International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.45, No.24 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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13129 - 13138 SrTi0.1CoxFe0.9-xO3-delta Perovskites for enhanced oxygen evolution reaction activity
Deng HP, Shu LN, Wang ZX, Mao JK, Liang FL
13139 - 13148 Hydrogen generation from splitting water with Al-Bi(OH)(3) composite promoted by NaCl
Chen C, Guan X, Wang HB, Dong SJ, Luo P
13149 - 13162 Ultrathin-layered MoS2 hollow nanospheres decorating Ni3S2 nanowires as high effective self-supporting electrode for hydrogen evolution reaction
Xu HL, Jiao YQ, Li SJ, Meng HY, Wu J, Shi X, Du ZY, Wang RH, Tian GH
13163 - 13175 Characteristics of hydrogen production with carbon storage by CO2-rich hydrothermal alteration of olivine in the presence of Mg-Al spinel
Wang JJ, Watanabe N, Okamoto A, Nakamura K, Komai T
13176 - 13188 Experimental study and development of an improved sulfur-iodine cycle integrated with HI electrolysis for hydrogen production
Ying Z, Wang YB, Zheng XY, Geng Z, Dou BL, Cui GM
13189 - 13201 Sulphur-reduced graphene oxide composite with improved electrochemical performance for supercapacitor applications
Tarimo DJ, Oyedotun KO, Mirghni AA, Manyala N
13202 - 13210 A novel alveolate-structured organic-inorganic hybrid with high activity for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Ying GG, Guo SY, Chen LP, Chen JZ, Li Y, Wang HL, Liu Y
13211 - 13230 Recent advanced biotechnological strategies to enhance photo-fermentative biohydrogen production by purple non-sulphur bacteria: An overview
Tiang MF, Hanipa MAF, Abdul PM, Jahim JMD, Mahmod SS, Takriff MS, Lay CH, Reungsang A, Wu SY
13231 - 13244 Hydrogen production via steam reforming of coke oven gas enhanced by steel slag-derived CaO
Zhang BX, Chen YM, Kang BK, Qian JF, Chuai X, Peng RF, Li ZP, Guo FQ, Yan WJ, Zhang JY
13245 - 13255 Joint-use of activated carbon and carbon black to enhance catalytic stability during chemical looping methane decomposition process
Yang L, Wu X, Liu F, Zhang X, He JL, Saito K
13256 - 13271 Experimental investigations of fracturing fluid flowback and retention under forced imbibition in fossil hydrogen energy development of tight oil based on nuclear magnetic resonance
Xu GQ, Jiang Y, Shi Y, Han YJ, Wang MX, Zeng XH
13272 - 13281 Facile preparation of Fe3C decorate three-dimensional N-doped porous carbon for efficient oxygen reduction reaction
Ma GF, Xie X, Sun KJ, Peng H, Cui SZ, Zhou XZ, Wang QT, Lei ZQ
13282 - 13289 Self-supported molybdenum selenide nanosheets grown on urchin-like cobalt selenide nanowires array for efficient hydrogen evolution
Wang YQ, Jian CY, He X, Liu W
13290 - 13299 Multi-shelled CoS2-MoS2 hollow spheres as efficient bifunctional electrocatalysts for overall water splitting
Ganesan V, Kim J
13300 - 13321 Addition of rhenium (Re) to Pt-Ru/f-MWCNT anode electrocatalysts for enhancement of ethanol electrooxidation in half cell and single direct ethanol fuel cell
Choudhary AK, Pramanik H
13322 - 13329 The use of metallurgical waste sludge as a catalyst in hydrogen production from sodium borohydride
Fangaj E, Ali AA, Gungor F, Bektas S, Ceyhan AA
13330 - 13339 Facile approach for Z-scheme type Pt/g-C3N4/SrTiO3 heterojunction semiconductor synthesis via low-temperature process for simultaneous dyes degradation and hydrogen production
Tan CE, Lee JT, Su EC, Wey MY
