International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.45, No.20 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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11395 - 11408 Green hydrogen as feedstock: Financial analysis of a photovoltaic-powered electrolysis plant
Nicita A, Maggio G, Andaloro APF, Squadrito G
11409 - 11423 Charging Chinese future: the roadmap of China's policy for new energy automotive industry
11424 - 11437 Exergy analysis for the Na-O-H (sodium-oxygen-hydrogen) thermochemical water splitting cycle
Marques JGO, Costa AL, Pereira C
11438 - 11448 Numerical and experimental study on hydrogen production via dimethyl ether steam reforming
Zhang TQ, Choi B, Kim YB
11449 - 11459 New low cost mesoporous silica (MSN) as a promising support of Ni-catalysts for high-hydrogen generation via dry reforming of methane (DRM)
Mourhly A, Kacimi M, Halim M, Arsalane S
11460 - 11470 Technico-economic analysis of off grid solar PV/Fuel cell energy system for residential community in desert region
Ghenai C, Salameh T, Merabet A
11471 - 11483 Techno-economic analysis for rustic electrification in Egypt using multi-source renewable energy based on PV/ wind/ FC
Samy MM, Barakat S, Ramadan HS
11484 - 11491 Triple hybrid system coupling fuel cell with wind turbine and thermal solar system
Haddad A, Ramadan M, Khaled M, Ramadan HS, Becherif M
11492 - 11501 Electrodeposited Cr-Doped alpha-Fe2O3 thin films active for photoelectrochemical water splitting
Bouhjar F, Derbali L, Mari B, Bessais B
11502 - 11511 MoS2-mesoporous LaFeO3 hybrid photocatalyst: Highly efficient visible-light driven photocatalyst
Acharya S, Swain G, Parida KM
11512 - 11526 Comparative study of hydrogen production from steam reforming of acetic acid over synthesized catalysts via MOF and wet impregnation methods
Kumar A, Sinha ASK
11527 - 11537 Optimal sizing of wind-hydrogen system considering hydrogen demand and trading modes
Deng ZH, Jiang YW
11538 - 11549 Anaerobic co-digestion of petroleum hydrocarbon waste and wastewater treatment sludge
Janajreh I, Alshehi A, Elagroudy S
11550 - 11558 Mathematical modeling of the anaerobic digestion in two-stage system with production of hydrogen and methane including three intermediate products
Chorukova E, Simeonov I
11559 - 11568 Assessment of laminar flame velocity of producer gas from biomass gasification using the Bunsen burner method
Andrade RV, Castaneda LAC, Maya DMY, Correa PSPC, Pinto LRME, Lora EES, Oliveira CAVBD, Pinto BA
11569 - 11576 Characteristics of methane and bioflocculant production by Methanosarcina spelaei RK-23
Zhao HJ, Zheng YL, Zhou S, Liu L, Zhou JG, Sun S
11577 - 11592 Production of hydrogen-rich syngas from novel processes for gasification of petroleum cokes and coals
Al-Zareer M, Dincer I, Rosen MA
11593 - 11604 Hydrogen-rich syngas production and carbon dioxide formation using aqueous urea solution in biogas steam reforming by thermodynamic analysis
Lin KW, Wu HW
11605 - 11614 Catalytic deoxygenation of triolein to green fuel over mesoporous TiO2 aided by in situ hydrogen production
Oi LE, Choo MY, Lee HV, Taufiq-Yap YH, Cheng CK, Juan JC
11615 - 11624 InP/TiO2 heterojunction for photoelectrochemical water splitting under visible-light
Niu M, Cao DP, Sui KY, Liu CZ
11625 - 11631 First hydrogenation kinetics of Zr and Mn doped TiFe alloy after air exposure and reactivation by mechanical treatment
Manna J, Tougas B, Huot J
11632 - 11640 Thermodynamic and microstructural basis for the fast hydrogenation kinetics in Mg-Mg2Ni-carbon hybrids
Gupta A, Faisal M, Shervani S, Balani K, Subramaniam A
11641 - 11650 La(OH)(3)-decorated NiFe nanoparticles as efficient catalyst for hydrogen evolution from hydrous hydrazine and hydrazine borane
Zou HT, Guo F, Luo MH, Yao QL, Lu ZH
