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18753 - 18771 Emerging technologies by hydrogen: A review
Sazali N
18772 - 18781 How to choose endothermic process for thermochemical waste-heat recuperation?
Pashchenko D
18782 - 18788 Lithium metal hydrides (Li2CaH4 and Li2SrH4) for hydrogen storage; mechanical, electronic and optical properties
Al S, Yortanli M, Mete E
18789 - 18801 Light metal hydride-based hydrogen storage system: Economic assessment in Argentina
Amica G, Larochette PA, Gennari FC
18802 - 18816 A robust decision making approach for hydrogen power plant site selection utilizing (R, S)-Norm Pythagorean Fuzzy information measures based on VIKOR and TOPSIS method
Guleria A, Bajaj RK
18817 - 18830 Development of an adaptive static-dynamic electrical model based on input electrical energy for PEM water electrolysis
Hernandez-Gomez A, Ramirez V, Guilbert D, Saldivar B
18831 - 18839 Solvothermal synthesis of g-C3N4 and ZnO nanoparticles on TiO2 nanotube as photoanode in DSSC
Mohammadi I, Zeraatpisheh F, Ashiri E, Abdi K
18840 - 18849 High-performance Ru-based electrocatalyst composed of Ru nanoparticles and Ru single atoms for hydrogen evolution reaction in alkaline solution
Peng J, Chen YH, Wang K, Tang ZH, Chen SW
18850 - 18858 A glassy carbon electrode modified with tailored nanostructures of cobalt oxide for oxygen reduction reaction
Shahid MM, Zhan YQ, Alizadeh M, Sagadevan S, Paiman S, Oh WC
18859 - 18866 Ni doped Bi2WO6 for electrochemical OER activity
Keerthana SP, Rani BJ, Ravi G, Yuvakkumar R, Hong SI, Velauthapillai D, Saravanakumar B, Thambidurai M, Dang C
18867 - 18875 A study on the Fe-Cl thermochemical water splitting cycle for hydrogen production
Safari F, Dincer I
18876 - 18887 Polypyrrole-coated tape electrode for flexible supercapacitor applications
Yavuz A, Ozdemir N, Zengin H
18888 - 18894 Spatially decoupled hydrogen evolution in alkaline conditions with a redox targeting-based flow battery
Ji Y, Zhang FF, Zhou MY, Yu JZ, Wang Q
18895 - 18911 Dynamic analysis of a new solar-wind energy-based cascaded system for hydrogen to ammonia
Ishaq H, Dincer I
18912 - 18921 Mo incorporated Ni nanosheet as high-efficiency co-catalyst for enhancing the photocatalytic hydrogen production of g-C3N4
Tong R, Sun Z, Wang XN, Yang LM, Zhai JW, Wang SP, Pan H
18922 - 18936 Energy and exergy analysis for torrefaction of pigeon pea stalk (cajanus cajan) and eucalyptus (eucalyptus tereticornis)
Singh RK, Jena K, Chakraborty JP, Sarkar A
18937 - 18945 CaH2-assisted structural engineering of porous defective graphitic carbon nitride (g-C3N4) for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Tang LN, Chen Z, Chen G, Zuo F, Hua B, Zhang LZ, Li JH, Sun YF
18946 - 18960 Photocatalytic hydrogen generation by WO3 in synergism with hematite-anatase heterojunction
Jineesh P, Bhagya TC, Remya R, Shibli SMA
18961 - 18975 Surface oxygen vacancy facilitated Z-scheme MoS2/Bi2O3 heterojunction for enhanced visible-light driven photocatalysis-pollutant degradation and hydrogen production
Goud BS, Koyyada G, Jung JH, Reddy GR, Shim J, Nam ND, Vattikuti SVP
18976 - 18984 Urchin-like Co-0.8-Mn-0.2-P/CC nanowires array: a high-performance and cost-effective hydrogen evolution electrocatalyst
Du XH, Fang YN, Guan JB, Zhang T, Yi LQ, Wang LN, Zhang M
18985 - 18994 Novel triptycene-based microporous polymers decorated with Cd0.5Zn0.5S quantum dots to form 0D/3D heterojunction for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Li JX, Liu LJ, Liang Q, Cui SN, Gao W, Xu S, Li ZY
