International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.45, No.7 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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3847 - 3869 Hydrogen production for energy: An overview
Dawood F, Anda M, Shafiullah GM
3870 - 3882 Sensing hydrogen transitions in homes through social practices: Cooking, heating, and the decomposition of demand
Scott M, Powells G
3883 - 3898 Societal penetration of hydrogen into the future energy system: Impacts of policy, technology and carbon targets
Chapman A, Itaoka K, Farabi-Asl H, Fujii Y, Nakahara M
3899 - 3904 Production of hydrogen for export from wind and solar energy, natural gas, and coal in Australia
Boretti A
3905 - 3915 Nickel centered metal-organic complex as an electro-catalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction at neutral and acidic conditions
Rajakumar M, Manickam M, Gandhi NN, Muthukumar K
3916 - 3929 Aspen Plus model of an alkaline electrolysis system for hydrogen production
Sanchez M, Amores E, Abad D, Rodriguez L, Clemente-Jul C
3930 - 3939 Fe3C nanoparticles decorated Fe/N codoped graphene-like hierarchically carbon nanosheets for effective oxygen electrocatalysis
Cao ZX, Jia JY, Li HH, Wang YH, Mao XX, Zhang ZN, Yang MG, Yang ST
3940 - 3947 Preparation of Ni-P-La alloy as a novel electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction
Madram A, Mohebbi M, Nasiri M, Sovizi MR
3948 - 3958 High active and easily prepared cobalt encapsulated in carbon nanotubes for hydrogen evolution reaction
Xiao YP, Wang WJ, Wu Q
3959 - 3970 Novel 2D porous carbon nanosheet derived from biomass: Ultrahigh porosity and excellent performances toward V2+/V3+ redox reaction for vanadium redox flow battery
He ZX, Cheng G, Jiang YQ, Li YH, Zhu J, Meng W, Zhou HZ, Dai L, Wang L
3971 - 3985 Durability analysis and degradation mechanism for an electrolytic air dehumidifier based on PEM
Li DJ, Qi RH, Li T, Zhang LZ
3986 - 3994 Vertical Nickel-Iron layered double hydroxide nanosheets grown on hills-like nickel framework for efficient water oxidation and splitting
Yan Q, Kong L, Zhang X, Wei T, Yin JL, Cheng K, Ye K, Zhu K, Yan J, Cao DX, Wang GL
3995 - 4007 Synthesis and characterization of Nanocrystalline Ba0.6Sr0.4Co0.8Fe0.2O3 for application as an efficient anode in solid oxide electrolyser
Dey S, Mukhopadhyay J, Lenka RK, Patro PK, Das Sharma A, Mahata T, Basu RN
4008 - 4014 Impact of porous transport layer compression on hydrogen permeation in PEM water electrolysis
Stahler M, Stahler A, Scheepers F, Carmo M, Lehnert W, Stolten D
4015 - 4025 Synthesis of functional Ni2P/CC catalyst and the robust performances in hydrogen evolution reaction and nitrate reduction
Huo SY, Yang SQ, Niu QQ, Yang F, Song LZ
4026 - 4034 Electrochemical reforming of methane using SrZr0.5Ce0.4Y0.1O3-delta proton-conductor cell combined with paper-structured catalyst
Maeda S, Shiratori Y, Kurashina D, Fujisaki T, Leonard K, Matsumoto H
4035 - 4042 Nitrogen doped carbon fibers derived from carbonization of electrospun polyacrylonitrile as efficient metal-free HER electrocatalyst
Sun JX, Ge QZ, Guo L, Yang ZH
4043 - 4053 P-doped 3D graphene network supporting uniformly vertical MoS2 nanosheets for enhanced hydrogen evolution reaction
Huang JY, Chen MT, Zhang XW, Liu WP, Liu YJ
4054 - 4064 Effect of microbial hydrogen consumption on the hydrogen permeation behaviour of AISI 4135 steel under cathodic protection
Liu XJ, Huang YL, Li JZ, Yang D, Xu Y, Kunte HJ
4065 - 4072 Powering microbial electrolysis cells by electricity generation from simulated waste heat of anaerobic digesters using thermoelectric generators
