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1705 - 1711 Electrokinetic potential of kaolinite clay in the presence of polystyrene sulfonate
Sadek FM, Mekhemer WK, Assaad FF, Mostafa BA
1712 - 1719 Adsorption of poly (4-sodium styrene sulfonate) on kaolinite clays
Sadek OM, Mekhemer WK, Assaad FF, Mostafa BA
1720 - 1727 Synthesis and characterization of poly(urethane-ester)s based on calcium salt of mono (hydroxybutyl)phthalate
Prasath RA, Nanjundan S, Pakula T, Klapper M
1728 - 1734 Partitioning of anionic/nonionic polysaccharides in a segregative system of anionic polyelectrolyte mixtures in aqueous solution: Effects of polymer charge density and ionic strength of solution
Hellebust S, Blokhus AM, Nilsson S
1735 - 1741 Synthesis of N-hydroxymethyl acrylamide with beta-methyl hydrogen itaconate and itaconic acid hydrogels: Effects of the pH, composition, and ionic strength on the swelling behavior
Jeria-Orell M, Pizarro GDC, Marambio OG, Huerta M, Geckeler KE
1742 - 1747 Phase diagrams of blends of poly(phenylene ether), polystyrene, and diglycidyl ether of bisphenol a: Influence of the molar mass of poly(phenylene ether)
Soule ER, Fine T, Borrajo J, Williams RJJ, Pascault JP
1748 - 1753 Waterproofing of carbon paper by plasma polymerization
Taniguchi A, Yasuda K
1754 - 1758 Fabrication and evaluation of some mechanical and electrical properties of jute-biomass based hybrid composites
Mehta NM, Parsania PH
1759 - 1764 Shear strength of wood to wood adhesive based on palm kernel oil
Badri KH, Ujar AH, Othman Z, Sahaldin FH
1765 - 1771 Isothermal and nonisothermal cure kinetics of an epoxy/poly(oxypropylene)diamine/octadecylammonium modified montmorillonite system
Brnardic I, Ivankovic M, Ivankovic H, Mencer HJ
1772 - 1775 Investigation of allyl-capped carbosilane dendrimers used as crosslinker for silicone rubber
Zhao SG, Zhou CJ, Zhang JM, Wang J, Feng SY
1776 - 1784 Narrow-disperse or monodisperse crosslinked and functional core-shell polymer particles prepared by two-stage precipitation polymerization
Bai F, Yang XL, Huang WQ
1785 - 1793 Factors influencing molecular weights of methylcelluloses prepared from annual plants and juvenile eucalyptus
Ye DY, Farriol X
1794 - 1801 Synthesis and property evaluations of photocrosslinkable chitosan derivative and its photocopolymerization with poly(ethylene glycol)
Tsai BH, Lin CH, Lin JC
1802 - 1808 Blends of modified epoxy resin and carboxyl-terminated polybutadiene. I
Shukla SK, Srivastava D
1809 - 1815 One-pot synthesis of a few nanocomposites with poly(N-vinylcarbazole) and CdS, Ag, Pd-50-Ag-50, and Pt-50-Ru-50 nanoparticles with gamma irradiation
Kang YO, Choi SH, Gopalan A, Lee KP, Kang HD, Song YS
1816 - 1823 Deacetylation behavior of binary blend films of cellulose acetate and various polymers
Yamashita Y, Endo T
1824 - 1830 Preparation and properties of core [poly(styrene-n-butyl acrylate)]-shell [poly(styrene-methyl methacrylate-vinyl triethoxide silane)] structured latex particles with self-crosslinking characteristics
Guo TY, Chen X, Song MD, Zhang BH
1831 - 1835 Local thermal degradation behavior of heterophasic polypropylene copolymers
Manabe N, Yokota Y, Nakatani H, Suzuki S, Liu BP, Terano M
1836 - 1841 Characterization and comparison of diblock and triblock amphiphilic copolymers of poly(delta-valerolactone)
Lin WJ, Wang CL, Juang LW
