Current Applied Physics

Current Applied Physics, Vol.9, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1567-1739 (Print) 

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E1 - E1 6th Nano Korea 2008 Symposium
Lee SJ, Han IK, Kim EK, Rhee JY, Yoon E, Cheong HM
E2 - E6 Latest developments in CdTe, CuInGaSe2 and GaAs/AlGaAs thin film PV solar cells
Dharmadasa IM
E7 - E11 Imprinted optical device and its reliability
Ryu JH, Lee TH, Oh SH, Cho SU, Kim CS, Jeong MY
285 - 288 Feasibility consideration for THz radiation by Raman scattering in a quadrupole channel
Seo YH
289 - 295 Structure and electrical properties of polyaniline synthesized in presence of low magnetic field
Nafdey RA, Kelkar DS
296 - 300 Measurements and analysis of the acoustic signals produced by partial discharges in insulation oil
Kil GS, Kim IK, Park DW, Choi SY, Park CY
301 - 305 CVD synthesis and radial deformations of large diameter single-walled CNTs
Queipo P, Nasibulin AG, Shandakov SD, Jiang H, Gonzalez D, Kauppinen EI
306 - 310 Schottky-type polycrystalline CdZnTe X-ray detectors
Kim K, Cho S, Suh J, Won J, Hong J, Kim S
311 - 316 Optical and photoelectric properties of TlInS(2) layered single crystals
El-Nahass MM, Sallam MM, Al-Wahab AHSA
317 - 323 Stress insensitive NiCuZn ferrite compositions for microinductor applications
Reddy NR, Ramana MV, Rajitha G, Sivakumar KV, Murthy VRK
324 - 328 Effects of graphite additives in electrolytes on the microstructure and corrosion resistance of Alumina PEO coatings
Lv GH, Chen H, Gu WC, Feng WR, Li L, Niu EW, Zhang XH, Yang SZ
329 - 332 Characterization of polymer electrolytes based on high molecular weight PVC and Li(2)SO(4)
Ramesh S, Ng KY
333 - 345 DNA accumulation on single-anode microelectrode structures and its application in active microarray layout design
Vazquez J, Sanchez-Rojas JL
346 - 351 Functionalization of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) with nitrogen plasma for photovoltaic device application
Kalita G, Adhikari S, Aryal HR, Afre R, Soga T, Sharon M, Umeno M
352 - 358 The geometrical and electronic structures of open-end fully functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes
Wongchoosuk C, Udomvech A, Kerdcharoen T
359 - 366 Interfacial energies of carbon tetrabromide
Boyuk U, Marasli N
367 - 373 First principles study of the I-V characteristics of the alkane-thiols nano-molecular wires (Retracted article. See vol. 9, pg. 1180, 2009)
Aghaie H, Gholmi MR, Ganji MD, Taghavi MM
374 - 379 Modifications of structural, optical and electrical properties of nanocrystalline bismuth sulphide by using swift heavy ions
Ahire RR, Sagade AA, Chavhan SD, Huse V, Gudage YG, Singh F, Avasthi DK, Phase DM, Sharma R
380 - 383 Studies on structural and dielectric properties of Na(1/2)Dy(1/2)TiO(3) ceramic
Barik SK, Choudhary RNP, Mahapatra PK
384 - 389 Multiple band gap energy layered electrode for photoelectrochemical cells
Kale SS, Mane RS, Ganesh T, Pawar BN, Han SH
390 - 395 Field induced modification of SmC*-SmC(A)* transition temperature of a fluorinated antiferroelectric liquid crystal
Bhattacharyya SS, Rahman M, Mukherjee A, Wu SL, Chaudhuri BK
396 - 403 Dielectric properties and EMI shielding efficiency of polyaniline and ethylene 1-octene based semi-conducting composites
Bhadra S, Singha NK, Khastgir D
404 - 408 Enhanced efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells by UV-O(3) treatment of TiO(2) layer
Lee BK, Kim JJ
409 - 413 Thermoelectric properties of Gd, Y co-doped Ca(3)Co(4)O(9+delta)