18995 - 19006 Robust design of off-grid solar-powered charging station for hydrogen and electric vehicles via robust optimization approach
Wang Y, Kazemi M, Nojavan S, Jermsittiparsert K
19017 - 19026 Vanadium diboride as an efficient cocatalyst coupled with CdS for enhanced visible light photocatalytic H-2 evolution
Tian L, Wang F, Zhang ZG, Min SX
19027 - 19044 Investigation and optimization of a Co-Generation plant integrated of gasifier, gas turbine and heat pipes using minimization of Gibbs free energy, Lagrange method and response surface methodology
Mojaver P, Jafarmadar S, Khalilarya S, Chitsaz A
19045 - 19051 Impact of 5-hydroxy methyl furfural on continuous hydrogen production from galactose and glucose feedstock with periodic recovery
Anburajan P, Pugazhendhi A, Park JH, Kumar G, Kumar S, Lee BD, Kim SH
19052 - 19066 Interaction between bimetallic composite oxygen carriers and coal and its contribution to coal direct chemical looping gasification
Kun Z, He DM, Guan J, Wang QY, Li XQ, Shang JX, Zhang QM
19067 - 19077 Enhanced fossil hydrogen energy recovery through liquid nanofluid huff-n-puff in low permeability reservoirs
Liang XY, Liang TB, Zhou FJ, Zhu JW, Wang R, Li Y
19078 - 19111 Recent progress in structural development and band engineering of perovskites materials for photocatalytic solar hydrogen production: A review
Tasleem S, Tahir M
19112 - 19120 Evaluation of Pt, Rh, SnO2, (NH4)(2)Mo3S13, BaSO4 protection coatings on WSe2 photocathodes for solar hydrogen evolution
Bozheyev F, Xi FX, Ahmet I, Hohn C, Ellmer K
19121 - 19132 Optimization and aging of Pt nanowires supported on single-walled carbon nanotubes as a cathode catalyst in polymer electrolyte membrane water electrolyser
Sorsa O, Backhouse R, Saxelin S, Rajala T, Jiang H, Kauranen P, Kallio T
19133 - 19143 Solvothermal synthesis of oxygen-incorporated MoS2-x nanosheets with abundant undercoordinated Mo for efficient hydrogen evolution
Zhao M, Ma XF, Yan SW, Xiao H, Li Y, Hu TJ, Zheng ZF, Jia JF, Wu HS
19144 - 19162 Photodegradation of sulfasalazine over Cu2O-BiVO4-WO3 nano-composite: Characterization and experimental design
Omrani N, Nezamzadeh-Ejhieh A
19163 - 19173 Facile one-step synthesis of supportless porous AuPtPd nanocrystals as high performance electrocatalyst for glucose oxidation reaction
Ahmad YH, Mohamed AT, El-Shafei A, Al-Qaradawi SY, Aljaber AS
19174 - 19180 MOF-derived Zn, S, and P co-doped nitrogen-enriched carbon as an efficient electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Jing YQ, Yin HF, Zhang YH, Yu BH
19181 - 19191 Development of porous nickel catalysts by low-temperature Ni-Al chemical alloying and post selective Al leaching, and their application for ammonia decomposition
Lee YJ, Lee YS, Cha JY, Jo YS, Jeong H, Sohn H, Yoon CW, Kim Y, Kim KB, Nam SW
19192 - 19205 Laser induced formation of copper species over TiO2 nanotubes towards enhanced water splitting performance
Grochowska K, Molenda Z, Karczewski J, Bachmann J, Darowicki K, Ryl J, Siuzdak K
19206 - 19213 NiCo layered double hydroxide/hydroxide nanosheet heterostructures for highly efficient electro-oxidation of urea
Yan XD, Hu QT, Wang GH, Zhang WD, Liu JY, Li T, Gu ZG
19214 - 19225 Facile fabrication of mesoporous In2O3/LaNaTaO3 nanocomposites for photocatalytic H-2 evolution
Mohamed RM, Ismail AA, Basaleh AS, Bawazir HA
19226 - 19236 Hydrogenation of acetylene and propyne over hydrogen storage ErNi5-xAlx alloys and the role of absorbed hydrogen
