International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.44, No.7 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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3433 - 3449 Wind-hydrogen standalone uninterrupted power supply plant for all-climate application
Solomin E, Kirpichnikova I, Amerkhanov R, Korobatov D, Lutovats M, Martyanov A
3450 - 3455 PEM water electrolysis: Innovative approaches towards catalyst separation, recovery and recycling
Carmo M, Keeley GP, Holtz D, Grube T, Robinius M, Muller M, Stolten D
3456 - 3469 Modelling of effect of pressure on co-electrolysis of water and carbon dioxide in solid oxide electrolysis cell
Du YM, Qin YZ, Zhang GB, Yin Y, Jiao K, Du Q
3470 - 3480 Catalytic performances of Ni-based catalysts on supercritical water gasification of phenol solution and coal-gasification wastewater
Wang YZ, Zhu YT, Liu ZA, Wang LB, Xu DH, Fang CQ, Wang SZ
3481 - 3491 Thermodynamic model of pressure swing distillation for a high pressure process of hydrochloric/water separation and hydrogen production
Farsi A, Kayhan O, Zamfirescu C, Dincer I, Naterer GF
3492 - 3510 Economic assessment of membrane-assisted autothermal reforming for cost effective hydrogen production with CO(2 )capture
Cloete S, Khan MN, Amini S
3511 - 3526 Development and analysis of a novel biomass-based integrated system for multigeneration with hydrogen production
Safari F, Dincer I
3527 - 3537 The superior hydrogen-generation performance of multi-component Al alloys by the hydrolysis reaction
Qiao DX, Lu YP, Tang ZY, Fan XS, Wang TM, Li TJ, Liaw PK
3538 - 3552 Plasmonic Ag nanoparticles decorated Bi2S3 nanorods and nanoflowers: Their comparative assessment for photoelectrochemical water splitting
Sharma S, Kumar D, Khare N
3553 - 3559 A continuous valence band through N-O orbital hybridization in N-TiO2 and its induced full visible-light absorption for photocatalytic hydrogen production
Sun SC, Chi QQ, Zhou H, Ye W, Zhu GP, Gao P
3560 - 3568 Enhanced dark hydrogen fermentation of Enterobacter aerogenes/HoxEFUYH with carbon cloth
Cheng J, Li H, Zhang JB, Ding LK, Ye Q, Lin RC
3569 - 3579 N-decane decomposition by microsecond pulsed DBD plasma in a flow reactor
Song FL, Wu Y, Xu SD, Jin D, Jia M
3580 - 3593 Ammonia for hydrogen storage; A review of catalytic ammonia decomposition and hydrogen separation and purification
Lamb KE, Dolan MD, Kennedy DF
3594 - 3602 Ternary Pt-Ru-C co-sputtered electrocatalysts having reaction selectivity for anodes and cathodes in direct methanol fuel cells
Inoue M, Takahashi Y, Abe T, Umeda M
3603 - 3614 Electronic conductivity of catalyst layers of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells: Through-plane vs. in-plane
Ahadi M, Tam M, Stumper J, Bahrami M
3615 - 3624 Design of efficient bimetallic Pt-Au nanoparticle-based anodes for direct formic acid fuel cells
Asal YM, Al-Akraa IM, Mohammad AM, El-Deab MS
3625 - 3635 Trace sulfur promoted Fe, N-codoped carbon black as electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
Guo MY, Wang L, Gao YY, Li GZ
3636 - 3648 Improved electrocatalytic kinetics of nickel hydroxide nanoparticles on Vulcan XC-72R carbon black towards alkaline urea oxidation reaction
Hameed RMA, Medany SS
3649 - 3657 Cobalt and cobalt oxide supported on nitrogen-doped porous carbon as electrode materials for hydrogen evolution reaction
Wang HJ, Ma NM, Cao YH, Yu H, Zuo JL, Fan W, Peng F
3658 - 3667 Improved electrochemical performance of nickel-cobalt hydroxides by electrodeposition of interlayered reduced graphene oxide
Shen YQ, Dastafkan K, Sun QQ, Wang LY, Ma Y, Wang ZL, Zhao C
3668 - 3680 Insight into Ni/Ce1-xZrxO2-delta support interplay for enhanced methane steam reforming
Iglesias I, Baronetti G, Alemany L, Marino F
3681 - 3689 Architecture of porous CoS1.097-C composite nanowire for efficient oxygen reduction reaction
Zhang JY, Sun LP, Kong FH, Huo LH, Hui Z
3690 - 3701 Comparative study between supported and doped MgO catalysts in supercritical water gasification for hydrogen production
Mastuli MS, Kamarulzaman N, Kasim MF, Zainal Z, Matsumura Y, Taufiq-Yap YH
3702 - 3710 Surfactant-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of nitrogen doped Mo2C@C composites as highly efficient electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction
