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ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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1373 - 1384 The potential and economic viability of hydrogen production from the use of hydroelectric and wind farms surplus energy in Brazil: A national and pioneering analysis
Nadaleti WC, dos Santos GB, Lourenco VA
1385 - 1398 Economic study of a large-scale renewable hydrogen application utilizing surplus renewable energy and natural gas pipeline transportation in China
Liu B, Liu SX, Guo SS, Zhang SX
1399 - 1408 Controllable atomic-ratio of CVD-grown MoS2-MoO2 hybrid catalyst by soft annealing for enhancing hydrogen evolution reaction
Kang H, Youn JS, Oh I, Manavalan K, Jeon KJ
1409 - 1416 Mesoporous iridium oxide/Sb-doped SnO2 nanostructured electrodes for polymer electrolyte membrane water electrolysis
Han SB, Mo YH, Lee YS, Lee SG, Park DH, Park KW
1417 - 1428 Proton exchange membrane water electrolysis at high current densities: Investigation of thermal limitations
Mockl M, Bernt M, Schroter J, Jossen A
1429 - 1434 Transition effect of under- and over-potentially deposited hydrogen and negative resistance at a poly-Rh/alkaline aqueous solution interface
Chun J, Chun JH
1435 - 1443 Size-controlled synthesis of Mo powders via hydrogen reduction of MoO2 powders with the assistance of Mo nuclei
Zhang Y, Jiao SQ, Chou KC, Zhang GH
1444 - 1452 A mixed spinel oxygen carrier with both high reduction degree and redox stability for chemical looping H-2 production
Zeng DW, Cui DX, Lu YL, Qiu Y, Li M, Zhang S, Xiao R
1453 - 1465 On the kinetics and mechanism of simultaneous CO and NO oxidations on polyoriented and Pt nanoparticles
Zinola CF
1466 - 1476 Facile preparation of Ni, Co - Alloys supported on porous carbon spheres for supercapacitors and hydrogen evolution reaction application
Xu YL, Dong XX, Miao JF, Wang SS, Liu Z, Zhai ZZ, Zhang LH, Liu ZF
1477 - 1491 Hydrogen production via chemical looping steam reforming of ethanol by Ni-based oxygen carriers supported on CeO2 and La2O3 promoted Al2O3
Isarapakdeetham S, Kim-Lohsoontorn P, Wongsakulphasatch S, Kiatkittipong W, Laosiripojana N, Gong JL, Assabumrungrat S
1492 - 1498 Influence of the synthesis route on hydrogen sorption properties of La2MgNi7Co2 alloy
Giza K, Hackemer A, Drulis H
1499 - 1509 Hybrid energy management with respect to a hydrogen energy system and demand response
Maghami MR, Hassani R, Gomes C, Hizam H, Othman ML, Behmanesh M
1510 - 1520 Hydrogen photogeneration using ternary CuGaS2-TiO2-Pt nanocomposites
Caudillo-Flores U, Kubacka A, Berestok T, Zhang T, Llorca J, Arbiol J, Cabot A, Fernandez-Garcia M
1521 - 1531 Large scale compatible fabrication of gold capped titanium dioxide nanoantennas using a shadowing effect for photoelectrochemical water splitting
Ghobadi TGU, Ghobadi A, Karadas F, Ozbay E
1532 - 1540 Metal nanoparticles supported on polyacrylamide water beads as catalyst for efficient generation of H-2 from NaBH4 methanolysis
Khan SB, Ali F, Asiri AM
1541 - 1558 Flexible production of green hydrogen and ammonia from variable solar and wind energy: Case study of Chile and Argentina
Armijo J, Philibert C
1559 - 1568 A nanoreactor based on SrTiO3 coupled TiO2 nanotubes confined Au nanoparticles for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Han B, Wu LP, Li J, Wang XY, Peng QM, Wang N, Li XJ