Jain A, He Z
4073 - 4083 The role of CuO modified La0.7Sr0.3FeO3 perovskite on intermediate-temperature partial oxidation of methane via chemical looping scheme
Zhang RJ, Cao Y, Li HB, Zhao ZL, Zhao K, Jiang LQ
4084 - 4094 Ternary noble-metal-free heterostructured NiS-CuS-C3N4 with near-infrared response for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Xu YQ, Du C, Zhou C, Yang SY
4095 - 4112 Creation of heterojunction in CdS supported on N, S-rGO for efficient charge separation for photo-reduction of water to hydrogen
Alam Z, Verma B, Sinha ASK
4113 - 4121 Direct Z-scheme ZnIn2S4/LaNiO3 nanohybrid with enhanced photocatalytic performance for H-2 evolution
Wang ZY, Su B, Xu JL, Hou YD, Ding ZX
4122 - 4136 Application of QOCGWO-RFA for maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and power flow management of solar PV generation system
Jain AA, Rabi BJ, Darly SS
4137 - 4151 Efficiency assessment of solar redox reforming in comparison to conventional reforming
Holzemer-Zerhusen P, Brendelberger S, von Storch H, Roeb M, Sattler C, Pitz-Paal R
4152 - 4160 Enhancement of hydrogen energy from Casuarina equisetifolia using NiO-Pr2O3/TiO2 and NiO/TiO2 nano composites
Shanmuganandam K, Thanikaikarasan S, Ramanan MV, Anichai J, Sebastian PJ
4161 - 4173 Effects of harvest month on biochemical composition of alligator weed for biohydrogen and biomethane cogeneration : Identifying critical variations in microbial communities
Li H, Song WL, Cheng J, Ding LK, Zhou JH, Li YY
4174 - 4181 Comparison study of thermochemical waste-heat recuperation by steam reforming of liquid biofuels
Pashchenko D, Gnutikova M, Karpilov I
4182 - 4192 Thermophilic biohydrogen production from sugarcane molasses under low pH: Metabolic and microbial aspects
Oliveira CA, Fuess LT, Soares LA, Damianovic MHRZ
4193 - 4204 Effect of pH control on biohythane production and microbial structure in an innovative multistage anaerobic hythane reactor (MAHR)
Yang H, Si BC, Huang SJ, Liu ZD, Zhang YH
4205 - 4222 Optimization of key factors affecting hydrogen production from coffee waste using factorial design and metagenomic analysis of the microbial community
Montoya ACV, Mazareli RCD, Delforno TP, Centurion VB, de Oliveira VM, Silva EL, Varesche MBA
4223 - 4243 Methanation of syngas from biomass gasification: An overview
Ren J, Liu YL, Zhao XY, Cao JP
4244 - 4253 Molten salt-promoted Ni-Fe/Al2O3 catalyst for methane decomposition
Hu XX, Hu Y, Xu Q, Wang XG, Li GS, Cheng HW, Zou XL, Lu XG
4254 - 4267 Molecular dynamics investigation on the gasification of a coal particle in supercritical water
Chen J, Pan X, Li HQ, Jin HH, Fan JR
4268 - 4283 Determining most effective structural form of nickel-cobalt catalysts for dry reforming of methane
Leba A, Yildirim R
4284 - 4296 Catalytic steam reforming of JP-10 over Ni/SBA-15
Zhang HC, Xiao ZR, Yang M, Tian YJ, Li GZ, Zhang XW, Liu GZ
4297 - 4304 Thermodynamic models for H2O-CO2-H-2 mixtures in near-critical and supercritical regions of water
Liu YB, Cao BY
4305 - 4327 Artificial water-soluble systems inspired by [FeFe]-hydrogenases for electro- and photocatalytic hydrogen production
Gao S, Fan WH, Liu Y, Jiang DY, Duan Q
4328 - 4340 A study on catalytic activity of modified Ni-Re/Al-SBA-15 catalyst for hydrodenitrogenation of o-toluidine
Sureshkumar K, Shanthi K, Sasirekha NR, Jegan J, Basha SJS
4341 - 4354 Precise size and dominant-facet control of ultra-small Pt nanoparticles for efficient ethylene glycol, methanol and ethanol oxidation electrocatalysts
Hu C, Zhou YN, Xiao MF, Yu G
4355 - 4375 Monolithic Ag-Mt dispersed Z-scheme pCN-TiO2 heterojunction for dynamic photocatalytic H-2 evolution using liquid and gas phase photoreactors
