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ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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5997 - 6005 One-step synthesis of self-standing porous palladium-ruthenium nanosheet array on Ni foam for ambient electrosynthesis of ammonia
Li YH, Yu HJ, Wang ZQ, Liu SL, Xu Y, Li XN, Wang L, Wang HJ
6006 - 6014 Molten salt strategy to synthesize alkali metal-doped Co9S8 nanoparticles embedded, N, S co-doped mesoporous carbon as hydrogen evolution electrocatalyst
Yu H, Sun XY, Tang DH, Huang Y, Zhang WT, Miao SJ, Qiao ZA, Wang JJ, Zhao Z
6015 - 6023 One-step potentiostatic electrodeposition of Ni-Se-Mo film on Ni foam for alkaline hydrogen evolution reaction
Gao Y, He HW, Tan WY, Peng YZ, Dai XM, Wu YH
6024 - 6035 Rational design of hierarchical core-shell structured CoMoO4@CoS composites on reduced graphene oxide for supercapacitors with enhanced electrochemical performance
Xuan HC, Li HS, Yang J, Liang XH, Xie ZG, Han PD, Wu YC
6036 - 6046 Three-dimensional hierarchically porous iridium oxide-nitrogen doped carbon hybrid: An efficient bifunctional catalyst for oxygen evolution and hydrogen evolution reaction in acid
Kundu MK, Mishra R, Bhowmik T, Kanrar S, Barman S
6047 - 6058 On the influence of the anodic porous transport layer on PEM electrolysis performance at high current densities
Lickert T, Kiermaier ML, Bromberger K, Ghinaiya J, Metz S, Fallisch A, Smolinka T
6059 - 6081 Techno-economic analysis of H-2 production processes using fluidized bed heat exchangers with steam reforming - Part 1: Oxygen carrier aided combustion
Stenberg OR, Spallina CO, Mattisson OBA, Ryden MN
6082 - 6089 Aluminum composites with bismuth nanoparticles and graphene oxide and their application to hydrogen generation in water
Xiao F, Yang RJ, Li JM
6090 - 6101 Synthesis of scalable 1T/2H-MoSe2 nanosheets with a new source of Se in basic media and study of their HER activity
Setayeshgar SHR, Karimipour MS, Molaei MD, Moghadam MSROHN, Khazraei SPD
6102 - 6109 Effect of ball milling in presence of additives (Graphite, AlCl3, MgCl2 and NaCl) on the hydrolysis performances of Mg17Al12
Al Bacha, Zakhour, Nakhl, Bobet
6110 - 6119 Platinum-rhodium alloyed dendritic nanoassemblies: An all-pH efficient and stable electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Han Z, Zhang RL, Duan JJ, Wang AJ, Zhang QL, Huang H, Feng JJ
6120 - 6127 A cross-linked sheet structured poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) grown on Ni foam: Morphology control and application for long-life cyclic asymmetric supercapacitor
Liu GJ, Shi YY, Zhou C, Li B, Zhou XY, Li M, Jin RC, Gao SM
6128 - 6137 Rational design of highly selective nitrogen-doped Fe2O3-CNTs catalyst towards H2O2 generation in alkaline media
Cheng XY, Dou SS, Qin GH, Wang BZ, Yan PX, Isimjan TT, Yang XL
6138 - 6147 Gliding arc plasma reforming of toluene for onboard hydrogen production
Wang BW, Liu SZ, Peng YP, Wang CY
6148 - 6158 CuO/ZnO/TiO2 photocathodes for a self-sustaining photocell: Efficient solar energy conversion without external bias and under visible light
Shaislamov U, Kim H, Yang JM, Yang BL
6159 - 6173 Enhanced solar hydrogen generation using Cu-Cu2O integrated polypyrrole nanofibers as heterostructured catalysts
Ghosh S, Keshri SR, Bera S, Basu RN
6174 - 6183 Hierarchical NiS decorated CuO@ZnFe2O4 nanoarrays as advanced photocathodes for hydrogen evolution reaction