1569 - 1577 Manufacturing gaseous products by pyrolysis of microalgal biomass
Chernova NI, Kiseleva SV, Larina OM, Sytchev GA
1578 - 1587 Low concentration of NaOH/Urea pretreated rice straw at low temperature for enhanced hydrogen production
Dong LL, Wu JW, Zhou CS, Xu CJ, Liu BF, Xing DF, Xie GJ, Wu XK, Wang Q, Cao GL, Ren NQ
1588 - 1596 Characteristics and pathways of hydrogen produced by pulsed discharge in ethanol-water mixtures
Xin YB, Sun B, Zhu XM, Yan ZY, Zhao XT, Sun XH, Ohshima T
1597 - 1607 Impact of the microbial inoculum source on pre-treatment efficiency for fermentative H-2 production from glycerol
Toledo-Alarcon J, Cabrol L, Jeison D, Trably E, Steyer JP, Tapia-Venegas E
1608 - 1614 Gasification of coking wastewater in supercritical water adding alkali catalyst
Chen F, Li XX, Qu JF, Ma J, Zhu QL, Zhang SL
1615 - 1628 The intrinsic kinetics of methane steam reforming over a nickel-based catalyst in a micro fluidized bed reaction system
Chen K, Zhao YJ, Zhang WD, Feng DD, Sun SZ
1629 - 1639 Core-shell cobalt particles Co@CoO loaded on nitrogen-doped graphene for photocatalytic water-splitting
Qiao SS, Guo J, Wang D, Zhang LG, Hassan A, Chen TX, Feng C, Zhang Y, Wang JD
1640 - 1648 Ultrasmall rhodium nanoclusters anchored on nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes with embedded nickel nanoparticles as magnetically recyclable catalysts for efficient ammonia-borane hydrolysis
Lu R, Xu CL, Yang ZP, Zhou LX, Wu F, Wang Y, Zhang Y, Fan GY
1649 - 1657 Novel cake-like Fe-N-C hybrid for H-2 activation
Wang BW, Liu L, Gao RX, Zhang D, Chen LG, Li Y, Wang Y
1658 - 1670 Hydrogen production over highly active Pt based catalyst coatings by steam reforming of methanol: Effect of support and co-support
Shanmugam V, Neuberg S, Zapf R, Pennemann H, Kolb G
1671 - 1680 Pd nanoparticles anchoring to core-shell Fe3O4@SiO2-porous carbon catalysts for ammonia borane hydrolysis
Liu S, Li YT, Zheng XC, Guan XX, Zhang XL, Liu P
1681 - 1696 Double perovskite (La2-xCa-Ba-x)NiO4 oxygen carriers for chemical looping reforming applications
Medeiros RLBA, Melo VRM, Melo DMA, Macedo HP, Moure GT, Adanez-Rubio I, Melo MAF, Adanez J
1697 - 1705 Ultrathin WS2 nanosheets vertically aligned on TiO2 nanobelts as efficient alkaline hydrogen evolution electrocatalyst
Liu SH, Xu YX, Chanda D, Tan L, Xing RM, Li XY, Mao LQ, Kazuya N, Fujishima A
1706 - 1718 Performance improvement of oxygen on the carbon substrate surface for dispersion of cobalt nanoparticles and its effect on hydrogen generation rate via NaBH4 hydrolysis
Makiabadi M, Shamspur T, Mostafavi A
1719 - 1728 Hydrogen production on the new hetero-system Pr2NiO4/SnO2 under visible light irradiation
Benamira M, Lahmar H, Messaadia L, Rekhila G, Akika FZ, Himrane M, Trari M
1729 - 1737 Porous coordination polymer-derived ultrasmall CoP encapsulated in nitrogen-doped carbon for efficient hydrogen evolution in both acidic and basic media
Liu S, Jiang AN, Wang ZG, Lin MX, Xia D, Li Q, Dong MD
1738 - 1747 Hexagonal CoSe2 nanosheets stabilized by nitrogen-doped reduced graphene oxide for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction
Fang XJ, Wang ZG, Kang SF, Zhao LW, Jiang ZX, Dong MD
1748 - 1758 Development of a PrBaMn2O5+delta-La0.8Sr0.2Ga0.85Mg0.15O3-delta composite electrode by scaffold infiltration for reversible solid oxide fuel cell applications
Kwon Y, Kang S, Bae J
1759 - 1768 Advanced catalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction based on MoS2/NiCo2S4 heterostructures in Alkaline Media
