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Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Vol.103, No.6 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-8995 (Print) 

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3453 - 3460 Relationship between composition and properties for stable chitosan films containing lipid microdomains
Grant J, Tomba JP, Lee H, Allen C
3461 - 3469 ESR and FTIR studies on electron beam-irradiated low-density polyethylene blends
Ali ZI
3470 - 3475 Dispersion of graphite nanosheets in polymer resins via masterbatch technique
Chen GH, Chen XF, Wang HQ, Wu DJ
3476 - 3482 Thermogravimetric analysis of cotton fibers: Relationships with maturity and fineness
Abidi N, Hequet E, Ethridge D
3483 - 3490 Effect of ethylene ionomers on the properties of crosslinked polyethylene
Ke QQ, Huang XY, Wei P, Wang GL, Jiang PK
3491 - 3497 Thin-film polyimide/indium tin oxide composites for photovoltaic applications
Lozano AE, de Abajo J, de la Campa JG, Guillen C, Herrero J, Gutierrez MT
3498 - 3505 Polymerization kinetics of methylmethacrylate by oxidation: Reduction system using cerium(IV)/lactic acid in aqueous medium
Mahadevaiah, Demappa T
3506 - 3515 Rheological behavior of polypropylene/layered silicate nanocomposites prepared by melt compounding in shear and elongational flows
Lee SH, Cho E, Youn JR
3516 - 3520 Studies on xanthate/dithiocarbamate accelerator combination in NR/BR blends
Palaty S, Joseph R
3521 - 3528 Antibacterial effects of chitosan and its water-soluble derivatives on E-coli, plasmids DNA, and mRNA
Liu XF, Song L, Li L, Li SY, Yao KD
3529 - 3533 Synthesis of polyacrylonitrile via reverse ATRP initiated by 1,1,2,2-tetraphenyl-1,2-ethanediol/CuCl2/2,2'-bipyridine
Hou C, Liu JS, Guo ZL, Qu RJ
3534 - 3538 Development of antimicrobial polypropylene sutures by graft copolymerization. II. Evaluation of physical properties, drug release, and antimicrobial activity
Gupta B, Anjum N, Gulrez SKH, Singh H
3539 - 3546 Combined effect of specific nucleation and rubber dispersion on morphology and mechanical behavior of isotactic polypropylene
Kotek J, Scudla J, Slouf M, Raab M
3547 - 3552 Morphology and mechanical and viscoelastic properties of rubbery epoxy/organoclay montmorillonite nanocomposites
Boukerrou A, Duchet J, Fellahi S, Kaci M, Sautereau H
3553 - 3559 Biodegradable blend films based on two polysaccharide derivatives and their use as ibuprofen-releasing matrices
Yi JZ, Zhang LM
3560 - 3566 Synthesis of succinylated poly(4-hydroxystyrene) and its application for negative-tone photoresist
Cho H, Kim J, Patil P, Kim JY, Kim TH
3567 - 3584 Phase inversion of polyacrylamide-based inverse-emulsions: Influence of inverting-surfactant type and concentration
Armanet L, Hunkeler D
3585 - 3590 Synthesis and characterization of a novel biodegradable polymer poly(lactic acid-glycolic acid-4-hydroxyproline)
Duan JF, Du J, Zheng YB
3591 - 3599 Synthesis of N-aryl azetidine-2,4-diones and polymalonamides prepared from selective ring-opening reactions
Dai SA, Juang TY, Chen CP, Chang HY, Kuo WJ, Su WC, Jeng RJ
3600 - 3608 Silica nanoparticles modified with vinyltriethoxysilane and their copolymerization with N,N'-bismaleimide-4,4'-diphenylmethane
Su HL, Hsu JM, Pan JP, Chern CS
3609 - 3616 New synthesis methods for polypropylene-co-ethylene-propylene rubber
Thanyaprueksanon S, Thongyai S, Praserthdam P
3617 - 3622 Synthesis and luminescence studies of poly(vinyl acetate)-Eu (III) coordination compound
Wu ZC, Wang XQ, Tao TX, Zhang YD, Liu Y, Fong H
