International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.45, No.15 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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7981 - 8001 Methane decomposition to produce COx-free hydrogen and nano-carbon over metal catalysts: A review
Qian JX, Chen TW, Enakonda LR, Liu D, Mignani G, Basset JM, Zhou L
8002 - 8014 Well-to-wheels total energy and GHG emissions of HCNG heavy-duty vehicles in China: Case of EEV qualified EURO 5 emissions scenario
Gupta P, Tong D, Wang JS, Zhuge WL, Yan CF, Wu Y, Luo SJ, He XY, Ma FH
8015 - 8030 Manufacturing cost model for planar 5 kWel SOFC stacks at Forschungszentrum Julich
Harboe S, Schreiber A, Margaritis N, Blum L, Guillon O, Menzler NH
8031 - 8040 CoO/NF nanowires promote hydrogen and oxygen production for overall water splitting in alkaline media
Zhu SS, Lei JL, Zhang LN, He JX
8041 - 8051 Highly conductive proton-conducting electrolyte with a low sintering temperature for electrochemical ammonia synthesis
Lei Z, Jing JM, Pang J, Hu RY, Shi XT, Yang ZB, Peng SP
8052 - 8066 Analyses of hydrogen energy system as a grid management tool for the Hawaiian Isles
Virji M, Randolf G, Ewan M, Rocheleau R
8067 - 8081 Characterization of the hydroxy fueled compression ignition engine under dual fuel mode: Experimental and numerical simulation
Sharma PK, Sharma D, Soni SL, Jhalani A, Singh D, Sharma S
8082 - 8093 Influences of tungsten incorporation, morphology and calcination temperature on the electrocatalytic activity of Ni/C nanostructures toward urea elimination from wastewaters
Zaher A, El Rouby WMA, Barakat NAM
8094 - 8106 Influence of the porous transport layer properties on the mass and charge transfer in a segmented PEM electrolyzer
Parra-Restrepo J, Bligny R, Dillet J, Didierjean S, Stemmelen D, Moyne C, Degiovanni A, Maranzana G
8107 - 8117 Hydrogen generation by alcohol reforming in a tandem cell consisting of a coupled fuel cell and electrolyser
Zakaria K, Thimmappa R, Mamlouk M, Scott K
8118 - 8125 Spatially localized fabrication of uniform Rh nanoclusters on nanosheet-assembled hierarchical carbon architectures as excellent electrocatalysts for boosting alkaline hydrogen evolution
Hu M, Chen Q, Ding R, Wu J, Wang Y, Zhang Y, Fan GY
8126 - 8138 A rotating fluidized bed reactor for rapid temperature ramping in two-step thermochemical water splitting
Lee D, Jin H
8139 - 8150 Comparative studies on hierarchical flower like Cu2XSnS4[X= Zn, Ni, Mn & Co] quaternary semiconductor for electrocatalytic and photocatalytic applications
Sheebha I, Venugopal V, James J, Maheskumar V, Sakunthala A, Vidhya B
8151 - 8167 On H-2-O-2 oxidation in several bath gases
Sabia P, de Joannon M
8168 - 8176 CuO-NiO/Co3O4 hybrid nanoplates as highly active catalyst for ammonia borane hydrolysis
Liao JY, Feng YF, Lin WM, Su XL, Ji S, Li LL, Zhang WL, Pollet BG, Li H
8177 - 8185 Hydrogen formation using a synthetic heavier main-group bismuth-based electrocatalyst
Xiao WC, Tao YW, Luo GG
8186 - 8197 Dominant pseudocapacitive lithium storage in the carbon-coated ferric oxide nanoparticles (Fe2O3@C) towards anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Zhang ZY, Liang JS, Zhang X, Yang WF, Dong XL, Jung YG