Xu XB, Zhong W, Yan SL, Zhang L, Liu GX, Du YW
1769 - 1783 Electrocatalytic properties of Co decorated graphene and graphene oxide for small organic molecules oxidation
Urbanczyk E, Maciej A, Simka W
1784 - 1792 Mesoporous silica template-derived nickel-cobalt bimetallic catalyst for urea oxidation and its application in a direct urea/H2O2 fuel cell
Tran MH, Park BJ, Kim BH, Yoon HH
1793 - 1801 Stable and highly efficient MoS2/Si NWs hybrid heterostructure for photoelectrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction
Paulraj G, Venkatesh PS, Dharmaraj P, Gopalakrishnan S, Jeganathan K
1802 - 1809 Polyoxometalate intercalated NiFe layered double hydroxides for advanced water oxidation
Xue XY, Yu F, Li JG, Bai G, Yuan HF, Hou J, Peng BH, Chen L, Yuen MF, Wang G, Wang F, Wang CD
1810 - 1821 Modification of stainless steel fiber felt via in situ self-growth by electrochemical induction as a robust catalysis electrode for oxygen evolution reaction
Zhu SL, Chang CP, Sun YZ, Duan GY, Chen YM, Pan JQ, Tang Y, Wan PY
1822 - 1836 Broad spectrum response flower spherical-like composites CQDs@CdIn2S4/CdS modified by CQDs with up-conversion property for photocatalytic degradation and water splitting
Huang JW, Li L, Chen JQ, Ma FY, Yu Y
1837 - 1845 Multiporous core-shell structured MnO@N-Doped carbon towards high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Lin J, Yu L, Sun QJ, Wang FK, Cheng Y, Wang S, Zhang X
1846 - 1856 Improving catalytic activity of layered lithium transition metal oxides for oxygen electrode in metal-air batteries
Yan SS, Xue YJ, Li SH, Shao GJ, Liu ZP
1857 - 1866 A comparative study on the catalytic activities and stabilities of atomic-layered platinum on dispersed Ti0.9Cu0.1N nanoparticles supported by N-doped carbon nanotubes (N-CNTs) and reduced graphene oxide (N-rGO)
Yu JN, Tian XL, Tang HB, Ren JW, Liao SJ
1867 - 1877 Improvement of cell performance in catalyst layers with silica-coated Pt/carbon catalysts for polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Park K, Ohnishi T, Goto M, So M, Takenaka S, Tsuge Y, Inoue G
1878 - 1889 Enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution on TiO2 employing vanadium carbide as an efficient and stable cocatalyst
Tian L, Min SX, Wang F, Zhang ZG
1890 - 1900 ZIF-8/PEDOT @ flexible carbon cloth electrode as highly efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
Asadian E, Shahrokhian S, Zad AI
1901 - 1910 Stacked Co6W6C nanocrystals anchored on N-doping carbon nanofibers with excellent electrocatalytic performance for HER in wide-range pH
Fang YN, Zhang T, Wu YD, Liu YJ, Guan JB, Du XH, Wang LN, Zhang M
1911 - 1929 Tuning the metal-support interaction of methane tri-reforming catalysts for industrial flue gas utilization
Kumar R, Kumar K, Pant KK, Choudary NV
1930 - 1939 An ionic liquid-present hydrothermal method for preparing hawthorn sherry ball shaped palladium (Pd)-based composite catalysts for ethanol oxidation reaction (EOR)
Ding KQ, Han JW, Gao XJ, Wang L, Zhou LJ, Qu RL, He XM
1940 - 1947 In-situ and ex-situ comparison of the electrochemical oxidation of SO2 on carbon supported Pt and Au catalysts
Meekins BH, Thompson AB, Gopal V, Mehrabadi BAT, Elvington MC, Ganesan P, Newhouse-Illige TA, Shepard AW, Scipioni LE, Greer JA, Weiss JC, Weidner JW, Colon-Mercado HR
