International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.45, No.41 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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20693 - 20708 Is the H-2 economy realizable in the foreseeable future? Part II: H-2 storage, transportation, and distribution
Nazir H, Muthuswamy N, Louis C, Jose S, Prakash J, Buan ME, Flox C, Chavan S, Shi X, Kauranen P, Kallio T, Maia G, Tammeveski K, Lymperopoulos N, Carcadea E, Veziroglu E, Iranzo A, Kannan AM
20709 - 20720 Design and implementation of hydrogen economy using artificial neural network on field programmable gate array
Koyuncu I, Yilmaz C, Alcin M, Tuna M
20721 - 20739 Planning and operation of a hydrogen supply chain network based on the off-grid wind-hydrogen coupling system
Yang GM, Jiang YW, You S
20740 - 20764 Hydrogen for aircraft power and propulsion
Petrescu RVV, Machin A, Fontanez K, Arango JC, Marquez FM, Petrescu FIT
20765 - 20775 Systematic assessment of the anode flow field hydrodynamics in a new circular PEM water electrolyser
Upadhyay M, Lee S, Jung S, Choi Y, Moon S, Lim H
20776 - 20786 Sputter-etching treatment of proton-exchange membranes: Completely dry thin-film approach to low-loading catalyst-coated membranes for water electrolysis
Hrbek T, Kus P, Yakovlev Y, Novakova J, Lobko Y, Khalakhan I, Matolin V, Matolinova I
20787 - 20799 Nature inspired artificial photosynthesis technologies for hydrogen production: Barriers and challenges
Abas N, Kalair E, Kalair A, ul Hasan Q, Khan N
20800 - 20807 A low-temperature electro-thermochemical water-splitting cycle for hydrogen production based on LiFeO2/Fe redox pair
Cui BC, Zhang JN, Liu SZ, Liu XJ, Zhang ZH, Sun J
20808 - 20819 A unique study on the effect of dissolved gases and bubble temperatures on the ultrasonic hydrogen (sonohydrogen) production
Rashwan SS, Dincer I, Mohany A
20820 - 20831 Self-assembled Mo doped Ni-MOF nanosheets based electrode material for high performance battery-supercapacitor hybrid device
Li Q, Guo H, Xue R, Wang MY, Xu MN, Yang WH, Zhang JY, Yang W
20832 - 20842 Ni-Fe nanocubes embedded with Pt nanoparticles for hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactions
Fu MX, Zhang Q, Sun YN, Ning GY, Fan XY, Wang HY, Lu HJ, Zhang YF, Wang H
20843 - 20850 Low temperature steam gasification to produce hydrogen rich gas from kitchen food waste: Influence of steam flow rate and temperature
Singh D, Yadav S, Bharadwaj N, Verma R
20851 - 20858 Ag2CO3-derived Ag/g-C3N4 composite with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity for hydrogen production from water splitting
Zhao S, Wu JB, Xu Y, Wang ZP, Han YD, Zhang X
20859 - 20874 Structural design and performance research of methanol steam reforming microchannel for hydrogen production based on mixing effect
Chu XY, Zeng XH, Zheng TQ, Zhuang WH, Yang YF, Zhou W, Hong YQ
20875 - 20882 Nitrogen reduction to ammonia at ambient conditions using hydrochar prepared from cigarette filters as catalyst
Li K, Liu YQ, Cui B, Sima DW, Wang D, Ye YY, Li SR, Zheng ZF
20883 - 20893 Effect of ball milling strategy (milling device for scaling-up) on the hydrolysis performance of Mg alloy waste
Al Bacha S, Pighin SA, Urretavizcaya G, Zakhour M, Nakhl M, Castro FJ, Bobet JL
