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17057 - 17066 Graphene inclusion effect on anion-exchange membranes properties for alkaline water electrolyzers
Ion-Ebrasu D, Pollet BG, Caprarescu S, Chitu A, Trusca R, Niculescu V, Gabor R, Carcadea E, Varlam M, Vasile BS
17067 - 17075 Critical assessment of the production scale required for fossil parity of green electrolytic hydrogen
Proost J
17076 - 17087 Tuning the oxygen evolution reaction activity of Ni-and Co-modified Fe(OH)(2) electrodes through structure and composition control
Quinonero J, Lana-Villarreal T, Gomez R
17088 - 17103 Characteristics of intraphase transport processes in methanol reforming microchannel reactors: A computational fluid dynamics study
Chen JJ, Li TF, Meng FM, Ming PM
17104 - 17117 Apricot Kernel shell waste treated with phosphoric acid used as a green, metal-free catalyst for hydrogen generation from hydrolysis of sodium borohydride
Fangaj E, Ceyhan AA
17118 - 17130 Hydrogen generation via the reaction of an activated aluminum slurry with water
Fischman J, Godart P, Hart D
17131 - 17139 Improved redox-active ionic liquid-based ionogel electrolyte by introducing carbon nanotubes for application in all-solid-state supercapacitors
Fan LQ, Tu QM, Geng CL, Wang YL, Sun SJ, Huang YF, Wu JH
17140 - 17152 Hydrogen generation characteristics of steel slag-steam high temperature reaction in terms of particle size
Li P, Chen YX, Li XY, Yan BJ, Chen D, Guo HW
17153 - 17163 Eclectic trimetallic Ni-Co-Ru catalyst for the dry reforming of methane
Aramouni NAK, Zeaiter J, Kwapinski W, Leahy JJ, Ahmad MN
17164 - 17173 Simple synthesis of Cu2O-CoO nanoplates with enhanced catalytic activity for hydrogen production from ammonia borane hydrolysis
Feng YF, Wang HZ, Chen XD, Lv F, Li YZ, Zhu YM, Xu CJ, Zhang XB, Liu HR, Li H
17174 - 17190 Experimental evaluation of Pt/TiO2/rGO as an efficient HER catalyst via artificial photosynthesis under UVB & visible irradiation
Mohan PS, Purkait MK, Chang CT
17191 - 17199 Hydrogen production from steam gasification of corn straw catalyzed by blast furnace gas ash
Pang YJ, Yu DL, Chen YS, Jin G, Shen SQ
17200 - 17219 A P-graph approach for the synthesis of national-wide bio-hydrogen network from palm oil mill effluent
Lee CH, Chong DYL, Hemmati S, Elnegihi MM, Foo DCY, How BS, Yoo C
17220 - 17232 Biohydrogen production improvement using hot compressed water pretreatment on sake brewery waste
Choiron M, Tojo S, Chosa T
17233 - 17240 Enhanced hydrogen gas production from mixture of beer spent grains (BSG) and distiller's grains (DG) with glycerol by Escherichia coli
Mirzoyan S, Toleugazykyzy A, Bekbayev K, Trchounian A, Trchounian K
17241 - 17249 Enhancing thermophilic dark fermentative hydrogen production at high glucose concentrations via bioaugmentation with Thermotoga neapolitana
Okonkwo O, Papirio S, Trably E, Escudie R, Lakaniemi AM, Esposito G
17250 - 17259 An experimental approach to produce hydrogen and methane from food waste using catalyst
Deheri C, Acharya SK
17260 - 17269 Discontinuous biomass recycling as a successful strategy to enhance continuous hydrogen production at high organic loading rates
Montoya-Rosales JD, Palomo-Briones R, Celis LB, Etchebehere C, Razo-Flores E
17270 - 17275 Gasification of oil shale dust in a counterflow moving bed filtration combustion reactor
Salgansky EA, Zaichenko AY, Podlesniy DN, Salganskaya MV, Tsvetkov MV, Chub AV
17276 - 17286 Study on the role of Pt and Pd in Pt-Pd/TiO2 bimetallic catalyst for H-2 oxidation at room temperature
Kim GJ, Shin JH, Hong SC
17287 - 17298 Boosted up stability and activity of oxygen vacancy enriched RuO2/MoO3 mixed oxide composite for oxygen evolution reaction
Tariq M, Wu YY, Ma CL, Ali M, Zaman WQ, Abbas Z, Ayub KS, Zhou JC, Wang GH, Cao LM, Yang J
17299 - 17310 Characterization and catalytic behavior of hydrotalcite-derived Ni-Al catalysts for methane decomposition
Shi ZM, Wan CS, Huang M, Pan JH, Luo RZ, Li DL, Jiang LL