13340 - 13352 Nanoparticle metal Ni cocatalyst on NiTe2 microsphere for improved photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Zhang QQ, Jia J, Fan J, Hu XY, Liu EZ, Yang DY
13353 - 13364 Construction of hierarchical Prussian Blue Analogue phosphide anchored on Ni2P@MoOx nanosheet spheres for efficient overall water splitting
Wang FM, Qi XP, Qin ZG, Yang H, Liu C, Liang TX
13365 - 13375 Synthesis, thermal properties, conductivity and lifetime of proton conductors based on nanocrystalline cellulose surface-functionalized with triazole and imidazole
Tritt-Goc J, Lindner L, Bielejewski M, Markiewicz E, Pankiewicz R
13376 - 13386 Synergistic catalytic effects of ZIF-67 and transition metals (Ni, Cu, Pd, and Nb) on hydrogen storage properties of magnesium
Wang YQ, Lan ZQ, Fu H, Liu HZ, Guo J
13387 - 13397 Preferential alkaline leaching of amphoteric elements from super-stoichiometric hydrogen storage alloy
Dymek M, Gega J, Pawlik P, Bala H
13398 - 13405 Connected evaluation of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell with dehydrogenation reactor of liquid organic hydrogen carrier
Lee S, Han G, Kim T, Yoo YS, Jeon SY, Bae J
13406 - 13413 Synthesis of boron and nitrogen co-doped carbon nanotubes and their application in hydrogen storage
Sawant SV, Banerjee S, Patwardhan AW, Joshi JB, Dasgupta K
13414 - 13427 Analyzing oxygen transport resistance and Pt particle growth effect in the cathode catalyst layer of polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Gwak G, Lee J, Ghasemi M, Choi J, Lee SW, Jang SS, Ju H
13428 - 13440 Estimation of through-plane and in-plane gas permeability across gas diffusion layers (GDLs): Comparison with equivalent permeability in bipolar plates and relation to fuel cell performance
Mukherjee M, Bonnet C, Lapicque F
13441 - 13458 Optimal thermal treatment conditions for durability improvement of highly sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone) membrane for polymer electrolyte fuel cell applications
Beyraghi F, Mirfarsi SH, Rowshanzamir S, Karimi A, Parnian MJ
13459 - 13468 Influence of fuel flow rate on the performance of micro tubular solid oxide fuel cell
Cui DA, Ji YL, Chang C, Wang Z, Xiao X
13469 - 13482 Effects of reactants/coolant non-uniform inflow on the cold start performance of PEMFC stack
Wei L, Dafalla AM, Jiang FM
13483 - 13495 Data-driven fault diagnosis for PEMFC systems of hybrid tram based on deep learning
Zhang XX, Zhou JZ, Chen WR
13496 - 13507 Synthesis and evaluation of Pt/rGO as the anode electrode in abiotic glucose fuel cell: Near to the human body physiological condition
Zhiani M, Barzi S, Gholamian M, Ahmadi A
13508 - 13522 Robust fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control for PEMFC system based on an augmented LPV observer
Yang D, Wang YJ, Chen ZH
13523 - 13534 Effects of direct water injection on engine performance in a hydrogen (H-2)-fueled engine at varied amounts of injected water and water injection timing
Xu PY, Ji CW, Wang SF, Cong XY, Ma ZD, Tang CQ, Meng H, Shi C
13535 - 13550 Stochastic explosion risk analysis of hydrogen production facilities
Shi JH, Chang B, Khan F, Chang YJ, Zhu Y, Chen GM, Zhang CJ
13551 - 13558 Numerical study of hydrogen/methane buoyant fires using FireFoam
Ouyang YL, He QZ, Wang CJ, Shen ZH
13559 - 13562 Comment on "MoS2/Ti3C2 heterostructure for efficient visible-light photocatalytic hydrogen generation"
Jin S, Hu QK, Wang LB, Zhou AG