Chen YJ, Jiang HY, Li LG, Wang Q, Du LZ, Liu X, Tian GH
6184 - 6206 Assessment of integration of methane-reduced ceria chemical looping CO2/H2O splitting cycle to an oxy-fired power plant
Farooqui A, Bose A, Boaro M, Llorca J, Santarelli M
6207 - 6216 First-principles investigation of phonon dynamics and electrochemical performance of TiO2-x oxides lithium-ion batteries
Pan Y, Chen S, Jia YL
6217 - 6230 Modelling sugarcane vinasse processing in an acidogenic reactor to produce hydrogen with an ADM1-based model
Couto PT, Eng F, Naessens W, Nopens I, Zaiat M, Ribeiro R
6231 - 6242 Enhancement of bio-hydrogen generation by spirulina via an electrochemical photo-bioreactor (EPBR)
Hasnaoui S, Pauss A, Abdi N, Grib H, Mameri N
6243 - 6253 Effects of Fe-0 and Ni-0 nanoparticles on hydrogen production from cotton stalk hydrolysate using Klebsiella sp. WL1316: Evaluation of size and concentration of the nanoparticles
Li YB, Zhu QH, Ding PF, You SL, Zhang Q, Jiang H
6254 - 6261 Light-driven biological hydrogen production by Escherichia coli mediated by TiO2 nanoparticles
Ramprakash B, Incharoensakdi A
6262 - 6277 Performance assessment and optimization of a biomass-based solid oxide fuel cell and micro gas turbine system integrated with an organic Rankine cycle
Karimi MH, Chitgar N, Emadi MA, Ahmadi P, Rosen MA
6278 - 6290 Techno-economic feasibility of methanol synthesis using dual fuel system in a parallel process design configuration with control on green house gas emissions
Ahmed U
6291 - 6301 MoS2/Ti3C2 heterostructure for efficient visible-light photocatalytic hydrogen generation
Zhang JH, Xing C, Shi F
6302 - 6317 Conversion of polyethylene terephthalate plastic waste and phenol steam reforming to hydrogen and valuable liquid fuel: Synthesis effect of Ni-Co/ZrO2 nanostructured catalysts
Nabgan W, Nabgan B, Abdullah TAT, Ngadi N, Jalil AA, Hassan NS, Izan SM, Luing WS, Abdullah SN, Majeed FSA
6318 - 6327 High-efficiency synthesis of Co, N-doped carbon nanocages by ball milling-hard template method as an active catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
Wang J, Yang SH, Song WN, Zhao JH, Lu ZH, Zhai QQ, Jiang L
6328 - 6340 A density functional theory study of CO2 hydrogenation to methanol over Pd/TiO2 catalyst: The role of interfacial site
Ou ZL, Ran JY, Niu JT, Qin CL, He W, Yang L
6341 - 6351 One-step preparation of halogenated aminobenzonitrile modified g-C3N4 via copolymerization and in situ halogen doping for highly enhanced visible light hydrogen evolution
Lin Z, Wang SJ, Miao YQ, Yuan JP, Liu YL, Xu SG, Cao SK
6352 - 6359 The role of oxygen vacancies in the CO2 methanation employing Ni/ZrO2 doped with Ca
Everett OE, Zonetti PC, Alves OC, de Avillez RR, Appel LG
6360 - 6368 Phosphatized pseudo-core-shell Ni@Pt/C electrocatalysts for efficient hydrazine oxidation reaction
Wang YH, Liu XY, Han J, Kang YM, Mi YJ, Wang W
6369 - 6379 First demonstration of photoelectrochemical water splitting by commercial W-Cu powder metallurgy parts converted to highly porous 3D WO3/W skeletons
Mojaddami M, Simchi A
6380 - 6390 Tuning morphology and structure of Fe-N-C catalyst for ultra-high oxygen reduction reaction activity
Huang YP, Liu WF, Kan ST, Liu PG, Hao R, Hu H, Zhang J, Liu HT, Liu M, Liu KY
6391 - 6403 Effect of cation substitution in MnCo2O4 spinel anchored over rGO for enhancing the electrocatalytic activity towards oxygen evolution reaction (OER)
