International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.45, No.32 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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15721 - 15743 Methane decomposition to pure hydrogen and carbon nano materials: State-of-the-art and future perspectives
Qian JX, Chen TW, Enakonda LR, Liu DB, Basset JM, Zhou L
15744 - 15751 Assessment of technical and economic efficiency of a closed hydrogen cycle at NPP
Aminov RZ, Egorov AN
15752 - 15762 CuFeO2-CeO2 nanopowder catalyst prepared by self-combustion glycine nitrate process and applied for hydrogen production from methanol steam reforming
Yu CL, Sakthinathan S, Hwang BY, Lin SY, Chiu TW, Yu BS, Fan YJ, Chuang CH
15763 - 15784 Nickel selenides as pre-catalysts for electrochemical oxygen evolution reaction: A review
Anantharaj S, Noda S
15785 - 15795 Cu-MOF@Co-MOF derived Co-Cu alloy nanoparticles and N atoms co-doped carbon matrix as efficient catalyst for enhanced oxygen reduction
Zhou Y, Tang B, Wang SK, Long JL
15796 - 15804 A 25 kW high temperature electrolysis facility for flexible hydrogen production and system integration studies
O'Brien JE, Hartvigsen JL, Boardman RD, Hartvigsen JJ, Larsen D, Elangovan S
15805 - 15813 Corrosion of pure and milled Mg17Al12 in "model" seawater solution
Al Bacha S, Aubert I, Devos O, Zakhour M, Nakhl M, Bobet JL
15814 - 15830 Design and optimization of hybrid solar-hydrogen generation system using TRNSYS
Saleem MS, Abas N, Kalair AR, Rauf S, Haider A, Tahir MS, Sagir M
15831 - 15840 In2S3/AgIO3 photoanode coupled I-/I3- cyclic redox system for solar-electrocatalytic recovery of H-2 and S from toxic H2S
Oladipo AA, Vaziri R, Mizwari ZM, Ifebajo AO
15841 - 15854 Feasibility study of renewable energy sources for developing the hydrogen economy in Pakistan
Shah SAA
15855 - 15868 Hydrogen production facility location selection for Black Sea using entropy based TOPSIS under IVPF environment
Seker S, Aydin N
15869 - 15877 Evaluation of a wind energy based system for co-generation of hydrogen and methanol production
Ishaq H, Dincer I
15878 - 15887 An ocean thermal energy conversion based system for district cooling, ammonia and power production
Hasan A, Dincer I
15888 - 15903 A new semi-empirical wind turbine capacity factor for maximizing annual electricity and hydrogen production
Sedaghat A, Mostafaeipour A, Rezaei M, Jahangiri M, Mehrabi A
15904 - 15914 Self-grown one-dimensional nickel sulfo-selenide nanostructured electrocatalysts for water splitting reactions
Al-Enizi AM, Shaikh SF, Ubaidullah M, Ghanem MA, Mane RS
15915 - 15923 Dye-sensitized photocatalytic hydrogen evolution by using copper-based ternary refractory metal chalcogenides
Genc E, Coskun H, Yanalak G, Aslan E, Ozel F, Patir IH
15924 - 15940 Ranking locations for producing hydrogen using geothermal energy in Afghanistan
Mostafaeipour A, Dehshiri SJH, Dehshiri SSH
15941 - 15950 Agglomerated Co-Cr/SBA-15 catalysts for hydrogen production through acetic acid steam reforming
Calles JA, Carrero A, Vizcaino AJ, Megia PJ
15951 - 15962 Waste to biogas through anaerobic digestion: Hydrogen production potential in the developing world - A case of Bangladesh
Khan I
15963 - 15976 Co-gasification between coal/sawdust and coal/wood pellet: A parametric study using response surface methodology
Mansur FZ, Faizal CKM, Monir MU, Samad NAFA, Atnaw SM, Sulaiman SA
15977 - 15984 Enhanced hydrogen production from sewage sludge by cofermentation with wine vinasse
Tena M, Luque B, Perez M, Solera R
15985 - 16038 Recent development in band engineering of binary semiconductor materials for solar driven photocatalytic hydrogen production
Tahir M, Tasleem S, Tahir B
16039 - 16048 Pt-based trimetallic nanocrystals with high proportions of M (M=Fe, Ni) metals for catalyzing oxygen reduction reaction
Gao P, Cai YZ, Wang FH, Zhu H, Pu M
16049 - 16059 Preparation of flexible composite electrode with bacterial cellulose (BC)-derived carbon aerogel supported low loaded NiS for methanol electrocatalytic oxidation
Hou GY, Lyu ZY, Tang YP, Cao HZ, Zheng GQ
