International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.45, No.27 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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13777 - 13788 Is the H-2 economy realizable in the foreseeable future? Part I: H-2 production methods
Nazir H, Louis C, Jose S, Prakash J, Muthuswamy N, Buan MEM, Flox C, Chavan S, Shi X, Kauranen P, Kallio T, Maia G, Tammeveski K, Lymperopoulos N, Carcadea E, Veziroglu E, Iranzo A, Kannan AM
13789 - 13804 Surface engineering of CeO2-TiO2 composite electrode for enhanced electron transport characteristics and alkaline hydrogen evolution reaction
Sha MA, Elias L, Riyas AH, Bhagya TC, Meera MS, Shibli SMA
13805 - 13813 Mixed CoS2@Co3O4 composite material: An efficient nonprecious electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Aftab U, Tahira A, Samo AH, Abro MI, Baloch MM, Kumar M, Sirajuddin, Ibupoto ZH
13814 - 13820 Overvoltage reduction in membrane Bunsen reaction for hydrogen production by using a radiation-grafted cation exchange membrane and porous Au anode
Sawada S, Kimura T, Nishijima H, Kodaira T, Tanaka N, Kubo S, Imabayashi S, Nomura M, Yamaki T
13821 - 13831 Optimization of the electrooxidation of aqueous ammonium sulfite for hydrogen production at near-neutral pH using response surface methodology
Marquez-Montes RA, Orozco-Mena RE, Camacho-Davila AA, Perez-Vega S, Collins-Martinez VH, Ramos-Sanchez VH
13832 - 13840 Progress of hydrogen gas generation by reaction between iron and steel powder and carbonate water in the temperature range near room temperature
Eba H, Takahashi M, Sakurai K
13841 - 13847 Preparation and electrocatalytic properties of spinel CoxFe3-xO4 nanoparticles
Xiong P, Yang FJ, Ding ZZ, Jia YJ, Liu JW, Yan XS, Chen XQ, Yang CP
13848 - 13861 High purity hydrogen production via aqueous phase reforming of xylose over small Pt nanoparticles on a gamma-Al2O3 support
Kim Y, Kim M, Jeong H, Kim Y, Choi SH, Ham HC, Lee SW, Kim JY, Song KH, Yoon CW, Jo YS, Sohn H
13862 - 13875 Using fuzzy MCDM technique to find the best location in Qatar for exploiting wind and solar energy to generate hydrogen and electricity
Jahangiri M, Shamsabadi AA, Mostafaeipour A, Rezaei M, Yousefi Y, Pomares LM
13876 - 13883 Some molecular aspects of hydrogen production by marine Chlorella pyrenoidosa under nitrogen deprivation condition in natural seawater
Shastik E, Li L, Zhang LT, Qin RY, Yu WJ, Liu JG
13884 - 13898 Process simulation and integration of IGCC systems with novel mixed ionic and electronic conducting membrane-based water gas shift membrane reactors for CO2 capture
Chi JL, Li KY, Zhang SJ, Zhu XF, Zhao LF, Wang B, Xiao YH
13899 - 13910 Hydrogen production via catalytic pulsed plasma conversion of methane: Effect of Ni-K2O/Al2O3 loading, applied voltage, and argon flow rate
Ghanbari M, Binazadeh M, Zafarnak S, Taghvaei H, Rahimpour MR
13911 - 13928 Catalytic activity of SBA-15 supported Ni catalyst in CH4 dry reforming: Effect of Al, Zr, and Ti co-impregnation and Al incorporation to SBA-15
Okutan C, Arbag H, Yasyerli N, Yasyerli S
13929 - 13938 Non-stoichiometric tungsten-carbide-oxide-supported Pt-Ru anode catalysts for PEM fuel cells - From basic electrochemistry to fuel cell performance
Brkovic SM, Kaninski BMPM, Lausevic PZ, Saponjic AB, Radulovic AM, Rakic AA, Pasti IA, Nikolic VM
13939 - 13946 Carbon vacancies improved photocatalytic hydrogen generation of g-C3N4 photocatalyst via magnesium vapor etching
Li JX, Ma WQ, Chen JJ, An N, Zhao Y, Wang DJ, Mao ZY
13947 - 13959 Bi-reforming of methane for hydrogen production using LaNiO3/CexZr1-xO2 as precursor material