1842 - 1848 Blended graft copolymer of carboxymethyl cellulose and poly(vinyl alcohol) with banana fiber
El-Zawawy WK
1849 - 1855 A toughened epoxy resin by silica nanoparticle reinforcement
Rosso P, Ye L, Friedrich K, Sprenger S
1856 - 1863 Effects of ultrasonic oscillation on processing behaviors of PS, EPDM, and PS/EPDM blend
Li J, Guo SY, Liang M
1864 - 1874 Copolymerization of two new kinds of methacrylate monomers and determination of monomer reactivity ratios
Erol I
1875 - 1880 Structural characterization of sulfur vulcanized deproteinized natural rubber by solid-state C-13 NMR spectroscopy
Sakdapipanich JT, Kowitteerawut T, Tuampoemsab S, Kawahara S
1881 - 1888 Preparation of a poly(3-hexylthiophene)-grafted indium tin oxide/poly(3-hexylthiopene) composite and its conductivity-temperature characteristics
Liu CJ, Oshima K, Shimomura M, Miyauchi S
1889 - 1898 Effect of silicon dioxide on crystallization and melting behavior of polypropylene
Chen MJ, Tian GH, Zhang Y, Wan CY, Zhang YX
1899 - 1904 Curing and post-curing luminescence in an epoxy resin
Gallot-Lavallee O, Teyssedre G, Laurent C, Robiani S, Rowe S
1905 - 1913 Preparation, structure and properties of nitrile-butadiene rubber-organoclay nanocomposites by reactive mixing intercalation method
Liu L, Jia DM, Luo YF, Guo BC
1914 - 1918 Xylan/polyvinyl alcohol blend and its performance as hydrogel
Tanodekaew S, Channasanon S, Uppanan P
1919 - 1931 Self-curable aqueous polymeric dyes for printing and dyeing applications
Huang CT, Chen KN
1932 - 1939 Study on volume ratio and plasticizer screening of free coating membranes composed of ethyl cellulose and chitosan
He W, Du YM, Fan LH
1940 - 1951 Optimized design of multilayer barrier films incorporating a reactive layer. I. Methodology of ingress analysis
Solovyov SE, Goldman AY
1952 - 1965 Optimized design of multilayer barrier films incorporating a reactive layer. II. Solute dynamics in two-layer films
Solovyov SE, Goldman AY
1966 - 1977 Optimized design of multilayer barrier films incorporating a reactive layer. III. Case analysis and generalized multilayer solutions
Solovyov SE, Goldman AY
1978 - 1982 High temperature polymerization of propylene catalyzed by MgCl2-supported Ziegler-Natta catalyst with various cocatalysts
Wang Q, Lin YZ, Zhang ZH, Liu BP, Terano M
1983 - 1987 Predictors of glass transition in the biodegradable polylactide and poly-lactide-co-glycolide polymers
Park PIP, Jonnalagadda S
1988 - 1994 Synthesis and characterization of poly(thiophen-3-yl acetic acid 4-pyrrol-1-yl phenyl ester-co-N-methylpyrrole) and its application in an electrochromic device
Bingol B, Camurlu P, Toppare L
1995 - 2001 Thermotropic behavior of lithocholic acid derivative linked hydroxyethyl cellulose
Shaikh VAE, Maldar NN, Lonikar SV, Rajan CR, Ponrathnam S
2002 - 2009 Three-dimensional solubility parameters of poly(epsilon-caprolactone)
Huang JC, Lin KT, Deanin RD
2010 - 2019 Thermally initiated cationic polymerization and properties of epoxy siloxane
Morita Y, Tajima S, Suzuki H, Sugino H
2020 - 2029 Modifications of the rigid polyurethane-polyisocyanurate foams
Czuprynski B, Paciorek-Sadowska J, Liszkowska J
2030 - 2039 Separation characteristics of acetic acid-water mixtures by using poly(vinyl alcohol-g-4-vinyl pyridine) membranes by pervaporation and temperature difference evapomeation techniques
Asman G, Sanli O
