Current Applied Physics

Current Applied Physics, Vol.10, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1567-1739 (Print) 

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365 - 369 Emission tuning study of RGB blends. Interaction of two EL polymers and a red dye
de Deus JF, Cirpan A, Karasz F, Akcelrud L
370 - 372 I-V characteristics of a methanol concentration sensor for direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) by using catalyst electrode of Pt dots
Yang JS, Park JH, Kim SI, Kim YT, Kim YH
373 - 380 Non-equilibrium energy transport in nano-layer gold coating onto silica
Kassas M
381 - 385 Acoustic characteristics of composite materials as acoustic window at oblique incidence of sound waves
Lee SJ, Yoon SW
386 - 390 Room temperature photoluminescence property of Mo-doped In2O3 thin films
Kaleemulla S, Reddy AS, Uthanna S, Reddy PS
391 - 394 Effect of nanosize titanium oxide on electrochemical characteristics of activated carbon electrodes
Seo MK, Park SJ
395 - 400 High LO-to-RF isolation 94 GHz coplanar monolithic down-converter for FMCW radar sensor applications
Moon SW, Oh JH, Jun BC, Kim SD
401 - 406 Preparation of poly(2-ethyl aniline)/kaolinite composite materials and investigation of their properties
Anakli D, Cetinkaya S
407 - 410 Effect of thin aluminum interlayer on growth and microstructure of carbon nanotubes
Mathur A, Roy SS, Dickinson C, McLaughlin JA
411 - 415 Nanorod/wire-colloid hybrid architecturing and optical property study
416 - 418 Nonselective vertical etching of GaAs and AlGaAs/GaAs in high pressure capacitively coupled BCl3/N-2 plasmas
Kim JK, Lee JH, Joo YW, Park YH, Noh HS, Lee JW, Pearton SJ
419 - 421 Effects of trench oxide and field plates on the breakdown voltage of SOI LDMOSFET
Park HS
422 - 427 Dielectric and piezoelectric properties of (Bi1-x-yNdxNa1-y)(0.5)BayTiO3 lead-free ceramics
Lin DM, Kwok KW
428 - 435 Characteristics of nitrogen-incorporated silicon oxycarbide films and plasmas for plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition with TMOS/N-2/NH3
Chung CJ, Chung TH, Shin YM, Kim Y
436 - 443 Atomistic simulations for the non-equilibrium surface premelting and melting of Nb(110) plane
Yang XY, Hu WY, Zhang Z
444 - 451 Applications of impact-ionization metal-oxide-semiconductor (I-MOS) devices to circuit design
Choi WY
452 - 456 Effect of GZO thickness and annealing temperature on the structural, electrical and optical properties of GZO/Ag/GZO sandwich films
Song SM, Yang TL, Xin YQ, Jiang LL, Li YH, Pang ZY, Lv MS, Han SH
457 - 467 Sensing properties of polyoxomolybdate doped polyaniline nanomaterials for oxidising and reducing volatile organic compounds
Lekha PC, Balaji M, Subramanian S, Padiyan DP
468 - 470 Color center of YAlO3 with cation vacancies
Chen JY, Zhao GJ, Cao DH, Zhou SM
471 - 474 Effect of cathodic arc PVD parameters on roughness of TiN coating on steel substrate
Ali M, Hamzah E, Qazi IA, Toff MRM
475 - 478 Optimal energy-phase correlation for superradiance of intense electron bunches
Seo YH
479 - 483 Studies on the growth, structural, optical, thermal and electrical properties of nonlinear optical cadmium mercury thiocyanate glycol monomethyl ether single crystal
Raghavan CM, Bhaskaran A, Sankar R, Jayalvel R