1948 - 1958 Thin porous nanosheets of NiFe layered-double hydroxides toward a highly efficient electrocatalyst for water oxidation
Wu W, Liu J, Chen G, Chen Y, Xu CL
1959 - 1968 Chlorella vulgaris microalgae strain modified with zinc chloride as a new support material for hydrogen production from NaBH4 methanolysis using CuB, NiB, and FeB metal catalysts
Saka C, Kaya M, Bekirogullari M
1969 - 1980 Enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production of CdS embedded in cationic hydrogel
Li FH, Yang JB, Gao JP, Liu Y, Gong YL
1981 - 1990 Catalytic transfer hydrogenation of furfural to furfuryl alcohol over Fe3O4 modified Ru/Carbon nanotubes catalysts
Li F, Zhu WX, Jiang SS, Wang Y, Song H, Li CQ
1991 - 1997 Photodeposition of Pt nanoparticles onto TiO2@CNT as high-performance electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
Kong J, Qin YH, Wang TL, Wang CW
1998 - 2008 Enhanced ionic conductivity of anion exchange membranes by grafting flexible ionic strings on multiblock copolymers
Lai AN, Zhuo YZ, Hu PC, Zheng JW, Zhou SF, Zhang L
2009 - 2016 Isotopic effects on the permeation of all hydrogen isotopologues through MFI-ZSM-5 zeolite membranes
Antunes R, Bohmlander A, Cruz MM, Frances L, Hillesheimer D, Krasch B, Welte S
2017 - 2021 Effect of the acid type on clinoptilolite-rich tuff for hydrogen storage
Erdogan B, Dikmen G
2022 - 2033 Calcium hydrazinidoborane: Synthesis, characterization, and promises for hydrogen storage
Ould-Amara S, Yadav V, Petit E, Maurin G, Yot PG, Demirci UB
2034 - 2043 A high-performance ternary ferrite-spinel material for hydrogen storage via chemical looping redox cycles
Zeng DW, Li M, Qiu Y, Ma L, Cui DX, Zhang S, Xiao R
2044 - 2053 In-situ synthesis of amorphous Mg(BH4)(2) and chloride composite modified by NbF5 for superior reversible hydrogen storage properties
Wang XC, Xiao XZ, Zheng JG, Huang X, Chen M, Chen LX
2054 - 2067 Controlling the growth of NaBH4 nanoparticles for hydrogen storage
Wang T, Aguey-Zinsou KF
2068 - 2083 Numerical simulation of hydrogen injection and withdrawal to and from a deep aquifer in NW Poland
Lubon K, Tarkowski R
2084 - 2093 Improved ball milling method for the synthesis of nanocrystalline TiFe compound ready to absorb hydrogen
Vega LER, Leiva DR, Neto RML, Silva WB, Silva RA, Ishikawa TT, Kiminami CS, Botta WJ
2094 - 2104 Risk-involved stochastic performance of hydrogen storage based intelligent parking lots of electric vehicles using downside risk constraints method
Cao Y, Du J, Qian XM, Nojavan S, Jermsittiparsert K
2105 - 2118 The optimal adsorption pathway of H-2 molecules on Ti-Acetylene/ethylene compounds: A DFT study
Wang JF, Rong YF, Han T, Ma LJ, Jia JF, Wu HS
2119 - 2126 Improvement of dehydrogenation performance by adding CeO2 to alpha-AlH3
Yang JX, Liang F, Cheng Y, Yin DM, Wang LM
2127 - 2134 Dehydrogenation properties of two phases of LiNH2BH3
Liu XR, Wang SM, Wu YF, Li ZN, Jiang LJ, Guo XM, Ye JH
2135 - 2144 Macroscale evaluation and testing of chemically hydrogenated graphene for hydrogen storage applications
Morse JR, Zugell DA, Matis BR, Willauer HD, Balow RB, Baldwin JW
2145 - 2156 Hydrogen embrittlement of low carbon structural steel at macro-, micro- and nano-levels
Wasim M, Djukic MB
2157 - 2167 A layered porous Ni structure contributes to superior low-temperature performance of hydrogen storage alloys
Chen Y, Wen Z, Jia JH, Yang CC, Jiang Q