3623 - 3629 Morphologies and properties of poly(phthalazinone ether sulfone ketone) matrix ultrafiltration membranes with entrapped TiO2 nanoparticles
Li JB, Zhu JW, Zheng MS
3630 - 3636 Preparation and characterization of poly(vinyl chloride)/virgin and treated sisal fiber composites
Djidjelli H, Boukerrou A, Founas R, Rabouhi A, Kaci M, Farenc J, Martinez-Vega JJ, Benachour D
3637 - 3644 Preparation and properties of polysulfone-clay composite membranes
Monticelli O, Bottino A, Scandale I, Capannelli G, Russo S
3645 - 3654 Effect of filler content and size on the properties of ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer-wood fiber composites
Dikobe DG, Luyt AS
3655 - 3659 Functional finishing by using atmospheric pressure plasma: Grafting of PET nonwoven fabric
Shin Y, Son K, Yoo DI
3660 - 3666 Preparation and properties of magnetic polystyrene microspheres
Chen ZJ, Peng K, Mi YL
3667 - 3674 Synergist flame retarding effect of ultrafine zinc borate on LDPE/IFR system
Wu ZP, Shu WY, Hu YC
3675 - 3679 Kinetics of thermal degradation of poly(p-phenylene benzobisoxazole)
Lin H, Zhuang QX, Cheng JJ, Liu ZT, Han ZW
3680 - 3687 Surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization from Mg(OH)(2) nanoparticles to prepare the well-defined polymer-Mg(OH)(2) nanocomposites
Chang MJ, Tsai JY, Chang CW, Chang HM, Jiang GJ
3688 - 3693 Rigid poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC) gelation in the brabender measuring mixer. II. Description of PVC gelation in the torque inflection point
Tomaszewska J, Sterzynski T, Piszczek K
3694 - 3700 Optimum parameters for production of chitin and chitosan from squilla (S. empusa)
Rao MS, Nyein KA, Trung TS, Stevens WF
3701 - 3705 Synthesis of silver (nano)particle under hyperbranched poly(amido amine)s
Sun YY, Wang D, Gao JG, Zheng Z, Zhang QJ
3706 - 3717 Effect of silane coupling agents on the properties of pine fibers/polypropylene composites
Girones J, Mendez JA, Boufi S, Vilaseca F, Mutje P
3718 - 3723 Viscoelastic properties of crosslinked LLDPE films biaxially oriented at temperatures below melting point
Bobovitch AL, Unigovski Y, Gutman EM, Kolmakov E, Vyazovkin S
3724 - 3729 Enzymatic oxidation of alkoxyanilines for preparation of conducting polymers
Nabid MR, Sedghi R, Entezami AA
3730 - 3738 Cation exchange finishing of nonwoven polyester with polycarboxylic acids and cyclodextrins
Ducoroy L, Martel B, Bacquet M, Morcellet M
3739 - 3750 Polystyrene nanocomposite materials by in situ polymerization into montmorillonite-vinyl monomer interlayers
Akelah A, Rehab A, Agag T, Betiha M
3751 - 3757 Semiinterpenetrating polymer networks of chitosan and L-alanine for monitoring the release of chlorpheniramine maleate
Kumari K, Kundu PP
3758 - 3765 Comparative effects of cobalt carboxylates on the thermo-oxidative degradation of LDPE films
Roy PK, Surekhal P, Rajagopal C, Choudhary V
3766 - 3770 2-mercapto thioxanthone as a chain transfer agent in free-radical polymerization: A versatile route to incorporate thioxanthone moieties into polymer chain-ends
Karasu F, Arsu N, Yagci Y
3771 - 3775 Adsorption of surfactant by hydrophobically modified poly[2-(diethylamino)ethylmethacrylate-co-N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone/octadecy l acrylate)] hydrogels and effect of surfactant adsorption on the volume phase transition
Caykara T, Izol D, Birlik G, Akaoglu B
3776 - 3784 Destabilization of model silica dispersions by polyelectrolyte complex particles with different charge excess, hydrophobicity, and particle size
