International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.45, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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2447 - 2459 Stability of ionic-covalently cross-linked PBI-blended membranes for SO2 electrolysis at elevated temperatures
Peach R, Krieg HM, Kruger AJ, Bessarabov D, Kerres J
2460 - 2477 Effect of rGO on Fe2O3-TiO2 composite incorporated NiP coating for boosting hydrogen evolution reaction in alkaline solution
Sumi VS, Meera MS, Sha MA, Shibli SMA
2478 - 2485 Facile preparation of Pt-based cage-bell structured nanoarchitectures for enhanced methanol oxidation electrocatalysis
Li CJ, Liu SL, Yin SL, Yu HJ, Wang ZQ, Xu Y, Li XN, Wang L, Wang HJ
2486 - 2503 Coupled hydrodynamic and kinetic model of liquid metal bubble reactor for hydrogen production by noncatalytic thermal decomposition of methane
Catalan LJJ, Rezaei E
2504 - 2512 Efficient and stable Ni-Co-Fe-P nanosheet arrays on Ni foam for alkaline and neutral hydrogen evolution
Wang KH, Si YY, Lv ZH, Yu TP, Liu X, Wang GX, Xie GW, Jiang LH
2513 - 2526 Direct production of hydrogen-rich gas and/or pure-hydrogen with high-pressure from alcohol/water/metal-powder mixture at low processing temperature
Deguchi S, Kobayashi N, Isu N, Ito M
2527 - 2545 Thermal management of methanol reforming reactors for the portable production of hydrogen
Chen JJ, Li LK
2546 - 2556 Electrodeposition of NiS/Ni2P nanoparticles embedded in amorphous Ni(OH)(2) nanosheets as an efficient and durable dual-functional electrocatalyst for overall water splitting
Xu QL, Gao WL, Wang M, Yuan G, Ren XN, Zhao R, Zhao SD, Wang QF
2557 - 2568 Impact of applied cell voltage on the performance of a microbial electrolysis cell fully catalysed by microorganisms
Lim SS, Fontmorin JM, Izadi P, Daud WRW, Scott K, Yu EH
2569 - 2577 Thermodynamic analysis of novel vanadium redox materials for solar thermochemical ammonia synthesis from N-2 and CH4
Fu MK, Jin JH, Ma HT, Wang L, Ma TZ, Dou LG, Chang ZS, Li X, Lu YW
2578 - 2592 3D layered nano-flower MoSx anchored with CoP nanoparticles form double proton adsorption site for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution under visible light driven
Yan X, Wang GR, Zhang YP, Guo QJ, Jin ZL
2593 - 2606 Field experience study and evaluation for hydrogen production through a photovoltaic system in Ouargla region, Algeria
Gougui A, Djafour A, Danoune MB, Khelfaoui N
2607 - 2616 Hollow ZnxCo1-xSe2 microcubes derived from Metal-Organic framework as efficient bifunctional electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution and oxygen evolution reactions
Zhao AH, Zhang L, Xu GC, Zhang XL, Zhang S, Xiao YR
2617 - 2626 Mitigating the variability of hydrogen production in mixed culture through bioaugmentation with exogenous pure strains
Poirier S, Steyer JP, Bernet N, Trably E
2627 - 2639 Determination of the potential of cyanobacterial strains for hydrogen production
Kossalbayeu BD, Tomo T, Zayadan BK, Sadvakasova AK, Bolatkhan K, Alwasel S, Allakhverdiev SI
2640 - 2654 Co-fermentation of carbohydrates and proteins for biohydrogen production: Statistical optimization using Response Surface Methodology
Tepari EA, Nakhla G, Haroun BM, Hafez H
2655 - 2667 Enhanced anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge by thermal or alkaline-thermal pretreatments: Influence of hydraulic retention time reduction
Liu JW, Dong LX, Dai Q, Liu Y, Tang XY, Liu JX, Xiao BY
2668 - 2680 Hydrothermal co-gasification of sorghum biomass and can lignite in mild conditions: An optimization study for high yield hydrogen production
Secer A, Foki E, Uzden ST, Hasanoglu A