Liu HQ, Zhao XB, Zhu TJ, Song Y, Wang FP
414 - 416 Perimeter leakage current in polymer light emitting diodes
Garcia-Belmonte G, Montero JM, Ayyad-Limonge Y, Barea EM, Bisquert J, Bolink HJ
417 - 421 Electron penetration depth in amorphous AlN exploiting the luminescence of AlN:Tm/AlN:Ho bilayers
Maqbool M, Kordesch ME, Ahmad I
422 - 425 Dielectric properties of PIN-PT ceramics under compressive stress
Yimnirun R, Wongsaenmai S, Ananta S, Triamnak N
426 - 430 Synthesis and field emission of novel ZnO nanorod chains
Cui QY, Huang Y, Zhu ZQ
431 - 434 Electrical and mechanical properties of diluted magnetic semiconductor Zn1-xMnxS nanocrystalline films
Reddy DS, Kang R, Yu SC, Reddy YD, Sharma SK, Gunasekhar KR, Rao KN, Reddy PS
435 - 440 Studies on the growth, structural, optical and mechanical properties of ADP admixtured TGS crystals
Balu T, Rajasekaran TR, Murugakoothan P
441 - 447 Stable green light-emission from poly[9,9-bis(4'-n-octyloxyphenyl)fluorenyl-2,7-vinylene] synthesized via the Gilch polymerization route
Hwang DH, Kang JM, Eom JH, Park MJ, Cho HJ, Lee JI, Chu HY, Lee C, Jin SH, Shim HK
448 - 454 Ac and Dc conductivities of polyaniline/poly vinyl formal blend films
Ebrahim S, Kashyout AH, Soliman M
455 - 459 Fabrication of CdTe solar cell using an In(x)(OOH,S)(y)/CdS double layer as a heterojunction counterpart
Kim MS, Larina L, Yun JH, Ahn BT
460 - 466 Phase formation and electrical properties of BNLT-BZT lead-free piezoelectric ceramic system
Kantha P, Pengpat K, Jarupoom P, Intatha U, Rujijanagul G, Tunkasiri T
467 - 471 Preparation of cadmium stannate films by spray pyrolysis technique
Krishnakumar V, Ramamurthi K, Kumaravel R, Santhakumar K
472 - 477 The effect of Si(x)N(y) interlayer on the quality of GaN epitaxial layers grown on Si(111) substrates by MOCVD
Arslan E, Ozturk MK, Ozcelik S, Ozbay E
478 - 483 Preparation and measurements of electrical and spectroscopic properties of sodium thiosulphate doped polyaniline
Ameen S, Ali V, Zulfequar M, Haq MM, Husain M
484 - 491 Specific features of nonlinear optical effects in several stilbene derivatives
Fuks-Janczarek I, Kityk IV, Miedzinski R, Claudet B
492 - 495 Upright-standing ZnO nano-sheets growth using wet chemistry
Min SK, Mane RS, Joo OS, Ganesh T, Cho BW, Han SH
496 - 504 Laser short-pulse heating of metallic surface: Consideration of Seebeck effect
Yilbas BS
505 - 509 Soluble polymer layers as an anode buffer for organic light-emitting diodes
Yang NC, Suh MC
510 - 514 Microstructures and nano mechanical properties of the metal tungsten film
Li-na Z, Guo-lu L, Hai-dou W, Bin-shi X, Da-ming Z, Jia-jun L
515 - 519 Structural and dielectric properties of Ba(3)V(2)O(8) ceramics
Khatri P, Behera B, Srinivas V, Choudhary RNP
520 - 523 Improvement of fatigue resistance on La modified BiFeO(3) thin films
Simoes AZ, Cavalcante LS, Riccardi CS, Varela JA, Longo E
524 - 527 Low-frequency dielectric response in the quasi-one-dimensional organic conductor (TMTSF)(2)PF(6)
Lee KW, Kim SH, Jang JW, Lee CE, Jo YJ, Kang W
528 - 533 Surface properties and cell response of fluoridated hydroxyapatite/TiO(2) coated on Ti substrate
Lee HU, Jeong YS, Park SY, Jeong SY, Kim HG, Cho CR
534 - 537 Colorimetric detection of ssDNA in a solution
Rho S, Kim SJ, Lee SC, Chang JH, Kang HG, Choi J
538 - 545 Characterization of Young's modulus of silicon versus temperature using a "beam deflection" method with a four-point bending fixture
Cho CH
546 - 550 A numerical study of the effect of gas injection position in an inductively coupled plasma discharge
