International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.45, No.8 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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5111 - 5111 Preface to the special issue on the World Hydrogen Energy Conference-WHEC2018
de Miranda PEV, Sarruf BJM
5112 - 5121 Viability analysis of underground mining machinery using green hydrogen as a fuel
Guerra CF, Reyes-Bozo L, Vyhmeister E, Caparros MJ, Salazar JL, Godoy-Faundez A, Clemente-Jul C, Verastegui-Rayo D
5122 - 5133 The value chain of green hydrogen for fuel cell buses - A case study for the Rhine-Main area in Germany
Coleman D, Kopp M, Wagner T, Scheppat B
5134 - 5142 Enhanced production of methane through the use of a catalytic Ni-Fe pre-layer in a solid oxide co-electrolyser
Lo Faro M, da Silva WO, Barrientos WV, Saglietti GGA, Zignani SC, Antonucci V, Ticianelli EA, Arico AS
5143 - 5154 80,000 current on/off cycles in a one year long steam electrolysis test with a solid oxide cell
Schefold J, Brisse A, Surrey A, Walter C
5155 - 5164 Graphene and silicene nanodomains in a ultra-thin SIC layer for water splitting and hydrogen storage. A first principle study
Kremer LF, Baierle RJ
5165 - 5174 Biohydrogen and biomethane production from cassava wastewater in a two-stage anaerobic sequencing batch bioflim reactor
Mari AG, Andreani CL, Tonello TU, Leite LCC, Fernandes JR, Lopes DD, Rodrigues JAD, Gomes SD
5175 - 5181 Development of short chain fatty acid-based artificial neuron network tools applied to biohydrogen production
Sydney EB, Duarte ER, Burgos WJM, de Carvalho JC, Larroche C, Soccol CR
5182 - 5191 Pt supported on doped CeO2/Al2O3 as catalyst for dry reforming of methane
da Fonseca RO, Rabelo-Neto RC, Simoes RCC, Mattos LV, Noronha FB
5192 - 5201 Defining the roles of the hydrogenase 3 and 4 subunits in hydrogen production during glucose fermentation: A new model of a H-2-producing hydrogenase complex
Petrosyan H, Vanyan L, Trchounian A, Trchounian K
5202 - 5215 Biological hydrogen production via dark fermentation: A holistic approach from lab-scale to pilot-scale
Balachandar G, Varanasi JL, Singh V, Singh H, Das D
5216 - 5226 Improvement of biohydrogen production from brewery wastewater: Evaluation of inocula, support and reactor
Arantes MK, Sequinel R, Alves HJ, Machado B, Fiorini A, da Silva EA
5227 - 5238 Maximizing biohydrogen production from water hyacinth by coupling dark fermentation and electrohydrogenesis
Varanasi JL, Das D
5239 - 5251 Thermophilic hydrogen and methane production from sugarcane stillage in two-stage anaerobic fluidized bed reactors
Ramos LR, Silva EL
5252 - 5263 Dry reforming of methane over Ni/MgO-Al2O3 catalysts: Thermodynamic equilibrium analysis and experimental application
Bach VR, de Camargo AC, de Souza TL, Cardozo L, Alves HJ
5264 - 5275 Mechanochemical CO2 methanation over LaNi-based alloys
Yatagai K, Shishido Y, Gemma R, Boll T, Uchida HH, Oguri K
5276 - 5284 CO tolerance and stability of PtRu and PtRuMo electrocatalysts supported on N-doped graphene nanoplatelets for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Gonzalez-Hernandez M, Antolini E, Perez J
5285 - 5296 Catalyst development for indirect internal reforming (IIR) of methane by partial oxidation
Milner-Elkharouf L, Khzouz M, Steinberger-Wilckens R
5297 - 5308 Ceria-Co-Cu-based SOFC anode for direct utilisation of methane or ethanol as fuels
Sarruf BJM, Hong JE, Steinberger-Wilckens R, de Miranda PEV
5309 - 5325 Experimental study of hydrogen enriched compressed natural gas (HCNG) engine and application of support vector machine (SVM) on prediction of engine performance at specific condition
Hao D, Mehra RK, Luo SJ, Nie ZB, Ren XH, Ma FH
5326 - 5336 Microstructural details of hydrogen diffusion and storage in Ti-V-Cr alloys activated through surface and bulk severe plastic deformation
Novelli M, Edalati K, Itano S, Li HW, Akiba E, Horita Z, Grosdidier T
5337 - 5346 Development of polymer nanocomposites with sodium alanate for hydrogen storage
Beatrice CAG, Moreira BR, de Oliveira AD, Passador FR, Neto GRD, Leiva DR, Pessan LA
5347 - 5355 Evaluation of hydrogen storage performance of ZrTiVNiCrFe in electrochemical and gas-solid reactions
