Current Applied Physics

Current Applied Physics, Vol.10, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1567-1739 (Print) 

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1 - 4 Photoluminescence of chemical solution-derived amorphous ZnO layers prepared by low-temperature process
Eo IS, Hwangbo S, Kim JT, Hwang KS
5 - 9 Effects of pores and temperature on mechanics of gold nanowires using molecular dynamics
Lin SY, Wang TH, Fang TH, Chen WL
10 - 15 Influence of carbon black content and film thickness on vapor detection properties of polyvinylpyrrolidone composite sensors
Kim YS
16 - 20 Room temperature photoluminescence of BCT prepared by Complex Polymerization Method
Motta FV, Marques APA, Espinosa JWM, Pizani PS, Longo E, Varela JA
21 - 25 Impedance study of giant dielectric permittivity in BaFe0.5Nb0.5O3 perovskite ceramic
Intatha U, Eitssayeam S, Wang J, Tunkasiri T
26 - 30 Effect of BiFeO3 addition on Bi2O3-ZnO-Nb2O5 based ceramics
Chao XL, Yang ZP, Kang C, Gu R
31 - 35 Synthesis and characterization of microwave processed PZT material
Raju K, Reddy PV
36 - 40 Material and device properties of Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 absorber films prepared by thermal reaction of InSe/Cu/GaSe alloys to elemental Se vapor
Dejene FB
41 - 46 Effect of poly silicon thickness on the formation of Ni-FUSI gate by using atomic layer deposited nickel film
Ha JB, Yun SW, Lee JH
47 - 51 Fabrication and annealing effects of SnO2/SiOx nanocables sheathed by the sputtering technique
Kim HW, Shim SH, Lee JW, Kim HS, Kebede MA, Na HG, Yang JC, Kong MH, Lee C
52 - 56 Effect of growth temperature on the ZnO nanowires prepared by thermal heating of Zn powders
Kim HW, Kebede MA, Kim HS, Srinivasa B, Kim DY, Park JY, Kim SS
57 - 59 Inverse Hall-Petch relation of nanostructured Ni films prepared by electrodeposition
Cho MK, Cho JW, Wu JH, Cho JU, Choi YJ, Kim YK
60 - 63 Structural, Raman, and photoluminescence characteristics of ZnO nanowires coated with Al-doped ZnO shell layers
Kim HW, Kebede MA, Kim HS
64 - 67 Optical anisotropy of aligned pentacene molecules on a rubbed polymer corresponding to the electrical anisotropy
Yu CJ, Bae JH, Keum CM, Lee SD
68 - 71 Sol-gel synthesis of pure nano sized beta-tricalcium phosphate crystalline powders
Sanosh KP, Chu MC, Balakrishnan A, Kim TN, Cho SJ
72 - 76 Electrochemical synthesis of flake-like Fe/MWCNTs nanocomposite for hydrogen evolution reaction: Effect of the CNTs on dendrite growth of iron and its electrocatalytic activity
Torabi M, Sadrnezhaad SK
77 - 83 DFT and TD-DFT study on structure and properties of organic dye sensitizer TA-St-CA
Zhang CR, Liu ZJ, Chen YH, Chen HS, Wu YZ, Feng WJ, Wang DB
84 - 88 Synthesis and band-gap photoluminescence from cadmium phosphide nano-particles
Khanna PK, Singh N, More P
89 - 92 Improving organic field-effect transistors based on double active layers structure
Guo XA, Xing FF, Hong F, Zhang J, Wei B, Wang J
93 - 98 Structure and electrical properties of Bi-0.5(Na, K)(0.5)TiO3-BiGaO3 lead-free piezoelectric ceramics
Zhou CR, Liu XY, Li WZ, Yuan CL, Chen GH
99 - 103 The growth mechanism and supercapacitor study of anodically deposited amorphous ruthenium oxide films
Patake VD, Pawar SM, Shinde VR, Gujar TP, Lokhande CD
E1 - E1 2009 International Symposium on Next Generation Terabit Memory Technology - Seoul, Korea - 24 July 2008
Park JG