Tsukuda R, Kojima T, Okuyama D, Kameoka S, Nishimura C, Tsai AP
19237 - 19245 Interconnected NiS-nanosheets@porous carbon derived from Zeolitic-imidazolate frameworks (ZIFs) as electrode materials for high-performance hybrid supercapacitors
Wu J, Wei FX, Sui YW, Qi JQ, Zhang XP
19246 - 19256 2D MoSe2/CoP intercalated nanosheets for efficient electrocatalytic hydrogen production
Zhang LF, Zhu JT, Wang Z, Zhang WJ
19257 - 19266 Effects of alkali ion on boosting WO3 photoelectrochemical performance by electrochemical doping
Yin X, Qiu WX, Li WZ, Wang KK, Yang XT, Du LB, Liu Y, Li J
19267 - 19279 Natural aloe vera derived Pt supported N-doped porous carbon: A highly durable cathode catalyst of PEM fuel cell
Varathan P, Akula S, Moni P, Sahu AK
19280 - 19290 Study on solid waste pyrolysis coke catalyst for catalytic cracking of coal tar
Lei Z, Hao S, Yang J, Lei Z, Dan X
19291 - 19303 Ruthenium substituted pyrochlore metal oxide catalysts Y2Ce2-xRuxO7-delta (x=0-0.4) for oxidative steam reforming of ethanol
Hsieh HC, Chen YS, Weng SF, Hsieh YP, Lee CS
19304 - 19312 Facile one-pot synthesis of binder-free nano/micro structured dendritic cobalt activated nickel sulfide: a highly efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction
Wang XJ, Wang S, Chen SX, He P, Xu YW, Jia LP, Yang DM, He XC, Deng HQ, Jia B, Zhang H, Liu HT
19313 - 19323 Cobalt doping of alpha-Fe/Al2O3 catalysts for the production of hydrogen and high-quality carbon nanotubes by thermal decomposition of methane
Torres D, Pinilla JL, Suelves I
19324 - 19334 A low-cost platinum-free electrocatalyst based on carbon quantum dots decorated Ni-Cu hierarchical nanocomposites for hydrogen evolution reaction
Javan H, Asghari E, Ashassi-Sorkhabi H, Moradi-Haghighi M
19335 - 19343 Ni-Zn nanosheet anchored on rGO as bifunctional electrocatalyst for efficient alkaline water-to-hydrogen conversion via hydrazine electrolysis
Feng ZB, Zhang H, Gao B, Lu P, Li DG, Xing PF
19344 - 19356 Cobalt nanoparticles intercalated nitrogen-doped mesoporous carbon nanosheet network as potential catalyst for electro-oxidation of hydrazine
Wang H, Ding JT, Kannan P, Ji S
19357 - 19369 Theoretical insights into the origin of highly efficient photocatalyst NiO/NaTaO3 for overall water splitting
Wang MM, Ma YX, Fo YM, Lyu Y, Zhou X
19370 - 19380 Strengthening external magnetic fields with activated carbon graphene for increasing hydrogen production in water electrolysis
Purnami, Hamidi N, Sasongko MN, Widhiyanuriyawan D, Wardana ING
19381 - 19390 Hydrogen separation from synthesis gas using silica membrane: CFD simulation
Tahmasbi D, Hossainpour S, Babaluo AA, Rezakazemi M, Souq SSMN, Younas M
19391 - 19404 Systematic retrofit method for refinery hydrogen network with light hydrocarbons recovery
Deng C, Zhu MQ, Liu J, Feng X
19405 - 19419 An investigative study on replacing the conventional furnaces of naphtha reforming with chemical looping combustion for clean hydrogen production
Ebrahimian S, Iranshahi D
19420 - 19430 Co/multi-walled carbon nanotubes as highly efficient catalytic nanoreactor for hydrogen production from formic acid
Kazakova MA, Selyutin AG, Ishchenko AV, Lisitsyn AS, Koltunov KY, Sobolev VI
19431 - 19439 On the dehydrogenation of LiAlH4 enhanced by Ti salts and cryogenic ball-milling
Tena-Garcia JR, de la Cruz RDP, Suarez-Alcantara K
19440 - 19454 Mg-2(Fe, Cr, Ni)H-x complex hydride synthesis from austenitic stainless steel and magnesium hydride
Rzeszotarska M, Czujko T, Polanski M