20894 - 20903 Characteristics and anode reaction of organic wastewater-assisted coal electrolysis for hydrogen production
Chen C, Bai QC, Liu JZ, Wang ZH, Cen KF
20904 - 20921 Efficient hydrogen production by low-temperature steam reforming of propane using catalysts with very small amounts of Pt loaded on NiMn2O4 particles
Heo JN, Son N, Shin J, Do JY, Kang M
20922 - 20932 Hydrogen production in microreactor using porous SiC ceramic with a pore-in-pore hierarchical structure as catalyst support
Liao MY, Guo CX, Guo WM, Hu TC, Qin H, Gao PZ, Xiao HN
20933 - 20943 Alkaline pyrolysis of anaerobic digestion residue with selective hydrogen production
Ting ZJ, Raheem A, Dastyar W, Yang H, Dong WG, Yuan HR, Li XJ, Wang W, Zhang R, Zhao M
20944 - 20955 A new integrated renewable energy system for clean electricity and hydrogen fuel production
Qureshy AMMI, Dincer I
20956 - 20969 Hydrogen production by ethanol steam reforming: A study of Co- and Ce-based catalysts over FeCrAlloy monoliths
Escalante Y, Galetti AE, Gomez MF, Furlong OJ, Nazzarro MS, Barroso MN, Abello MC
20970 - 20982 Energy management in photovoltaic battery hybrid systems: A novel type-2 fuzzy control
Mohammadzadeh A, Rathinasamy S
20983 - 20992 Photoelectrochemical water splitting with black Ni/Si-doped TiO2 nanostructures
Li T, Ding DY
20993 - 21003 A DFT study on production of hydrogen from biomass-derived formic acid catalyzed by Pt-TiO2
Rezaei M, Chermahini AN
21004 - 21013 Activating Fe2O3 using K2CO3-containing ethanol solution for corn stalk chemical looping gasification to produce hydrogen
Zheng ZM, Luo LX, Chen SB, Qin W, Dong CQ, Xiao XB
21014 - 21023 In-situ construction of Mo3S4/Cd0.5Zn0.5S heterojunction: An efficient and stable photocatalyst for H-2 evolution
Liu X, Jiang YQ, Zhang L, Zhang YB, Li YD, Xu XZ, Lin KF, Du YC
21024 - 21039 Management of photovoltaic excess electricity generation via the power to hydrogen concept: A year-round dynamic assessment using Artificial Neural Networks
Allouhi A
21040 - 21050 Synthesis of non-noble NiMoO4-Ni(OH)(2)/NF bifunctional electrocatalyst and its application in water-urea electrolysis
Hu SN, Wu HM, Feng CQ, Ding Y
21051 - 21067 3D-nano-hetero-structured n/n junction, CuO/Ru-ZnO thin films, for hydrogen generation with enhanced photoelectrochemical performances
Kaur G, Divya, Satsangi VR, Dass S, Shrivastav R
21068 - 21086 Performance evaluation of a solarized gas turbine system integrated to a high temperature electrolyzer for hydrogen production
Hosseini SE
21087 - 21111 Clean syngas from small commercial biomass gasifiers; a review of gasifier development, recent advances and performance evaluation
Thomson R, Kwong P, Ahmad E, Nigam KDP
21112 - 21122 Analysis of the three-phase state in biological hydrogen production from coal
Xia DP, Yan XT, Su XB, Zhao WZ
21123 - 21137 ( )Chemical looping steam reforming of bio-oil for hydrogen-rich syngas production: Effect of doping on LaNi0.8Fe0.2O3 perovskite
Liu CL, Chen D, Ashok J, Hongmanorom P, Wang WJ, Li TL, Wang ZG, Kawi S
21138 - 21147 Assessment of supercritical water gasification of food waste under the background of waste sorting: Influences of plastic waste contents
Su HC, Liao WJ, Wang JY, Hantoko D, Zhou ZH, Feng HY, Jiang JH, Yan M