8198 - 8222 Rational design and fabrication of surface tailored low dimensional Indium Gallium Nitride for photoelectrochemical water cleavage
Ganesh V, Pandikumar A, Alizadeh M, Kalidoss R, Baskar K
8223 - 8233 Ni supported on the CaO modified attapulgite as catalysts for hydrogen production from glycerol steam reforming
Feng P, Huang K, Xu Q, Qi W, Xin S, Wei T, Liao L, Yan Y
8234 - 8242 High-performance hydrogen evolution of NiB/ZnCdS under visible light irradiation
Song LM, Zhang SJ, Liu D, Sun SS, Wei JF
8243 - 8256 Decentralized coordination control of PV generators, storage battery, hydrogen production unit and fuel cell in islanded DC microgrid
Zhang Y, Wei W
8257 - 8272 Enhanced photoelectrochemical performance based on conformal and uniform ZnO/ZnSe/CdSe heterostructures on Zn foil substrate
Li CL, Wang YF, Chen SR, Zhang W, Wang Z, Hou ZY
8273 - 8281 CIS/CdS/ZnO/ZnO:Al modified photocathode for enhanced photoelectrochemical behavior under visible irradiation: Effects of pH and concentration of electrolyte solution
Esmaeili-Zare M, Behpour M
8282 - 8299 Thermodynamic analysis and optimization of an innovative geothermal-based organic Rankine cycle using zeotropic mixtures for power and hydrogen production
Han J, Wang X, Xu JJ, Yi N, Talesh SSA
8300 - 8309 Noble metal-free bimetallic NiCo decorated Zn0.5Cd0.5S solid solution for enhanced photocatalytic H-2 evolution under visible light
Li YJ, Zhang DW, Xi XM, Shen YJ, Chang SH, Zhu J, Chen YX, Jiang LX, Zhang J
8310 - 8328 Sustainable biohydrogen production by Chlorella sp. microalgae: A review
Jimenez-Llanos J, Ramirez-Carmona M, Rendon-Castrillon L, Ocampo-Lopez C
8329 - 8345 A review on evaluation of applied pretreatment methods of wastewater towards sustainable H-2 generation: Energy efficiency analysis
Sharmila VG, Banu JR, Kim SH, Kumar G
8346 - 8356 Numerical studies of sorption-enhanced glycerol steam reforming in a fluidized bed membrane reactor at low temperature
Yang XS, Wang S, Liu H, Liu GD, He YR
8357 - 8368 Direct production of hydrogen-enriched syngas by calcium-catalyzed steam gasification of Shengli lignite/chars: Structural evolution
Ban YP, Liu QS, Zhou HC, He RX, Zhi KD, Li N
8369 - 8384 Model for calculating the temperature and pressure within the fracture during supercritical carbon dioxide fracturing
Li XG, He YT, Huo M, Yang ZZ, Wang HZ, Song R
8385 - 8395 Fabrication of highly dispersed Pd nanoparticles supported on reduced graphene oxide for solid phase catalytic hydrogenation of 1,4-bis(phenylethynyl) benzene
Zhu WQ, Guo YK, Ma BJ, Yang XJ, Li YJ, Li PL, Zhou YL, Shuai MB
8396 - 8404 Pd modified Ni nanowire as an efficient electro-catalyst for alcohol oxidation reaction
Kottayintavida R, Gopalan NK
8405 - 8417 Based on amorphous carbon C@ZnxCd1-xS/Co3O4 composite for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Li HY, Wang GR, Zhang XJ, Jin ZL
8418 - 8432 Methane tri-reforming for synthesis gas production using Ni/CeZrO2/MgAl2O4 catalysts: Effect of Zr/Ce molar ratio
Lino AVP, Rodella CB, Assaf EM, Assaf JM
8433 - 8443 Facile construction of 3D hyperbranched PtRh nanoassemblies: A bifunctional electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution and polyhydric alcohol oxidation reactions
Wang XY, Han Z, Duan JJ, Feng JJ, Huang H, Wang AJ