Rebekah A, Kumar EA, Viswanathan C, Ponpandian N
6404 - 6415 High-efficiency Co6W6C catalyst with three-dimensional ginger-like morphology for promoting the hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactions
Cui SF, Mtukula AC, Bo XJ, Guo LP
6416 - 6424 Autologous growth of Fe-doped Ni(OH)(2) nanosheets with low overpotential for oxygen evolution reaction
Wang PC, Lin YQ, Wan L, Wang BG
6425 - 6436 Rapid polymerization synthesizing high-crystalline g-C3N4 towards boosting solar photocatalytic H-2 generation
Wang LY, Hong YZ, Liu EL, Wang ZG, Chen JH, Yang S, Wang JB, Lin X, Shi JY
6437 - 6446 Design and facile one-pot synthesis of uniform PdAg cubic nanocages as efficient electrocatalyst for the oxygen reduction reaction
Ju J, Wang XD, Zhang CM, Chen W
6447 - 6460 Highly efficient methanol oxidation on durable PtxIr/MWCNT catalysts for direct methanol fuel cell applications
Bhuvanendran N, Ravichandran S, Zhang WQ, Ma Q, Xu Q, Khotseng L, Su HN
6461 - 6475 Hybrid niobium and titanium nitride nanotube arrays implanted with nanosized amorphous rhenium-nickel: An advanced catalyst electrode for hydrogen evolution reactions
Zhang HB, Chen XH, Lin ZM, Zhang LQ, Cao HZ, Yu LP, Zheng GQ
6476 - 6486 Enhanced H-2 evolution and the interfacial electron transfer mechanism of titanate nanotube sensitized with CdS quantum dots and graphene quantum dots
Xue JY, Long LZ, Zhang L, Luo HT, Yang L, Liu FC, Lv FZ, Kong WJ, Liu J
6487 - 6499 Design of efficient Mn-doped alpha-Fe2O3/Ti-doped alpha-Fe2O3 homojunction for catalyzing photoelectrochemical water splitting
Tao SM, Lin LY
6500 - 6507 Interfaces engineering of MoNi-based sulfides electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction in both acid and alkaline media
Xie Y, Liu YW, Yang ZN
6508 - 6518 Fabrication of antennae-like nanoheterostructure attached by porphyrin for increased photocatalytic hydrogen generation and electron transfer mechanism
Wang PL, Xi MY, Kang SZ, Qin LX, Han S, Li XQ
6519 - 6528 Ultrathin MoSe2 three-dimensional nanospheres as high carriers transmission channel and full spectrum harvester toward excellent photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical performance
Zhang J, Tian PH, Tang T, Huang GZ, Chen X, Zeng JH, Cui B, Kong Z, Wang HB, Xi JH, Ji ZG
6529 - 6537 Mn3O4 nanosheets coated on carbon nanotubes as efficient electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction
Zhang Y, Wang YH, Huang JJ, Han C, Zang JB
6538 - 6548 Co-Ni alloy supported on CeO2 as a bimetallic catalyst for dry reforming of methane
Turap Y, Wang I, Fu TT, Wu YM, Wang YD, Wang W
6549 - 6562 A derivative of mesoporous oxygen reduction reaction electrocatalysts from citric acid and dicyandiamide
Rosset M, Feris LA, Perez-Lopez OW
6563 - 6572 A derivative of mesoporous oxygen reduction reaction electrocatalysts from citric acid and dicyandiamide
Li L, Shen SY, Li XL, Luo LX, Wei GH, Zhang JL
6573 - 6582 Ni2P as an electron donor stabilizing Pt for highly efficient isopropanol fuel cell
Chai D, Zhang XW, Yan SC, Li GJ
6583 - 6591 Electrodeposited Ni-Co-S nanosheets on nickel foam as bioelectrochemical cathodes for efficient H-2 evolution
Wang L, Liu WZ, Sangeetha T, Guo ZC, He ZW, Chen C, Gao L, Wang AJ
6592 - 6603 A three-dimensional and porous bi-nanospheres electrocatalytic system constructed by in situ generation of Ru nanoclusters inside and outside polydopamine nanoparticles for highly efficient hydrogen evolution reaction