21148 - 21156 Designing a miniaturized photoacoustic sensor for detecting hydrogen gas
Vafaie RH, Pour RS, Nojavan S, Jermsittiparsert K
21157 - 21165 Performance evaluation of bio-hydrogen and bio-methane cogeneration from corn stover over a range of initial pH and temperature
Zhu SN, Zhang QG, Zhang ZP, Jing YY, Li YM, Yue T, Zhang XT, Liu H
21166 - 21177 Hydrogen production by steam reforming of LPG using supported perovskite type precursors
Borges RP, Moura LG, Spivey JJ, Noronha FB, Hori CE
21178 - 21185 Non-catalytic supercritical water partial oxidation mechanism of coal
Ge ZW, Guo SH, Ren CYF, Wang Y, Guo LJ, Jin H
21186 - 21194 Thermodynamic evaluation of sorption-enhanced chemical looping gasification with coal as fuel
Li BW, Wang S, Yang XS, Wu Q, He YR
21195 - 21204 Impacts of low harm fracturing fluid on fossil hydrogen energy production in tight reservoirs
Liang XY, Zhou FJ, Liang TB, Wang CZ, Wang J, Yuan S
21205 - 21220 Application of Co3O4-based materials in electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction: A review
Ma JQ, Wei HJ, Liu Y, Ren XY, Li YX, Wang F, Han XY, Xu EM, Cao XY, Wang GX, Ren FZ, Wei SZ
21221 - 21231 Co/Mo2C composites for efficient hydrogen and oxygen evolution reaction
Cui SF, Li M, Bo XJ
21232 - 21240 Two-dimensional engineering of Pd nanosheets as advanced electrocatalysts toward formic acid oxidation
Saravani H, Farsadrooh M, Mollashahi MS, Hajnajafi M, Douk AS
21241 - 21251 Li2MnO3/LiMnBO3/MnFe2O4 ternary nanocomposites: Pechini synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic performance
Ranjeh M, Masjedi-Arani M, Amiri O, Salavati-Niasari M
21252 - 21261 Steam reforming of acetic acid in the presence of Ni coated with SiO2 microsphere catalysts
Ozel S, Meric GG, Arbag H, Degirmenci L, Oktar N
21262 - 21272 Efficient water splitting electrolysis on a platinum-free tungsten carbide electrocatalyst in molten CsH2PO4 at 350-390 degrees C
Bretzler P, Kohler K, Nikiforov AV, Christensen E, Berg RW, Bjerrum NJ
21273 - 21286 Co, Ni-based nanoparticles supported on graphitic carbon nitride nanosheets as catalysts for hydrogen generation from the hydrolysis of ammonia borane under broad-spectrum light irradiation
Zhang H, Gu XJ, Song J
21287 - 21296 SO3 decomposition over beta-SiC and SiO2 supported CuFe2O4: A stability and kinetic study
Tomar S, Gangwar S, Kondamudi K, Upadhyayula S
21297 - 21307 Boosted electrocatalytic oxidation of formic acid at CoOx/Pd/Au nanoparticle-based ternary catalyst
El-Nowihy GH, El-Deab MS
21308 - 21318 Highly efficient ternary hierarchical NiV2S4 nanosphere as hydrogen evolving electrocatalyst
Srivastava R, Chattopadhyay J, Patel R, Agrawal S, Nouseen S, Kumar S, Karmakar S
21319 - 21330 Nanosized palladium loaded on porous ceria: A three-dimensional boosted electrocatalyst for electrooxidation of C1 compounds
Yavari Z, Ghahramani Z, Arabi AM, Noroozifar M
21331 - 21340 g-C3N4/CoAl-LDH 2D/2D hybrid heterojunction for boosting photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Zhang JG, Zhu QH, Wang LZ, Nasir M, Cho SH, Zhang JL
21341 - 21353 Copper-based catalysts over A520-MOF derived aluminum spinels for hydrogen production by methanol steam reforming: The role of spinal support on the performance
