International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.45, No.16 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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9279 - 9284 Hydrogen production and carbon sequestration by steam methane reforming and fracking with carbon dioxide
Andrews JW
9285 - 9292 Assessment of the FAA3-50 polymer electrolyte in combination with a NiMn2O4 anode catalyst for anion exchange membrane water electrolysis
Carbone A, Zignani SC, Gatto I, Trocino S, Arico AS
9293 - 9304 A photovoltaic powered electrolysis converter system with maximum power point tracking control
Sahin ME
9305 - 9316 Experimental dynamic dispatch of a 60 kW proton exchange membrane electrolyzer in power-to-gas application
Stansberry JM, Brouwer J
9317 - 9327 Optically active polymer nanocomposite composed of polyaniline, polyacrylonitrile and green-synthesized graphene quantum dot for supercapacitor application
Arthisree D, Madhuri W
9328 - 9341 Fabrication, photoelectrochemical and electrocatalytic activity of 1D linear Co(II) and Fe(III) TPP-based coordination compounds
Li XH, Zhang YZ, Wang WX, Meng JJ, Li K, Peng ZQ, Wan JM
9342 - 9352 Enhanced low temperature catalytic activity of Ni/Al-Ce0.8Zr0.2O2 for hydrogen production from ammonia decomposition
Sima D, Wu HJ, Tian K, Xie SJ, Foo JJ, Li SR, Wang D, Ye YY, Zheng ZF, Liu YQ
9353 - 9367 Concept design of a novel reformer producing hydrogen for internal combustion engines using fuel decomposition method: Performance evaluation of coated monolith suitable for on-board applications
Kim H, Song S
9368 - 9379 Co-NiFe layered double hydroxide nanosheets as an efficient electrocatalyst for the electrochemical evolution of oxygen
Si S, Hu HS, Liu RJ, Xu ZX, Wang CB, Feng YY
9380 - 9385 Novel, large area scalable polycrystalline Zn1-xCoxO films RF sputtered from a single mixed target for electrochemical water oxidation
Pfrommer J, Steigert A, Goebel C, Lauermann I, Calvet W, Klenk R, Mikhailov S, Azarpira A, Selve S, Lublow M, Schedel-Niedrig T, Driess M
9386 - 9396 TiO2-Based homojunction photo-electrode for solar-driven water splitting
Sheppard LR, Wuhrer R
9397 - 9407 Highly exposed (001) facets Ni(OH)(2) induced formation of nickle phosphide over cadmium sulfide nanorods for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Yuan XJ, Shen DY, Zhang Q, Yang GX, Zhang BQ, Li YH, Zuo JL, Peng F
9408 - 9415 Enhanced photoelectrochemical performance of an alpha-Fe2O3 nanorods photoanode with embedded nanocavities formed by helium ions implantation
Wu HY, Wu L, Shen SH, Liu YC, Cai GX, Wang XN, Qiu YH, Zhong HZ, Xing Z, Tang J, Dai ZQ, Jiang CZ, Ren F
9416 - 9427 A novel photovoltaic maximum power point tracking technique based on grasshopper optimized fuzzy logic approach
Bhukya L, Nandiraju S
9428 - 9439 Effect of in-situ and ex-situ injection of steam on staged-gasification for hydrogen production
Huo XD, Xiao J, Ye JD
9440 - 9450 Sorption-enhanced reaction process for glycerol-to-hydrogen conversion over cobalt catalyst supported on promoted hydrotalcites
Ghungrud SA, Vaidya PD
9451 - 9458 Strong pH dependence of hydrogen production from glucose by Rhodobacter sphaeroides
Hu J, Yang HH, Wang XQ, Cao W, Guo LJ