8444 - 8455 Sugar-assisted mechanochemical exfoliation of graphitic carbon nitride for enhanced visible-light photocatalytic performance
Liu W, Yanase T, Iwasa N, Koizumi H, Mukai S, Iwamura S, Nagahama T, Shimada T
8456 - 8465 Cu/Fe3O4 catalyst for water gas shift reaction: Insight into the effect of Fe2+ and Fe3+ distribution in Fe3O4
Chen CQ, Ren HJ, Zhou JK, Luo Y, Zhan YY, Au CT, Lin XY, Jiang LL
8466 - 8478 Tailor of high performance electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction through rational structural adjustment of carbon-based architecture
Huang XB, Zhang XK, Hu WH, Huang YM
8479 - 8489 Highly efficient Bi2O3/MoS2 p-n heterojunction photocatalyst for H-2 evolution from water splitting
Khalid NR, Israr Z, Tahir MB, Iqbal T
8490 - 8496 In-situ formation of Ni (oxy)hydroxide on Ni foam as an efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction
Wan K, Luo JS, Zhang X, Subramanian P, Fransaer J
8497 - 8506 Enhanced visible-light-assisted photocatalytic hydrogen generation by MoS2/g-C(3)N(4 )nanocomposites
Nagaraja CM, Kaur M, Dhingra S
8507 - 8525 Dry reforming of methane over Ni/dendritic fibrous SBA-15 (Ni/DFSBA-15): Optimization, mechanism, and regeneration studies
Chong CC, Cheng YW, Setiabudi HD, Ainirazali N, Vo DVN, Abdullah B
8526 - 8539 Excellent photoelectrochemical hydrogen evolution performance of FeSe2 nanorod/ZnSe 0D/1D heterostructure as efficiency carriers migrate channel
Zhang J, Tian PH, Tang T, Huang GZ, Zeng JH, Cui B, Shen ZJ, Wang HB, Kong Z, Xi JH, Ji ZG
8540 - 8548 H, OH and COOH functionalized magnesium phthalocyanine as a catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) - A DFT study
Thiruppathiraja T, Arokiyanathan AL, Aazaad B, Silviya R, Lakshmipathi S
8549 - 8557 Effects of intrinsic defects on the photocatalytic water-splitting activities of PtSe2
Yong X, Zhang JQ, Ma XC
8558 - 8567 Enhanced electrocatalytic activity of PtCu bimetallic nanoparticles on CeO2/carbon nanotubes for methanol electro-oxidation
Liu CH, Zhang LL, Sun L, Wang WC, Chen ZD
8568 - 8583 COx-free hydrogen generation via decomposition of ammonia over al, Ti and Zr-Laponite supported MoS2 catalysts
Krishnan PS, Neelaveni M, Tamizhdurai P, Mythily M, Mohan SK, Mangesh VL, Shanthi K
8584 - 8594 Evaluation of reaction kinetics for the catalyst used in PCRD and study of channel affect on the same
Shukla V, Tyagi D, Varma S, Saha B, Shirsat AN, Ganju S, Sengupta S, Bhattacharya S, Maheshwari NK
8595 - 8604 Correlation of hydrogen generation and optical emission properties of plasma in water photolysis on perovskite photocatalysts
Chung KH, Kim BJ, Kim SJ, Park YK, Jung SC
8605 - 8617 NaFeTiO4: A novel visible light active photocatalyst for water splitting and environmental remediation
Shinde DS, Bhange PD, Arbuj SS, Kim JY, Bae JH, Nam KW, Tayade SN, Bhange DS
8618 - 8628 Mesoporous carbon/graphitic carbon nitride spheres for photocatalytic H-2 evolution under solar light irradiation
Baca M, Dworczak M, Aleksandrzak M, Mijowska E, Kalenczuk RJ, Zielinska B
8629 - 8639 Highly efficient copper-manganese oxide catalysts with abundant surface vacancies for low-temperature water-gas shift reaction
Lang Y, Du C, Tang YT, Chen YJ, Zhao YK, Chen R, Liu X, Shan B
8640 - 8648 CO2 abatement and CH4 recovery at vehicle exhausts: Comparison and characterization of Ru powder and pellet catalysts