E2 - E4 5-bit/cell Characteristics using mixed program/erase mechanism in recessed channel non-volatile memory cells
Han KR, Jeong MK, Cho I, Lee JH
E5 - E8 Electrical properties of WSi2 nanocrystal memory with SiO2/Si3N4/SiO2 tunnel barriers
Seo KB, Lee DU, Han SJ, Kim EK, You HW, Cho WJ
E9 - E12 Thin film embedded memory solutions
Mazoyer P, Puget S, Bossu G, Masson P, Lorenzini P, Portal JM
104 - 112 Application of the energy balance method to nonlinear vibrating equations
Mehdipour I, Ganji DD, Mozaffari M
113 - 118 Effect of surface morphology on screen printed solar cells
Park H, Lee JS, Kwon S, Yoon S, Kim D
119 - 123 An investigation of DNA-like structured dye-sensitized solar cells
Wang YH, Liu Y, Yang HX, Wang H, Shen H, Li M, Yan J
124 - 128 Room temperature ferromagnetism in Ni-doped ZnO films
Hou DL, Zhao RB, Wei YY, Zhen CM, Pan CF, Tang GD
129 - 132 Influence of thermal treatment on the performance of copper phthalocyanine thin-film transistors
Tian XY, Xu Z, Zhang FJ, Zhao SL, Yuan GC, Li J, Sun QJ, Wang Y
133 - 137 Dielectric and proton conductivity studies in organic electrolytes based on 2-perfluoroalkyl-ethyl-azides
Cosgun S, Celik SU, Baykal A, Bozkurt A
138 - 144 Insertion loss of sound waves through composite acoustic window materials
Lee JH, Kim BN, Shin KK, Yoon SW
145 - 152 Effect of cadmium addition on the optical constants of thermally evaporated amorphous Se-S-Cd thin films
Khan SA, Al-Hazmi FS, Al-Heniti S, Faidah AS, Al-Ghamdi AA
153 - 157 Photoelectrochemical cells using metal-decorated carbon nanotube electrodes
Kim CH, Hwang SS, Kim J, Yoo KH
158 - 163 Spectroscopic investigation of arsenate and selenate incorporation into hydroxylapatite
Lee YJ
164 - 170 Epitaxial growth of highly transparent and conducting Sc-doped ZnO films on c-plane sapphire by sol-gel process without buffer
Sharma R, Sehrawat K, Mehra RM
171 - 175 Effects of N-2 addition on nanocrystalline diamond films by HFCVD in Ar/CH4 gas mixture
Rakha SA, Xintai Z, Zhu DZ, Guojun Y
176 - 180 Analysis of thermal and electrical properties of ZnO arrester block
Lee SB, Lee SJ, Lee BH
181 - 183 Multiparametric sensor based on DBR porous silicon for detection of ethanol gas
Kim HJ, Kim YY, Lee KW
184 - 186 Effects of X-ray radiation on hydrogenated amorphous silicon thin-film transistors and characteristics of tungsten shield layer
Pang HS, Jeong YS, Choi HS, Han CW, Tak YH, Ahn BC
187 - 192 Hybrid solar cells using nanorod zinc oxide electrodes and perylene monoimide-monoanhydride dyes
Erten-Ela S, Cogal S, Turkmen G, Icli S
193 - 198 Growth, structural and optical properties of CdxZn1-xS thin films deposited using spray pyrolysis technique
Raviprakash Y, Bangera KV, Shivakumar GK
199 - 202 Polarizability of a hydrogenic donor impurity in a ridge quantum wire
Khordad R, Gharaati A, Haghparast M
203 - 207 Self assembled nanoparticle Pb1-xFexSe/single crystal Si heterojunctions
Bhardwaj A, Balakrishnan VR, Srivastava P, Sehgal HK
208 - 213 KGd(MoO4)(2):Eu3+ as a promising red phosphor for light-emitting diode application
Yi LH, Zhou LY, Wang ZL, Sun JH, Gong FZ, Wan WP, Wang W
214 - 220 Growth and characterization of an organic NLO material ammonium malate
Babu GA, Ramasamy P
221 - 229 Improvement of corrosion resistance of AA6061 alloy by tapioca starch in seawater
Rosliza R, Nik WBW
230 - 234 The influence of moisture on atmospheric pressure plasma etching of PA6 films
Gao ZQ, Peng SJ, Sun J, Yao L, Qiu YP