17311 - 17319 Synthesis and testing of cobalt leaf-like nanomaterials as an active catalyst for ethanol oxidation
Abdelkareem MA, Sayed ET, Alawadhi H, Alami AH
17320 - 17328 Noble-metal-free Z-Scheme MoS2-CdS/WO3-MnO2 nanocomposites for photocatalytic overall water splitting under visible light
Wei DQ, Ding Y, Li ZH
17329 - 17338 MoS2/NiS heterostructure grown on Nickel Foam as highly efficient bifunctional electrocatalyst for overall water splitting
Xu XB, Zhong W, Zhang L, Liu GX, Du YW
17339 - 17353 Understanding the influence of the composition of the Ag-Pd catalysts on the selective formic acid decomposition and subsequent levulinic acid hydrogenation
Sneka-Platek O, Kazmierczak K, Jedrzejczyk M, Sautet P, Keller N, Michel C, Ruppert AM
17354 - 17366 Efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution with high-crystallinity and noble metal-free red phosphorus-CdS nanorods
Xu MY, Jiang LL, Wang JT, Feng SY, Tremblay PL, Zhang T
17367 - 17377 Double-ligand Fe, Ru catalysts: A novel route for enhanced H-2 production from Formic Acid
Solakidou M, Theodorakopoulos M, Deligiannakis Y, Louloudi M
17378 - 17387 Facile synthesis of anatase/rutile TiO2/g-C3N4 multi-heterostructure for efficient photocatalytic overall water splitting
Fang YX, Huang WX, Yang SY, Zhou XF, Ge CY, Gao QZ, Fang YP, Zhang SS
17388 - 17397 Tuning the d-band center enables nickel-iron phosphide nanoprisms as efficient electrocatalyst towards oxygen evolution
Zhang Y, Xu J, Ding YG, Wang CD
17398 - 17409 Porous carbon supported Pd as catalysts for boosting formic acid dehydrogenation
Yao MQ, Ye YL, Chen HL, Zhang XM
17410 - 17421 Efficient electrochemical hydrogen evolution reaction and solar activity via bi-functional GO/Co3O4-TiO2 nano hybrid structure
Noor S, Sajjad S, Leghari SAK, Flox C, Kallio T
17422 - 17433 Amorphous MoS2 nanosheets on MoO2 films/Mo foil as free-standing electrode for synergetic electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction
Zhao HH, Li Z, Deng JL, Dai XP, Cui ML, Nie F, Zhang X, Ren ZT, Wang Y, Song WY, Liu J
17434 - 17443 Water splitting by a pentanuclear iron complex
Mehrabani S, Bikas R, Zand Z, Mousazade Y, Allakhverdiev SI, Najafpour MM
17444 - 17452 Co3xCu3-(3x)(PO4)(2) microspheres, a novel non-precious metal catalyst with superior catalytic activity in hydrolysis of ammonia borane for hydrogen production
Feng YF, Zhu YM, Li YZ, Li LL, Lv F, Li ZZ, Li H, He MY
17453 - 17467 Enhancement of photoelectrochemical hydrogen production by using a novel ternary Ag2CrO4/GO/MnFe2O4 photocatalyst
Atacan K, Guy N, Boutra B, Ozacar M
17468 - 17479 Heterostructured thin LaFeO3/g-C3N4 films for efficient photoelectrochemical hydrogen evolution
Guigoz V, Balan L, Aboulaich A, Schneider R, Gries T
17480 - 17492 Vanadium (V) and Niobium (Nb) as the most promising co-catalysts for hydrogen sulfide splitting screened out from 3d and 4d transition metal single atoms
Wei SQ, Wang F, Dan M, Yu S, Zhou Y
17493 - 17503 Ni-doped hierarchical porous carbon with a p/n-junction promotes electrochemical water splitting
Zhang H, Zhang JW, Ren TZ, Yuan ZY, Bandosz TJ
17504 - 17516 Novel 3-D urchin-like Ni-Co-W porous nanostructure as efficient bifunctional superhydrophilic electrocatalyst for both hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactions
Ashraf MA, Liu ZL, Zhang DQ
17517 - 17524 SiI2 monolayer as a promising photocatalyst for water splitting hydrogen production under the irradiation of solar light
Liu ZH, Yang CL, Wang MS, Ma XG
17525 - 17532 Enhanced electricity production in single-chamber MFCs with air cathodes decorated by Fe-N-C catalysts derived from 5H-dibenz [b,f] azepine-5-carboxamide (Carbamazepine)
He WY, Wei JH, Huang T, Zhang ER
17533 - 17539 HER activity of MxNi1-x (M = Cr, Mo and W; x approximate to 0.2) alloy in acid and alkaline media
Jiang LL, Ji SJ, Xue HG, Suen NT
17540 - 17547 H-2 purification process with double layer bcc-PdCu alloy membrane at ambient temperature
Zhao CY, Sun B, Jiang J, Xu W