Mende M, Schwarz S, Petzold G, Jaeger W
3785 - 3791 Polymerization of diisopropyl fumarate under microwave irradiation
Cortizo MS
3792 - 3797 Effects of surface modification, carbon nanofiber concentration, and dispersion time on the mechanical properties of carbon-nanofiber-polycarbonate composites
Gao Y, He P, Lian J, Schuiz MJ, Zhao J, Wang W, Wang XQ, Zhang J, Zhou XP, Shi DL
3798 - 3802 Investigation of electrorheological properties of kaolin suspensions under DC fields
Yilmaz H, Yirnaz U
3803 - 3810 Miscibility and physical properties of conducting poly(urea-urethane) thermoplastic elastomers
Liu JY, Yang CC, Wang YZ
3811 - 3817 Control over wettability of textured surfaces by electrospray deposition
Mizukoshi T, Matsumoto H, Minagawa M, Tanioka A
3818 - 3826 Comparison of two approaches to grafting hydrophilic polymer chains onto polysulfone films
Tian M, Zhong R, Sun SD, Zhao CS, Huang XH, Yue YL
3827 - 3832 Mechanical and thermal properties of polypropylene/sugarcane bagasse composites
Ramaraj B
3833 - 3839 Surface and pore structure modification of cellulose fibers through cellulase treatment
Park S, Venditti RA, Abrecht DG, Jameel H, Pawlak JJ, Lee JM
3840 - 3843 Electrospinning of high-molecule PEO solution
Wan YQ, He JH, Yu JY, Wu Y
3844 - 3850 Polypropylene/carbon nanotube nanocomposite fibers: Process-morphology-property relationships
Jose MV, Dean D, Tyner J, Price G, Nyairo E
3851 - 3856 Microbiocidal activity of chitosan-N-2-hydroxypropyl trimethyl ammonium chloride
Chi WL, Qin CQ, Zeng LT, Li W, Wang W
3857 - 3864 Pseudohalogens in atom transfer radical polymerization of methyl methacrylate
Singha NK, German AL
3865 - 3870 Effect of different salts on electrospinning of polyacrylonitrile (PAN) polymer solution
Qin XH, Yang EL, Li N, Wang SY
3871 - 3881 The effect of zinc oxide addition on the compatibilization efficiency of maleic anhydride grafted high-density polyethylene compatibilizer for high-density polyethylene/polyamide 6 blends
Chatreenuwat B, Nithitanakul M, Grady BP
3882 - 3892 Shape-memory behavior of thermally stimulated polyurethane for medical applications
Baer G, Wilson TS, Matthews DL, Maitland DJ
3893 - 3898 Synthesis and colloidal stability of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) microgels with different ionic groups on their surfaces
Zha LS, Li L, Bao LY
3899 - 3906 Wear and mechanical properties of reactive thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer/unsaturated polyester/glass fiber hybrid composites
Yu XB, Wei C, Xu D, Lu CH, Yu JH, Lu SR
3907 - 3914 Dynamic mechanical properties and morphology of high-density polyethylene/CaCO3 blends with and without an impact modifier
Yang YL, G'Sell C, Hiver JM, Bai SL
3915 - 3919 Reverse atom transfer radical polymerization of MMA via immobilized catalysts in imidazolium ionic liquids
Li NJ, Lu JM, Xu QF, Xia XW, Wang LH
3920 - 3923 Monomer apparent reactivity ratios for acrylonitrile/ammonium itaconate radical copolymerization systems
Hou C, Ji CN, Ying L
3924 - 3930 Thermotropic liquid crystalline polyphenylphosphates containing aryl ester mesogens
Senthil S, Poomathi N, Kannan P
3931 - 3935 Comparative study of the physical aging of the epoxy systems BADGE n=0/m-XDA and BADGE n=0/m-XDA/PEI
Fraga F, Payo P, Rodriguez-Nunez E, Martinez-Ageitos JM, Castro-Diaz C
3936 - 3939 Elastic properties of adhesive polymers. I. Polymer films by means of electronic speckle pattern interferometry
Konnerth J, Gindl W, Muller U