235 - 240 Phosphoric acid and pH sensors based on polyaniline films
Ayad MM, Salahuddin NA, Alghaysh MO, Issa RM
241 - 244 Influence of air-oxidation on electric double layer capacitances of multi-walled carbon nanotube electrodes
Seo MK, Park SJ
245 - 248 Electro-optic characteristics as a function of pretilt angle in the optically compensated splay liquid crystal cell
Jeon EJ, Jung BS, Kang BG, Lee MH, Hwang JY, Seo DS, Lee SH
249 - 254 Magnetic characteristics of thin Ni films electrodeposited on n-Si(111)
Lee JD, Kim HS, Jeong SY, Kim KH, Lee JJ, Kim JE
255 - 259 Comparison of coating properties obtained by MAO on magnesium alloys in silicate and phytic acid electrolytes
Zhang RF, Xiong GY, Hu CY
260 - 265 First-principles study of transport properties of endohedral Li@C-20 metallofullerene
An YP, Yang CL, Wang MS, Ma XG, Wang DH
266 - 271 Nanotribological behavior of diamond surfaces using molecular dynamics with fractal theory and experiments
Lin JF, Fang TH, Wu CD, Houng KH
272 - 278 Effect of oxygen partial pressure on the structural and optical properties of dc reactive magnetron sputtered molybdenum oxide films
Nirupama V, Gunasekhar KR, Sreedhar B, Uthanna S
279 - 283 Analysis of modified Van der Pol's oscillator using He's parameter-expanding methods
Kimiaeifar A, Saidi AR, Sohouli AR, Ganji DD
284 - 288 Influence of annealing temperature on the formation, microstructure and magnetic properties of spinel nanocrystalline cobalt ferrites
Ai LH, Jiang J
289 - 293 Mathematical model of the Bloch NMR flow equations for the analysis of fluid flow in restricted geometries using the Boubaker polynomials expansion scheme
Awojoyogbe OB, Faromika OP, Moses FO, Dada M, Boubaker K, Fuwape IA
294 - 298 Formation of the nanodots and change of the characteristics of thin magnetic films under laser irradiation
Krupa MM, Pogorily AN, Sartinska LL, Skirta YV, Zaharov R
299 - 304 Mechanical effects of polishing pad in copper electrochemical mechanical deposition for planarization
Jeong S, Lee S, Park B, Kim H, Kim S, Jeong H
305 - 310 Anisotropic electrical properties of Bi-0.5(Na0.75K0.25)(0.5)TiO3 ceramics fabricated by reactive templated grain growth (RTGG)
Hussain A, Ahn CW, Lee HJ, Kim IW, Lee JS, Jeong SJ, Rout SK
311 - 316 Design and scaling of nano-electro-mechanical non-volatile memory (NEMory) cells
Choi WY
317 - 322 The role of potassium tellurite as tellurium source in mercaptoacetic acid-capped CdTe nanoparticles
El-Sadek MSA, Kumar JR, Babu SM
323 - 328 Flow injection determination of catechol based on polypyrrole-carbon nanotube-tyrosinase biocomposite detector
Ozoner SK, Yalvac M, Erhan E
329 - 332 Effects of molecular weight and polydispersity of poly (3-hexylthiophene) in bulk heterojunction polymer solar cells
Kim YS, Lee Y, Lee W, Park H, Han SH, Lee SH
333 - 336 Effect of Fe doping on the room temperature ferromagnetism in chemically synthesized (In1-xFex)(2)O-3 (0 <= x <= 0.07) magnetic semiconductors
Chandradass J, Balasubramanian M, Kumar S, Bae DS, Kim KH
337 - 341 Calculation of current-voltage characteristics of a Cu (II) complex/n-Si/AuSb Schottky diode
Akkilic K, Ocak YS, Kilicoglu T, Ilhan S, Temel H
342 - 345 Analysis of lead molybdate and lead tungstate synthesized by a sonochemical method
Phuruangrat A, Thongtem T, Thongtem S
346 - 350 Organic light-emitting diode performance enhancement via indium tin oxide glass surface modification
Ling IM, Chen LH
