Current Applied Physics

Current Applied Physics, Vol.20, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1567-1739 (Print) 

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1 - 4 High C-rate performance of LiFePO4/carbon nanofibers composite cathode for Li-ion batteries
Adepoju AA, Williams QL
5 - 10 Leakage current and rectification behavior of Au / TiO2 / GaN junctions with TiO2 interlayer oxygen deposition pressure
Lee Y, Kang SH, Lee JH, Dho J
11 - 17 Electrostatic spraying of membrane electrode for proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Liu RL, Zhou W, Wan LY, Zhang PY, Li SL, Gao Y, Xu DS, Zheng CC, Shang MF
18 - 22 Magnetocaloric properties in a FeNiGaMnSi high entropy alloy
Sarlar K, Tekgul A, Kucuk I
23 - 28 Tailoring titanium dioxide by silver particles for photocatalysis
Ibukun O, Jeong HK
29 - 36 Physical properties of electrodeposited GIGS films on crystalline silicon: Application for photovoltaic hetero-junction
Saidi H, Ben Alaya C, Boujmil MF, Durand B, Lazzari JL, Bouaicha M
37 - 42 Improvement of saturation magnetic flux density in Fe-Si-B-Nb-Cu nanocomposite alloys by magnetic field annealing
Kwon S, Kim S, Yin H
43 - 48 Radial heterostructure and interface effects on thermoelectric transport properties of Bi/Sn and Bi/Sb core/shell nanowires
Moon H, Kim J, Chun DW, Hong S, Yoon YS, Lee W
49 - 57 Extending the response spectrum of organic photodetectors by quaternary active layer method with complementary absorption spectra
An T, Wang YQ, Lu G, Zhang J
58 - 64 A novel device fabricated with Cu2NiSnS4 chalcogenide: Morphological and temperature-dependent electrical characterizations
Karabulut A, Sarilmaz A, Ozel F, Orak I, Sahinkaya MA
65 - 70 UV-illuminated chemical bath deposition of CdS buffer layer for CIGSSe solar cells
Baek HJ, Oh JA, Seo YE, Shin HJ, Cho SW, Jeon CW
71 - 77 Measurement of lateral and axial resolution of confocal Raman microscope using dispersed carbon nanotubes and suspended graphene
Kim Y, Lee EJ, Roy S, Sharbirin AS, Ranz LG, Dieing T, Kim J
78 - 81 Effect of Ir(pq)(2)acac doping on CBP in phosphorescence organic light-emitting diodes
Na I, Lee SE, Joo MK, Park IH, Song JI, Joo H, Kim YK, Kim GT
82 - 88 A novel scheme to acquire enhanced up-conversion emissions of Ho3+ and Yb3+ co-doped Sc2O3
Zhang CY, Jiang Q, Wang XY, Liu J, Xiao YT, Li C, Lin H, Zeng FM, Su ZM
89 - 95 Exclusive T-2 MRI contrast enhancement by mesoporous carbon framework encapsulated manganese oxide nanoparticles
Deka K, Guleria A, Kumar D, Biswas J, Lodha S, Kaushik SD, Dasgupta S, Deb P
96 - 101 Sr-doping enhanced electrical transport and thermionic emission of single crystal 12CaO center dot 7Al(2)O(3) electride
Zhang X, Feng Q, Zhao JP, Liu HL, Li JC, Xiao YX, Li F, Lu QM
102 - 105 Identifying a perovskite phase in rare-earth nickelates using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Choi JS, Ahn CW, Bae JS, Kim TH
106 - 113 Electrochemical properties of modified negative electrode for Ni-MH cell
Lota K, Swoboda P, Acznik I, Sierczynska A, Manczak R, Kolanowski L, Lota G
114 - 121 Characterization of Au/As2Se3/MoO3/Ag hybrid devices designed for dual optoelectronic applications
Kayed TS, Qasrawi AF
122 - 131 Effects of novel benzotriazole based zwitterionic salt as electrolyte additive for lithium ion batteries
Phiri I, Bon CY, Kim S, Mwemezi M, Hamenu L, Madzvamuse A, Kim SH, Ko JM
132 - 136 Effect of atomic passivation at Ni-MoS2 interfaces on contact behaviors
Kim J, Choi CG, Min KA, Cho K, Hong S
137 - 144 Triboelectric nanogenerator as self-powered impact force sensor for falling object
Aminullah, Kasi AK, Kasi JK, Uddin M, Bokhari M
145 - 149 Investigation of the incident light intensity effect on the internal electric fields of GaAs single junction solar cell using bright electroreflectance spectroscopy
SaeidNahaie S, Entezar SR, Naghshara H, Jo HJ, Kim JS, Kim Y, Lee SJ
150 - 154 Improving the thermoelectric properties of carbon nanotubes through introducing graphene nanosprings
Xu XY, Xiao HP, Ouyang T, Zhong JX
155 - 160 Direct measurement of contraction force in human cardiac tissue model using piezoelectric cantilever sensor technique
Virtanen J, Toivanen M, Toimela T, Heinonen T, Tuukkanen S
161 - 166 Enhanced functionalities of DNA thin films by facile conjugation with conducting polymers
Chopade P, Dugasani SR, Jeon S, Jeong JH, Park SH
167 - 171 Study on the Gilbert damping of polycrystalline YIG films with different capping layers
Pati SP
172 - 177 Effect of an Al-doped ZnO electron transport layer on the efficiency of inverted bulk heterojunction solar cells
Park S, Kang R, Cho S
178 - 185 Preparation and characterization of hollow TiO2 nanospheres: The effect of Fe3+ doping on their microstructure and electronic structure
Pradubkorn P, Maensiri S, Swatsitang E, Laokul P
186 - 190 Hump-like structure in Hall signal from ultra-thin SrRuO3 films without inhomogeneous anomalous Hall effect
Sohn B, Kim B, Choi JW, Chang SH, Han JH, Kim C
191 - 195 Effect of hydrogen dilution on the silicon cluster volume fraction of a hydrogenated amorphous silicon film prepared using plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Kim Y, Koga K, Shiratani M
196 - 204 Study on CH4 dry reforming process by high power inductively coupled plasma torch at atmospheric pressure
Song H, Lee YS, Kwak G, Chang HY
205 - 211 Fast microwave-assisted synthesis of copper nanowires as reusable high-performance transparent conductive electrode
Hashimi AS, Ginting RT, Chin SX, Lau KS, Nohan MANM, Zakaria S, Yap CC, Chia CH
212 - 218 Electronic and optical properties of layered chalcogenide FeIn2Se4
Hwang Y, Choi J, Ha Y, Cho S, Park H
219 - 225 Effect on the reduction of the barrier height in rear-emitter silicon heterojunction solar cells using Ar plasma-treated ITO film
Park H, Kim D, Cho EC, Hussain SQ, Park J, Lim D, Kim S, Dutta S, Kumar M, Kim Y, Yi J
226 - 231 Facile and low-cost synthesis of flexible nano-generators based on polymeric and porous aerogel materials
Beyranvand M, Gholizadeh A
232 - 236 External removal of endpoint-discontinuity artifacts in the reciprocal-space analysis of spectra
Le VL, Kim TJ, Kim YD, Aspnes DE