Fajrina N, Tahir M
4376 - 4389 Reactive and morphological trends on porous anodic TiO2 substrates obtained at different annealing temperatures
Syrek K, Sennik-Kubiec A, Rodriguez-Lopez J, Rutkowska M, Zmudzki P, Hnida-Gut KE, Grudzien J, Chmielarz L, Sulka GD
4390 - 4402 TiO2-CdS supported CuNi nanoparticles as a highly efficient catalyst for hydrolysis of ammonia borane under visible-light irradiation
Sun DD, Hao YX, Wang CY, Zhang XH, Yu XF, Yang XJ, Li LL, Lu ZM, Shang W
4403 - 4416 Co/NC-Gr composite derived from ZIF-67: Effects of preparation method on the structure and electrocatalytic performance for oxygen reduction reaction
Gao HL, Li YP, Meng EC, Ma YQ, Zhang Y, Wang LX, Luo HW, Zhang LS, Chen WH, Xia YB
4417 - 4426 Mesostructured cellular foam silica supported bimetallic LaNi1-xCoxO3 catalyst for CO2 methanation
Zhang TF, Liu Q
4427 - 4434 Enhanced oxygen reduction activity of PtCu nanoparticles by morphology tuning and transition-metal doping
Wu DF, Yang Y, Dai CQ, Cheng DJ
4435 - 4443 Phosphorus-doped Fe3O4 nanoflowers grown on 3D porous graphene for robust pH-Universal hydrogen evolution reaction
Li S, Jian X, Liu JZ, Guo SZ, Zhou CC, Zhang PL, Yang Y, Chen LY
4444 - 4456 Electrocatalytic activity of Pd-Au nanoalloys during methanol oxidation reaction
Dobrovetska O, Saldan I, Orovcik L, Karlsson D, Sahlberg MH, Semenyuk Y, Pereviznyk O, Reshetnyak O, Kuntyi O, Mertsalo I, Serkiz R, Stelmakhovych B
4457 - 4467 Zirconia supported nickel catalysts for glycerol steam reforming: Effect of zirconia structure on the catalytic performance
Dahdah E, Estephane J, Gennequin C, Aboukais A, Abi-Aad E, Aouad S
4468 - 4480 MoS2-supported on free-standing TiO2-nanotubes for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction
Komba N, Zhang GX, Pu ZH, Wu MJ, Rosei F, Sun SH
4481 - 4489 Hollow bimetal ZIFs derived Cu/Co/N co-coordinated ORR electrocatalyst for microbial fuel cells
Wang HQ, Wei LL, Liu JT, Shen JQ
4490 - 4500 Effect of O-2 and temperature on the catalytic performance of Ni/Al2O3 and Ni/MgAl2O4 for the dry reforming of methane (DRM)
Chaudhary PK, Koshta N, Deo G
4501 - 4510 Designed synthesis of hierarchical Mn3O4@SnO2/Co3O4 core-shell nanocomposite for efficient electrocatalytic water splitting
Song YH, Liu H, Dong WM, Li MY
4511 - 4520 Effect of N-doping on the catalytic decomposition of hydrogen iodide over activated carbon: Experimental and DFT studies
Li XH, Zhang R, Zhu X, Zhang LQ
4521 - 4533 Fabrication of core-shell NiMoO4@MoS2 nanorods for high-performance asymmetric hybrid supercapacitors
Wan L, Liu JX, Li X, Zhang Y, Chen J, Du C, Xie MJ
4534 - 4544 Three-in-One: Opened Charge-transfer channel, positively shifted oxidation potential, and enhanced visible light response of g-C3N4 photocatalyst through K and S Co-doping
Ma ZJ, Cui ZT, Lv YH, Sa RJ, Wu KC, Li QH
4545 - 4555 Partial phosphorization of porous Co-Ni-B for efficient hydrogen evolution electrocatalysis
Dong DQ, Xu XL, Ma CL, Gong LY, Su LH, Wang J
4556 - 4569 The promotional effects of plasma treating on Ni/Y2Ti2O7 for steam reforming of methane (SRM): Elucidating the NiO-support interaction and the states of the surface oxygen anions
Xia LH, Fang XZ, Xu XL, Liu QQ, Yang MH, Xu JW, Gao ZX, Wang X
4570 - 4586 Efficient stabilization of in situ fabrication of PtxPd1-x nanostructures for electro-oxidation of methanol in alkaline medium
De la Cruz-Cruz JJ, Dominguez-Crespo MA, Ramirez-Meneses E, Torres-Huerta AM, Brachetti-Sibaja SB, Cayetano-Castro N, Dorantes-Rosales HJ
4587 - 4595 Co3O4 nanoparticles decorated Polypyrrole/carbon nanocomposite as efficient bi-functional electrocatalyst for electrochemical water splitting