Cai JT, Chen T, Cui L, Jia Q, Liu MS, Zheng RK, Yan GW, Wei D, Liu JQ
6604 - 6620 Preparation of mesoporous nanostructure NiO-MgO-SiO2 catalysts for syngas production via propane steam reforming
Barzegari, Kazemeini, Farhadi, Rezaei, Keshavarz A
6621 - 6628 Synthesis of Zn(InxGa1-x)(2)O-4 solid-solutions with tunable band-gaps for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution under solar-light irradiation
Li QQ, Zhang LL, Tang C, Zhao PS, Yin CZ, Yin JZ
6629 - 6635 N-doped bamboo-like CNTs combined with CoFe-CoFe2O4 as a highly efficient electrocatalyst towards oxygen evolution
Xu DY, Liu BB, Liu GY, Su KD, Yang CM, Tong HX, Qian D, Li JH
6636 - 6650 CuO-CeO2/SiO2 coating on ceramic monolith: Effect of the nature of the catalyst support on CO preferential oxidation in a H-2-rich stream
Tiscornia IS, Lacoste AM, Gomez LE, Boix AV
6651 - 6662 Evaluation of sorbents for high temperature removal of tars, hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen chloride and ammonia from biomass-derived syngas by using Aspen Plus
Marcantonio V, Bocci E, Ouweltjes JP, Del Zotto L, Monarca D
6663 - 6679 Comparing exergy losses and evaluating the potential of catalyst-filled plate-fin and spiral-wound heat exchangers in a large-scale Claude hydrogen liquefaction process
Skaugen G, Berstad D, Wilhelmsen O
6680 - 6700 Methods for measuring the effective thermal conductivity of metal hydride beds: A review
Zhao WL, Yang Y, Bao ZW, Yan D, Zhu ZZ
6701 - 6712 Tunable microstructure, de-/hydrogenation kinetics and thermodynamics performance of Mg-Ni-La-Ti-H systems
Guo FH, Zhang TB, Shi LM, Song L
6713 - 6726 Hydrogen storage mechanism in transition metal decorated graphene oxide: The symbiotic effect of oxygen groups and high layer spacing
Pei P, Whitwick MB, Kureshi S, Cannon M, Quan G, Kjeang E
6727 - 6737 Density functional theory study on catalytic dehydrogenation of methylcyclohexane on Pt(111)
Chen FT, Huang YP, Mi CJ, Wu K, Wang WY, Li WS, Yang YQ
6738 - 6744 Non-dimensional assessments to estimate decompression failure in polymers for hydrogen systems
Melnichuk M, Thiebaud F, Perreux D
6745 - 6756 Density functional theory based molecular dynamics study on hydrogen storage capacity of C-24, B12N12, Al-12 N-12, Be12O12, Mg12O12, and Zn12O12 nanocages
Ahangari ORBZD, Mashhadzadeh AHM
6757 - 6764 Tuning the hydrogen storage properties of MOF-650: A combined DFT and GCMC simulations study
Yu SY, Jing GL, Li SN, Li ZF, Ju X
6765 - 6779 Remarkable synergistic effects of Mg2NiR4 and transition metal carbides {TiC, ZrC, WC) on enhancing the hydrogen storage properties of MgH2
Yao LL, Lyu XY, Zhang JG, Liu YN, Zhu YF, Lin HJ, Zhang Y, Li LQ
6780 - 6792 Hydrogen storage in Ca-decorated carbyne C-10-ring on either D-nh or D-(n/2)h symmetry. DFT study
Desales-Guzman LA, Pacheco-Sanchez JH, Isidro-Ortega FJ, De la Mora-Zarco K
6793 - 6805 Technical potential of salt caverns for hydrogen storage in Europe
Caglayan DG, Weber N, Heinrichs HU, Linssen J, Robinius M, Kukla PA, Stolten D
6806 - 6812 Pseudo catalytic ammonia synthesis by lithium-tin alloy
Yamaguchi T, Shinzato K, Yamamoto K, Wang YM, Nakagawa Y, Isobe S, Ichikawa T, Miyaoka H, Ichikawa T
6813 - 6822 Activation and de/hydriding behavior in Ti23V40Mn37 alloy by Hf and Hf/Cr substitutions