19455 - 19464 Allocation and sizing of battery energy storage system for primary frequency control based on bio-inspired methods: A case study
Yuan Z, Wang WQ, Wang HY, Yildizbasi A
19465 - 19478 First-principles study of superior hydrogen storage performance of Li-decorated Be2N6 monolayer
Rahimi R, Solimannejad M
19479 - 19492 Assessment of the potential for underground hydrogen storage in bedded salt formation
Lankof L, Tarkowski R
19493 - 19504 Dual application of Ti-catalyzed Li-RHC composite for H-2 purification and CO methanation
Gamba NS, Puszkiel J, Larochette PA, Gennari FC
19505 - 19515 DFT study of hydrogen storage on the metallic decoration of boron substitution on zeolite templated carbon vacancy
Isidro-Ortega FJ, Pacheco-Sanchez JH, Gonzalez-Ruiz A, Alejo R
19516 - 19530 Multiple improvements of hydrogen sorption and their mechanism for MgH2 catalyzed through TiH2@Gr
Verma SK, Bhatnagar A, Shukla V, Soni PK, Pandey AP, Yadav TP, Srivastava ON
19531 - 19538 Influence of swelling agents on pore size distributions of porous silica-alumina hollow sphere particles in acid-promoted hydrolytic generation of hydrogen from ammonia borane
Umegaki T, Watanabe K, Ogawa H, Kojima Y
19539 - 19552 Mg-containing multi-principal element alloys for hydrogen storage: A study of the MgTiNbCr0.5Mn0.5Ni0.5 and Mg0.68TiNbNi0.55 compositions
Marques F, Pinto HC, Figueroa SJA, Winkelmann F, Felderhoff M, Botta WJ, Zepon G
19553 - 19560 Effect of cobalt on the microstructure and hydrogen sorption performances of TiFe0.8Mn0.2 alloy
Leng HY, Yu ZG, Luo Q, Yin J, Miao N, Li Q, Chou KC
19561 - 19566 Preheated self-aligned graphene oxide for enhanced room temperature hydrogen storage
Yadav MK, Panwar N, Singh S, Kumar P
19567 - 19576 Effect of Mg-doping on the electrochemical performance of LiNi0.84Co0.11Mn0.05O2 cathode for lithium ion batteries
Sattar T, Lee SH, Sim SJ, Jin BS, Kim HS
19577 - 19582 The "anomalous heat effect" is a normal event in the cold fusion phenomenon - On the paper "excess heat evolution from nanocomposite samples under exposure to hydrogen isotope gases" by Kitamura et al. Published in the int. J. Hydrogen Energy 43, pp. 16,187-16,200 (2018)
Kozima H
19583 - 19589 Significant hydrogen isotopes permeation resistance via nitride nano-multilayer coating
Hu LL, Wei G, Yin R, Hong MQ, Cheng T, Zhang DX, Zhao SQ, Yang B, Zhang GK, Cai GX, Shi Y, Jiang CZ, Ren F
19590 - 19600 Structural and conductivity studies of polyacrylonitrile/methylcellulose blend based electrolytes embedded with lithium iodide
Nadirah BN, Ong CC, Saheed MSM, Yusof YM, Shukur MF
19601 - 19610 Simultaneously enhancing the thermal stability and electrochemical performance of solid polymer electrolytes by incorporating rod-like Zn-2(OH)BO3 particles
Wu ZJ, Xie ZK, Wang J, Yu T, Du X, Wang ZD, Hao XG, Abudula A, Guan GQ
19611 - 19619 Interconnected Na(2)Ti(3)O(7 )nanotube/g-C3N4/graphene network as high performance anode materials for sodium storage
Wang SH, Zhu YY, Jiang M, Cui JL, Zhang YQ, He WX
19620 - 19641 Active direct methanol fuel cell: An overview
Alias MS, Kamarudin SK, Zainoodin AM, Masdar MS
19642 - 19663 A comprehensive review on water management strategies and developments in anion exchange membrane fuel cells
Gutru R, Turtayeva Z, Xu FN, Maranzana G, Vigolo B, Desforges A
19664 - 19675 Efficient model selection for real-time adaptive cold start strategy of a fuel cell system on vehicular applications
Amamou A, Kandidayeni M, Macias A, Boulon L, Kelouwani S