Kamyar N, Khani Y, Amini MM, Bahadoran F, Safari N
21354 - 21363 NiCo/Ni/CuO nanosheets/nanowires on copper foam as an efficient and durable electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction
Wu XQ, Lee H, Liu HZ, Lu LJ, Wu XJ, Sun LC
21364 - 21379 Hydrocracking of Jatropha oil to aromatic compounds over the LaNiMo/ZSM-5 catalyst
Li ZW, Yang XS, Han YX, Rong L
21380 - 21391 NH3 plasma synthesis of N-doped activated carbon supported Pd catalysts with high catalytic activity and stability for HCOOH dehydrogenation
Wang HY, Zhou YF, Zhao Q, Zhang XL, Di LB
21392 - 21408 Production of hydrogen by methane dry reforming: A study on the effect of cerium and lanthanum on Ni/MgAl2O4 catalyst performance
Akiki E, Akiki D, Italiano C, Vita A, Abbas-Ghaleb R, Chlala D, Ferrante GD, Lagana M, Pino L, Specchia S
21409 - 21421 Fabrication of rGO/CdS@2H, 1T, amorphous MoS2 heterostructure for enhanced photocatalytic and electrocatalytic activity
Zhao Y, Zhang X, Wang T, Song T, Yang P
21422 - 21430 Copper induced phosphide for enhanced electrochemical hydrogen evolution reaction
Li XL, Zhang JL, Zhang Y, Zhang R, Chen D, Zhang C, Zhang X, Wang BL, Luo HQ, Li NB
21431 - 21441 Fe doped metal organic framework (Ni)/carbon black nanosheet as highly active electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction
Tan JB, He XB, Yin FX, Chen BH, Liang X, Li GR, Yin HQ
21442 - 21449 CuWO4 decorated by polypyrrole (PPy) protector/sensitizer for novel photocatalytic and stable water splitting for hydrogen generation
Dinh PH, Pham TD, Trung DQ, Thuan DV, Cam NTD, Hanh NT, Ha HV, Thu NHA, Trang HT, Tri NLM
21450 - 21463 Efficient CO oxidation over palladium supported on various MOFs: Synthesis, amorphization, and space velocity of hydrogen stream
Abbasi F, Karimi-Sabet J, Ghotbi C
21464 - 21472 In-situ exsolved FeRu alloy nanoparticles on Ruddlesden-Popper oxides for direct hydrocarbon fuel solid oxide fuel cells
Qin MX, Tan T, Li K, Wang ZM, Yang HY, Liu ZJ, Zhou MY, Liu TK, Yang CH, Liu M
21473 - 21482 Solvothermal synthesis of iron phosphides and their application for efficient electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Chouki T, Machreki M, Emin S
21483 - 21492 Electrodeposited graphene hybridized graphitic carbon nitride anchoring ultrafine palladium nanoparticles for remarkable methanol electrooxidation
Fang DF, Yang LM, Yang G, Yi GP, Feng YF, Shao PH, Shi H, Yu K, You D, Luo XB
21493 - 21501 Flame-assisted pyrolysis formation of Cu2O/Cu/TiO2 nanotube arrays to boost superior photo-electrochemical response
Sun MX, Yao Y, Zhang ZX, Gao BW, Ding W
21502 - 21511 Electrospun fibrous active bimetallic electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution
Mugheri AQ, Ali S, Narejo GS, Otho AA, Lal R, Abro MA, Memon SH, Abbasi F
21512 - 21522 Cu, Mg and Co effect on nickel-ceria supported catalysts for ethanol steam reforming reaction
Niazi Z, Irankhah A, Wang Y, Arandiyan H
21523 - 21531 Photo-chemical property evolution of superior thin g-C3N4 nanosheets with their crystallinity and Pt deposition
Zhang X, Wang P, Yang P, Jiang SP
21532 - 21539 Ni(OH)(2) modified Mn0.5Cd0.5S with efficient photocatalytic H-2 evolution activity under visible-light