Chen XY, Chen RR, Ding X, Wang S, Su YQ, Guo JJ
6823 - 6837 A novel joint bidding technique for fuel cell wind turbine photovoltaic storage unit and demand response considering prediction models analysis Effect's
Sun CH, Leto S
6838 - 6847 Enhancing selectivity and reducing cost for dehydrogenation of dodecahydro-N-ethylcarbazole by supporting platinum on titanium dioxide
Gong X, Jiang Z, Fang T
6848 - 6862 Analytical and numerical predictions of hydrogen gas flow induced by wall and corner leakages in confined space
Wang QH, Zhai CJ, Gong JH, Wang ZR, Jiang JC, Zhou Y
6863 - 6873 Hydrogen & hydrogen energy creating the universe: Spin-Top Theory
Veziroglu TN
6874 - 6884 ZnMn2O4/milk-derived Carbon hybrids with enhanced Lithium storage capability
Lin Y, Zhang L, Li HD
6885 - 6896 Complexing of NixMny sulfides microspheres via a facile solvothermal approach as advanced electrode materials with excellent charge storage performances
Khalafallah D, Ouyang C, Ehsan MA, Zhi MJ, Hong ZL
6897 - 6911 Three-dimensional simulation of solid oxide fuel cell with metal foam as cathode flow distributor
Zhan RB, Wang Y, Ni M, Zhang GB, Du Q, Jiao K
6912 - 6925 Simulation of SOFC performance using a modified exchange current density for pre-reformed methane-based fuels
Takino K, Tachikawa Y, Mori K, Lyth SM, Shiratori Y, Taniguchi S, Sasaki K
6926 - 6933 Effect of non-solvent from the phase inversion method on the morphology and performance of the anode supported microtubular solid oxide fuel cells
Ren C, Zhang YX, Xu Q, Tian T, Chen FL
6934 - 6948 Potential of thermoelectric waste heat recovery in a combined geothermal, fuel cell and organic Rankine flash cycle (thermodynamic and economic evaluation)
Khanmohammadi S, Saadat-Targhi M, Ahmed FW, Afrand M
6949 - 6957 High-performance solid oxide fuel cells with fiber-based cathodes for low-temperature operation
Parbey J, Wang Q, Lei JL, Espinoza-Andaluz M, Hao F, Xiang Y, Li TS, Andersson M
6958 - 6969 Water-alcohol dispersible and self-cross-linkable sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone): Application as ionomer for direct methanol fuel cell catalyst layer
Dong S, Yue ZY, Qian HD, Li WH, Xu JF, Yang H
6970 - 6981 Multi-objective optimization for efficient modeling and improvement of the high temperature PEM fuel cell based Micro-CHP system
Yang Y, Zhang H, Yan P, Jermsittiparsert K
6982 - 6993 Multi-agent direct current systems using renewable energy sources and hydrogen fuel cells
Shulga RN, Putilova IV
6994 - 7004 Atomically thin titanium carbide used as high-efficient, low-cost and stable catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
Wang CD, Zhang SL, Zheng MX, Shu RY, Gu SX, Guo JH, Liu C, Tang J, Chen JM, Wang XC
7005 - 7014 Online adaptive water management fault diagnosis of PEMFC based on orthogonal linear discriminant analysis and relevance vector machine
Zhou SW, Dhupia JS
7015 - 7024 Thermodynamic performance analysis of the influence of multi-factor coupling on the methanol steam reforming reaction
Xing S, Zhao C, Ban S, Liu YF, Wang HJ
7025 - 7035 Pulse-reverse electrodeposition of Pt-Co bimetallic catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction in acidic medium
Sriwannaboot J, Kannan A, Tantavichet N
7036 - 7045 Investigation of PEMFC performance for cruising hybrid powered fixed-wing electric UAV in different temperatures
Bayrak ZU, Kaya U, Oksuztepe E