3940 - 3949 Effects of the reinforcement and toughening of acrylate resin/CaCO3 nanoparticles on rigid poly(vinyl chloride)
Quan Y, Yang MS, Liang TX, Yan Q, Liu DS, Jin RG
3950 - 3956 Electrochemical investigations on the effect of dispersoid in PVA based solid polymer electrolytes
Rajendran S, Sivakumar M, Subadevi R, Wu NL, Lee JY
3957 - 3963 Synthesis and properties of hydrogenated natural rubber
Inoue S, Nishio T
3964 - 3971 Synthesis and characterization of styrene-butyl acrylate polymers, varying feed composition in a semicontinuous emulsion process
Jasso-Gastinel CF, Lopez-Ureta LC, Gonzalez-Ortiz LJ, Reyes-Gonzalez I, Lopez-Dellamary FA, Manero-Brito O
3972 - 3975 Effect of spinning speed on the structure and physical properties of filament yarns produced from used PET bottles
Abbasi M, Mojtahedi MRM, Khosroshahi A
3976 - 3984 Effect of solvent exchange on the pore structure and dissolution behavior of cellulose
Ishii D, Kanazawa Y, Tatsumi D, Matsumoto T
3985 - 3993 Synthesis of organic-inorganic hybrid polymeric nanocomposites for the hard coat application
Shu CH, Chiang HC, Tsiang RCC, Liu TJ, Wu JJ
3994 - 4004 Analysis of the fluid-structure interaction in the optimization-based design of polymer sheeting dies
Wang Q, Smith DE
4005 - 4011 Comparative behavior of PVA/PAN and PVA/PES composite pervaporation membranes in the pervaporative dehydration of caprolactam
Zhang L, Yu P, Luo YB
4012 - 4019 Influence of an antimicrobial treatment on the strength properties of polyamide/elastane weft-knitted fabric
Mihailovic T, Asanovic K, Simovic L, Skundric P
4020 - 4026 Influence of casting conditions on the properties of sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone ketone)/phosphotungstic acid composite proton exchange membranes
Li XF, Xu D, Zhang G, Wang Z, Zhao CJ, Na H
4027 - 4038 Synthesis, characterization, and solution properties of an acrylamide-based terpolymer with butyl styrene
Zhong CR, Huang RH, Zhang X, Dai H
4039 - 4046 Silk grafting with methacrylic monomers: Process optimization and comparison
Ferrero F, Periolatto M, Luraschi M
4047 - 4058 Electrocopolymerization of a binary mixture of pyrrole and 2-amino-4-phenylthiazole: Kinetic studies, copolymer structure, and applications as corrosion protection for mild steel in acid medium
Sayyah SM, El-Deeb MM
4059 - 4064 Modification of polyester fabric properties by surfactant-aided surface polymerization
Siriviriyanun A, O'Rear EA, Yanumet N
4065 - 4071 Iron(III) complexed with radiation-grafted acrylic acid onto poly(tetrafluoroethylene-co-perfluorovinyl ether) films
El-Sawy NM, Ali ZI
4072 - 4079 Melt transesterification of bisphenol acetophenone-polycarbonate: A kinetic study
Godinez C, Lozano LJ
4080 - 4086 Preparation and multifunctional application of meso-chitosan for the woolen process
Hsieh SH, Ciou JH, Wang JJ
4087 - 4094 Preparation of rubber composites from ground tire rubber reinforced with waste-tire fiber through mechanical milling
Zhang XX, Lu CH, Liang M
4095 - 4101 Effect of ethylene glycidyl methacrylate compatibilizer on the structure and mechanical properties of clay nanocomposites modified with ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer
Guduri BR, Luyt AS
4102 - 4106 Nanoscale surface roughening of mulberry silk by monochromatic VUV excimer lamp
Periyasamy S, Gupta D, Gulrajani ML
4107 - 4115 Surface and barrier properties of hybrid nanocomposites containing silica and PEO segments
Malucelli G, Priola A, Amerio E, Pollicino A, di Pasquale G, Pizzi D, de Angelis MG, Doghieri F