Murena F, Esposito S, Deorsola FA, Galletti C, Prati MV
8649 - 8658 Morphology selective electrodeposition of Cu2O microcrystals on ZnO nanotube arrays as efficient visible-light-driven photo-electrode
Chen JR, Jia Y, Wang WZ, Fu JL, Shi HL, Liang YJ
8659 - 8666 Electrodeposition of NiFe layered double hydroxide on Ni3S2 nanosheets for efficient electrocatalytic water oxidation
Liang Z, Zhou P, Wang ZY, Wang P, Liu YY, Qin XY, Zhang XY, Dai Y, Zheng ZK, Huang BB
8667 - 8675 Preparation of N-doped nano-hollow capsule carbon nanocage as ORR catalyst in alkaline solution by PVP modified F127
Qiu ZY, Huang NB, Ge XW, Xuan JP, Wang P
8676 - 8685 Band gap optimization of tin tungstate thin films for solar water oxidation
Bozheyev F, Akinoglu EM, Wu LH, Lu H, Nemkayeva R, Xue YF, Jin ML, Giersig M
8686 - 8694 Synergistic engineering of defects and architecture in CoFe@NC toward highly efficient oxygen electrode reactions
Wang Y, Hu TJ, Qiao YT, Chen Y
8695 - 8702 Hydrogen evolution reaction in full pH range on nickel doped tungsten carbide nanocubes as efficient and durable non-precious metal electrocatalysts
Chen YD, Zheng Y, Yue X, Huang SM
8703 - 8714 N-doped bamboo-like carbon nanotubes loading Co as ideal electrode material towards superior catalysis performance
Liu ZG, Zhang X, Jiang ZX, Yang P, Gao GG
8715 - 8726 Conversion of biodiesel synthesis waste to hydrogen in membrane reactor: Theoretical study of glycerol steam reforming
Saidi M, Moradi P
8727 - 8741 Investigation on favourable ionic conduction based on CMC-K carrageenan proton conducting hybrid solid bio-polymer electrolytes for applications in EDLC
Zainuddin NK, Rasali NMJ, Mazuki NF, Saadiah MA, Samsudin AS
8742 - 8749 Thermal design of a hydrogen storage system using La(Ce)Ni-5
Kim JB, Han G, Kwon Y, Bae J, Cho E, Cho S, Lee BJ
8750 - 8756 Synthesis of La2MgNi9 hydrogen storage alloy in molten salt
Durger NB, Anik M
8757 - 8773 Impacts of the subsurface storage of natural gas and hydrogen mixtures
Shi ZF, Jessen K, Tsotsis TT
8774 - 8782 Low-temperature hydrogen release through LiAlH4 and NH4F react in Et2O
Wang XL, Chen YG, Kong QQ, Feng W, Li ZH, Wu YC, Liu YH, Wu CL
8783 - 8793 Modulation of spin effect in electronic and vibrational properties of terbium dihydride (TbH2): An ab-initio study
Patel K, Raval D, Babariya B, Gupta SK, Gajjar PN
8794 - 8809 Modeling and numerical simulation of a 5 kg LaNi5-based hydrogen storage reactor with internal conical fins
Chandra S, Sharma P, Muthukumar P, Tatiparti SSV
8810 - 8826 Hydrogen leaks at the same rate as natural gas in typical low-pressure gas infrastructure
Mejia AH, Brouwer J, Mac Kinnon M
8827 - 8832 Transport of hydrogen and deuterium in 316LN stainless steel over a wide temperature range for nuclear hydrogen and nuclear fusion applications
Byeon WJ, Lee SK, Noh SJ
8833 - 8842 Parameter identification and state-of-charge estimation for lithium-polymer battery cells using enhanced sunflower optimization algorithm
El-Sehiemy RA, Hamida MA, Mesbahi T
8843 - 8852 Enhanced electrochemical double-layer capacitive performance with CO2 plasma treatment on activated carbon prepared from pyrolysis of pistachio shells
Sahin O, Yardim Y, Baytar O, Saka C
8853 - 8865 Nickel-doped cobalt molybdate nanorods with excellent cycle stability for aqueous asymmetric supercapacitor