Jayaseelan SS, Bhuvanendran N, Xu Q, Su HN
4596 - 4605 One-step fabrication of highly self-hydroxylated TiO2 mesocrystals and photocatalytic behavior towards water splitting
Yu SQ, Han B, Lou YC, Qian GD, Wang ZY
4606 - 4624 Catalytic dehydrogenation of formic acid-triethanolamine mixture using copper nanoparticles
Sanni SE, Alade TA, Agboola O, Alaba PA
4625 - 4634 Hydrogen permeation through dual-phase ceramic membrane derived from automatic phase-separation of SrCe(0.5)0Fe(0.50)O(3-delta) precursor
Jia LJ, Ashtiani S, Liang FY, He GH, Jiang HQ
4635 - 4643 Effects of doping with a third element (Pd, Ru, Ta on the structure and hydrogen permeation properties of V-10Mo solid solutions
Yan XF, Wang ZM, Wang F, Chen TJ, Yao QR, Deng JQ, Zhou HY
4644 - 4652 Novel branched sulfonated poly(arylene ether)s based on carbazole derivative for proton exchange membrane
Han XC, Pang JH, Liu D, Zhang HB, Jiang ZH
4653 - 4672 Preparation, characterization and hydrogen storage studies of carbon nanotubes and their composites: A review
Rather SU
4673 - 4684 Experimental study of a metal -hydrogen reactor's behavior under the action of an external magnetostatic field during absorption and desorption
Belkhiria S, Briki C, Dhaou MH, Jemni A
4685 - 4692 Experimental investigations of AB(5)-type alloys for hydrogen separation from biological gas streams
Kazakov AN, Romanov IA, Mitrokhin SV, Kiseleva EA
4693 - 4702 A theoretical research of dihydrogen storage in ScxNy (x+y=4) compounds
Guo C, Wang C
4703 - 4719 Modeling, system identification and design of fuzzy PID controller for discharge dynamics of metal hydride hydrogen storage bed
Aruna R, Christa STJ
4720 - 4730 High pressure phase transitions and physical properties of Li2MgH4; implications for hydrogen storage
Al S, Kurkcu C, Yamcicier C
4731 - 4742 Gallium vacancies role in hydrogen storage of single-crystalline GaN hexagonal micro-sheets
Nabi G, Kamran MA, Alharbi T, Rafique M, Tahir MB, Hussain S, Khalid NR, Iqbal T, Shakil M, Cao CB
4743 - 4753 Study of the synthesis of PMMA-Mg nanocomposite for hydrogen storage application
Liang H, Chen DD, Chen MF, Li WJ, Snyders R
4754 - 4764 Enhanced hydrogen desorption/absorption properties of magnesium hydride with CeF3@Gn
He T, Wang XH, Liu HZ, Gao SC, Wang YY, Li SQ, Yan M
4765 - 4783 Speed of sound for three binary (CH4 + H-2) mixtures from p = (0.5 up to 20) MPa at T = (273.16 to 375) K
Lozano-Martin D, Martin MC, Chamorro CR, Tuma D, Segovia JJ
4784 - 4792 Ni-Co-S nanosheets supported by CuCo2O4 nanowires for ultra-high capacitance hybrid supercapacitor electrode
Zhang P, He HW, Li QX
4793 - 4803 A novel utilized method of tar derived from biomass gasification for fabricating binder-free all-solid-state hybrid supercapacitors
Wei MM, Wang D
4804 - 4820 Start-up investigation of the self-assembled chitosan/montmorillonite nanocomposite over the ceramic support as a low-cost membrane for microbial fuel cell application
Yousefi V, Mohebbi-Kalhori D, Samimi A
4821 - 4828 Performance improvement of the glucose oxidation reactions using methyl red mediator
Kang S, Chung Y, Hyun K, Yoo KS, Kwon Y
4829 - 4840 Creep fracture behavior of the Crofer 22 APU for the interconnect of solid oxide fuel cell under different temperatures
Zhang YC, Yu XT, Jiang WC, Tu ST, Zhang XC, Ye YJ
4841 - 4859 Experimental study on performance of membrane humidifiers with different configurations and operating conditions for PEM fuel cells
Houreh NB, Ghaedamini M, Shokouhmand H, Afshari E, Ahmaditaba AH
4860 - 4874 Fabrication and characterization of Ni modified TiO2 electrode as anode material for direct methanol fuel cell