9459 - 9468 Effects of voltage supply on the methane production rates and pathways in an anaerobic digestion reactor using different electron donors
Park JG, Heo TY, Kwon HJ, Shi WQ, Jun HB
9469 - 9483 Evolution of methane and hydrogen from ethanol wastewater with maximization of energy yield by three-stage anaerobic sequencing batch reactor system
Intanoo P, Watcharanurak T, Chavadej S
9484 - 9495 Synthesis of cubic and hexagonal ZnTiO3 as catalyst support in steam reforming of methanol: Study of physical and chemical properties of copper catalysts on the H-2 and CO selectivity and coke formation
Tahay P, Khani Y, Jabari M, Bahadoran F, Safari N, Zamanian A
9496 - 9503 Unsteady seepage solutions for hydraulic fracturing around vertical wellbores in hydrocarbon reservoirs
Wu Y, Huang Z, Zhao K, Zeng W, Gu QX, Zhang R
9504 - 9511 Catalytic supercritical water gasification mechanism of coal
Ge ZW, Guo LJ, Jin H
9512 - 9521 An efficient metal-free bifunctional oxygen electrocatalyst of carbon co-doped with fluorine and nitrogen atoms for rechargeable Zn-air battery
Zhu P, Gao JX, Chen XW, Liu S
9522 - 9534 Favored hydrogenation of linear carbon monoxide over cobalt loaded on fibrous silica KCC-1
Fatah NAA, Jalil AA, Triwahyono S, Yusof N, Mamat CR, Izan SM, Hamid MYS, Hussain I, Adnan RH, Abdullah TAT, Nabgan W
9535 - 9545 Tunably fabricated nanotremella-like Bi2S3/MoS2: An excellent and highly stable electrocatalyst for alkaline hydrogen evolution reaction
Zhou LH, Yang TT, Chen SX, Gao J, Wang XJ, He P, Lei H, Yang DM, Dong FQ, Jia LP, Jia B, Zhang H
9546 - 9554 Hierarchical Ni-BDC coated FeOOH nanosheets: A coordination tuning synergistic electrocatalyst with enhanced activity for water oxidation
Yang XD, Xu B, Zhang ST, Zhao ZH, Sun YQ, Liu GN, Liu QS, Li CC
9555 - 9563 Enhancing of nitrogen reduction reaction to ammonia through CoB4-embedded graphene: Theoretical investigation
Liu J, Liang TX, Wang F, Lai WS, Liu YJ
9564 - 9574 Graphene reduction of P25 titania: Ti3+- doped titania/graphene nanohybrids for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production
Rajeena U, Akbar M, Raveendran P, Ramakrishnan RM
9575 - 9582 RuO2/Co3O4 Nanocubes based on Ru ions impregnation into prussian blue precursor for oxygen evolution
Guo BY, Zhang XY, Ma X, Chen TS, Chen Y, Wen ML, Qin JF, Nan J, Chai YM, Dong B
9583 - 9591 Preparation of ultrathin molybdenum disulfide dispersed on graphene via cobalt doping: A bifunctional catalyst for hydrogen and oxygen evolution reaction
Ma JW, Cai A, Guan XL, Li K, Peng WC, Fan XB, Zhang GL, Zhang FB, Li Y
9592 - 9602 Methanol steam reforming for hydrogen production over ternary composite ZnyCe1Zr9Ox catalysts
Song QL, Men Y, Wang JG, Liu S, Chai SS, An W, Wang K, Li YY, Tang YH
9603 - 9611 Self-terminated electrodeposition of platinum on titanium nitride for methanol oxidation reaction in acidic electrolyte
Byun J, Ahn SH, Kim JJ
9612 - 9623 Concentrated solar photocatalysis for hydrogen generation from water by titania-containing gold nanoparticles
Xing XL, Tang SL, Hong H, Jin HG
9624 - 9634 Facile synthesis of PdAu/C by cold plasma for efficient dehydrogenation of formic acid
Zhang JS, Wang HY, Zhao Q, Di LB, Zhang XL
9635 - 9647 Carbon membrane bridged ZnSe and TiO2 nanotube arrays: Fabrication and promising application in photoelectrochemical water splitting