17548 - 17556 The dependence of anti-corrosion behaviors of iron sulfide films on different reactants
Xie C, Wang BY, Li SJ, Wen XL, Wei SK, Zhang S, Feng M, Chen LQ, Zheng SQ
17557 - 17561 Hydriodic iodide and iodine permeation characteristics of fluoropolymers as a lining material
Tanaka N, Noguchi H, Kamiji Y, Takegami H, Kubo S
17562 - 17574 Implication of diamond shaped dual strut on combustion characteristics in a cavity-based scramjet combustor
Suneetha L, Randive P, Pandey KM
17575 - 17582 Activating the Pd-Based catalysts via tailoring reaction interface towards formic acid dehydrogenation
Gao NX, Ma RP, Wang X, Jin Z, Hou S, Xu WL, Meng QL, Ge JJ, Liu CP, Xing W
17583 - 17604 A review on recent advances in hollow spheres for hydrogen storage
Mehrizi MZ, Abdi J, Rezakazemi M, Salehi E
17605 - 17612 Modeling the control of the desorption rate of hydrogen released from the adsorption storage bed to supply a fuel cell
Cherrad N, Selloum D, Tingry S
17613 - 17624 Hydrogen production via copper nanocatalysts stabilized by cyclen derivative hydrogel networks from the hydrolysis of ammonia borane and ethylenediamine bisborane
Ozay H, Ilgin P, Ozay O
17625 - 17636 The roles of native defects and transition metal additives in the dehydrogenation mechanism of Mg(AlH4)(2)
Cheng LP, Xu BE, Li XY, Meng LP
17637 - 17648 Graphene pillared with hybrid fullerene and nanotube as a novel 3D framework for hydrogen storage: A DFT and GCMC study
Bi L, Yin J, Huang X, Wang YH, Yang ZH
17649 - 17661 Ag(0) nanocatalyst stabilized with networks of p(SPA-co-AMPS) for the hydrogen generation process from ethylenediamine bisborane hydrolysis
Durgut S, Ozay H
17662 - 17670 Green sol-gel auto-combustion synthesis, characterization and investigation of the electrochemical hydrogen storage properties of barium cobalt oxide nanocomposites with maltose
Razavi FS, Sobhani A, Amiri O, Ghiyasiyan-Arani M, Salavati-Niasari M
17671 - 17684 Investigation of the hydrogen induced cracking behaviour of API 5L X65 pipeline steel
Jack TA, Pourazizi R, Ohaeri E, Szpunar J, Zhang JM, Qu JB
17685 - 17701 Developing a mathematical tool for hydrogen production, compression and storage
Fragiacomo P, Genovese M
17702 - 17716 Performance assessment and optimization of an integrated solid oxide fuel cell-gas turbine cogeneration system
Guo YL, Yu ZT, Li GX, Zhao HX
17717 - 17726 Improved stability of nano-sized La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-delta-Ce0.8Sm0.2O1.9 composite cathodes by substituting Sr2+ with Ca2+
Xu HM, Sun KL, Cheng JJ, Wan F, Chu AM
17727 - 17735 Novel closed anode pressure-swing system for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Song YX, Zhang CZ, Jia QH, Birgersson E, Han M, Zhang P
17736 - 17744 Defects evolution of Ca doped La2NiO4+delta and its impact on cathode performance in proton-conducting solid oxide fuel cells
Li XY, Huan DM, Shi N, Yang Y, Wan YH, Xia CR, Peng RR, Lu YL
17745 - 17758 Diagnosis of a hydrogen-fueled 1-kW PEMFC system based on exergy analysis
Seo SH, Oh SD, Park J, Park JY, Lim IS, Kim MS, Kwak HY
17759 - 17770 Optimization of blocked channel design for a proton exchange membrane fuel cell by coupled genetic algorithm and three-dimensional CFD modeling
Li WZ, Yang WW, Wang N, Jiao YH, Yang Y, Qu ZG
17771 - 17781 Optimal design of cathode flow channel for air-cooled PEMFC with open cathode
Zhao C, Xing S, Chen M, Liu W, Wang HJ
17782 - 17794 Immobilized phosphotungstic acid for the construction of proton exchange nanocomposite membranes with excellent stability and fuel cell performance
Liu Y, Lu Y, Haragirimana A, Buregeya IP, Li N, Hu ZX, Chen SW
17795 - 17812 Two-dimensional simulation of cold start processes for proton exchange membrane fuel cell with different hydrogen flow arrangements
Wu KC, Xie X, Wang BW, Yang ZR, Du Q, Xuan J, Zu BF, Liu Z, Jiao K
17813 - 17823 Novel multi-channel anion exchange membrane based on poly ionic liquid-impregnated cationic metal-organic frameworks