Haskul M, Ulgen AT, Doner A
4875 - 4886 Pt-based catalyst decorated by bimetallic FeNi2P with outstanding CO tolerance and catalytic activity for methanol electrooxidation
Wei DY, Ma L, Gan MY, Han SC, Shen J, Ding JJ, Zhan W, Zhou CL, Zhong XJ, Xie F
4887 - 4896 Effect of ammonium and COD concentrations on the performance of fixed-bed air-cathode microbial fuel cells treating reject water
Mahmoudi A, Mousavi SA, Darvishi P
4897 - 4909 Effect of hydrogen on the flow behavior of a TiAl based alloy during plane strain compression at elevated temperature
Wen DS, Kong BB, Wang SR, Zong YY
4910 - 4921 Simulation on vertical wicking behaviors of liquid hydrogen within metallic weaves in terrestrial and microgravity environments
Ma Y, Li YZ, Li J, Ren JH, Wang L
4922 - 4931 A novel predictive power flow control strategy for hydrogen city rail train
D'Ovidio G, Ometto A, Valentini O
4932 - 4945 Numerical investigation on the performance of bluff body augmented micro cavity-combustor
Zhang Z, Wu K, Yuen R, Yao W, Wang J
4946 - 4962 Numerical study on tri-fuel combustion: Ignition properties of hydrogen-enriched methane-diesel and methanol-diesel mixtures
Karimkashi S, Kahila H, Kaario O, Larmi M, Vuorinen V
4963 - 4968 Investigation of the influence of fuel type on energy indicators of an electrochemical generator as a PART of a cogeneration unit
Shcheklein SE, Dubinin AM
4969 - 4978 Turbulent burning velocity of stoichiometric syngas flames with different hydrogen volumetric fractions upon constant-volume method with multi-zone model
Sun ZY, Xu CS
4979 - 4990 Counter-rotating dual-stage swirling combustion characteristics of hydrogen and carbon monoxide at constant fuel flow rate
Zeng QH, Zheng D, Yuan YX
4991 - 5001 Numerical investigation of wavelet features in rotating detonations with a two-step induction-reaction model
Teng HH, Zhou L, Yang PF, Jiang ZL
5002 - 5013 Combustion characteristics and radiation performance of premixed hydrogen/air combustion in a mesoscale divergent porous media combustor
Qian P, Liu MH, Li XL, Xie FB, Huang ZZ, Luo CY, Zhu XG
5014 - 5027 Combustion characteristics and thermal enhancement of premixed hydrogen/air in micro combustor with pin fin arrays
He ZQ, Yan YF, Xu FL, Yang ZQ, Cui HK, Wu ZD, Li LX
5028 - 5038 Experimental study on pressure dynamics and self-ignition of pressurized hydrogen flowing into the L-shaped tubes
Pan XH, Wang QY, Yan WY, Jiang YM, Wang ZL, Xu XD, Hua M, Jiang JC
5039 - 5054 Intensifying vehicular proton exchange membrane fuel cells for safer and durable, design and operation
Ade N, Wilhite B, Goyette H, Mannan MS
5055 - 5066 An immunosensor detects carcinoembryonic antigen by a double reduction strategy based on polyphenylamine as a sacrifice reducing agent
Zhao CL, Ma CY, Wu M, Li WJ, Song YJ, Yang YX, Yin BC, Hong CL, Qiao XW
5067 - 5072 Dilution of flammable vapor cloud formed by liquid hydrogen spill
Liu YL, Wei JJ, Liu Z, Lei G, Jin T
5073 - 5085 Efficient room temperature detection of H-2 gas by novel ZnFe2O4-Pd decorated rGO nanocomposite
Achary LSK, Maji B, Kumar A, Ghosh SP, Kar JP, Dash P
5086 - 5097 Experimental and numerical study on the high-pressure hydrogen jet and explosion induced by sudden released into the air through tubes
Wang ZL, Zhang H, Pan XH, Jiang YM, Wang QY, Xiao JJ, Jordan T, Jiang JC
5098 - 5109 Experimental study on cryo-compressed hydrogen ignition and flame
Kobayashi H, Muto D, Daimon Y, Umemura Y, Takesaki Y, Maru Y, Yagishita T, Nonaka S, Miyanabe K
5110 - 5110 Mechanism and kinetics of the hydrogen evolution reaction (vol 44, pg 19484, 2019)
Lasia A