Liu EZ, Zhang XZ, Xue P, Fan J, Hu XY
9648 - 9657 The optimization of Nb loading amount over Cu-Nb-CeO(2 )catalysts for hydrogen production via the low-temperature water gas shift reaction
Jeong CH, Byeon HJ, Jang WJ, Jeon KW, Jeong DW
9658 - 9668 Electrocatalysis by design: Enhanced electrooxidation of glycerol at NiOx nanoparticle modified 3D porous carbon felts
Ghaith ME, El-Nagar GA, Abd El-Moghny MG, Alalawy HH, El-Shakre ME, El-Deab MS
9669 - 9682 Sugarcane vinasse-derived nanoporous N-S-doped carbon material decorated with Co: A new and efficient multifunctional electrocatalyst
Cazetta AL, Spessato L, Melo SAR, Bedin KC, Zhang T, Asefa T, Silva TL, Almeida VC
9683 - 9694 In situ preparation of graphitic carbon nitride bonded with cyano groups for enhanced photocatalytic activity
Li KQ, Jiang YQ, Li YD, Wang Z, Liu X, Wang P, Xia DB, Fan RQ, Lin KF, Yang YL
9695 - 9709 Optimization of content of components over activated carbon catalyst on CO2 reforming of methane using multi-response surface methodology
Li S, Qin XW, Zhang GJ, Xu Y, Lv YK
9710 - 9722 Insight into efficient bifunctional catalysis: Oxygen reduction and oxygen evolution reactions using MWCNTs based composites with 5,10,15,20-tetrakis(3 ',5 '-dimethoxyphenyl) porphyrinato cobalt(II) and 5,10,15,20-tetrakis(3 ',5 '-dihydroxyphenyl)porphyrinato cobalt(II)
Yadav M, Sonkar PK, Prakash K, Ganesan V, Sankar M, Yadav DK, Gupta R
9723 - 9732 Rational modulating electronegativity of substituents in amorphous metal-organic frameworks for water oxidation catalysis
Pan SJ, Kong XB, Zhang QX, Xu QJ, Wang MJ, Wei CC, Zhao Y, Zhang XD
9733 - 9743 Hydrogen production from sodium borohydride by ZnCl2 treated defatted spent coffee ground catalyst
Bekirogullari M
9744 - 9757 Fast in-situ photodeposition of Ag and Cu nanoparticles onto AgTaO3 perovskite for an enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen generation
Carrasco-Jaim OA, Huerta-Flores AM, Torres-Martinez LM, Moctezuma E
9758 - 9772 Ethanol electro-oxidation and spectroelectrochemical analysis of highly active sub < 10 nm PdFe2O3, PdPt and PdAu bimetallic nanoparticles
Velazquez-Hernandez I, Lair V, Cassir M, Arriaga LG, Alvarez-Contreras L, Guerra-Balcazar M, Arjona N
9773 - 9782 Cu-MoS2/rGO hybrid material for enhanced hydrogen evolution reaction performance
Wang KC, Zhan ZX, Lei T, Yin P
9783 - 9794 Novel LaNi intercalated Egyptian bentonite clay for direct conversion of methane using CO2 as soft oxidant
El-Hafiz DRA, El-Temtamy SA, Ebiad MA, El-Salamony RA, Ghoniem SA, El Naggar AMA, Gendy TS
9795 - 9802 Sewage sludge-derived Fe- and N-containing porous carbon as efficient support for Pt catalyst with superior activity towards methanol electrooxidation
Peng K, Bhuvanendran N, Ravichandran S, Xu ZX, Zhang WQ, Ma Q, Xu Q, Khotseng L, Su HN
9803 - 9810 Robust proton exchange membrane for vanadium redox flow batteries reinforced by silica-encapsulated nanocellulose
Zhang Y, Zhong YG, Bian WJ, Liao WN, Zhou XJ, Jiang FJ
9811 - 9820 Combining electrochemical hydrogen separation and temperature vacuum swing adsorption for the separation of N-2, H-2 and CO2
Ohs B, Abduly L, Krodel M, Wessling M
9821 - 9835 Hydrogen separation from mixed gas (H-2, N-2) using Pd/Al2O3 membrane under forced unsteady state operations