Zhang XD, Yue LC, Zhang SG, Feng Y, An LL, Wang M, Mi J
8866 - 8874 Experimental and modelling studies of low temperature PEMFC performance
Chugh S, Chaudhari C, Sonkar K, Sharma A, Kapur GS, Ramakumar SSV
8875 - 8886 Optimization based energy management strategy for fuel cell/battery/ultracapacitor hybrid vehicle considering fuel economy and fuel cell lifespan
Fu ZM, Zhu LL, Tao FZ, Si PJ, Sun LF
8887 - 8898 Preparation and characterization of copper oxide particles/polypyrrole (Cu2O/PPy) via electrochemical method: Application in direct ethanol fuel cell
El Attar A, Oularbi L, Chemchoub S, El Rhazi M
8899 - 8914 Development of solid oxide fuel cell and battery hybrid power generation system
Xu YW, Wu XL, Zhong XB, Zhao DQ, Fu J, Jiang JH, Deng ZH, Fu XW, Li X
8915 - 8929 Investigation of structural, electrical and electrochemical properties of La0.6Sr0.4Fe0.8Mn0.2O3-delta as an intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell cathode
Farsani FY, Jafari M, Shahsavari E, Shakeripour H, Salamati H
8930 - 8940 Highly efficient, cell reversal resistant PEMFC based on PtNi/C octahedral and OER composite catalyst
Wang J, Zhou XY, Li B, Yang DJ, Lv H, Xiao QF, Ming PW, Wei XZ, Zhang CM
8941 - 8954 Hydrogen production via catalytic propane partial oxidation over Ce1-xMxNiO3-lambda (M=Al, Ti and Ca) towards solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) applications
Qi J, Liao MZ, Wang C, Jiang ZQ, Chen Y, Liang B, Song QB
8955 - 8964 Long-term operation of solid oxide fuel cells and preliminary findings on accelerated testing
Blum L, Fang QP, Gross-Barsnick SM, de Haart LGJ, Malzbender J, Menzler NH, Quadakkers WJ
8965 - 8974 Direct reforming of Methane-Ammonia mixed fuel on Ni-YSZ anode of solid oxide fuel cells
Teramoto K, Iwai H, Kishimoto M, Kawaguchi T, Takemoto M, Saito M, Yoshida H
8975 - 8984 The three-dimensional carbon nanosheets as high performance catalyst support for methanol electrooxidation
Chang XM, Dong F, Zha F, Tang ZC
8985 - 8993 Sizing of a fuel cell electric vehicle: A pinch analysis-based approach
Gaikwad SD, Ghosh PC
8994 - 9003 Molecular sieve as an effective barrier for methanol crossover in direct methanol fuel cells
Sun XJ, Yang CR, Xia ZX, Qi FL, Sun H, Sun GQ
9004 - 9009 Improving open-cathode polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell performance using multi-hole separators
Baik KD, Yang SH
9010 - 9024 Insight into fuel reactivity effects on thermochemical fuel reforming (TFR)
Sun Q, Li BL, Li A, Shao Y, He ZY, Lu XC, Zhu L, Huang Z
9025 - 9038 Dynamic simulation of the effect of vehicle-side pressure loss of hydrogen fueling process
Rothuizen E, Elmegaard B, Rokni M
9039 - 9051 Effects of hydrogen enrichment on CH4/Air turbulent swirling premixed flames in a cuboid combustor
Park J, Minamoto Y, Shimura M, Tanahashi M
9052 - 9063 Experimental investigation on biogas enrichment with hydrogen for improving the combustion in diesel engine operating under dual fuel mode
Bouguessa R, Tarabet L, Loubar K, Belmrabet T, Tazerout M
9064 - 9076 The influence of thermal stratification on hydrogen fuel flow and heat transfer in cooling channel with combining fin and dimple
Xie PY, Zhang XB