2681 - 2688 Activated HER performance of defected single layered TiO2 nanosheet via transition metal doping
Yuan J, Liu YY, Bo TT, Zhou W
2689 - 2698 Band-gap engineering of layered covalent organic frameworks via controllable exfoliation for enhanced visible-light-driven hydrogen evolution
Li L, Zhu YZ, Gong N, Zhang W, Peng WC, Li Y, Zhang FB, Fan XB
2699 - 2708 Design of a [FeFe] macrocyclic metallotecton for light-driven hydrogen evolution reaction
Rajak S, Schott O, Kaur P, Maris T, Hanan GS, Duong A
2709 - 2719 Enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting using gadolinium doped titanium dioxide nanorod array photoanodes
Ahmad A, Yerlikaya G, Zia-ur-Rehman, Paksoy H, Kardas G
2720 - 2728 Silica of varied pore sizes as supports of copper catalysts for hydrogenation of furfural and phenolics: Impacts of steric hindrance
Yu ZJ, Zhang LJ, Zhang ZM, Zhang S, Hu S, Xiang J, Wang Y, Liu Q, Liu QH, Hu X
2729 - 2744 Ag-doped TiO2 photocatalysts with effective charge transfer for highly efficient hydrogen production through water splitting
Gogoi D, Namdeo A, Golder AK, Peela NR
2745 - 2753 Ternary metal sulfides MoCoNiS derived from metal organic frameworks for efficient oxygen evolution
Qin JF, Yang M, Chen TS, Dong B, Hou S, Ma X, Zhou YN, Yang XL, Nan J, Chai YM
2754 - 2764 Content-dependent electroactivity enhancement of nickel hexacyanoferrate/multi-walled carbon nanotubes electrocatalyst: Cost-efficient construction and promising application for alkaline water splitting
Wang S, He P, He MQ, Jia LP, Chen N, Dong MF, Liu HH, Wang XJ, Zhang Y, Zhou LH, Gao J, Lei H, Dong FQ
2765 - 2773 Highly efficient catalytic CoS1.097 embedded in biomass nanosheets for oxygen evolution reaction
Wang H, Chang FF, Gu JL, Xie XX, Chen HF, Bai ZY, Yang L, Yang XL
2774 - 2784 One-step synthesis of oxygen incorporated V-MoS2 supported on partially sulfurized nickel foam as a highly active catalyst for hydrogen evolution
Yi XR, He XB, Yin FX, Chen BH, Li GR, Yin HQ
2785 - 2793 Direct Z-scheme photocatalytic overall water splitting on two dimensional MoSe2/SnS2 heterojunction
Wang B, Wang XT, Yuan HK, Zhou TW, Chang JL, Chen H
2794 - 2807 Influence of reduction temperature on Ni particle size and catalytic performance of Ni/Mg(Al)O catalyst for CO2 reforming of CH4
Zhan YY, Song K, Shi ZM, Wan CS, Pan JH, Li DL, Au C, Jiang LL
2808 - 2817 Vapor ammonization strategy towards surface-reconstructed and N-modified three-dimensional Cu foam electrocatalyst for efficient alkaline hydrogen production
Zhang HD, Min SX, Wang F, Zhang ZG
2818 - 2828 Elucidating reaction equations of TiFx (x=4,3,2) catalysts for hydrogen storage applications
Jebasty RM, Vidya R
2829 - 2839 Chloroplast-granum-inspired porous nanorods composed of g-C3N4 ultrathin nanosheets as visible light photocatalysts for highly enhanced hydrogen production
Wang H, Chen B, Song K, Wang XQ, Wang CL, Zhao NQ, He F
2840 - 2851 Fabrication of hollow g-C3N4@alpha-Fe2O3/Co-Pi heterojunction spheres with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic water splitting activity
Sun Y, Shao SM, Wang YF, Lu WJ, Zhang PP, Yao QQ
2852 - 2861 A mild and simple method to fabricate commercial TiO2 (P25) and C-60 composite for highly enhancing H-2 generation
Hou JH, Lan XF, Shi JS, Yu SG, Zhang YC, Wang H, Ren CY
2862 - 2871 Performance of gradient porous structures in hydrodynamics and heat transfer in hydrogen production carriers
Chen XY, Liu J, Fan YB, Zhou YL
2872 - 2883 Spirulina Platensis microalgae strain modified with phosphoric acid as a novel support material for Co-B catalysts: Its application to hydrogen production
Saka C, Kaya M, Bekirogullari M
