International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.45, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Development of a hydrogen refueling station design tool
Riedl SM
10 - 22 Fabrication of porous metal by selective laser melting as catalyst support for hydrogen production microreactor
Liu J, Gao Y, Fan YB, Zhou W
23 - 35 Interlaced rosette-like MoS2/Ni3S2/NiFe-LDH grown on nickel foam: A bifunctional electrocatalyst for hydrogen production by urea-assisted electrolysis
He MX, Hu SN, Feng CQ, Wu HM, Liu HK, Mei H
36 - 45 Co3S4 nanosheets on Ni foam via electrodeposition with sulfurization as highly active electrocatalysts for anion exchange membrane electrolyzer
Park YS, Lee JH, Jang MJ, Jeong J, Park SM, Choi WS, Kim Y, Yang J, Choi SM
46 - 55 Activity and stability optimization of Ru(x)h(1-x)O(2) nanocatalyst for the oxygen evolution reaction by tuning the synthetic process
Nguyen TD, Nguyen HH, Dai CC, Wang JX, Scherer GG
56 - 63 Water transport according to temperature and current in PEM water electrolyzer
Shin HS, Oh BS
64 - 79 A stacked interleaved DC-DC buck converter for proton exchange membrane electrolyzer applications: Design and experimental validation
Guilbert D, Sorbera D, Vitale G
80 - 93 Separators for alkaline water electrolysis prepared by plasma-initiated grafting of acrylic acid on microporous polypropylene membranes
Stano L, Stano M, Durina P
94 - 102 Highly selective and efficient ammonia synthesis from N-2 and H2O via an iron-based electrolytic-chemical cycle
Cui BC, Yu ZJ, Liu SZ, Zhang JH, Liu XJ, Liu C, Zhang ZH
103 - 111 Boosting photoelectrochemical performance of GaN nanowall network photoanode with bacteriorhodopsin
Devi P, Thakur A, Ghosh D, Prasad ES, Shivaprasad SM, Sinha RK, Kumar P
112 - 122 N/S dual-doped graphene with high defect density for enhanced supercapacitor properties
Li ZQ, He WX, Wang XX, Wang XL, Song M, Zhao JL
123 - 134 Photoelectrochemical water splitting by engineered multilayer TiO2/GQDs photoanode with cascade charge transfer structure
Sajjadizadeh HS, Goharshadi EK, Ahmadzadeh H
135 - 148 Study of cracking of methane for hydrogen production using concentrated solar energy
Nezzari B, Gomri R
149 - 159 Fabrication and band structure of Ag3PO4-TiO2 heterojunction with enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Liu CF, Perng TP
160 - 174 Investigation of Zr, Gd/Zr, and Pr/Zr - doped ceria for the redox splitting of water
Arifin D, Ambrosini A, Wilson SA, Mandal B, Muhich CL, Weimer AW
175 - 189 Synthesis and characterization of MWCNT incorporated N, S-rGO supported CdS photocatalyst for the dissociation of water to hydrogen by visible light
Alam Z, Verma B, Sinha ASK
190 - 206 Performance analysis of a novel solar PTC integrated system for multi-generation with hydrogen production
Bamisile O, Huang Q, Hu WH, Dagbasi M, Kemena AD
207 - 215 Operation of a stationary hydrogen energy system using TiFe-based alloy tanks under various weather conditions
Endo N, Shimoda E, Goshome K, Yamane T, Nozu T, Maeda T
216 - 229 A heterostructured catalyst composed of poly-2,6-diaminopyridine and TiO2 microspheres used as a photoanode for efficient water splitting
Yu Y, Zhong N, Zheng JC, Tang SS, Ye XC, Zeng T, Yu WT, He ZQ, Song S
230 - 262 Recent advances in the performance of Co-Current gasification technology: A review
Ramalingam S, Rajendiran B, Subramiyan S
263 - 274 Simultaneous biohythane production and sulfate removal from rubber sheet wastewater by two-stage anaerobic digestion
Promnuan K, Higuchi T, Imai T, Kongjan P, Reungsang A, O-Thong S
275 - 285 Comparison of suspended and granular cell anaerobic bioreactors for hydrogen production from acid agave bagasse hydrolyzates