2040 - 2052 Thermoplastic elastomeric nanocomposites from poly[styrene-(ethylene-co-butylene)-styrene] triblock copolymer and clay: Preparation and characterization
Ganguly A, De Sarkar M, Bhowmick AK
2053 - 2061 Preparation and properties of polyimide/silica hybrid composites based on polymer-modified colloidal silica
Im JS, Lee JH, An SK, Song KW, Jo NJ, Lee JO, Yoshinaga K
2062 - 2066 Effect of thermal shock on interlaminar strength of thermally aged glass fiber-reinforced epoxy composites
Ray BC
2067 - 2074 Two-dimensional simulation of hollow fiber membrane fabricated by phase inversion method
Yang XT, Xu ZL, Wei YM
2075 - 2084 Mass transfer of dilute 1,2-dimethoxyethane aqueous solutions during pervaporation process
Liang L, Dickson JM, Jiang JX, Brook MA
2085 - 2095 Distribution of calcium carbonate and silicone elastomer in a flame retardant system based on ethylene-acrylate copolymer, chalk and silicone elastomer and its effect on flame retardant properties
Hermansson A, Hjertberg T, Sultan BA
2096 - 2103 Preparation and characterization of nanocomposite hydrogels based on polyacrylamide for enhanced oil recovery applications
Zolfaghari R, Katbab AA, Nabavizadeh J, Tabasi RY, Nejad MH
2104 - 2110 Effects of annealing on morphology of polymer/polymer (PS/PMMA) blend; a fluorescence study
Ugur A, Pekcan O
2111 - 2121 Thermal stability of polyhydroxyalkanoates
Carrasco F, Dionisi D, Martinelli A, Majone M
2122 - 2125 Gas permeation resistance of a perfluoroalkoxy-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer
Extrand CW, Monson L
2126 - 2130 Curing kinetics and structural changes of a of Di[(N-m-acetenylphenyl) phthalimidel Ether/[(Methyl) diphenylacetylene] silane copolymer
Dai ZL, Chen Q, Ni LZ, Song N, Zhang WK
2131 - 2141 Preparation of poly (4-methyl-1-pentene) asymmetric or microporous hollow-fiber membranes by melt-spun and cold-stretch method
Wang JL, Xu ZK, Xu YY
2142 - 2150 Study of sulfonic acid esters from 1 -> 4-, 1 -> 3-, and 1 -> 6-linked polysaccharides
Koschella A, Leermann T, Brackhagen M, Heinze T
2151 - 2157 Novel blue-light-emitting polymers based on a diphenylanthracene moiety
Kim YH, Kwon SK
2158 - 2163 Miscibility and thermooxidative degradation of poly(vinyl chloride)/biodegradable aliphatic-aromatic covolvester blends
Andricic B, Kovacic T, Klaric I
2164 - 2170 Synthesis and characterization of soluble hybrids of poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) or its copolymer
Huang KS, Lee EC, Chang YS
2171 - 2179 Properties of epoxy molding compound according to the pretreatment method of an amino-silane coupling agent on epoxy or phenol resin
Lee JH, Yoon HC
2180 - 2188 Environmentally friendly plasticizers for poly(vinyl chloride) -Improved mechanical properties and compatibility by using branched poly(butylene adipate) as a polymeric plasticizer
Lindstrom A, Hakkarainen M
2189 - 2195 Simulation method for complex permittivities of carbon black/epoxy composites at microwave frequency band
Kim JB, Kim TW, Kim CG
2196 - 2202 Thermal conductivity of ramie fiber drawn in water in low temperature
Yamanaka A, Abe S, Tsutsumi M, Kitagawa T, Fujishiro H, Ema K, Izumi Y, Nishijima S
2203 - 2209 Polymerization of ethyl acrylate using hyperbranched polyglycerol with multi-RAFT groups as chain transfer agent
Huang J, Wan DC, Huang JL
2210 - 2219 Chemistry of thermal ageing in aerospace epoxy composites