11651 - 11661 Fly ash as catalyst support material in the hydrolysis of ethylenediamine bisborane for hydrogen production: The use of coal-fired power plant waste
Onder A, Ozay O
11662 - 11674 Effects of stress and defects on hydrogenation and magnetic properties in (111) fiber-textured palladium cobalt alloy films
Harumoto T, Shi J, Nakamura Y
11675 - 11685 Preparation and electrochemical hydrogen storage properties of Ti49Zr26Ni25 alloy covered with porous polyaniline
Liu H, Liu WQ, Sun Y, Chen P, Zhao JX, Guo X, Su ZM
11686 - 11694 Thermodynamic and corrosion study of Sm1-xMgxNiy (y=3.5 or 3.8) compounds forming reversible hydrides
Charbonnier V, Madern N, Monnier J, Zhang J, Paul-Boncour V, Latroche M
11695 - 11703 Control of solid oxide fuel cells damage using infrared thermography
El-Amiri A, Saifi A, Elhassnaoui A, Obbadi A, Errami Y, Sahnoun S
11704 - 11713 Innovative cathode flow-field design for passive air-cooled polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cell stacks
Lee J, Gundu MH, Lee N, Lim K, Lee SW, Jang SS, Kim JY, Ju H
11714 - 11732 Numerical study for diagnosing various malfunctioning modes in PEM fuel cell systems
Chinannai MF, Lee J, Ju H
11733 - 11748 Effect of PEM fuel cell exhaust water conductivity on catalyst degradation using thermal degradation resistant polymer membranes
Burye TE
11749 - 11760 Deposition of nanostructured LSM perovskite thin film on dense YSZ substrate by airbrushed solution combustion (ASC) for application in SOFC cathodes
Tarrago DP, Moreno B, Chinarro E, Malfatti CD, de Sousa VC
11761 - 11772 Aging prognosis model of proton exchange membrane fuel cell in different operating conditions
Chen K, Laghrouche S, Djerdir A
11773 - 11783 Thermally crosslinked and quaternized polybenzimidazole ionomer binders for solid alkaline fuel cells
Shin MS, Lim S, Park JH, Kim HJ, Chae S, Park JS
11784 - 11790 Influence of anode's microstructure on electrochemical performance of solid oxide direct carbon fuel cells
Liu C, Pu JG, Chen X, Ma Z, Ding X, Zhou J, Wang SR
11791 - 11801 Novel in-situ MgO nano-layer decorated carbon-tolerant anode for solid oxide fuel cells
Xie Y, Shi N, Hu XY, Liu MQ, Yang Y, Huan DM, Pan Y, Peng RR, Xia CR
11802 - 11813 Effect of Fe, Ni and Zn dopants in La0.9Sr0.1CoO3 on the electrochemical performance of single-component solid oxide fuel cell
Li P, Yang QY, Zhang H, Yao MX, Yan F, Fu D
11814 - 11823 Synthesizing spindle-shaped anion exchange membranes to improve conductivity and stability
Du XM, Zhang HY, Yuan YJ, Wang Z, Xu JM
11824 - 11833 A novel core-shell LSCF perovskite structured electrocatalyst with local hetero-interface for solid oxide fuel cells
Wang L, Wang PP, Geng CL, Cao H, Xu CX, Cheng JG, Hong T
11834 - 11841 Enhanced reliability of planar-type solid oxide fuel cell stack incorporating leakage gas induction channels
Kim S, Jang I, Kim C, Lee H, Song T, Yoon H, Paik U
11842 - 11854 Overall efficiency comparison between the fueling methods of SAEJ2601 using dynamic simulations
Chochlidakis CG, Rothuizen ED
11855 - 11865 Preliminary hazard identification for risk assessment on a complex system for hydrogen production
Hadef H, Negrou B, Ayuso TG, Djebabra M, Ramadan M
11866 - 11874 The influence of a crimped-ribbon plate on gaseous explosion characteristics in a closed vessel
Liu R, Wang LQ, Pan J, Ma HH, Shen ZW
11875 - 11884 Olfactory appraisal of odorants for 100% hydrogen networks
Mouli-Castillo J, Bartlett S, Murugan A, Badham P, Wrynne A, Haszeldine S, Wheeldon M, McIntosh A
11885 - 11887 Conference report-8th international conference on hydrogen and fuel cells during 8th-10th December 2019 at Hotel Ramada Juhu Mumbai, India
Sharma A
11888 - 11888 Improved hydrogen storage properties of TiFe alloy by doping (Zr+2V) additive and using mechanical deformation (vol 44, pg 27843, 2019)
Lv P, Liu ZC, Dixit V, Huot J