2168 - 2185 3-E analysis and optimization of an organic rankine flash cycle integrated with a PEM fuel cell and geothermal energy
Li ZX, Khanmohammadi S, Khanmohammadi S, Al-Rashed AAAA, Ahmadi P, Afrand M
2186 - 2194 High performance flexible supercapacitors including redox active molybdate incorporated Poly(vinylphosphonic acid) hydrogels
Cevik E, Bozkurt A, Dirican M, Zhang X
2195 - 2205 Characterization of water management in metal foam flow-field based polymer electrolyte fuel cells using in-operando neutron radiography
Wu Y, Cho JIS, Whiteley M, Rasha L, Neville TP, Ziesche R, Xu R, Owen R, Kulkarni N, Hack J, Maier M, Kardjilov N, Markotter H, Manke I, Wang FR, Shearing PR, Brett DJL
2206 - 2223 A systematic approach for matching simulated and experimental polarization curves for a PEM fuel cell
Arif M, Cheung SCP, Andrews J
2224 - 2243 Design optimization under uncertainty of hybrid fuel cell energy systems for power generation and cooling purposes
Radaideh MI, Radaideh MI, Kozlowski T
2244 - 2256 High performance alkaline-acid direct glycerol fuel cells for portable power supplies via electrode structure design
Banjong J, Therdthianwong A, Therdthianwong S, Yongprapat S, Wongyao N
2257 - 2278 Two-dimensional temperature distribution estimation for a cross-flow planar solid oxide fuel cell stack
Wu XD, Jiang JH, Zhao WQ, Li X, Li J
2279 - 2288 Recent advances in diesel autothermal reformer design
Pasel J, Samsun RC, Meissner J, Tschauder A, Peters R
2289 - 2307 Numerical investigation on H-2/Air non-premixed rotating detonation engine under different equivalence ratios
Zheng HT, Meng QY, Zhao NB, Li ZM, Deng FQ
2308 - 2318 Solar-powered Hydrogen Refueling Stations: A techno-economic analysis
Micena RP, Llerena-Pizarro OR, de Souza TM, Silveira JL
2319 - 2330 Multi-factor impact mechanism on combustion efficiency of a hydrogen-fueled micro-cylindrical combustor
Zuo W, Li J, Zhang YT, Li QQ, Jia SY, He Z
2331 - 2340 A pore level study of syngas production in two-layer burner formed by staggered arrangement of particles
Shi JR, Mao MM, Li HP, Liu YQ, Lv JS
2341 - 2350 Numerical study on effects of hydrogen direct injection on hydrogen mixture distribution, combustion and emissions of a gasoline/hydrogen SI engine under lean burn condition
Yu XM, Li GT, Dong W, Shang Z, Guo ZZ, Li YN, Li DC, Zhao Z
2351 - 2359 Experimental study on the Influence of Hydrogen Fraction on Self-acceleration of H-2/CO/air laminar premixed flame
Jiang YH, Li GX, Li HM, Zhang GP, Lv JC
2360 - 2367 Effect of orifice shapes on the detonation transmission in 2H(2)-O-2 mixture
Sun XX, Lu SX
2368 - 2381 Effect of low partial hydrogen in a mixture with methane on the mechanical properties of X70 pipeline steel
Nguyen TT, Park J, Kim WS, Nahm SH, Beak UB
2382 - 2389 Density functional theory calculations of iron - vanadium carbide interfaces and the effect of hydrogen
Restrepo SE, Di Stefano D, Mrovec M, Paxton AT
2390 - 2404 Hydrogen diffusion and trapping in X70 pipeline steel
Thomas A, Szpunar JA
2405 - 2417 Combustion performance of low-NOx and conventional storage water heaters operated on hydrogen enriched natural gas
Choudhury S, McDonell VG, Samuelsen S
2418 - 2428 Effective monitoring and classification of hydrogen and ammonia gases with a bilayer Pt/SnO2 thin film sensor
Thai NX, Duy NV, Toan NV, Hung CM, Hieu NV, Hoa ND
2429 - 2446 Blast wave from a hydrogen tank rupture in a fire in the open: Hazard distance nomograms
Kashkarov S, Li ZY, Molkov V