Bondzic S, Hodgkin J, Krstina J, Mardel J
2220 - 2226 Comparative study of propylene polymerization using monosupported and bisupported titanium-based Ziegler-Natta catalysts
Zohuri GH, Jamjah R, Ahmadjo S
2227 - 2237 Prediction of properties of rubber by using artificial neural networks
Vijayabaskar V, Gupta R, Chakrabarti PP, Bhowmick AK
2238 - 2243 Fundamental studies of homogeneous cation exchange membranes from poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene oxide): Membranes prepared by simultaneous aryl-sulfonation and aryl-bromination
Yu H, Xu TW
2244 - 2247 Microwave-irradiated ring-opening polymerization of D,L-lactide under atmosphere
Jing S, Peng W, Tong Z, Zhao BX
2248 - 2251 Composite anion exchange membrane for alkaline direct methanol fuel cell: Structural and electrochemical characterization
Huang AB, Xia CY, Xiao CB, Zhuang L
2252 - 2258 Synthesis and characterization of negative-type polyamic acid ester with 1-methacryloyloxy-2-propanoate group
Choi SM, Kwon SH, Yi MH
2259 - 2266 Postspinning draw of polymeric fibers: Multiscale micromechanical model for a solid polymer under finite deformation and strain-induced crystallization
Makradi A, Cox CL, Ahzi S, Belouettar S
2267 - 2277 Film formation from pigmented latex systems: Drying kinetics and bulk morphologies of ground calcium carbonate/functionalized poly(n-butyl methacrylate-co-n-butyl acrylate) blend films
Ding TH, Daniels ES, El-Aasser MS, Klein A
2278 - 2288 Determination of sorption kinetic parameters using the relaxation-dependent solubility model in the methanol vapor-poly(methyl methacrylate) system
Dimos V, Sanopoulou M
2289 - 2292 Loading rate effects on mechanical properties of polymer composites at ultralow temperatures
Ray BC
2293 - 2302 The effect of different metallic catalysts on the coreaction of cyanate/epoxy
Li QF, Lu K, Yang QQ, Jin RG
2303 - 2316 Study of morphology influence on rheological properties of compatibilized TPU/SAN blends
Ulcnik-Krump M
2317 - 2322 Ultraviolet curable dry polymer films from emulsion polymers
Chee SY, Gan SN
2323 - 2330 Effect of reaction parameters on the particle sizes of crosslinked spherical phenolic beads by suspension polymerization of phenol and formaldehyde
Singh A, Lal D
2331 - 2335 Effects of molecular weights of bioabsorbable poly(p-dioxanone) on its crystallization behaviors
Yang KK, Wang XL, Wang YZ, Huang HX
2336 - 2342 Synthesis and characterization of photo-crosslinkable polyfluorene with acrylate side-chains
Wu GL, Yang CH, Fan BH, Zhang B, Chen XM, Li YF
2343 - 2347 Chemically induced graft copolymerization of vinyl monomers onto cotton fibers
Pulat M, Isakoca C
2348 - 2355 Viscoelastic behavior of thermosetting epoxy mixtures modified with syndiotactic polystyrene during network formation
Tercjak A, Serrano E, Rerniro PM, Mondragon I
2356 - 2361 Poly (N-methylaniline)/multi-walled carbon nanotube composites-synthesis, characterization, and electrical properties
Lu XF, Zheng JN, Chao DM, Chen JY, Zhang WJ, Wei Y
2362 - 2370 Immobilization of a functionalized poly(ethylene glycol) onto beta-cyclodextrin-coated surfaces by formation of inclusion complexes: Application to the coupling of proteins
Guerrouache M, Karakasyan C, Gaillet C, Canva M, Millot MC
2371 - 2379 Preparation and properties of biodegradable thermoplastic starch/poly(hydroxy butyrate) blends
Lai SM, Don TM, Huang YC