Kwon DC, Yoon NS, Han JH, Shon JW
551 - 555 Characteristics of silicon oxide thin films prepared by sol electrophoretic deposition method using tetraethylorthosilicate as the precursor
Rha SK, Chou TP, Cao G, Lee YS, Lee WJ
556 - 560 Control of liquid crystal director near signal lines and reduction of load of signal lines by optimized pattern of common electrode in the patterned vertical alignment mode
Hwang SJ, Kim SM, Lim YJ, Lee SH, Lee GD, Lyu JJ, Kim KH
E12 - E18 Injection molding of a nanostructured plate and measurement of its surface properties
Yoo YE, Kim TH, Choi DS, Hyun SM, Lee HJ, Lee KH, Kim SK, Kim BH, Seo YH, Lee HG, Lee JS
E19 - E24 Polymer structure and properties in micro- and nanomolding process
Ito H, Suzuki H, Kazama K, Kikutani T
E25 - E28 Kinetic lattice Monte Carlo simulation study on vacancy diffusion in germanium
Kang JW, Kwon OK, Choi YG
E29 - E32 Development of scanning field emission current microscopy
Han WH, Park TY, Kang CJ, Lee SI, Choi YJ
E33 - E37 Electrical detection of prostate specific antigen on protein array using scanning tunneling microscopy
Kang DY, Jang YH, Lee JH, Kim SU, Oh BK, Choi JW
E38 - E41 Nanomaterial-embedded gas sensor fabrication
Kim J, Yun JH, Han CS
E42 - E46 Pervaporation characteristics of polyelectrolyte complex gel membranes based on two anionic polysaccharides having a chelating structure
Kim SG, Ahn HR, Lee KH
E47 - E50 Polyelectrolyte complex composite gel membranes based on two cationic polymers for the separation of methyl tert-butyl ether and methanol mixtures
Kim SG, Lee KH
E51 - E55 Effects of chemical transition of polyetherimide membranes having an integrally skinned asymmetric structure
Kim SG, Lee KH
E56 - E59 Phosphonic acid functionalized poly(dimethyl siloxane) membrane for high temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Ghil LJ, Kim CK, Rhee HW
E60 - E65 Microfluidic chip with porous anodic alumina integrated with PDMS/glass substrate for immuno-diagnosis
Yang KS, Kim HJ, Ahn JK, Kim DH
E66 - E70 Free-flow isoelectric focusing microfluidic device with glass coating by sol-gel methods
Yang KS, Clementz P, Park TJ, Lee SJ, Park JP, Kim DH, Lee SY
E71 - E75 Charge storage investigation in self-assembled monolayer of redox-active recombinant azurin
Kim SU, Yagati AK, Singh RP, Min J, Choi JW
E76 - E80 Fabrication of self-assembled RGD layer for cell chip to detect anticancer drug effect on HepG2 cells
El-Said WA, Yea CH, Kim H, Choi JW
E81 - E85 Simple fabrication method of hierarchical nano-pillars using aluminum anodizing processes
Kwon JT, Shin HG, Seo YH, Kim BH, Lee HG, Lee JS
E86 - E88 Photoluminescence investigations of YAG:Eu nanocomposite powder by high-energy ball milling
Yang HK, Chung JW, Moon BK, Jeong JH, Jang KW, Lee HS, Yi SS
E89 - E91 Synthesis, characterization and luminescence properties of Eu3+-doped La2Sn2O7 nanospheres
Fu Z, Yang HK, Moon BK, Choi BC, Jeong JH
E92 - E95 Luminescence properties of Dy3+:GdAlO3 nanopowder phosphors
Raju GSR, Park JY, Jung HC, Moon BK, Jeong JH, Kim JH
E96 - E99 Regenerated bacterial cellulose/multi-walled carbon nanotubes composite fibers prepared by wet-spinning
Chen P, Kim HS, Kwon SM, Yun YS, Jin HJ
E100 - E103 Dispersity and stability measurements of functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes in organic solvents
Kim Y, Kwon SM, Kim DY, Kim HS, Jin HJ
E104 - E107 Post annealing effect on ultra-thin Hf-based high-k gate oxides on Si