19676 - 19690 Novel self-cross-linked multi-imidazolium cations long flexible side chains triblock copolymer anion exchange membrane based on ROMP-type polybenzonorbornadiene
Cheng CW, He XH, Huang SM, Zhang F, Guo Y, Wen YF, Wu B, Chen DF
19691 - 19706 Proposal and thermodynamic performance study of a novel LNG-fueled SOFC-HAT-CCHP system with near-zero CO2 emissions
Yang XY, Zhao HB, Hou QL
19707 - 19719 On the oxygen vacancies optimization through Pr co-doping of ceria-based electrolytes for electrolyte-supported solid oxide fuel cells
Accardo G, Dell'Agli G, Spiridigliozzi L, Yoon SP, Frattini D
19720 - 19732 Simplified anode architecture for PEMFC systems based on alternative fuel feeding: Experimental characterization and optimization for automotive applications
Rodosik S, Poirot-Crouvezier JP, Bultel Y
19733 - 19744 Numerical modeling of microchannel reactors with gradient porous surfaces for hydrogen production based on fractal geometry
Wang YC, Zeng WD, Mei DQ, Zhang XL
19745 - 19760 Numerical study for in-plane gradient effects of cathode gas diffusion layer on PEMFC under low humidity condition
Lim IS, Park JY, Kang DG, Choi SH, Kang B, Kim MS
19761 - 19777 Polymer electrolyte fuel cell modeling - A comparison of two models with different levels of complexity
Zhang S, Beale SB, Reimer U, Andersson M, Lehnert W
19778 - 19790 N-spirocyclic ammonium-functionalized graphene oxide-based anion exchange membrane for fuel cells
Long C, Lu CR, Li YX, Wang ZH, Zhu H
19791 - 19800 Thermo-mechanical stress analyses of solid oxide fuel cell anode based on three-dimensional microstructure reconstruction
Xiang Y, Da YL, Zhong Z, Shikazono N, Jiao ZJ
19801 - 19812 Balancing the electron conduction and mass transfer: Effect of nickel foam thickness on the performance of an alkaline direct ethanol fuel cell (ADEFC) with 3D porous anode
Zhang JJ, Leung PK, Qiao F, Xing L, Yang CZ, Su HN, Xu Q
19813 - 19822 Highly stable La0.5Sr0.5Fe0.9Mo0.1O3-delta electrode for reversible symmetric solid oxide cells
Bian LZ, Liu CY, Li ST, Peng J, Li XW, Guan LL, Liu YY, Peng JH, An SL, Song XW
19823 - 19830 Nano-structured LSM-YSZ refined with PdO/ZrO2 oxygen electrode for intermediate temperature reversible solid oxide cells
Tan Y, Gao S, Xiong CY, Chi B
19831 - 19839 A highly stable cobalt-free LaBa0.5Sr0.5Fe2O6-delta oxide as a high performance cathode material for solid oxide fuel cells
Li H, Lu Z
19840 - 19846 Mechanisms of performance degradation induced by thermal cycling in solid oxide fuel cell stacks with flat-tube anode-supported cells based on double-sided cathodes
Guan WB, Du ZG, Wang JX, Jiang L, Yang J, Zhou XD
19847 - 19857 Silver coated cathode for molten carbonate fuel cells
Lysik A, Wejrzanowski T, Cwieka K, Skibinski J, Milewski J, Marques FMB, Norby T, Xing W
19858 - 19868 Experimental study on improving the dynamic characteristics of open-cathode PEMFC stack with dead-end anode by condensation and circulation of hydrogen
Huang ZP, Jian QF, Zhao J
19869 - 19879 Photocurrent and hydrogen production by overall water splitting based on polymeric composite Calix[n]arene/Cyanin Dye/IrO2 nanoparticle
Tekin M, Cevik E, Sayin S, Yildiz HB
19880 - 19890 Exergy-based modular design of an on-board MeOH-to-H-2 processor for fuel cell vehicles
Wu W, Liew KB, Abbas S, Raza MA, Hwang JJ, Yang SB, Li ZK
19891 - 19899 Tunable aggregation of short-side-chain perfluorinated sulfonic acid ionomers for the catalyst layer in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
So S, Kang H, Choi D, Oh KH