7046 - 7058 Characterization of novel graphene-based microporous layers for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells operating under low humidity and high temperature
Mariani M, Latorrata S, Patrignani S, Stampino PG, Dotelli G
7059 - 7068 Copolymer synergistic coupling for chemical stability and improved gas barrier properties of a polymer electrolyte membrane for fuel cell applications
Ben Youcef H, Henkensmeier D, Balog S, Scherer GG, Gubler L
7069 - 7076 Durability of direct internal reforming of methanol as fuel for solid oxide fuel cell with double-sided cathodes
Ru YL, Sang JK, Xia CR, Wei WCJ, Guan WB
7077 - 7087 The numerical investigation of a planar single chamber solid oxide fuel cell performance with a focus on the support types
Kamvar M, Ghassemi M, Steinberger-Wilckens R
7088 - 7097 Modeling and optimization of composite thermal insulation system with HGMs and VDMLI for liquid hydrogen on orbit storage
Wang P, Ji L, Yuan J, An ZG, Yan KQ, Zhang JJ
7098 - 7118 A review of ammonia as a compression ignition engine fuel
Dimitriou P, Javaid R
7119 - 7127 Pollutant emissions, performance and combustion behaviour assessment of an Si gas engine fuelled with Lcv gas containing carbon monoxide and hydrogen diluted by nitrogen
Przybyla G, Nadaleti W
7128 - 7140 Hydrogen enrichment on diesel engine with biogas in dual fuel mode
Khatri N, Khatri KK
7141 - 7150 Prediction of liquid hydrogen flow boiling critical heat flux condition under microgravity based on the wall heat flux partition model
Zheng Y, Chang HW, Qiu YN, Duan C, Chen JY, Chen H, Shu SM
7151 - 7168 Influence of hydrogen on the low cycle fatigue performance of P91 steel
Das B, Singh A
7169 - 7184 Effect of shot peening coverage on hydrogen embrittlement of a ferrite-pearlite steel
Wang YF, Xie HL, Zhou ZL, Li XF, Wu WJ, Gong JM
7185 - 7198 The Arctic: Ecology and hydrogen energy
Shulga RN, Petrov AY, Putilova IV
7199 - 7209 Effects of hydrogen concentration, non-homogenous mixtures and obstacles on vented deflagrations of hydrogen-air mixtures in a 27 m(3) chamber
Chen Y, Li ZT, Ji C, Liu XY
7210 - 7222 On the propagation dynamics of lean H-2/CO/air premixed flame
Yang XF, Yu MG, Zheng K, Luan PP, Han SX
7223 - 7233 Multilayer porous Pd-WO3 composite thin films prepared by sol-gel process for hydrogen sensing
Han ZJ, Ren J, Zhou JJ, Zhang SY, Zhang ZL, Yang L, Yin CB
7234 - 7242 Low temperature and fast response hydrogen gas sensor with Pd coated SnO2 nanofiber rods
Wang FP, Hu KL, Liu HC, Zhao Q, Wang KZ, Zhang YX
7243 - 7253 Numerical investigation into the low-pressure detection sensor performance of hydrogen gas with variable soft sphere molecular model
Wang XW, Zhang WQ, Su TY, Zhang SW, Zhang ZJ
7254 - 7256 Comment on the paper titled "Two-dimensional Sc2C: A reversible and high capacity hydrogen storage material predicted by first-principles calculations" by Hu et al., International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2014; 69, 1-4
Santhosh A, Ravindran P
7257 - 7262 Responses to comments on the paper "Two-dimensional Sc2C: A reversible and high capacity hydrogen storage material predicted by first principles calculations"
Hu QK, Wu QH, Wang LB, Zhou AG
7263 - 7263 Green synthesis of Ag/Fe3O4/RGO nanocomposites by Punica Granatum peel extract: Catalytic activity for reduction of organic pollutants (vol 44, pg 2711, 2019)
Adyani SH, Soleimani E