2884 - 2895 A novel hierarchical Bi2MoO6/Mn0.2Cd0.8S Heterostructured Nanocomposite for Efficient Visible-light hydrogen production
Liu XM, Wu BQ, Chen XY, Yan LS, Guo HQ, Li KX, Xu LP, Lin J
2896 - 2908 Visible-light-driven HSr2Nb3O10/CdS heterojunctions for high hydrogen evolution activity
Luo D, Huang YF, Zhao YZ, Fang Y, Li Z, Guo QY, Wei YL, Fan LQ, Wu JH
2909 - 2916 Construction of WS2 triangular nanoplates array for hydrogen evolution reaction over a wide pH range
Liu MM, Geng AF, Yan JH
2917 - 2924 Novel composite separator for high power density lithium-ion battery
Zhu GL, Jing XP, Chen DJ, He WD
2925 - 2935 Effects of polyvinyl alcohol) and poly(acrylic acid) on interfacial properties and stability of compound droplets
Liu MF, Zheng YQ, Liu YY, Zhang ZW, Wang YG, Li J, Chen Q, Li J, Huang YW, Yin Q
2936 - 2953 Offshore renewable energy exploitation strategies in remote areas by power-to-gas and power-to-liquid conversion
Crivellari A, Cozzani V
2954 - 2966 A landscape of hydride compounds for off-board refilling of transport vehicles
Lieutenant K, Borissova A
2967 - 2974 Investigation on platinum loaded multi-walled carbon nanotubes for hydrogen storage applications
Sharma A
2975 - 2988 Generation of molybdenum hydride species via addition of molecular hydrogen across metal-oxygen bond at monolayer oxide/metal composite interface
Song ZJ, Shao XJ, Wang Q, Ma CX, Wang KD, Han DM
2989 - 2998 Effects of Mo substitution on the kinetic and thermodynamic characteristics of ZrCo1-xMox (x=0-0.2) alloys for hydrogen storage
Luo LL, Ye XQ, Zhao C, Zhang GH, Kou HQ, Xiong RJ, Sang G, Han T
2999 - 3007 Decomposition mechanisms and the role of transition metal impurities in the kinetics of Ca(BH4)(2)center dot 2NH(3)
Huang ZN, Wang YQ, Zheng L, Wang D, Yang FS, Wu Z, Wu L, Zhang ZX
3008 - 3015 Effect of temperature on fast forging process of Mg-Ni samples for fast formation of Mg2Ni for hydrogen storage
Skryabina N, Aptukou V, de Rango P, Fruchart D
3016 - 3027 Solvothermal synthesis of novel pod-like MnCo2O4.5 microstructures as high-performance electrode materials for supercapacitors
Chen HY, Du XM, Sun JL, Wang Y, Zhang YF, Xu CJ
3028 - 3034 First-principles study of potassium-doped PC61BM for hydrogen storage
Lin DQ, Wang LX, Li HN
3035 - 3045 Remarkable improvement in hydrogen storage capacities of two-dimensional carbon nitride (g-C3N4) nanosheets under selected transition metal doping
Panigrahi P, Kumar A, Karton A, Ahuja R, Hussain T
3046 - 3052 Generation of hydrogen from magnesium hydride oxidation in water in presence of halides
Seuastyanova LG, Klyamkin SN, Bulychey BM
3053 - 3072 Geospatial modelling of the hydrogen infrastructure in France in order to identify the most suited supply chains
Tlili O, Mansilla C, Linssen J, Reuss M, Grube T, Robinius M, Andre J, Perez Y, Le Duigou A, Stolten D
3073 - 3085 Facile one pot sonochemical synthesis of CoFe2O4/MWCNTs hybrids with well-dispersed MWCNTs for asymmetric hybrid supercapacitor applications
Acharya J, Raj BGS, Ko TH, Khil MS, Kim HY, Kim BS
3086 - 3093 Achieving high mechanical-strength CH4-based SOFCs by low-temperature sintering (1100 degrees C)
Li YN, Yin BY, Fan Y, Huan Y, Dong DH, Hu X, Wei T
3094 - 3107 Corrosion resistant quaternary Al-Cr-Mo-N coating on type 316L stainless steel bipolar plates for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Ingle AV, Raja VS, Rangarajan J, Mishra P
3108 - 3122 Comparison of self-humidification effect on polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell with anodic and cathodic exhaust gas recirculation
Shao YB, Xu LF, Zhao XW, Li JQ, Hu ZY, Fang C, Hu JM, Guo D, Ouyang MG