19900 - 19911 Development of strategic hydrogen refueling station deployment plan for Korea
Kim H, Eom M, Kim BI
19912 - 19925 Dependence of the blowout limit on flow structure, heat transfer, and pressure loss in a bluff-body micro-combustor
Wang MH, Li PF, Wang FF
19926 - 19935 Buoyancy effects on hydrogen diffusion flames confined in a small tube
Zhao M, Fan AW
19936 - 19947 Hydrogen effects on combustion stability, performance and emission of diesel engine
Jamrozik A, Grab-Rogalinski K, Tutak W
19948 - 19955 Experimental study on the combustion-induced rapid phase transition of syngas/air mixtures under different conditions
Guo ZD, Wen XP, Zhang SM, Wang FH, Pan RK, Sun ZJ
19956 - 19964 Effects of fuel line acoustics on the self-excited combustion instability mode transition with hydrogen-enriched laboratory-scale partially premixed combustor
Kim D, Joo S, Yoon Y
19965 - 19975 Multi-objective optimization of operating parameters for a H-2/Diesel dual-fuel compression-ignition engine
Jabbr AI, Gaja H, Koylu UO
19976 - 19988 Flow-field analysis and pressure gain estimation of a rotating detonation engine with banded distribution of reactants
Liu XY, Luan MY, Chen YL, Wang JP
19989 - 19995 Numerical simulation of wave mode transition in rotating detonation engine with OpenFOAM
Xia ZJ, Luan MY, Liu XY, Wang JP
19996 - 20003 Hydrogen-rich fuel combustion in a swirling flame: CFD-modeling with experimental verification
Pashchenko D
20004 - 20020 Effect of heat treatment processes on hydrogen embrittlement in hot-rolled medium Mn steels
Wang Z, Xu JP, Li JX
20021 - 20031 Coupling effect of grain boundary and hydrogen segregation on dislocation nucleation in bi-crystal nickel
Zheng YY, Yu P, Zhang KY, Wen M, Zheng JY, Zhou CS, Zhang L
20032 - 20041 The hydrogenation mechanism of PtAl and IrAl thermal barrier coatings from first-principles investigations
Pan Y, Guan WM
20042 - 20052 Correlative NanoSIMS and electron microscopy methods for understanding deuterium distributions after fatigue testing of 304/304L stainless steel in deuterated water
McMahon G, Miller BD, Burke MG
20053 - 20068 Phase field modeling of hydrogen embrittlement
Huang CS, Gao XS
20069 - 20079 Effect of applied strain on the interaction between hydrogen atoms and 1/2 < 111 > screw dislocations in alpha-iron
Simpson EL, Paxton AT
20080 - 20093 Hydrogen-assisted cracking of GMA welded 960 MPa grade high-strength steels
Schaupp T, Ernst W, Spindler H, Kannengiesser T
20094 - 20105 Sulphide stress cracking behaviour of the coarse-grained heat-affected zone in X100 pipeline steel under different heat inputs
Han YD, Wang RZ, Jing HY, Zhao L, Xu LY, Xin P
20106 - 20119 Simultaneous removal of Cd(II) and phenol pollutions through magnetic graphene oxide nanocomposites coated polyaniline using low temperature plasma technique
Zong PF, Cheng Y, Wang SF, Wang L
20120 - 20131 Experimental and thermodynamic study on SO2 reduction to elemental sulfur by activated coke and pyrolysis gas: Influence of the reaction atmosphere
Feng T, Zhang SZ, Li J, Xia X, Li LZ, Zhao XQ, Ma CY
20132 - 20141 Hydrogen assisted fatigue life of Cr-Mo steel pressure vessel with coplanar cracks based on fatigue crack growth analysis
Ma K, Zheng JY, Hua ZL, Gu CH, Zhang RM, Liu YY
20142 - 20152 A numerical study of unintended hydrogen release in a hydrogen refueling station
Qian JY, Li XJ, Gao ZX, Jin ZJ
20153 - 20162 Parametric influence study of cryogenic hydrogen dispersion on theoretical aspect
Shao XY, Pu L, Tang X, Yang SY, Lei G, Li YZ