Zadorozhnyy V, Sarac B, Berdonosova E, Karazehir T, Lassnig A, Gammer C, Zadorozhnyy M, Ketov S, Klyamkin S, Eckert J
5356 - 5366 A scientometric review of research in hydrogen storage materials
Chanchetti LF, Leiva DR, de Faria LIL, Ishikawa TT
5367 - 5374 Study on the hydrogen storage properties of a TiZrNbTa high entropy alloy
Zhang C, Song AN, Yuan Y, Wu Y, Zhang PL, Lu ZP, Song XP
5375 - 5383 Hydrogen storage properties of filings of the ZK60 alloy modified with 2.5 wt% mischmetal
Silva EP, Leiva DR, Floriano R, Oliveira VB, Pinto HC, Botta WJ
5384 - 5394 Sustainable hydrogen production via LiH hydrolysis for unmanned air vehicle (UAV) applications
Khzouz M, Gkanas EI, Girella A, Statheros T, Milanese C
5395 - 5414 H-2-based synthetic fuels: A techno-economic comparison of alcohol, ether and hydrocarbon production
Schemme S, Breuer JL, Koller M, Meschede S, Walman F, Samsun RC, Peters R, Stolten D
5415 - 5429 Hydrogen refuelling station with integrated metal hydride compressor: Layout features and experience of three-year operation
Lototskyy M, Davids MW, Swanepoel D, Louw G, Klochko Y, Smith F, Haji F, Tolj I, Chidziva S, Pasupathi S, Linkov V
5430 - 5437 Investigation of the effects of SPEEK and its clay composite membranes on the performance of Direct Borohydride Fuel Cell
Ata KC, Kadioglu T, Turkmen AC, Celik C, Akay RG
5438 - 5448 Niobium-added titanium oxides powders as non-noble metal cathodes for polymer electrolyte fuel cells - Electrochemical evaluation and effect of added amount of niobium
Ishihara A, Arao M, Matsumoto M, Tokai T, Nagai T, Kuroda Y, Matsuzawa K, Imai H, Mitsushima S, Ota K
5449 - 5464 Results from an industrial size biogas-fed SOFC plant (the DEMOSOFC project)
Gandiglio M, Lanzini A, Santarelli M, Acri M, Hakala T, Rautanen M
5465 - 5473 Material behavior of rubber sealing for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Qiu DK, Liang P, Peng LF, Yi PY, Lai XM, Ni J
5474 - 5480 Technical and economical design of PV system and hydrogen storage including a sodium hypochlorite plant in a small community: Case of study of Paraguay
Leon DRF, Cavaliero CKN, da Silva EP
5481 - 5490 Study of BaCe0.4Zr0.4Y0.2O3-delta/BaCe0.8Pr0.2O3-delta (BCZY/BCP) bilayer membrane for Protonic Conductor Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (PC-SOFC)
Basbus J, Arce M, Troiani H, Su Q, Wang H, Caneiro A, Mogni L
5491 - 5500 Performance evaluation of PEM fuel cell stack on hydrogen produced in the oil refinery
Chugh S, Meenakshi S, Sonkar K, Sharma A, Kapur GS, Ramakumar SSV
5501 - 5511 Multifunctional macroporous solid oxide fuel cell anode with active nanosized ceramic electrocatalyst
Venancio SA, Sarruf BJM, Gomes GG, de Miranda PEV
5512 - 5525 Optimal sizing of a wind, fuel cell, electrolyzer, battery and supercapacitor system for off-grid applications
Attemene NS, Agbli KS, Fofana S, Hissel D
5526 - 5534 GO-nafion composite membrane development for enabling intermediate temperature operation of polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Ibrahim A, Hossain O, Chaggar J, Steinberger-Wilckens R, El-Kharouf A
5535 - 5542 Reversible operation performance of microtubular solid oxide cells with a nickelate-based oxygen electrode
Morales-Zapata MA, Larrea A, Laguna-Bercero MA
5543 - 5553 Fuel cell systems for long-endurance autonomous underwater vehicles - challenges and benefits
Weydahl H, Gilljam M, Lian T, Johannessen TC, Holm SI, Hasvold JO
5554 - 5564 High performance and stability of nanocomposite oxygen electrode for solid oxide cells
Zhang YL, Han MF, Sun ZH
5565 - 5576 Hydrogen quality sampling at the hydrogen refuelling station - lessons learnt on sampling at the production and at the nozzle
Bacquart T, Moore N, Hart N, Morris A, Aarhaug TA, Kjos O, Aupretre F, Colas T, Haloua F, Gozlan B, Murugan A
5577 - 5587 A renewable pathway towards increased utilization of hydrogen in diesel engines
Verma S, Suman A, Das LM, Kaushik SC, Tyagi SK
5588 - 5606 Analysis of performance parameters of an ethanol fueled spark ignition engine operating with hydrogen enrichment
Ayad SMME, Belchior CRP, da Silva GLR, Lucena RS, Carreira ES, de Miranda PEV