484 - 486 Application of energy balance method and variational iteration method to an oscillation of a mass attached to a stretched elastic wire
Jamshidi N, Ganji DD
487 - 497 Thermographic diagnosis system and imaging algorithm by distributed thermal data using single infrared sensor
Yoon SJ, Noh SC, Choi HH
498 - 502 Hydrogen analysis in diamond like carbon by elastic recoil detection
Kim J, Choi HW, Woo HJ, Kim GD
503 - 507 Electrostatic properties of mercaptoundecanoic-acid-coated-gold surfaces interacting with TiO2 surfaces
Park JW
508 - 512 Electrical, optical and structural properties of pure and gold-coated VO2 thin films on quartz substrate
Dejene FB, Ocaya RO
513 - 520 Temperature dependent current-voltage characteristics of the Cd/CdO/n-Si/Au-Sb structure
Saglam M, Ates A, Yildirim MA, Guzeldir B, Astam A
521 - 525 Synthesis and characterization of nanocrystalline HAp powders prepared by using aloe vera plant extracted solution
Klinkaewnarong J, Swatsitang E, Masingboon C, Seraphin S, Maensiri S
526 - 530 Double hysteresis loops induced by Mn doping in Pb0.99Nb0.02(Zr0.95Ti0.05)(0.98)O-3 ferroelectric ceramics
Jiang M, Li XH, Zhu JL, Zhu XH, Shi W, Li LH, Xiao DQ, Zhu JG
531 - 537 Self assembled V2O5 nanorods for gas sensors
Raj AD, Pazhanivel T, Kumar PS, Mangalaraj D, Nataraj D, Ponpandian N
538 - 543 Accurate measurement of pressure differences and the effect of baffle on pressure distribution in vacuum chamber during dynamic gas flow
Khan W, Choi IM, Lim JY, Hong SS
544 - 547 A new method of synthesis on high-quality AgGaS2 polycrystalline
Zhang JJ, Zhu SF, Zhao BJ, Chen BJ, He ZY
548 - 552 Bulk crystal growth and characterization of non-linear optical bisthiourea zinc chloride single crystal by unidirectional growth method
Uthrakumar R, Vesta C, Raj CJ, Krishnan S, Das SJ
553 - 556 Band-gap engineering of ZnSe quantum dots via a non-TOP green synthesis by use of organometallic selenium compound
Beri RK, More P, Bharate BG, Khanna PK
557 - 560 Enhanced piezoelectric properties and lowered sintering temperature of Ba(Zr0.07Ti0.93)O-3 by B2O3 addition
Jarupoom P, Pengpat K, Rujijanagul G
561 - 564 Dependence of viscoelastic parameters of nematic liquid crystals on pretilt angle and temperature
Huang YX, Tu M
565 - 569 Effect of laser incident energy on the structural, morphological and optical properties of Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) thin films
Pawar SM, Moholkar AV, Kim IK, Shin SW, Moon JH, Rhee JI, Kim JH
570 - 573 Vibration analysis of scanning thermal microscope probe nanomachining using Timoshenko beam theory
Lee HL, Chu SS, Chang WJ
574 - 579 Structure and relaxor behavior of BaBi4Ti4-xZrxO15 ceramics
Chakrabarti A, Bera J
580 - 582 Sensitivity to electrochemical potential of the number of off-resonant conduction states in a single-atom nanowire
Grado-Caffaro MA, Grado-Caffaro M
583 - 591 Surface defects characterization with frequency and force modulation atomic force microscopy using molecular dynamics simulations
Pishkenari HN, Meghdari A
592 - 595 Properties of Tl4Se3S single crystals and characterization of Ag/Tl4Se3S Schottky barrier diodes
Qasrawi AF, Gasanly NM
596 - 600 The influence of some processing conditions on host crystal structure and phosphorescence properties of SrAl2O4:Eu2+, Dy3+ nanoparticle pigments synthesized by combustion technique