Santos DBL, Noronha FB, Hori CE
13960 - 13974 Trimetallic nanocatalysts to enhanced hydrogen production from hydrous hydrazine: The role of metal centers
Al-Thubaiti KS, Khan Z
13975 - 13984 ZnIn2S4/In(OH)(3) hollow microspheres fabricated by one-step L-cysteine-mediated hydrothermal growth for enhanced hydrogen production and MB degradation
Zhao HM, Zhang TT, Shan DY, Zhu Y, Gao G, Liu Y, Liu J, Liu MY, You WS
13985 - 13993 Electroless deposition of Ni-Cu-P on a self-supporting graphene with enhanced hydrogen evolution reaction activity
Liu XY, Zang JB, Zhou SY, Tian PF, Gao HW, Song SW, Li RS, Wang YH
13994 - 14005 Hybridization of g-C3N4 quantum dots with 1D branched TiO2 fiber for efficient visible light-driven photocatalytic hydrogen generation
Nasir MS, Yang GR, Ayub I, Wang XJ, Wang SL, Yan W
14006 - 14016 Methanol steam reforming microreactor with novel 3D-Printed porous stainless steel support as catalyst support
Zheng TQ, Zhou W, Geng D, Li YY, Liu YX, Zhang CY
14017 - 14027 Polymer-based composite containing nanostructured LaNi5 for hydrogen storage: Improved air stability and processability
Neto GRD, Beatrice CAG, Leiva DR, Pessan LA
14028 - 14037 Systematical study on the roles of transition alloying substitutions on anti-disproportionation reaction of ZrCo during charging and releasing hydrogen
You YW, Yu JY, Yuan H, Xu YC, Wu XB, Sun JJ, Wang JH, Fang QF, Liu CS
14038 - 14047 Posidonia Oceanica and Wood chips activated carbon as interesting materials for hydrogen storage
Pedicini R, Maisano S, Chiodo V, Conte G, Policicchio A, Agostino RG
14048 - 14061 Preparation and hydrogen penetration performance of TiO2/TiCx composite coatings
Lu ZX, Zhou QY, Ling YH, Hou BR, Wang JP, Zhang ZJ
14062 - 14070 High ionic conductivity in CeO2 SOFC solid electrolytes; effect of Dy doping on their electrical properties
Puente-Martinez DE, Diaz-Guillen JA, Montemayor SM, Diaz-Guillen JC, Burciaga-Diaz O, Bazaldua-Medellin ME, Diaz-Guillen MR, Fuentes AF
14071 - 14082 New magnetic field analyzer device dedicated for polymer electrolyte fuel cells noninvasive diagnostic
Plait A, Giurgea S, Hissel D, Espanet C
14083 - 14092 On the mesoporous TiN catalyst support for proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Hung YY, Liu WS, Chen YC, Wang KW, Perng TP
14093 - 14107 A robust online energy management strategy for fuel cell/battery hybrid electric vehicles
Wu JL, Zhang N, Tan DK, Chang JJ, Shi WL
14108 - 14118 Risk-constrained optimal operation of fuel cell/photovoltaic/battery/grid hybrid energy system using downside risk constraints method
Cao Y, Wang QF, Cheng W, Nojavan S, Jermsittiparsert K
14119 - 14132 Fabrication of multi-filler thermoset-based composite bipolar plates for PEMFCs applications: Molding defects and properties characterizations
Simaafrookhteh S, Khorshidian M, Momenifar M
14133 - 14144 Thermal and chemical activation methods applied to DFAFC anodes prepared by magnetron sputtering
Bieloshapka I, Jiricek P, Yakovlev Y, Hruska K, Tomsik E, Houdkova J, Malolepszy A, Mazurkiewicz M, Lobko Y, Lesiak B
14145 - 14155 Investigating the effect of operating temperature on dynamic behavior of droplets for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Hirpara V, Patel V, Zhang YZ, Anderson R, Zhu N, Zhang LF
14156 - 14173 Multi-objective decision analysis for data-driven based estimation of battery states: A case study of remaining useful life estimation
Zhang SZ, Guo X, Zhang XW
14174 - 14182 Carbon-doped ZnO nanotube-based highly effective hydrogen gas sensor: A first-principles study
Rezaie S, Bafghi ZG, Manavizadeh N