Zhang YN, Wang J, Xu N, Wang XX, Su WY
21540 - 21546 In situ grown Cu-Based metal-organic framework on copper foam as high-performance electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution reaction
Li H, Liu Y, He F, Yang HH, Li Z, Zhou Q, Tang KW
21547 - 21554 Highly selective adsorption of D-2 from hydrogen isotopes mixture in a robust metal bistriazolate framework with open metal sites
Li XT, Wang XL, Li M, Luo JH, An YT, Li PL, Song JF, Chen CG, Feng XW, Wang S
21555 - 21566 Mathematical modelling and simulation of nitrite hydrogenation in a membrane microreactor
Pishnamazi M, Ghadiri M, Shirazian S
21567 - 21572 Surface segregation of Pd-Cu alloy in various gas atmospheres
Zhao M, Brouwer JC, Sloof WG, Bottger AJ
21573 - 21587 Promoting effect of ruthenium, platinum and palladium on alumina supported cobalt catalysts for ultimate generation of hydrogen from hydrazine
Firdous N, Janjua NK, Wattoo MHS
21588 - 21599 Improved hydrogen storage kinetics of Mg-based alloys by substituting La with Sm
Zhang YH, Zhang W, Gao JL, Wei X, Zhai TT, Cai Y
21600 - 21610 Catalytic mechanisms of TiH2 thin layer on dehydrogenation behavior of fluorite-type MgH2: A first principles study
Chen YY, Dai JH, Song Y
21611 - 21624 Novel sonochemical synthesis of Zn2V2O7 nanostructures for electrochemical hydrogen storage
Ashrafi S, Mousavi-Kamazani M, Zinatloo-Ajabshir S, Asghari A
21625 - 21634 Hydrogen absorption behavior of non-stoichiometric Zr7-xTixV5Fe (x=0, 0.3, 0.9, 1.5 and 2.1) alloys
Han XB, Yan P, Zhang DX, Lv LJ, Yang G, Qin LL, Leng HY, Liu W
21635 - 21645 The influence of refractory metals on the hydrogen storage characteristics of FeTi-based alloys prepared by suspended droplet alloying
Kuziora P, Kunce I, McCain S, Adkins NJE, Polanski M
21646 - 21654 Hydrogen trapping efficiency of Li decorated porous boron fullerene B-38: The first-principles study
Tang CM, Liu HL, Yao HB, Fu L
21655 - 21665 Reaction paths via a new transient phase in non-equilibrium hydrogen absorption of LaNi2Co3
Nakamura Y, Sakaki K, Kim H, Asano K, Watanuki T, Machida A
21666 - 21675 Two-dimensional C@TiO2/Ti3C2 composite with superior catalytic performance for NaAlH4
Yuan ZL, Fan YP, Chen YM, Liu XY, Liu BZ, Han SM
21676 - 21686 Formation and hydrogen storage behavior of nanostructured Mg(2)FeH(6 )in a compressed 2MgH(2)-Fe composite
Khan D, Panda S, Ma ZW, Ding WJ, Zou JX
21687 - 21713 Review on non-isolated multi-input step-up converters for grid-independent hybrid electric vehicles
Bairabathina S, Balamurugan S
21714 - 21721 Electrochemical performance of novel NGCO-LSCF composite cathode for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Samreen A, Galvez-Sanchez M, Steinberger-Wilckens R, Arifin NA, Saher S, Ali S, Qamar A
21722 - 21737 Impact of powertrain hybridization on the performance and costs of a fuel cell electric vehicle
Nassif GG, de Almeida SCA
21738 - 21753 Hybrid electric power plant sizing strategy based on ab-initio fuel cell design for weight minimization
Lopez-Perez M, Claudio-Sanchez A, Cano-Castillo U, Loyola-Morales F
21754 - 21766 Visualization and mechanical strength of glass seal in planar type solid oxide fuel cells
Wakita Y, Tachikawa Y, Nakajima H, Hamada S, Ito K