16060 - 16070 In-Situ solid-state synthesis of 2D/2D interface between Ni/NiO hexagonal nanosheets supported on g-C3N4 for enhanced photo-electrochemical water splitting
Chaudhary P, Ingole PP
16071 - 16079 Effective PtAu nanowire network catalysts with ultralow Pt content for formic acid oxidation and methanol oxidation
Shi HX, Liao F, Zhu WX, Shao CR, Shao MW
16080 - 16093 Preparation of CoFe2O4-P4VP@Ag NPs as effective and recyclable catalysts for the degradation of organic pollutants with NaBH4 in water
Li YS, Wang YT, Lu HJ, Li XL
16094 - 16104 Ternary Ni2P/reduced graphene oxide/g-C3N4 nanotubes for visible light-driven photocatalytic H-2 production
Yan JQ, Peng W, Zhang SS, Lei DP, Huang JH
16105 - 16113 An efficient Co-N/C electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction facilely prepared by tuning cobalt species content
Liu H, Yi SJ, Wu YF, Wu H, Zhou JR, Liang WJ, Cai JF, Xu H
16114 - 16121 Linear scaling relations for N2H4 decomposition over transition metal catalysts
Zhang DX, Yin H, Zhong HF, Gan LY, Wang P
16122 - 16132 In-situ transformation of electrodeposited W-Co oxide to ZnCo2O4 nanoparticles as an effective bifunctional catalysts in Zn-air batteries
Costa JM, Clark MP, Neto AFD, Ivey DG
16133 - 16143 Anti-sintering mesoporous Ni-Pd bimetallic catalysts for hydrogen production via dry reforming of methane
Pan C, Guo ZL, Dai H, Ren R, Chu W
16144 - 16152 High active pd@mil-101 catalyst for dehydrogenation of liquid organic hydrogen carrier
Ding CH, Zhu T, Wang FY, Zhang ZM, Dong Y, Yang M, Cheng GE, Ke HZ, Cheng HS
16153 - 16160 Impacts of metal loading in Ni/attapulgite on distribution of the alkalinity sites and reaction intermediates in CO2 methanation reaction
Liang CF, Gao ZR, Lian HQ, Li XL, Zhang S, Liu Q, Dong DH, Hu X
16161 - 16168 Optimize the electrocatalytic performances of NiCoP for water splitting by the synergic effect of S dopant and P vacancy
Lin JH, Yan YT, Liu T, Cao J, Zhou X, Feng JC, Qi JL
16169 - 16182 Influence of deposition parameters on surface morphology and application of CuInS2 thin films in solar cell and photocatalysis
Esmaeili-Zare M, Behpour M
16183 - 16192 Highly stable Ni-based catalysts derived from LDHs supported on zeolite for CO2 methanation
Zhang FY, Lu B, Sun PQ
16193 - 16200 Influence of process parameters on enhanced hydrogen evolution from alcoholysis of sodium borohydride with a boric acid catalyst
Saka C, Balbay A
16201 - 16209 Design of novel pentagonal 2D transitional-metal sulphide monolayers for hydrogen evolution reaction
Ao KL, Shao YF, Chan IN, Shi XQ, Kawazoe Y, Yang M, Ng KW, Pan H
16210 - 16218 Highly selective high-silica SSZ-13 zeolite membranes for H-2 production from syngas
Liu B, Zhang R, Du Y, Gao F, Zhou JJ, Zhou RF
16219 - 16226 Development of high surface area bulk W2N catalysts for hydrogen production from ammonia decomposition
Podila S, Driss H, Zaman SF, Al-Zahrani AA, Daous MA, Petrov LA
16227 - 16238 Hydrogen energy storage method selection using fuzzy axiomatic design and analytic hierarchy process
Karatas M
16239 - 16253 Performance prediction of a coupled metal hydride based thermal energy storage system
Malleswararao K, Aswin N, Murthy SS, Dutta P
16254 - 16265 Polyaniline/fullerene derivative nanocomposite for highly efficient supercapacitor electrode
Ramadan A, Anas M, Ebrahim S, Soliman M, Abou-Aly AI
16266 - 16276 Cost-effective ion-tuning of Birnessite structures for efficient ORR electrocatalysts
Ochirkhuyag A, Varga T, Toth IY, Varga AT, Sapi A, Kukovecz A, Konya Z
16277 - 16286 Impact of pressure on carbon films by PECVD toward high deposition rates and high stability as metallic bipolar plate for PEMFCs
Che J, Yi PY, Peng LF, Lai XM
16287 - 16297 Control of vehicular emission using innovative energy solutions comprising of hydrogen for transportation sector in Pakistan: A case study of Lahore City
Shirwani R, Gulzar S, Asim M, Umair M, Al-Rashid MA
16298 - 16309 Hydrogen detection on black phosphorene doped with Ni, Pd, and Pt: Periodic density functional calculations
Ghambarian M, Azizi Z, Ghashghaee M