International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.45, No.19 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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10979 - 10990 Comparative study on pyrolysis characteristics and kinetics of oleaginous yeast and algae
Yu DY, Hu S, Wang L, Chen QC, Dong NH
10991 - 10999 Effect of back-diffusion on the performance of an electrochemical hydrogen compressor
Chouhan A, Bahar B, Prasad AK
11000 - 11010 Comparative evaluation of the mesophilic and thermophilic biohydrogen production at optimized conditions using tequila vinasses as substrate
Toledo-Cervantes A, Villafan-Carranza F, Arreola-Vargas J, Razo-Flores E, Mendez-Acosta HO
11011 - 11023 Biogas sequestration from the headspace of a fermentative system enhances hydrogen production rate and yield
Ferraz ADN, Pages C, Latrille E, Bernet N, Zaiat M, Trably E
11024 - 11034 Experimental investigation on hydrogen production by methanol steam reforming in a novel multichannel micro packed bed reformer
Zhuang XR, Xia X, Xu XH, Li L
11035 - 11039 Improved photo-electrochemical properties of strained SnO2
Kerrami Z, Sibari A, Mounkachi O, Benyoussef A, Benaissa M
11040 - 11051 Investigation of mixed molybdates of cobalt and nickel for use as electrode materials in alkaline solution
Kumari N, Srirapu VKVP, Kumar A, Singh RN
11052 - 11061 Reduced CoFe2O4/graphene composite with rich oxygen vacancies as a high efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction
Ma YD, Zhang H, Xia J, Pan ZR, Wang XF, Zhu GX, Zheng B, Liu GX, Lang LM
11062 - 11076 Upgrading of cyclohexanone to hydrocarbons by hydrodeoxygenation over nickel-molybdenum catalysts
Bakhtyari A, Sakhayi A, Rahimpour MR, Raeissi S
11077 - 11088 Tetra-carboxylic acid based metal-organic framework as a high-performance bifunctional electrocatalyst for HER and OER
Qiu Q, Wang T, Jing LH, Huang K, Qin DB
11089 - 11096 Palladium nanoparticles supported by three-dimensional freestanding electrodes for high-performance methanol electro-oxidation
Wang J, Sun HB, Shah SA, Liu C, Zhang GY, Li Z, Zhang QF, Han M
11097 - 11107 Hydrogen production from aqueous triethanolamine solution using Eosin Y-sensitized ZnO photocatalyst doped with platinum
Popugaeva D, Tian TF, Ray AK
11108 - 11115 Identification of active sites in CO2 activation on MgO supported Ni cluster
Niu JT, Ran JY, Qi WJ, Ou ZL, He W
11116 - 11126 Nickel phosphate modified carbon supported Pd catalyst for enhanced alcohol electro oxidation
Kottayintavida R, Gopalan NK
11127 - 11137 Facile galvanic replacement method for porous Pd@Pt nanoparticles as an efficient HER electrocatalyst
Jebaslinhepzybai BT, Prabu N, Sasidharan M
11138 - 11147 Vermicular Ni3S2-Ni(OH)(2) heterostructure supported on nickel foam as efficient electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction in alkaline solution
Zhou Y, Yang XG, Xi SQ, He B, Song YP
11148 - 11157 Comb-shaped fluorene-based poly(arylene ether sulfone nitrile) as anion exchange membrane
Lai AN, Wang Z, Yin Q, Zhu RY, Hu PC, Zheng JW, Zhou SF
11158 - 11166 The hydrogen storage properties of Mg-intermetallic-hydrides by ab initio calculations and kinetic Monte Carlo simulations
Abdellaoui M, Lakhal M, Benzidi H, Mounkachi O, Benyoussef A, El Kenz A, Loulidi M
11167 - 11175 New titanium (III) phosphite structure and its application as anode for lithium ion batteries
Lallaoui A, Edfouf Z, Benabdallah O, Idrissi S, Abd-Lefdil M, El Moursli FC
11176 - 11189 A theoretical first principles computational investigation into the potential of aluminum-doped boron nitride nanotubes for hydrogen storage
Noura M, Rahdar A, Taimoory SM, Hayward JJ, Sadraei SI, Trant JF
11190 - 11198 Crystal structure of nanocrystalline Pr5Co19 compound and its hydrogen storage properties
Bouzidi W, Patout L, Charai A, Mliki N, Bessais L
11199 - 11210 Comparison of mode-I crack propagation of tube subjected to internal hydrogen static and detonation loading
Du Y, Zhou F, Zheng LB, Hu W, Liao BB, Ma L, Zheng JY
11211 - 11219 Technical feasibility assessment of a PEM fuel cell refrigerator system
Abderezzak B, Rekioua D, Binns R, Busawon K, Hinaje M, Douine B, Guilbert D
11220 - 11232 Fuzzy observer-based fault tolerant control against sensor faults for proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Kamal E, Aitouche A
11233 - 11241 Fault detection of a PEMFC system based on delayed LPV observer
Bougatef Z, Abdelkrim N, Aitouche A, Abdelkrim MN
11242 - 11254 Model-based aging tolerant control with power loss prediction of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell
Bressel M, Hilairet M, Hissel D, Bouamama BO
11255 - 11266 Nonlinear control and optimization of hybrid electrical vehicle under sources limitation constraints
Benmouna A, Becherif M, Depernet D, Depature C, Boulon L
11267 - 11275 Sensor fault estimation of PEM fuel cells using Takagi Sugeno fuzzy model
Li SZ, Aitouche A, Wang HP, Christov N
11276 - 11286 Performance improvement of centrifugal compressors for fuel cell vehicles using the aerodynamic optimization and data mining methods
Zhang YM, Xu SC, Wan Y
11287 - 11296 Enhanced methane electrooxidation by ceria and nickel oxide impregnated perovskite anodes in solid oxide fuel cells
Shahid M, He C, Sankarasubramanian S, Ramani V, Basu S
11297 - 11308 Evaluation of a variable flow ejector for anode gas circulation in a 50-kW class SOFC
Baba S, Ohguri N, Suzuki Y, Murakami K
11309 - 11320 Performance enhancement of energy extraction capability for fuel cell implementations with improved Cuckoo search algorithm
Inci M, Caliskan A
11321 - 11329 Interrelations between sulfur, iron, nitrogen, pore and graphite matrix for oxygen reduction reaction
Yan ZX, Kesse I, Dai CJ, Gao ZH, Wei W, Xie JM, Xie BS
11330 - 11340 Direct electricity production from Microalgae Choricystis sp. and investigation of the boron to enhance the electrogenic activity
Cevik E, Tombuloglu H, Anil I, Senel M, Sabit H, AbdulAzeez S, Borgio JF, Barghouthi M
11341 - 11349 Influence of hydrogen equivalence ratios on supersonic combustion based on large eddy simulations
Liu B, Xu JC, Qin F, He GQ, Zhang D, Shi L
11350 - 11367 Study on effect of hydrogen addition on extinction dynamics of dimethyl ether spherical diffusion flame
Zhang PY, Kang YH, Huang XM, Peng SN
11368 - 11379 Assessment of the combustion performance of a room furnace operating on pipeline natural gas mixed with simulated biogas or hydrogen
Zhao Y, McDonell V, Samuelsen S
11380 - 11393 Supported mesoporous Cu/CeO2-delta catalyst for CO2 reverse water-gas shift reaction to syngas
Zhou GL, Xie FQ, Deng LD, Zhang GZ, Xie HM