21767 - 21778 Interactive heat transfer characteristics of 5 kW class shell-and-tube methane steam reformer with intermediate temperature heat source
Yun J, Kim Y, Yu S
21779 - 21795 Intelligent hybrid controller for power flow management of PV/battery/FC/SC system in smart grid applications
Kannayeram G, Prakash NB, Muniraj R
21796 - 21807 Boosting cell performance and fuel utilization efficiency in a solar assisted methanol microfluidic fuel cell
Kwok YH, Wang Y, Zhang Y, Zhang H, Li F, Pan W, Leung DYC
21808 - 21815 Solvothermal synthesis of Pd-10-Ni-45-Co-45/rGO composites as novel electrocatalysts for enhancement of the performance of DBFC
Ghasemi R, Moghadas BK, Mohammadi I
21816 - 21824 Towards continuous ammonia electro-oxidation reaction on Pt catalysts with weakened adsorption of atomic nitrogen
Wang YH, Yang ZH, Yang J, Xu JX, Xie YP, Chen JY, Yang MH, Wang JX, Guan WB, Muroyama H, Matsui T, Eguchi K
21825 - 21835 Preparation and characterization of a redox-stable Pr0.4Sr0.6Fe0.875Mo0.125O3-delta material as a novel symmetrical electrode for solid oxide cell application
Zhang D, Zhang K, He T, Yu N, Zhao YQ, Wang Y, Liu T
21836 - 21847 Numerical investigation of multi-layered porosity in the gas diffusion layer on the performance of a PEM fuel cell
Kanchan BK, Randive P, Pati S
21848 - 21857 Development of platinum assisted ternary catalyst with high activity and selectivity at working temperature of proton-exchange membrane fuel cells for preferential oxidation of CO
Naren T, Jing GJ, Xue L, Wang Q, Zhao YS, Li CX, Lu SH, Wu JF, Zeng SH
21858 - 21872 A comparison study of battery size optimization and an energy management strategy for FCHEVs based on dynamic programming and convex programming
Hou SY, Gao JW, Zhang Y, Chen M, Shi JP, Chen H
21873 - 21880 Ni-doped A-site-deficient La0.7Sr0.3Cr0.5Mn0.5O3-delta perovskite as anode of direct carbon solid oxide fuel cells
Cai WZ, Zhou MY, Cao D, Yan XM, Li Q, Lu SP, Mao CY, Li YZ, Xie YM, Zhao CW, Yu JL, Ni M, Liu J, Wang HL
21881 - 21891 Investigation of fumed silica as a platinum support for methanol oxidation reaction
Dasdelen Z, Ozcan A
21892 - 21904 Electrodeposited Ni-Mo-Cr-P coatings for AISI 1020 steel bipolar plates
Chanda UK, Padhee SP, Pandey AK, Roy S, Pati S
21905 - 21919 Numerical optimization of a novel gas-gas ejector for fuelling of hydrogen vehicles
Rogie B, Kaern MR, Wen C, Rothuizen E
21920 - 21939 NOx, CO and HC emissions and thermodynamic- energetic efficiency of an SI gas engine powered by gases simulated from biomass gasification under different H-2 content
Nadaleti WC, Przybyla G
21940 - 21955 On the application of dynamic zone flamelet model to large eddy simulation of supersonic hydrogen flame
Yao W
21956 - 21968 Experimental and numerical study on combustion characteristics of super lean H-2-O-2 premixed laminar flame in argon atmosphere
Gong YC, Huang X, Deng J, Li LG
21969 - 21994 Hydrogen extraction from a new integrated trigeneration system working with zeotropic mixture, using waste heat of a marine diesel engine
Feili M, Rostamzadeh H, Parikhani T, Ghaebi H
21995 - 22007 Investigation of rotating detonation fueled by a methane-hydrogen-carbon dioxide mixture under lean fuel conditions
Yang XK, Song FL, Wu Y, Zhong YP, Xu SD
