International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.45, No.23 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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12629 - 12640 Intercalation and elimination of carbonate ions of NiCo layered double hydroxide for enhanced oxygen evolution catalysis
Wang SG, Wang T, Wang XJ, Deng QR, Yang JJ, Mao YW, Wang GM
12641 - 12652 Hydrogen generation by electrolysis under subcritical water condition and the effect of aluminium anode
Mutlu RN, Kucukkara I, Gizir AM
12653 - 12679 Experimental, computational and thermodynamic studies in perovskites metal oxides for thermochemical fuel production: A review
Bayon A, de la Calle A, Ghose KK, Page A, McNaughton R
12680 - 12690 Experimental investigation of a thermocell with proton exchange membrane and hydrogen electrodes
Marquardt T, Kube J, Radici P, Kabelac S
12691 - 12701 Effect of Mo content on hydrogen evolution reaction activity of Mo2C/C electrocatalysts
Nadar A, Banerjee AM, Pai MR, Antony RP, Patra AK, Sastry PU, Donthula H, Tewari R, Tripathi AK
12702 - 12710 An Au-nanoparticle decorated Sr0.76Ce0.16WO4 photocatalyst for H-2 evolution under visible-light irradiation
Yang J, Sun XR, Wang R, Zhu MX, Yang WX, Huang HS, Shi WB
12711 - 12720 Design of 3 kW integrated power generation system from solar and biogas
Tamoor M, Tahir MS, Sagir M, Tahir MB, Iqbal S, Nawaz T
12721 - 12730 Biohydrogen production with lipid-extracted Dunaliella biomass and a new strain of hyper-thermophilic archaeon Thermococcus eurythermalis A501
Chen SY, Qu DH, Xiao X, Miao XL
12731 - 12742 Production of metal-free catalyst from defatted spent coffee ground for hydrogen generation by sodium borohyride methanolysis
Kaya M
12743 - 12754 Evaluating organic waste sources (spent coffee ground) as metal-free catalyst for hydrogen generation by the methanolysis of sodium borohydride
Kaya M
12755 - 12765 A novel Microcystis aeruginosa supported manganese catalyst for hydrogen generation through methanolysis of sodium borohydride
Duman F, Atelge MR, Kaya M, Atabani AE, Kumar G, Sahin U, Unalan S
12766 - 12776 PtCo/N-doped carbon sheets derived from a simple pyrolysis of graphene oxide/ZIF-67/H2PtCl6 composites as an efficient catalyst for methanol electro-oxidation
Lv YH, Li XW
12777 - 12786 Phase-separated Ce-Co-O catalysts for CO oxidation
Zhang RS, Wang JC, Zhu XH, Liu XY, Liu HY, Zhou Y, Dong SZ, La PQ, Yao JL, Liu BD
12787 - 12797 Cobalt nanoparticles embedded nitrogen doped carbon, preparation from alkali deprotonation assisted ZIF-67 and its electrocatalytic performance in oxygen evolution reaction
Chang JL, Wang YF, Chen LM, Wu DP, Xu F, Bai ZY, Jiang K, Gao ZY
12798 - 12814 Synthesis gas conversion over Cu and Ca modified model Mo6S8 catalysts: A systematic theoretical investigation
Guo L, Han Y, Guo SB
12815 - 12821 High electrocatalytic activity and stability of PtAg supported on rutile TiO2 for methanol oxidation
Wu JL, Xu MM, Lei SS, Jin CC
12822 - 12834 An in situ FTIR-DRIFTS study on CDRM over Co-Ce/ZrO2: Active surfaces and mechanistic features
Paksoy AI, Caglayan BS, Aksoylu AE
12835 - 12848 Controlling the rate of change of Ni dispersion in commercial catalyst by ALD overcoat during dry reforming of methane
Afzal S, Prakash AV, Littlewood P, Marks TJ, Weitz E, Stair PC, Elbashir NO
12849 - 12858 Synergistic catalysis of Pd-Ni(OH)(2) hybrid anchored on porous carbon for hydrogen evolution from the dehydrogenation of formic acid
Dong YQ, Chen Q, Qiu CQ, Ma XY, Wang Y, Sun T, Fan GY
12859 - 12873 Hydrogen production from instant noodle wastewater by organic electrocatalyst coated on PVC surface
Satrio NW, Winarto, Sugiono, Wardana ING
12874 - 12888 Simultaneous dehydrogenation of 1,4-butanediol to gamma-butyrolactone and hydrogenation of benzaldehyde to benzyl alcohol mediated over competent CeO2-Al2O3 supported Cu as catalyst
Bhanushali JT, Prasad D, Patil KN, Reddy KS, Rao KSR, Jadhav AH, Nagaraja BM