9077 - 9087 Computational investigation of multi-cavity fuel injection on hydrogen mixing at supersonic combustion chamber
Li ZX, Manh TD, Gerdroodbary MB, Nam ND, Moradi R, Babazadeh H
9088 - 9097 Effect of natural gas enrichment with hydrogen on combustion process and emission characteristic of a dual fuel diesel engine
Tutak W, Jamrozik A, Grab-Rogalinski K
9098 - 9112 Gasification of low-melting hydrocarbon material in the airflow heated by hydrogen combustion
Shiplyuk AN, Zvegintsev VI, Frolov SM, Vnuchkov DA, Kiseleva TA, Kislovsky VA, Lukashevich SV, Melnikov AY, Nalivaychenko DG
9113 - 9127 Effect of burner diameter and diluents on the extinction strain rate of syngas-air non-premixed Tsuji-type flames
Ali SM, Varunkumar S
9128 - 9136 Using a pulsed electric current to reduce the susceptibility of high-strength steel to the stress corrosion cracking caused by hydrogen
Ma R, Xiang SQ, Zhang HX, Zhang XF
9137 - 9148 Hydrogen embrittlement suscetibility on X-120 microalloyed steel as function of tempering temperature
Villalobos JC, Del-Pozo A, Mayen J, Serna S, Campillo B
9149 - 9161 Effect of PTFE coating on enhancing hydrogen embrittlement resistance of stainless steel 304 for liquefied hydrogen storage system application
Hwang JS, Kim JH, Kim SK, Lee JM
9162 - 9173 Modeling of solute hydrogen effect on various planar fault energies
Zhu YX, Zheng ZQ, Huang MS, Liang S, Li ZH
9174 - 9187 Hydrogen-modified interaction between lattice dislocations and grain boundaries by atomistic modelling
Li JQ, Lu C, Pei LQ, Zhang C, Wang R
9188 - 9199 Hydrogen distribution of hydrogen-charged nickel analyzed via hardness test and secondary ion mass spectrometry
Yamabe J, Wada K, Awane T, Matsunaga H
9200 - 9210 Effect of hydrogen addition on NOx formation mechanism and pathways in MILD combustion of H-2-rich low calorific value fuels
Ali G, Zhang TY, Wu WD, Zhou YG
9211 - 9221 Global modelling studies of hydrogen and its isotopomers using STOCHEM-CRI: Likely radiative forcing consequences of a future hydrogen economy
Derwent RG, Stevenson DS, Utembe SR, Jenkin ME, Khan AH, Shallcross DE
9222 - 9230 Effects caused by chlortetracycline and oxytetracycline in anaerobic digestion treatment of real piggery wastewater: Treatment efficiency and bacterial diversity
Chen JF, Yang YW, Liu YY, Tang MZ, Wang RJ, Hu HW, Wang HY, Yang PP, Xue HH, Zhang X
9231 - 9240 CFD simulation and experimental study of a hydrogen leak in a semi-closed space with the purpose of risk mitigation
Malakhov AA, Avdeenkov AV, du Toit MH, Bessarabov DG
9241 - 9251 Numerical study on the fast filling of on-bus gaseous hydrogen storage cylinder
Liu J, Zheng SY, Zhang ZX, Zheng JY, Zhao YZ
9252 - 9259 First principles investigation on MoO3 as room temperature and high temperature hydrogen gas sensor
Xu K, Liao NB, Xue W, Zhou HM
9260 - 9267 Mitigation measures for intended hydrogen release from thermally activated pressure relief device of onboard storage
Li ZY, Sun K
9268 - 9277 Enhanced adsorption sites in monolayer MoS2 pyramid structures for highly sensitive and fast hydrogen sensor
Agrawal AV, Kumar R, Yang G, Bao JM, Kumar M, Kumar M
9278 - 9278 Low thermal expansion material Bi0.5Ba0.5FeO3-delta in application for proton-conducting ceramic fuel cells cathode (vol 44, pg 21127, 2019)
Cui JJ, Wang JK, Zhang XW, Li GJ, Wu K, Cheng YH, Zhou J