351 - 354 Study on the doping mechanism and electronic structure for Nb5+ doping PbWO4 crystals
Chen T, Xu KY, Shi DL, Wang MJ, Liu TY
355 - 358 Lateral force microscopy in low normal force limit
Lee H, Lee N, Seo Y
359 - 363 Effect of dispersion state of carbon nanotube on the thermal conductivity of poly(dimethyl siloxane) composites
Hong J, Lee J, Hong CK, Shim SE
E13 - E17 Tunneling barrier engineered charge trap. ash memory with ONO and NON tunneling dielectric layers
Park GH, Jung MH, Kim KS, Chung HB, Cho WJ
E18 - E21 Electrical properties of HfO2 charge trap flash memory with SiO2/HfO2/Al2O3 engineered tunnel layer
Oh SM, You HW, Kim KS, Lee YH, Cho WJ
E22 - E26 Physical and electrical characteristics of band-engineered Zr-silicate/SiO2 stacks for tunnel barrier
Kang HY, Heo MY, Sohn HC
E27 - E31 Barrier engineering in metal-aluminum oxide-nitride-oxide-silicon (MANOS) flash memory: Invited
Kang CY
E32 - E36 Effect of interface chemical properties on nonvolatile memory characteristics for small-molecule memory cells embedded with Ni nano-crystals surrounded by NiO
Seo SH, Nam WS, Kim JS, Lee SY, Shim TH, Park JG
E37 - E41 Nonvolatile memory characteristics of small-molecule memory cells with electron-transport and hole-transport bilayers
Nam WS, Seo SH, Park KH, Hong SH, Lee GS, Park JG
E42 - E45 Dependence of current bistabilities on trap density and maximum applied voltage in organic bistable devices
Jung JH, Kim TW
E46 - E49 Bipolar resistive switching characteristics of poly(3,4-ethylene-dioxythiophene): Poly(styrenesulfonate) thin film
Jeong HY, Kim JY, Yoon TH, Choi SY
E50 - E53 Understanding the switching mechanism of polymer memory
Kwan WL, Lei B, Shao Y, Yang Y
E54 - E57 Organicferroelectric field-effect transistor with P(VDF-TrFE)/PMMA blend thin films for non-volatile memory applications
Bae I, Kang SJ, Park YJ, Furukawa T, Park C
E58 - E61 Top-gate ferroelectric thin-film-transistors with P(VDF-TrFE) copolymer
Jung SW, Lee JK, Kim YS, Yoon SM, You IK, Yu BG, Noh YY
E62 - E67 Recent advances in ferroelectric polymer thin films for memory applications
Furukawa T, Takahashi Y, Nakajima T
E68 - E70 Analysis of interface switching for Nb doped SrTiO3 single crystal device using complex impedance spectroscopy
Lee J, Bourim E, Shin D, Lee JS, Seong DJ, Park J, Lee W, Chang M, Jung S, Shin J, Hwang H
E71 - E74 TiN electrode-induced bipolar resistive switching of TiO2 thin films
Do YH, Kwak JS, Bae YC, Lee JH, Kim Y, Im H, Hong JP
E75 - E78 Size dependence of TiN/HfO2/Ti MIM ReRAM resistance states: Model and experimental results
Chen FT, Lee HY, Chen YS, Chen PS, Gu P, Chen CW, Hsu YY, Liu WH, Chen WS, Tsai MJ, Lo SC, Lai MW
E79 - E82 The effect of Ge addition on the RESET operation of a phase-change memory (PCM) device using Ge-doped SbTe
Park YW, Lee HS, Ahn HW, Wu Z, Lee S, Jeong JH, Jeong DS, Yi KW, Cheong BK
E83 - E86 Enhanced thermal efficiency for amorphization in nano-structured Ge2Sb2Te5-TiOx films
Lee D, Kang D, Kwon MH, Jun HG, Kim KB, Lyeo HK, Lee HS, Cheong BK
E87 - E89 High efficient spin transfer torque writing on perpendicular magnetic tunnel junctions for high density MRAMs
Yoda H, Kishi T, Nagase T, Yoshikawa M, Nishiyama K, Kitagawa E, Daibou T, Amano M, Shimomura N, Takahashi S, Kai T, Nakayama M, Aikawa H, Ikegawa S, Nagamine M, Ozeki J, Mizukami S, Oogane M, Ando Y, Yuasa S, Yakushiji K, Kubota H, Suzuki Y, Nakatani Y, Miyazaki T, Ando K