Li K, Chen J, Guan MM, Tang SK
17824 - 17832 An easily controllable flash sintering process for densification of electrolyte for application in solid oxide fuel cells
Zhang J, Zhao YT, Qiao JS, Sun W, Sun KN, Wang ZH
17833 - 17843 Performance improvement of proton exchange membrane fuel cells with compressed nickel foam as flow field structure
Liu RL, Zhou W, Li SL, Li FH, Ling WS
17844 - 17857 Research and development of on-board hydrogen-producing fuel cell vehicles
Xiong SS, Song QJ, Guo BS, Zhao EC, Wu ZK
17858 - 17868 Development of a simple and efficient method to prepare a platinum-loaded carbon electrode for methanol electrooxidation
Ozcan A, Garip MT
17869 - 17881 Roughness effects of gas diffusion layers on droplet dynamics in PEMFC flow channels
Bao YY, Gan YX
17882 - 17892 A new method for optimal parameters identification of a PEMFC using an improved version of Monarch Butterfly Optimization Algorithm
Bao SJ, Ebadi A, Toughani M, Dalle J, Maseleno A, Baharuddin, Yildizbasi A
17893 - 17901 Self-organization behavior tuning nanophase separation morphology of sulfonated nonfluoroniated aromatic polymer membrane and its mechanism
Wang RJ, Yan XM, Wu XM, Wang LD, He GH
17902 - 17915 An experimental study on pressure distribution and performance of end-plate with different optimization parameters for air-cooled open-cathode LT-PEMFC
Zhao C, Xing S, Liu W, Chen M, Wang YJ, Wang HJ
17916 - 17926 Constructing micro-phase separation structure by multi-arm side chains to improve the property of anion exchange membrane
Du XM, Wang Z, Zhang HY, Liu WC, Xu JM
17927 - 17934 Effect of thermal cycling on durability of a solid oxide fuel cell stack with external manifold structure
Pan JW, Yang JJ, Yan D, Pu J, Chi B, Li J
17935 - 17952 Numerical investigation of water injection quantity and water injection timing on the thermodynamics, combustion and emissions in a hydrogen enriched lean-burn natural gas SI engine
Wang JF, Duan XB, Liu YQ, Wang WK, Liu JP, Lai MC, Li YY, Guo GM
17953 - 17960 Influence of inert particles on the ignition processes of hydrogen-silan-air mixtures
Tropin DA, Bochenkov ES
17961 - 17974 Effect of exhaust gas recirculation and hydrogen direct injection on combustion and emission characteristics of a n-butanol SI engine
Shang WW, Yu XM, Shi WB, Xing XX, Guo ZZ, Du YD, Liu HY, Wang S
17975 - 17991 Hydrogen energy share enhancement in a heavy duty diesel engine under RCCI combustion fueled with natural gas and diesel oil
Rahimi HM, Jazayeri SA, Ebrahimi M
17992 - 18000 A deep learning framework for hydrogen-fueled turbulent combustion simulation
An J, Wang HY, Liu B, Luo KH, Qin F, He GQ
18001 - 18009 Effect of strain on solution energy of hydrogen in alpha-zirconium from first-principle calculations
Wang JW, Shao B, Shan DB, Guo B, Zong YY
18010 - 18020 The synergistic effects of hydrogen embrittlement and transient gas flow conditions on integrity assessment of a precracked steel pipeline
Bouledroua O, Hafsi Z, Djukic MB, Elaoud S
18021 - 18031 Particulate characteristics of laser ignited hydrogen enriched compressed natural gas engine
Singh AP, Kumar D, Agarwal AK
18032 - 18041 Nitric oxide emissions during the evolution of gasified char in the reduction layer during a grate-fired process
Leng H, Zhang Y, Tang ZP, Xu L, Gao JM, Xu J, Du Q
18042 - 18056 Experiment study on the pressure and flame characteristics induced by high-pressure hydrogen spontaneous ignition
Wang ZL, Pan XH, Jiang YM, Wang QY, Yan WY, Xiao JJ, Jordan T, Jiang JC
18057 - 18065 Extending the detection range and response of TiO2 based hydrogen sensors by surface defect engineering
Zhang HH, Tao TY, Li XL, Bao YW, Xia XH, Lourenco M, Homewood K, Huang ZB, Gao Y
18066 - 18074 Nanostructured CuWO4/WO3-x films prepared by reactive magnetron sputtering for hydrogen sensing
Kumar N, Capek J, Haviar S
18075 - 18088 How risky is the introduction of fuel cell electric vehicles in a Mediterranean town?
Smaragdakis A, Kamenopoulos S, Tsoutsos T