Budhi YW, Suganda W, Irawan HK, Restiawaty E, Miyamoto M, Uemiya S, Nishiyama N, van Sint Annaland M
9836 - 9844 High-pressure hydrogen storage performances of ZrFe2 based alloys with Mn, Ti, and V addition
Qin CS, Zhou C, Ouyang LZ, Liu JW, Zhu M, Sun T, Wang H
9845 - 9853 Cobalt-copper-boron nanoparticles as catalysts for the efficient hydrolysis of alkaline sodium borohydride solution(e)
Wang Y, Zou KL, Zhang D, Cao ZQ, Zhang K, Xie Y, Zhou G, Li GD, Bai SC
9854 - 9864 Interactions between hydrogen and the (11(2)over-bar1) twin boundary in hexagonal close-packed titanium
Jia YP, Hu SL, Zhou XS, Peng SM
9865 - 9876 Composition dependent hydrogen storage performance and desorption factors of Mg-Ce based alloys
Xie LS, Xu M, Zhang C, Wu T
9877 - 9891 First-principles investigation on the role of interstitial site preference on the hydrogen-induced disproportionation of ZrCo and its doped alloys
Zhang K, Wang F, Zeng XG, Zhang BJ, Kou HQ
9892 - 9902 Ruthenium nanoparticles supported in the network of HES-p(AMPS) IPN hydrogel as efficient catalyst for hydrogen production from the hydrolysis of ethylenediamine bisborane
Ozay H, Ilgin P, Sezginturk MK, Ozay O
9903 - 9913 High-performance mesoporous (AlN/Al2O3) for enhanced NH3 yield during chemical looping ammonia generation technology
Zhang Q, Wu Y, Gao Y, Chen XP, Liu D, Fan MH
9914 - 9926 Extraction of hydrogen from a lean mixture with methane by metal hydride
Dunikov D, Blinov D
9927 - 9935 Diammonium tetraborate dihydrate as hydrolytic by-product of ammonia borane in aqueous alkaline conditions
Valero-Pedraza MJ, Alligier D, Petit E, Cot D, Granier D, Adil K, Yot PG, Demirci UB
9936 - 9945 Hydrogen storage capacity of low-lying isomer of C-24 functionalized with Ti
Sathe RY, Bae H, Lee H, Kumar TJD
9946 - 9958 Origin of the structural diversity of the alkaline metal borohydride MBH4 (M = Li, Na, K, Rb and Cs): Insights from first-principles calculations
Zhao QF, Song Q, Zhu HY, Zhang ZY, Jiang ZY, Zhou B
9959 - 9968 Helium and hydrogen interaction in tungsten simultaneously irradiated by He+-H-2(+) at high temperature
Zhou QL, Togari A, Nakata M, Zhao MZ, Sun F, Yajima M, Tokitani M, Masuzaki S, Yoshida N, Hara M, Hatano Y, Oya Y
9969 - 9978 Facile controlled synthesis of coral-like nanostructured Sb2O3@Sb anode materials for high performance sodium-ion batteries
Ye JJ, Xia G, Zheng ZQ, Hu C
9979 - 9988 Crosslinked carbon nanodots with highly sulfonated polyphenylsulfone as proton exchange membrane for fuel cell applications
Nor NAM, Nakao H, Jaafar J, Kim JD
9989 - 9999 Polymer electrolyte membrane with magnetic nanoparticles containing benzimidazole terminals: An approach to induce proton transfer species on membrane surface
Pokprasert A, Chirachanchai S
10000 - 10016 Dense Y-doped ion conducting perovskite films of BaZrO3, BaSnO3, and BaCeO3 for SOFC applications produced by powder aerosol deposition at room temperature
Exner J, Nazarenus T, Kita J, Moos R
10017 - 10029 An effective strategy to enhance the performance of the proton exchange membranes based on sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone)s
Haragirimana A, Ingabire PB, Liu Y, Li N, Hu ZX, Chen SW
10030 - 10038 Interface engineering towards low temperature in-situ densification of SOFC
