vinyl butadiene rubber. I. Arm number and its effect on properties
Lu JM, Zhang XY, Zhao SH, Yang WT
3924 - 3930 Novel tin-coupled star-shaped medium vinyl butadiene rubber. II. Vinyl content, molecular weight, and their effects on properties
Lu JM, Zhang XY, Zhao SH, Yang WT
3931 - 3937 Preparation and characterization of aqueous polyurethane dispersions containing ionic centers
Barikani M, Ebrahimi MV, Mohaghegh SMS
3938 - 3947 Application of polypyrrole to flexible substrates
Winther-Jensen B, Clark N, Subramanian P, Helmer R, Ashraf S, Wallace G, Spiccia L, MacFarlane D
3948 - 3953 Effects of carboxyl group on the ambient self-crosslinkable polyacrylate latices
Guo TY, Liu JC, Song MD, Zhang BH
3954 - 3959 Studies on UV-Stable silicone-epoxy resins
Huang W, Zhang Y, Yu YZ, Yuan YX
3960 - 3966 Preparation and photophysical behaviors of fluorescent chitosan bearing fluorescein: Potential biomaterial as temperature/pH probes
Guan XL, Liu XY, Su ZX
3967 - 3972 Synthesis and transport abilities of new membrane materials incorporating bipyrazolic tripods
Malek F, Ramdani A, Zidane I, Radi S
3973 - 3979 Biodegradable poly(vinyl alcohol)-graft-poly(epsilon-caprolactone) comb-like polyester: Microwave synthesis and its characterization
Yu ZJ, Liu LJ
3980 - 3985 Blends of thermoplastic polyurethane and polypropylene. I. Mechanical and phase behavior
Bajsic EG, Smit I, Leskovac M
3986 - 3993 PET/PP blending by using PP-g-MA synthesized by solid phase
Akbari M, Zadhoush A, Haghighat M
3994 - 4000 Synthesis of functionalized double-cylinder-type copolymer brushes and crosslinking of internal cylindrical domains
Ishizu K, Takano S, Ochi K
4001 - 4007 Mechanical behaviors of ethylene/styrene interpolymer compatibilized polystyrene/polyethylene blends
Tang J, Tang WH, Yuan HL, Jin RG
4008 - 4014 Investigation of styrene/1-hexene copolymerization by homogeneous and heterogeneous bisindenyl ethane zirconium dichloride catalyst system
Rahmani S, Abbasian M, Moghadam PN, Entezami AA
4015 - 4023 Platinum and palladium ions adsorption at the trace amounts by radiation crosslinked carboxymethylchitin and carboxymethylchitosan hydrogels
Wasikiewicz JM, Mitomo H, Seko N, Tamada M, Yoshii F
4024 - 4034 Effect of ionomer on clay dispersions in polypropylene-layered silicate nanocomposites
Liu HZ, Lim HT, Ahn KH, Lee SJ
4035 - 4040 Properties of pH-dependent tertiary amine-based gels as potential drug delivery matrices
Pardini OR, Amalvy JI, Francois N, Darai ME
4041 - 4045 Synthesis of polyacrylonitrile via reverse atom transfer radical polymerization initiated by 1,1,2,2-tetraphenyl-1,2-ethanediol/FeCl3/triphenylphosphine
Hou C, Ying L
4046 - 4052 Synthesis and properties of low-color polyimide/silica hybrid films
Yang CP, Su YY, Hsiao SH
4053 - 4059 Gas sorption in polymers, molecular sieves, and mixed matrix membranes
Moore TT, Koros WJ
4060 - 4067 Precipitation polymerization of acrylamide with quaternary ammonium cationic monomer in potassium carbonate solution initiated by plasma
He YG, Li G, Yang F, Yu XQ, Cui YJ, Ren FX
4068 - 4079 Miscibility and properties of semi-interpenetrating polymer networks based on polyurethane and nitroguar gum
Huang YH, Fan QC, Xiao CB
4080 - 4087 Synthesis of macroporous poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) hydrogel with ultrarapid swelling-deswelling properties
Zhao Q, Sun JZ, Zhou QY
4088 - 4095 Photografting polymerization of polyacrylamide on PHBV films (I)
Ke Y, Wang YJ, Ren L, Lu L, Wu G, Chen XF, Chen JD
4096 - 4105 Polyimide-silica nanocomposites exhibiting low thermal expansion coefficient and water absorption from surface-modified silica
Tang JC, Lin GL, Yang HC, Jiang GJ, Chen-Yang YW
4106 - 4112 Effect of posttreatment on morphology and properties of poly(ethylene-co-vinyl alcohol) microporous hollow fiber via thermally induced phase separation
Lv R, Zhou J, Du QG, Wang HT, Zhong W
4113 - 4120 Immobilization of borate waste simulate in cement-water extended polyester composite based on poly(ethylene terephthalate) waste, part 3: Behavior of solid waste form during a scenario of flooding accident in the disposal site
Tawfik ME, Eskander SB
4121 - 4126 Polymerization of N-vinylcarbazole by multiwalled carbon nanotube
Maity A, Biswas M
4127 - 4134 Synthesis and characterization of novel conducting composites of Fe3O4 nanoparticles and sulfonated polyanilines
Reddy KR, Lee KP, Iyengar AG
4135 - 4143 Preparation, properties, and anticorrosion application of poly(methyl methacrylate)/montmorillonite nanocomposites coating on brass via solution polymerization
Wang TL, Hwang WS, Yeh MH
4144 - 4148 Effects of polymethylvinylsilicone oil with side tetraphenylphenyl groups on the radiation resistance of addition-type silicone rubber
Jiang ZG, Zhang J, Feng SY
4149 - 4159 Microcellular foaming of PE/PP blends
Zhang P, Zhou NQ, Wu QF, Wang MY, Peng XF
4160 - 4167 Properties of amylopectin/montmorillonite composite films containing a coupling agent
Nordqvist D, Hedenqvist MS
4168 - 4172 Competitive adsorption of uranyl ions in the presence of Pb(II) and Cd(II) ions by poly(glycidyl methacrylate) microbeads carrying amidoxime groups and polarographic determination
Caykara T, Alaslan SS, Inam R
4173 - 4181 Carbon nanofibre-reinforced ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene for tribological applications
Galetz MC, Blass T, Ruckdaschel H, Sandler JKW, Altstadt V, Glatzel U
4182 - 4187 Biodegradable polyurethane based on random copolymer of L-lactide and epsilon-caprolactone and its shape-memory property
Wang WS, Ping P, Chen XS, Jing XB
4188 - 4198 Thermal and crystallization behaviors of polyethylene blends synthesized by binary late transition metal catalysts combinations
Pan L, Zhang KY, Li YG, Bo SQ, Li YS