2380 - 2385 Synthesis and properties of styrene copolymers. Preparation of film-modified electrodes to detect Pb2+ ions
Rivas BL, Pooley SA, Brovelli F, Pereira E, Basaez L, Puentes J, Moutet JC, Saint-Aman E
2386 - 2392 Heat-resistant hydrophobic-oleophobic coatings
Uyanik M, Arpac E, Schmidt H, Akarsu M, Sayilkan F, Sayilkan H
2393 - 2401 Thermal and surface characterization of polyurethane-urea clay nanocomposite coatings
Sreedhar B, Chattopadhyay DK, Swapna V
2402 - 2408 Preparation and characterization of polyvinyl alcohol based biomaterials: Water sorption and in vitro blood compatibility study
Mishra S, Bajpai R, Katare R, Bajpai AK
2409 - 2414 Preparation of polystyrene/poly(vinyl acetate) nanocomposites with a core-shell structure via emulsifier-free emulsion polymerization
Soltan-Dehghan M, Sharifi-Sanjani N, Naderi N
2415 - 2421 Solution and solid-state blend compatibility of poly(vinyl alcohol) and poly(methyl methacrylate)
Adoor SG, Manjeshwar LS, Rao KSVK, Naidu BVK, Aminabhavi TM
2422 - 2435 Viscosity behavior of hydroxylated and acetoacetylated polyesters
Narayan R, Chattopadhyay DK, Raju KVSN, Mallikarjuna NN, Jawalkar SS, Aminabhavi TM
2436 - 2442 Preparation of novel fluorinated block copolyimide membranes for gas separation
Niwa M, Nagaoka S, Kawakami H
2443 - 2454 Effect of rubber reactivity on the morphology of polybenzoxazine blends investigated by atomic force microscopy and dynamic mechanical analysis
Lee YH, Allen DJ, Ishida H
2455 - 2463 Synthesis of copolymers of tert-butyl vinyl ether with maleic and citraconic anhydrides
Denizli BK, Can HK, Rzaev ZMO, Guner A
2464 - 2479 Supramolecular magnetorheological polymer gels
Hu B, Fuchs A, Huseyin S, Gordaninejad F, Evrensel C
2480 - 2489 Synthesis and characterization of graft copolymer (guar gum-g-N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone) and investigation of metal ion sorption and swelling behavior
Srivastava A, Behari K
2490 - 2496 A water-soluble acrylate/sulfonate copolymer. I. Its synthesis and dispersing ability on cement
Ye YS, Huang HL, Hsu KC
2497 - 2503 Preparation of nanometer-sized poly(methacrylic acid) particles in water-in-oil microemulsions
Zhang QY, Bao XJ, Lin M, Hourston DJ
2504 - 2510 Production of agrochemical from waste polyesters
Goje AS, Shinde PH, Mishra S
2511 - 2515 Hydrosilylation reaction of methylhydridesiloxane to phenylacetylene
Mukbaniani O, Tatrishvili T, Titvinidze G, Mukbaniani N, Lezhava L, Gogesashvili N
2516 - 2520 The characterization of alginate wound dressings with different fiber and textile structures
Qin YM
2521 - 2531 Environmental durability of banana-fiber-reinforced phenol formaldehyde composites
Joseph S, Oommen Z, Thomas S
2532 - 2541 Optimizing multiple qualities in As-spun polypropylene yarn by neural networks and genetic algorithms
Huang CC, Tang TT
2542 - 2548 Improving the physical and chemical functionality of starch-derived films with biopolymers
Ban WP, JianguoSong, Argyropous DS, Lucia LA
2549 - 2553 Structure and adhesion properties of linear low-density polyethylene powders grafted with acrylic acid via ultraviolet light
Lei JX, Gao J, Jiang LB
2554 - 2560 Properties of starch-based blend films using citric acid as additive. II
Yoon SD, Chough SH, Park HR
2561 - 2564 Studies in the utilization of agricultural waste products as filler in natural rubber compounds
Okieimen FE, Imanah JE