Wei LL, Dong WJ, Yuan MH, Xia C, Xiao ZW, Hu ML, Wang BY, Wang XY, Zhu B
10039 - 10049 Performance of anodic recirculation by a variable flow ejector for a solid oxide fuel cell system under partial loads
Baba S, Takahashi S, Kobayashi N, Hirano S
10050 - 10058 Investigation on electrochemical behavior and surface conductivity of titanium carbide modified Ti bipolar plate of PEMFC
Shi JF, Zhang PC, Han YT, Wang HY, Wang XY, Yu YS, Sun JC
10059 - 10069 Photovoltaic cells parameters extraction using variables reduction and improved shark optimization technique
Chen SS, Farkoush SG, Leto S
10070 - 10088 Capacity optimization of grid connected solar/fuel cell energy system using hybrid ABC-PSO algorithm
Singh S, Chauhan P, Singh N
10089 - 10103 4D in situ visualization of mechanical degradation evolution in reinforced fuel cell membranes
Ramani D, Singh Y, White RT, Wegener M, Orfino FP, Dutta M, Kjeang E
10104 - 10118 Extended compressible thermal cavitation model for the numerical simulation of cryogenic cavitating flow
Li XJ, Shen TJ, Li PC, Guo XM, Zhu ZC
10119 - 10129 Effect of helium xenon as working fluid on the compressor of power conversion unit of closed Brayton cycle HTGR power plant
Malik A, Zheng Q, Qureshi SR, Zaidi AA
10130 - 10144 Numerical characterization of 3D nonreacting supersonic cavity combustor with inlet Mach number variation
Mengistu YG, Mishra DP, Hariharan V
10145 - 10154 Effect of shock structure on stabilization and blow-off of hydrogen jet flames
Takeno K, Yamamoto S, Sakatsume R, Hirakawa S, Takeda H, Shentsov V, Makarov D, Molkov V
10155 - 10163 Effects of rectangular rib on exergy efficiency of a hydrogen-fueled micro combustor
Li QQ, Zuo W, Zhang YT, Li J, He Z
10164 - 10175 2Lower flammability limit of H-2/CO/air mixtures with N-2 and CO2 dilution at elevated temperatures
Shang RX, Li G, Wang Z, Wang Z
10176 - 10188 Experimental and numerical research on rotating detonation combustor under non-premixed conditions
Jin S, Qi L, Zhao NB, Zheng HT, Meng QY, Yang JL
10189 - 10198 Effect of welding process parameters on embrittlement of Grade P92 steel using Granjon implant testing of welded joints
Saini N, Mulik RS, Mahapatra MM
10199 - 10208 Effects of hydrogen influence on strained steel 1020
Mytsyk B, Ivanytsky Y, Hembara O, Kost Y, Shtayura S, Sakharuk O
10209 - 10218 Gaseous hydrogen embrittlement of a Ni-free austenitic stainless steel containing 1 mass% nitrogen: Effects of nitrogen-enhanced dislocation planarity
Koyama M, Habib K, Masumura T, Tsuchiyama T, Noguchi H
10219 - 10226 Insight into hydrostatic pressure effects on diffusible hydrogen content in wet welding joints using in-situ X-ray imaging method
Chen H, Guo N, Liu C, Zhang X, Xu CS, Wang GD
10227 - 10232 Effective hydrogen diffusion coefficient for CoCrFeMnNi high-entropy alloy and microstructural behaviors after hydrogen permeation
Lee J, Park C, Park H, Kang N
10233 - 10246 Ammonia storage materials for nitrogen recycling hydrogen and energy carriers
Kojima Y, Yamaguchi M
10247 - 10256 CFD prediction of hydrogen passive autocatalytic recombiner performance under counter-current flow conditions
Halouane Y, Dehbi A
10257 - 10267 The enhanced hydrogen-sensing performance of the Fe-doped MoO3 monolayer: A DFT study
Lei G, Wang Z, Xiong J, Yang SL, Xu HX, Lan ZG, Gu HS