Munoz-Paez KM, Alvarado-Michi EL, Moreno-Andrade I, Buitron G, Valdez-Vazquez I
286 - 293 Biomass and biohydrogen production during dark fermentation of Escherichia coli using office paper waste and cardboard
Poladyan A, Margaryan L, Trchounian K, Trchounian A
294 - 308 Robust modeling, analysis and optimization of entrained flow co-gasification of petcoke with coal using combined array design
Zhang JC, Hou JX, Feng ZW, Zeng Q, Song QH, Guan SH, Zhang ZC, Li ZQ
309 - 321 A density functional theory study on the conversion of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in hydrogen plasma
Chen L, Cheng DG, Chen F, Zhan XL
322 - 336 Optimization and study of performance parameters in an engine fueled with hydrogen
Zareei J, Rohani A
337 - 379 A latest overview on photocatalytic application of g-C3N4 based nanostructured materials for hydrogen production
Prasad C, Tang H, Liu QQ, Bahadur I, Karlapudi S, Jiang YJ
380 - 390 Multifunctional Co-B-O@CoxB catalysts for efficient hydrogen generation
Guo YH, Zhang RQ, Hao WJ, Zhang JK, Yang YJ
391 - 400 Co-Ni based hybrid transition metal oxide nanostructures for cost-effective bi-functional electrocatalytic oxygen and hydrogen evolution reactions
Kumar GM, Ilanchezhiyan P, Siva C, Madhankumar A, Kang TW, Kim DY
401 - 411 Inorganic mineral doped polypyrrole for hydrogen storage in alkaline medium
Padmapriya S, Harinipriya S
412 - 423 Multi-walled carbon nanotubes reinforced nickel phosphide composite: As an efficient electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction by one-step powder sintering
Lan W, Li D, Wang WX, Liu ZQ, Chen H, Xu Y
424 - 432 Revealing the effects of oxygen defects on the electro-catalytic activity of nickel oxide
Jin SG, Zhu YM, He ZY, Chen HJ, Liu X, Li F, Liu J, Liu ML, Chen Y
433 - 442 A feasible and environmentally friendly method to simultaneously synthesize MoS2 quantum dots and pore-rich monolayer MoS2 for hydrogen evolution reaction
Zhou QL, Luo XH, Li YL, Nan YX, Deng HY, Ou EC, Xu WJ
443 - 451 Walnut shell-derived hierarchical porous carbon with high performances for electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution and symmetry supercapacitors
Fu HH, Chen L, Gao HJ, Yu XK, Hou J, Wang G, Yu F, Li HQ, Fan CC, Shi YL, Guo XH
452 - 463 Correlation between electrochemical properties of the CNTs/AB(5) composite hydrogen storage alloys and their catalytic properties for KBH4
Yan J, Tian X, Liu XY, Zhao X, Wang R, Zhao LJ, Zhang X
464 - 476 Experimental and theoretical investigations into the activity and mechanism of the water-gas shift reaction catalyzed by Au nanoparticles supported on Zn-Al/Cr/Fe layered double hydroxides
Meng Y, Chen YF, Zhou XB, Pan GX, Xia SJ
477 - 489 Enhancing effect of MgO modification of Cu-Al spinel oxide catalyst for methanol steam reforming
Hou XN, Qing SJ, Liu YJ, Li LD, Gao ZX, Qin Y
490 - 500 A comparative experimental and density functional study of glucose adsorption and electrooxidation on the Au-graphene and Pt-graphene electrodes
Caglar A, Duzenli D, Onal I, Tersevin I, Sahin O, Kivrak H
501 - 507 Control of the substituent at the nitrogen atom in a 2,4,6-triphenylpyridinium perchlorates tunes the electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution mechanism and efficiency
Dolganov AV, Chernyaeva OY, Kostryukov SG, Balandina AV, Solovyova EO, Yudina AD, Akhmatova AA, Lyukshina YI
508 - 520 Electrocatalytic activity for the hydrogen evolution of the electrodeposited Co-Ni-Mo, Co-Ni and Co-Mo alloy coatings
Laszczynska A, Szczygiel I