Kim JH, Ignatova VA, Kucher P, Weisheit M, Zschech E
E108 - E110 Nanocrystalline silicon films deposited with a modulated hydrogen dilution ratio by catalytic CVD at 200 degrees C
Kim TH, Lee KM, Hwang JD, Hong WS
E111 - E114 Immobilization of biomaterials on nanopatterned surface using nanoporous alumina for biodevices
Jung M, Kim SU, Oh BK, Choi JW
E115 - E118 Modulated growth density of ZnO nanowires using seed-containing composite film
Lee JS, Lee JJ, Yang H
E119 - E123 Convective heat transfer characteristics of nanofluids under laminar and turbulent flow conditions
Kim D, Kwon Y, Cho Y, Li C, Cheong S, Hwang Y, Lee J, Hong D, Moon S
E124 - E127 Tribological behavior of copper nanoparticles as additives in oil
Choi Y, Lee C, Hwang Y, Park M, Lee J, Choi C, Jung M
E128 - E131 Performance evaluation of nano-lubricants of fullerene nanoparticles in refrigeration mineral oil
Lee K, Hwang Y, Cheong S, Kwon L, Kim S, Lee J
E132 - E135 Fullerene nanohybrid metal oxide ultrathin films
Yang DH, Park CS, Min JH, Oh MH, Yoon YS, Lee SW, Shin JS
E136 - E139 Simple method for the fabrication of 1-hydroxypyrene-imprinted TiO2 gel nanofilms
Yang DH, Ham YR, Oh MH, Yoon YS, Shin JS, Kim YD, Kim H
E140 - E143 Aspect-ratio-controlled synthesis of high-aspect-ratio gold nanorods in high-yield
Park WM, Huh YS, Hong WH
E144 - E147 Surface functionalization and physicochemical characterization of diamond nanoparticles
Jee AY, Lee M
E148 - E151 Properties of thermally annealed ruthenium thin films grown on seed layers in a low-temperature selective deposition region
Vasilyev VY, Mogilnikov KP, Song YW
E152 - E156 Synthesis of fullerene[C-60]-silver nanoparticles using various non-ionic surfactants under microwave irradiation
Lee JH, Park BE, Lee YM, Hwang SH, Ko WB
E157 - E160 A low-cure-temperature copper nano ink for highly conductive printed electrodes
Lee B, Kim Y, Yang S, Jeong I, Moon J
E161 - E164 One-step formation of ZnO nanorod bridge structure using geminated Si substrates by vapor phase transportation
Jung MN, Oh SJ, Koo JE, Yi SN, Lee BW, Lee WJ, Oh DC, Yao T, Chang JH
E165 - E168 Investigation on the electronic state of In-doped ZnO nanocrystals by hard X-ray photoemission spectroscopy
Jung M, Ha S, Oh S, Koo J, Kim J, Kobayashi K, Murakami Y, Jeon TI, Yao T, Chang J
E169 - E172 Field emission properties of indium-doped ZnO tetrapods
Jung MN, Ha SH, Oh SJ, Koo JE, Cho YR, Lee HC, Lee ST, Jeon TI, Makino H, Chang JH
E173 - E175 Optical properties of ZnO nanoparticles embedded in a silicon nitride layer formed by sputtering and thermal treatment
Oh DH, Cho WJ, Kim TW
E176 - E179 Facile synthesis of tin oxide nanofibres
Ahn JH, Wang GX, Kim YJ
E180 - E184 Characterizations of Ag-catalyzed ZnO nanostructures prepared by vapor-solid mechanism
Yang SH, Chen PC, Hong SY
E185 - E188 Fabrication of a flexible multi-referenced surface plasmon sensor using room temperature nanoimprint lithography
Hulme JP, An SSA, Goddard N, Miyahara Y, Oki A
E189 - E192 Design and fabrication of an L-type waveguide megasonic system for cleaning of nano-scale patterns
Kim H, Lee Y, Lim E
E193 - E196 Fabrication of two-dimensional magnetic arrays using CMOS process
Nam WC, Kim JB, Seo MS, Eom TW, Lee SJ, Lee YP
E197 - E200 Fabrication of silicon nanodots on insulator using block copolymer thin film
Kang GB, Kim YT, Park JH, Kim SI, Sohn YS
E201 - E204 Cutting performance of nanocomposite Cr-C-N, Cr-Si-N and Cr-Si-C-N coated tools for micro end-milling operation
Kim MW, Tak HS, Kang MC, Kim KH, Park ID, Je TJ