Shafia E, Bodaghi M, Tahriri M
601 - 606 Dielectric and impedance studies of DBSA doped polyaniline/PVC composites
Afzal AB, Akhtar MJ, Nadeem M, Hassan MM
607 - 613 Structural, optical, thermal and electrical studies on PVA/PVP blends filled with lithium bromide
Abdelrazek EM, Elashmawi IS, El-Khodary A, Yassin A
614 - 624 Electronic structure and optical properties of BaMoO4 powders
Sczancoski JC, Cavalcante LS, Marana NL, da Silva RO, Tranquilin RL, Joya MR, Pizani PS, Varela JA, Sambrano JR, Li MS, Longo E, Andres J
625 - 630 Replication of butterfly wing microstructures using molding lithography
Kang SH, Tai TY, Fang TH
631 - 635 Bias dependent relaxation in different phases of an orthoconic antiferroelectric liquid crystal mixture (W-182)
Nayek P, Ghosh S, Kundu S, Majumder TP, Roy SK, Bennis N, Oton JM, Dabrowski R
636 - 641 A facile thermal evaporation route for large-area synthesis of tin oxide nanowires: Characterizations and their use for liquid petroleum gas sensor
Hieu NV, Loan LTN, Khoang ND, Minh NT, Viet DT, Minh DC, Trung T, Chien ND
642 - 645 Frequency agile antennas based on aluminum nitride ceramics
Il Kang H, Kim JT, Song JT
646 - 651 Wide-Bandgap III-V nitride based avalanche transit-time diode in Terahertz regime: Studies on the effects of punch through on high frequency characteristics and series resistance of the device
Mukherjee M, Roy SK
652 - 654 Determination of the parameters for the back-to-back switched Schottky barrier structures
Ahmetoglu M, Akay SK
655 - 658 Large spontaneous Hall angle in [Co, CoFe/Pt] multilayer
Lee HN, Cho YJ, Eom JH, Joo SJ, Shin KH, Kim TW
659 - 663 Effect of the resistance-area product on the temperature increase of nanopillar for spin torque magnetic memory
Ha SS, Lee KJ, You CY
664 - 669 Synthesis, growth and studies of undoped and sodium chloride-doped Zinc Tris-thiourea Sulphate (ZTS) single crystals
Krishnan C, Selvarajan P, Pari S
670 - 675 Growth and characterization of pure and doped L-Lysine monohydrochloride dihydrate (L-LMHCl) nonlinear optical single crystals
Robert R, Raj CJ, Das SJ
676 - 681 Dielectric relaxation of ZnO nanostructure synthesized by soft chemical method
Tripathi R, Kumar A, Bharti C, Sinha TP
682 - 686 Preparation of carbon aerogel in ambient conditions for electrical double-layer capacitor
Lee YJ, Jung JC, Yi J, Baeck SH, Yoon JR, Song IK
687 - 692 Influence of rapid thermal annealing on electrical and structural properties of double metal structure Au/Ni/n-InP (111) diodes
Reddy MB, Janardhanam V, Kumar AA, Reddy VR, Reddy PN
693 - 697 Violet luminescence from ZnO nanorods grown by room temperature pulsed laser deposition
Ajimsha RS, Manoj R, Aneesh PM, Jayaraj MK
698 - 702 Preparation of PEO ceramic coating on Ti alloy and its high temperature oxidation resistance
Xu YJ, Yao ZP, Jia FZ, Wang YL, Jiang ZH, Bu HT
703 - 707 Controlled fabrication of gallium nitride nano- and micro-wires by dielectrophoretic force and torque
Ahn J, Ko G, Kim J, Mastro MA, Hite J, Eddy CR
708 - 714 Facile strategy for stability control of gold nanoparticles synthesized by aqueous reduction method
Muangnapoh T, Sano N, Yusa SI, Viriya-Empikul N, Charinpanitkul T
715 - 717 Imaging of surface morphologies of L-arginine trifluoroacetate crystals
Liu XJ, Wang PJ, Zhang Z, Xu D, Zhang GH, Wang XQ