3123 - 3131 Effect of added Ni on defect structure and proton transport properties of indium-doped barium zirconate
Kuroha T, Yamauchi K, Mikami Y, Tsuji Y, Niina Y, Shudo M, Sakai G, Matsunaga N, Okuyama Y
3132 - 3144 An investigation of Zr-based bulk metallic glasses as bipolar plates for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Han XT, Feng S, Chen SY, Cao QL, Zhang C, Chen Q
3145 - 3162 Investigation of oxidation and electrical behavior of AISI 430 steel coated with Mn-Co-CeO2 composite
Mosavi A, Ebrahimifar H
3163 - 3175 Fe and N co-doped carbon derived from melamine resin capsuled biomass as efficient oxygen reduction catalyst for air-cathode microbial fuel cells
Wang DL, Hu JP, Yang JK, Xiao KK, Liang S, Xu JK, Liu BC, Hou HJ
3176 - 3185 Ethyl phosphoric acid grafted amino-modified polybenzimidazole with improved long-term stability for high-temperature proton exchange membrane applications
Wang D, Wang S, Tian X, Li JS, Liu FX, Wang X, Chen H, Mao TJ, Liu G
3186 - 3192 Study of microstructural variation with annealing temperature of Ti-Al-C films coated on stainless steel substrates
Abbas N, Qin XD, Ali S, Zhu GM, Yi Z, Yang XG, Zeng XR, Ullah Z, Gu KM, Tang JN
3193 - 3208 Hybrid fuel cell and battery propulsion system modelling and multi-objective optimisation for a coastal ferry
Wu P, Bucknall R
3209 - 3215 Combustion modes periodical transition in a hydrogen-fueled scramjet combustor with rear-wall-expansion cavity flameholder
Wang TY, Li GX, Yang YX, Wang ZG, Cai Z, Sun MB
3216 - 3232 Machine learning model to predict the laminar burning velocities of H-2/CO/CH4/CO2/N-2/air mixtures at high pressure and temperature conditions
Varghese RJ, Kumar S
3233 - 3250 H-2 enrichment impact on the chemiluminescence of biogas/air premixed flames
Rocha N, Quintino FM, Fernandes EC
3251 - 3262 Vibrational nonequilibrium and reaction heat effect in diluted hydrogen-oxygen mixtures behind reflected shock waves at 1000 < T < 1300 K
Skrebkov OV, Kostenko SS, Smirnov AL
3263 - 3283 Assessment of combustion and exhaust emissions in a common-rail diesel engine fueled with methane and hydrogen/methane mixtures under different compression ratio
Sanli A, Yilmaz IT, Gumus M
3284 - 3293 Effects of direct-injected hydrogen addition on methane combustion performance in an optical SI engine with high compression-ratio
Zhang R, Chen L, Pan JY, Wei HQ, Zhou L, Liu CW
3294 - 3306 Atomistic simulation study of the grain-size effect on hydrogen embrittlement of nanograined Fe
Zhou XY, Yang XS, Zhu JH, Xing F
3307 - 3315 Hydrogen release from carbon steel in chloride solution under anodic polarization
Huang YL, Liu XJ, Zhang QC, Xu Y, Kunte HJ, De Marco R
3316 - 3326 Numerical investigation of turbulent combustion with hybrid enrichment by hydrogen and oxygen
Riahi Z, Hraiech I, Sautet JC, Ben Nasrallah S
3327 - 3339 Effect of nanoparticles and hydrogen on combustion performance and exhaust emission of corn blended biodiesel in compression ignition engine with advanced timing
Manigandan S, Ponnusamy VK, Devi PB, Oke SA, Sohret Y, Venkatesh S, Vimal MR, Gunasekar P
3340 - 3371 Intrinsic transport and combustion issues of steam-air-hydrogen mixtures in nuclear containments
Punetha M, Yadav MK, Khandekar S, Sharma PK, Ganju S
3372 - 3380 Ignition of flammable hydrogen/air mixtures by high mass mechanical impact of Magnox contaminated surfaces
Averill AF, Ingram JM, Holborn PG, Battersby PN, Benson CM
3381 - 3390 An experimental study of the effect of 2.5% methane addition on self-ignition and flame propagation during high-pressure hydrogen release through a tube
Zeng Q, Duan QL, Li P, Zhu HY, Sun DX, Sun JH
3391 - 3393 Hydrogen and fuel cell for sustainable future
Rajalakshmi N