521 - 530 Mechanisms insight into oxygen reduction reaction on sulfur-doped Fe-N-2 graphene electrocatalysts
Qi WJ, Niu JT, Huang ZH, Chen ZM, Chen X, Chen F, Tuo FY
531 - 543 Methanation of CO2 over alumina supported nickel or cobalt catalysts: Effects of the coordination between metal and support on formation of the reaction intermediates
Liang CF, Tian HL, Gao GM, Zhang S, Liu Q, Dong DH, Hu X
544 - 552 Carbon-coated Co-Mo-P nanosheets supported on carbon cloth as efficient electrocatalyst for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
Gong L, Lan K, Wang X, Huang XK, Jiang PB, Wang KZ, Yang M, Ma L, Li R
553 - 564 Catalytic gasification of food waste in supercritical water over La promoted Ni/Al2O3 catalysts for enhancing H-2 production
Su HC, Kanchanatip E, Wang DF, Zhang HD, Antoni, Mubeen I, Huang ZC, Yan M
565 - 573 Self-supported Ni2P nanotubes coated with FeP nanoparticles electrocatalyst (FeP@Ni2P/NF) for oxygen evolution reaction
Li H, Du YM, Fu YL, Wu CY, Xiao ZY, Liu YR, Sun XM, Wang L
574 - 594 Enhancement of ethanol electrooxidation in half cell and single direct ethanol fuel cell (DEFC) using post-treated polyol synthesized Pt-Ru nano electrocatalysts supported on HNO3-functionalized acetylene black carbon
Choudhary AK, Pramanik H
595 - 604 Facile preparation of N, P co-doped molybdenum carbide/porous carbon rough microspheres for efficient electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Wang JH, Wei HF, Chen X, Chen CS, Chen XA
605 - 618 Optimization of BiVO4 photoelectrodes made by electrodeposition for sun-driven water oxidation
Tolod KR, Hernandez S, Castellino M, Deorsola FA, Davarpanah E, Russo N
619 - 628 Zinc oxide functionalized molybdenum disulfide heterostructures as efficient electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction
Sumesh CK
629 - 639 Oxygen vacancies mediated in-situ growth of noble-metal (Ag, Au, Pt) nanoparticles on 3D TiO2 hierarchical spheres for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution from water splitting
Hu HH, Qian DG, Lin P, Ding ZX, Cui C
640 - 649 Production of syngas via CO2 methane reforming process: Effect of cerium and calcium promoters on the performance of Ni-MSC catalysts
Sun YH, Zhang GJ, Liu JW, Xu Y, Lv YK
650 - 666 Heteroatom doped 3D graphene aerogel supported catalysts for formic acid and methanol oxidation
Cogenli MS, Yurtcan AB
667 - 674 Molybdenum doping effects for bismuth vanadate photocatalysts on electrochemical performances using the solution process
Chen YS, Lin LY, Lin HY
675 - 690 Catalytic conversion of CO2 to biofuel (methanol) and downstream separation in membrane integrated photoreactor system under suitable conditions
Chakrabortty S, Nayak J, Pal P, Kumar R, Banerjee S, Mondal PK, Pal M, Ruj B
691 - 702 An investigation of the simultaneous presence of Cu and Zn in different Ni/Al2O3 catalyst loads using Taguchi design of experiment in steam reforming of methane
Nazari M, Alavi SM
703 - 711 Co-based zeolitic imidazolate framework ZIF-9 membranes prepared on alpha-Al2O3 tubes through covalent modification for hydrogen separation
Liu JQ, Liu CY, Huang AS
712 - 720 Purity of hydrogen released from the Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier compound perhydro dibenzyltoluene by catalytic dehydrogenation
Bulgarin A, Jorschick H, Preuster P, Bosmann A, Wasserscheid P
721 - 737 Techno-economic analysis and life cycle assessment for electrochemical ammonia production using proton conducting membrane
Gomez JR, Baca J, Garzon F
738 - 743 Low-temperature selective dehydrogenation of methylcyclohexane by surface protonics over Pt/anatase-TiO2 catalyst
Kosaka M, Higo T, Ogo S, Seo JG, Kado S, Imagawa K, Sekine Y