22008 - 22018 Stability limits and NO emissions of technically-premixed ammonia-hydrogen-nitrogen-air swirl flames
Khateeb AA, Guiberti TF, Zhu XR, Younes M, Jamal A, Roberts WL
22019 - 22031 Influence of intake air temperature control on characteristics of a Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition engine for hydrogen- enriched kerosene-dimethyl ether usage
Yontar AA, Zhou MN, Ahmad S
22032 - 22040 Influence of upstream strut on hydrogen fuel distribution inside the supersonic combustion chamber
Jiang Y, Gerdroodbary MB, Sheikholeslami M, Babazadeh H, Shafee A, Moradi R, Li ZX
22041 - 22053 Influence of hydrogen and annealing process on the microstructural evolution and fracture micromechanisms of medium Mn steel: An in-situ TEM investigation
Huang SY, Han G, Shen LC, Zhang YL, Su YJ, Qiao LJ, Yan Y
22054 - 22079 Effect of internal hydrogen on the tensile properties of different CrMo(V) steel grades: Influence of vanadium addition on hydrogen trapping and diffusion
Peral LB, Zafra A, Fernandez-Pariente I, Rodriguez C, Belzunce J
22080 - 22093 Hydrogen embrittlement of a cold-rolled Al-containing medium-Mn steel: Effect of pre-strain
Wang JJ, Hui WJ, Xie ZQ, Wang ZH, Zhang YJ, Zhao XL
22094 - 22101 Hydrogen elasticity solution of functionally-graded spheres, cylinders and disks
Yildirim S
22102 - 22112 Comprehensive effect of hydrostatic compressive stress in retained austenite on mechanical properties and hydrogen embrittlement of martensitic steels
Chen L, Ma ZX, Shi RJ, Su YJ, Qiao LJ, Wang LL
22113 - 22124 Impacts of renewable energy atlas: Reaping the benefits of renewables and biodiversity threats
Nazir MS, Bilal M, Sohail HM, Liu BL, Chen W, Iqbal HMN
22125 - 22137 Strategies for stable operation of a H-2 - ICE at high equivalence ratios with use of unburnt and externally injected hydrogen for reducing NOx emissions
Krishnanunni J, Bhankar H, Chugh D, Bhatia D, Das LM
22138 - 22147 Analysing the performance, fuel cost and emission parameters of the 50 MW simple and recuperative gas turbine cycles using natural gas and hydrogen as fuel
Koc Y, Yagli H, Gorgulu A, Koc A
22148 - 22159 Life cycle assessment study on nuclear based sustainable hydrogen production options
Karaca AE, Dincer I, Gu JJ
22160 - 22165 Orthorhombic CaFe2O4 microrod anode for lithium-ion battery
Zhang K, Hong WF, Gao P, Ding R, Liu EH
22166 - 22175 Measurements of helium distributions in a scaled-down parking garage model for unintended releases from a fuel cell vehicle
Chen MJ, Zhao MB, Huang T, Ji S, Chen L, Chang HJ, Christopher DM, Li XF
22176 - 22188 Semi-empirical model of hydrogen distribution under presence of steam within a reactor building
Peng C
22189 - 22194 Proton-based solid acids for ammonia absorption in ammonia water
Yamaguchi M, Ichikawa T, Miyaoka H, Zhang TF, Miyaoka H, Kojima Y
22195 - 22203 Wide range H-2 sensors for process streams, based on multilayered Pd thin films dispersed with Ag nanoparticles and chromium as buffer layer
Anasthasiya ANA, Prabhu E, Jayaraman V, Gnanasekar KI
22204 - 2205 Corrosion resistant quaternary Al-Cr-Mo-N coating on type 316L stainless steel bipolar plates for proton exchange membrane fuel cells (vol 45, pg 3094, 2020)
Ingle AV, Raja VS, Rangarajan J, Mishra P