12889 - 12902 One-pot calcination preparation of graphene/g-C3N4-Co photocatalysts with enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity
Yang X, Tian Z, Chen YF, Huang H, Hu J
12903 - 12910 Nano-engineered directed growth of Mn3O4 quasi-nanocubes on N-doped polyhedrons: Efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
Najam T, Cai XK, Aslam MK, Tufail MK, Shah SSA
12911 - 12920 Effect of Ni content on CO2 methanation performance with tubular-structured Ni-YSZ catalysts and optimization of catalytic activity for temperature management in the reactor
Kosaka F, Yamaguchi T, Ando Y, Mochizuki T, Takagi H, Matsuoka K, Fujishiro Y, Kuramoto K
12921 - 12931 Supply system of cryo-compressed hydrogen for fuel cell stacks on heavy duty trucks
Xu Z, Yan Y, Wei W, Sun DK, Ni ZH
12932 - 12939 Ultra-high capacity hydrogen storage of B6Be2 and B8Be2 clusters
Wang YJ, Xu L, Qiao LH, Ren J, Hou XR, Miao CQ
12940 - 12948 Reversible hydrogen adsorption in Li functionalized [1,1]paracyclophane
Sathe RY, Kumar TJD
12949 - 12960 Fabrication of ball-milled MgO-Mg(OH)(2)-hydromagnesite composites and evaluation as an air-stable hydrogen storage material
Martinez-Garcia A, Navarro-Mtz AK, Reguera E, Valera-Zaragoza M, Morales-Serna JA, Juarez-Arellano EA
12961 - 12971 Hydrogen storage in magnesium decorated boron clusters (Mg2Bn, n=4-14): A density functional theory study
Kumar A, Vyas N, Ojha AK
12972 - 12981 Two/three-dimensional reduced graphene oxide coating for porous flow distributor in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell
Lee GW, Shim GH, Kim JM, Seol C, Kim JH, Kim SM, Ahn HS
12982 - 12996 Structural and catalytic properties of ceria layers doped with transition metals for SOFCs fueled by biogas
Holowko B, Blaszczak P, Chlipala M, Gazda M, Wang SF, Jasinski P, Bochentyn B
12997 - 13008 Optimization of the electrical performances in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells with room temperature sputter deposited Gd(0.1)ce(0.9)o(1.95) buffer layers by controlling their granularity via the in-air annealing step
Coppola N, Polverino P, Carapella G, Sacco C, Galdi A, Montinaro D, Maritato L, Pianese C
13009 - 13024 Frequency control and sensitivity analysis of an isolated microgrid incorporating fuel cell and diverse distributed energy sources
Mandal R, Chatterjee K
13025 - 13034 Effects of polystyrene sulfonate/graphene and Mn3O4/graphene on property of aluminum(zinc)-air batteries
Ma JL, Zhang Y, Qin CH, Ren FZ, Wang GX
13035 - 13044 Magnetic field coupling microfluidic synthesis of Fe2Pt/C nanocatalysts for enhanced electrochemical catalytic oxidation of alcohol
Wang JM, Song YJ
13045 - 13054 Experimental analysis of performance degradation of 3-cell PEMFC stack under dynamic load cycle
Han J, Han J, Yu S
13055 - 13067 LCL filter design and robust converter side current feedback control for grid-connected Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell system
Rasekh N, Hosseinpour M
13068 - 13079 Facile self-crosslinking to improve mechanical and durability of polynorbornene for alkaline anion exchange membranes
Huang SM, He XH, Cheng CW, Zhang F, Guo Y, Chen DF
13080 - 13089 Layered NiFe-LDH/MXene nanocomposite electrode for high-performance supercapacitor
Zhou H, Wu F, Fang L, Hu J, Luo HJ, Guan T, Hu BS, Zhou M
13090 - 13100 Bis-imidazolium functionalized self-crosslinking block polynorbornene anion exchange membrane
Zhang F, He XH, Cheng CW, Huang SM, Duan YP, Zhu CY, Guo Y, Wang K, Chen DF
13101 - 13107 An experimental investigation of the feasibility of Pb based bipolar plate material for unitized regenerative fuel cells system
Sadhasivam T, Ajeya KV, Kim YA, Jung HY
13108 - 13118 Analysis of combustion instability of hydrogen fueled scramjet combustor on high-speed OH-PLIF measurements and dynamic mode decomposition
Peng JB, Cao Z, Yu X, Yang SH, Yu Y, Ren HY, Ma YF, Zhang SP, Chen S, Zhao YH
13119 - 13128 An experimental investigation of the impact of added HHO gas on automotive emissions under idle conditions
Jaklinski P, Czarnigowski J