744 - 763 Reconnoitring the nature of interaction and effect of electric field on Pd/Pt/Ni decorated 5-8-5/55-77 defected graphene sheet for hydrogen storage
Akilan R, Vinnarasi S, Mohanapriya S, Shankar R
764 - 773 Diatom frustule-graphene based nanomaterial for room temperature hydrogen storage
Samantaray SS, Sangeetha V, Abinaya S, Ramaprabhu S
774 - 786 Ternary transition metal alloy FeCoNi nanoparticles on graphene as new catalyst for hydrogen sorption in MgH2
Singh S, Bhatnagar A, Shukla V, Vishwakarma AK, Soni PK, Verma SK, Shaz MA, Sinha ASK, Srivastava ON
787 - 797 Microstructure and first hydrogenation properties of TiFe alloy with Zr and Mn as additives
Patel AK, Duguay A, Tougas B, Schade C, Sharma P, Huot J
798 - 808 Improvement in the hydrogenation-dehydrogenation performance of a Mg-Al alloy by graphene supported Ni
Huang HX, Yuan JG, Zhang B, Zhang JG, Zhu YF, Li LQ, Wu Y, Zhou SX
809 - 821 Thermal-structural coupled analysis and improvement of the diaphragm compressor cylinder head for a hydrogen refueling station
Wang T, Jia XH, Li XY, Ren SD, Peng XY
822 - 834 Molecular dynamics studies of hydrogen diffusion in tungsten at elevated temperature: Concentration dependence and defect effects
Wang LF, Shu XL, Lin DY, Lu GH, Song HF
835 - 848 Performance assessment of a hybrid solid oxide and molten carbonate fuel cell system with compressed air energy storage under different power demands
Jienkulsawad P, Saebea D, Patcharavorachot Y, Arpornwichanop A
849 - 860 Pt-Ru nanoparticles anchored on poly(brilliant cresyl blue) as a new polymeric support: Application as an efficient electrocatalyst in methanol oxidation reaction
Khalifeh-Soltani MS, Shams E, Sharifi E
861 - 872 Automotive fuel cell stack and system efficiency and fuel consumption based on vehicle testing on a chassis dynamometer at minus 18 degrees C to positive 35 degrees C temperatures
Lohse-Busch H, Stutenberg K, Duoba M, Liu XY, Elgowainy A, Wang M, Wallner T, Richard B, Christenson M
873 - 890 MgFe and Mg-Co-Fe mixed oxides derived from hydrotalcites: Highly efficient catalysts for COx free hydrogen production from NH3
Podila S, Driss H, Zaman SF, Ali AM, Al-Zahrani AA, Daous MA, Petrov LA
891 - 903 Interline fuel cell (I-FC) system with dual-functional control capability
Inci M
904 - 915 3D thermo-electro-chemo-mechanical coupled modeling of solid oxide fuel cell with double-sided cathodes
Jiang CY, Gu YC, Guan WB, Zheng JH, Ni M, Zhong Z
916 - 923 Gradient-microstructural porous graphene gelatum/flexible graphite plate integrated electrode for vanadium redox flow batteries
Jing MH, Zhang CL, Qi XC, Yang YX, Liu JG, Fan XZ, Yan CW, Fang DW
924 - 936 Transient analysis of a solid oxide fuel cell unit with reforming and water-shift reaction and the building of neural network model for rapid prediction in electrical and thermal performance
Yuan P, Liu SF
937 - 944 Enhanced low-humidity performance in a proton exchange membrane fuel cell by developing a novel hydrophilic gas diffusion layer
Hou SY, Ye YK, Liao SJ, Ren JW, Wang HQ, Yang PF, Du KJ, Li JX, Peng HN
945 - 957 PEMs with high proton conductivity and excellent methanol resistance based on sulfonated poly (aryl ether ketone sulfone) containing comb-shaped structures for DMFCs applications
Liu C, Wang X, Xu JM, Wang CM, Chen H, Liu WC, Chen ZY, Du XM, Wang S, Wang Z
958 - 971 Thermodynamic and economic assessment of a PEMFC-based micro-CCHP system integrated with geothermal-assisted methanol reforming
Chen X, Zhou HW, Yu ZK, Li WB, Tang J, Xu CW, Ding YJ, Wan ZM