Liu YC, Huang BB, Hu X, Xie ZL
3711 - 3725 La-modified TiO2/carbon nanotubes assembly nanocomposite for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution from glycerol-water mixture
Tahir M
3726 - 3736 Ammonia decomposition kinetics over LiOH-promoted, alpha-Al2O3 -supported Ru catalyst
Lamb K, Hla SS, Dolan M
3737 - 3743 Efficient hydrogen production from irradiated aluminum hydroxides
Kaddissy JA, Esnouf S, Saffre D, Renault JP
3744 - 3750 Morphology effect of MnO2 promoter to the catalytic performance of Pt toward methanol electrooxidation reaction
Feng YY, Song GH, Zhang Q, Lv JN, Hu XY, He YL, Shen X
3751 - 3759 ZnIn2S4 nanosheets decorating WO3 nanorods core-shell hybrids for boosting visible-light photocatalysis hydrogen generation
Ye L, Wen ZH
3760 - 3770 Molecular dynamics simulation on the effect of water uptake on hydrogen bond network for OH- conduction in imidazolium-g-PPO membrane
Huo J, Qi WX, Zhu HD, Yang BY, He GH, Bao JJ, Zhang XP, Yan XM, Gao L, Zhang N
3771 - 3778 Enhanced hydrogen storage by a variable temperature process
Cansizoglu MF, Badradeen E, Wang GC, Karabacak T
3779 - 3789 Preparation of a Mg-Based alloy with a high hydrogen-storage capacity by adding a polymer CMC via milling in a hydrogen atmosphere
Song MY, Choi E, Kwak YJ
3790 - 3802 Power flow control of grid connected hybrid renewable energy system using hybrid controller with pumped storage
Lingamuthu R, Mariappan R
3803 - 3811 Hydrogen storage on uncharged and positively charged Mg-decorated graphene
Amaniseyed Z, Tavangar Z
3812 - 3823 Surface structural alteration of multi-walled carbon nanotubes decorated by nickel nanoparticles based on laser ablation/chemical reduction methods to enhance hydrogen storage properties
Mehrabi M, Reyhani A, Parvin P, Mortazavi SZ
3824 - 3833 Protium removal from deuterium-tritium mixture with displacement chromatography method: Experiments and simulations
Liu YT, Wu WQ, Xiong YF, Zhang GH, Wei YQ, Fang M, Tang T
3834 - 3860 Review of gas diffusion layer for proton exchange membrane-based technologies with a focus on unitised regenerative fuel cells
Omrani R, Shabani B
3861 - 3875 Micro-roll forming of stainless steel bipolar plates for fuel cells
Abeyrathna B, Zhang P, Pereira MP, Wilkosz D, Weiss M
3876 - 3890 Thermo-economic analysis of using an organic Rankine cycle for heat recovery from both the cell stack and reformer in a PEMFC for power generation
Lee JY, Lee JH, Kim TS
3891 - 3905 Life cycle assessment of domestic fuel cell micro combined heat and power generation: Exploring influential factors
Bachmann TM, Carnicelli F, Preiss P
3906 - 3916 Low-temperature direct diffusion bonding of hydrogenated TC4 alloy and GH3128 superalloy
Zhang LX, Sun Z, Shi JM, Ye XF, Yang ZY, Feng JC
3917 - 3930 Evaluation of the mechanical performance of a composite multi-cell tank for cryogenic storage: Part I - Tank pressure window based on progressive failure analysis
Tapeinos IG, Zarouchas DS, Bergsma OK, Koussios S, Benedictus R
3931 - 3943 Evaluation of the mechanical performance of a composite multi-cell tank for cryogenic storage: Part II - Experimental assessment
Tapeinos NG, Rajabzadeh A, Zarouchas DS, Stief M, Groves RM, Koussios S, Benedictus R
3944 - 3952 Experimental study of flame propagation across flexible obstacles in a square cross-section channel
Li Q, Sun XX, Wang X, Zhang Z, Lu SX, Wang CJ
3953 - 3965 Effects of hydrogen on the fracture toughness of CrMo and CrMoV steels quenched and tempered at different temperatures
Peral LB, Zafra A, Belzunce J, Rodriguez C
3966 - 3984 Five-year technology selection optimization to achieve specific CO2 emission reduction targets
Shamsi H, Haghi E, Raahemifar K, Fowler M
3985 - 3992 Ultra-highly sensitive and selective H2S gas sensor based on CuO with sub-ppb detection limit
Li DJ, Tang YL, Ao DY, Xiang X, Wang SY, Zu XT
3993 - 4005 Thermodynamic analysis of the emptying process of compressed hydrogen tanks
Zhao L, Li FG, Li ZY, Zhang LF, He GP, Zhao QL, Yuan JJ, Di JJ, Zhou CL
4006 - 4007 Comment on the paper "Experimental study of effect of hydrogen addition on combustion of low caloric value gas fuels"
Tamadonfar P, Gulder OL
4008 - 4010 Reply to "Comment on the paper experimental study of effect of hydrogen addition on combustion of low caloric value gas fuels"
Yue JH, Zhou H, Zhu MQ