972 - 983 Comparison of well-to-wheels energy use and emissions of a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle relative to a conventional gasoline-powered internal combustion engine vehicle
Liu XY, Reddi K, Elgowainy A, Lohse-Busch H, Wang M, Rustagi N
984 - 995 Transient stainless-steel dissolution and its consequences on ex-situ bipolar plate testing procedures
Li X, Zhou PJ, Ogle K, Proch S, Paliwal M, Jansson A, Westlinder J
996 - 1007 Study of failure mechanisms of the reversal tolerant fuel cell anode via novel in-situ measurements
Wang YJ, Zhou C, Xie XJ, Yang C, Feng Q, Zou JX, Yuan XZ, Fan JT, Zeng L, Li H, Wang HJ
1008 - 1017 Three-layered electrolyte membranes with acid reservoir for prolonged lifetime of high-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Kannan A, Aili D, Cleemann LN, Li QF, Jensen JO
1018 - 1029 One-pot synthesis of Pd20-xAux nanoparticles embedded in nitrogen doped graphene as high-performance electrocatalyst toward methanol oxidation
Kumar VS, Kummari S, Goud KY, Satyanarayana M, Gobi KV
1030 - 1044 Stack shut-down strategy optimisation of proton exchange membrane fuel cell with the segment stack technology
Lin R, Liu DC, Xia SX, Ma TC, Dutruel B
1045 - 1060 Numerical investigations of mixed supersonic and subsonic combustion modes in a model combustor
Huang ZW, Zhang HW
1061 - 1071 Conjugated processes of bulk aluminum and hydrogen combustion in water-oxygen mixtures
Vostrikov AA, Shishkin AV, Fedyaeva ON
1072 - 1083 Flame dynamics analysis of highly hydrogen-enrichment premixed turbulent combustion
Zhang M, Chang M, Wang JH, Huang ZH
1084 - 1095 Experimental and numerical evaluation of low-temperature combustion of bio-syngas
Pio G, Ricca A, Palma V, Salzano E
1096 - 1106 Numerical simulation of mixing of hydrogen jet at supersonic cross flow in presence of upstream wavy wall
Manh TD, Nam ND, Gerdroodbary MB, Babazadeh H, Moradi R
1107 - 1113 Experimental investigation on the near detonation limits of propane/hydrogen/oxygen mixtures in a rectangular tube
Zhang Y, Cheng YF, Su J, Wang WT, Han TF, Tan YX, Cao WG
1114 - 1124 Influence of cooling path after rolling on sulfide stress cracking behavior for casing steel
Liu M, Zhang ZH, Luo M, Liu YH, Dong XM, Jiang H, Cao GH
1125 - 1139 Strain rate and hydrogen effects on crack growth from a notch in a Fe-high-Mn steel containing 1.1 wt% solute carbon
Najam H, Koyama M, Bal B, Akiyama E, Tsuzaki K
1140 - 1150 Kinetics of CO2 hydrogenation to methanol over silica supported intermetallic Ga3Ni5 catalyst in a continuous differential fixed bed reactor
Ahmad K, Upadhyayula S
1151 - 1157 Analysis of nitrogen oxide emissions from modern vehicles using hydrogen or other natural and synthetic fuels in combustion chamber
Shcheklein SE, Dubinin AM
1158 - 1169 Localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) detection of hydrogen gas by Pd2+/Au core/shell like colloidal nanoparticles
Farnood A, Ranjbar M, Salamati H
1170 - 1176 C, N co-doped Co3O4 hollow spheres prepared via hydrothermal reaction for improved electrochemical activity
Wang YW, Huo JF
1177 - 1186 Risk modelling of a hydrogen gasholder using Fuzzy Bayesian Network (FBN)
Aliabadi MM, Pourhasan A, Mohammadfam I
1187 - 1194 Effects of poisoning gases on and restoration of PdCuSi metallic glass in a capacitive MEMS hydrogen sensor
Hayashi Y, Yamazaki H, Masunishi K, Ikehashi T, Nakamura N, Kojima A
1195 - 1197 Hydrogen production from aluminum-water reactions subject to varied pressures and temperatures (vol 44, pg 11448, 2019)
Godart P, Fischman J, Seto K, Hart D
1198 - 1198 The effect of Fe3+ contamination in feed water on proton exchange membrane electrolyzer performance (vl 44, pg 12952, 2019)
Li N, Araya SS, Kaer SK